The best beaches of Greece: 15 most beautiful beach vacation spots

Greece is a state with more than 1,400 islands, and almost each of them has its own unique beaches. Of course, most of the islands are uninhabited, but more than two hundred objects are inhabited. For several decades, Greece has been one of the main European resorts where tourists can arrange a truly comfortable stay. But not all the country’s beaches are equally good: some of them are characterized by soft white sand and well-developed infrastructure, others are pebble beaches with a minimum set of amenities.

Beach in Greece

To understand what kind of place you like, you need to get acquainted with the most popular resort points. We decided to help our readers in this matter and personally selected the best beaches in Greece, briefly describing their appearance and infrastructure.

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If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches of Greece with white sand, then a place called Elafonisi will definitely appeal to you. The object is located on the west coast of Crete and extends to a distance of about 600 m. Often, Elafonisi is called a beach with pink sand, but in fact its color is white and only at the water’s edge it passes a pinkish strip. The sea in this part of the island is very picturesque, warm and clean. The beach is characterized by shallow water and the absence of waves, so this is one of the best options for tourists with small children.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Elafonisi has several relaxation areas equipped with sun loungers, nearby there is free parking and an outdoor cafe. There is also a surf school on the beach, where everyone can learn this extreme sport. The only negative places – a large number of vacationers in high season.


The beaches of Greece are very different from each other, and if we described above the coast with white sand, now let’s talk about the pebble coast. Milos is located near the small village of Agios Nikitas on the island of Lefkada and is considered one of the best beaches in the area. You can get to the shore by boat, sailing from the village (travel 3 € per person) or on foot, passing from the village through a steep hill. The length of Milos is 500 m and for the most part it is covered with small white pebbles.

Milos Beach

The area is characterized by strong waves and rapidly increasing depth, so it is not safe to relax with children here. The beach is wild, so tourists come here with their amenities. There are no cafes and restaurants nearby; it is also not possible to find water activities here.

Laguna Balos

This beach is located in the town of Kissamos, located in the northwest of the island of Crete. The area is a miniature sandy island and is famous for its unique natural beauties. The lagoon of Balos is covered not with white, but with pink sand, and the sea here shimmers with all kinds of shades of blue and green. But the terrain is quite windy, waves are characteristic of it, although it is quite possible to find calm days. The entry into the water is rocky, so coral slippers will be required.

Laguna Balos

Although this beach is considered wild, there is a small relaxation area equipped with sun loungers that can be rented. But other amenities, such as changing rooms, showers and a coastal cafe, are missing. Near the lagoon are the ruins of an ancient Venetian fortress, a Greek Orthodox church and an observation deck.

Gramvousa Fortress

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Among the most beautiful beaches of Greece, one cannot but mention the town of Paleokastritsa, located in the west of the country’s northernmost island – Corfu . Here, in picturesque bays surrounded by rocks, there are several equipped relaxation areas where you can find both showers and changing rooms, as well as sun loungers with umbrellas. Most of the coast is covered with sand (white with a yellowish tint), mixed in some places with pebbles. The entrance to the sea is quite uniform, it is quite comfortable to relax with children here.

Paleokastritsa Beach

Nearby you can find several decent cafes for a snack. There is a diving club on the coast, and an ancient Orthodox monastery is nearby. In high season, a lot of holidaymakers gather on the beach who come to the place as part of excursions, so it is best to visit Paleokastritsa early in the morning.

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Agios Georgios Beach

Agios Georgios, located in the north-west of the island, can also be considered one of the best beaches in Corfu in Greece . The coastline here stretches for a distance of 2 km. The coast is sandy: the sand is not white, but brownish, due to its volcanic origin. Agios Georgios is characterized by shallow water and a flat bottom, and the water here is clear and warm.

Agios Georgios

This is one of the best places to relax with children. Visitors will find on the beach everything they need: shower, WC, changing rooms, as well as sun loungers for rent. At some points on the beach you can use sun loungers for free, but for this you need to make an order at a local cafe, of which there are more than a dozen open.

Tsambika Beach

Among the sandy beaches of Greece, one of the best is the place of Tsambika, located on the east coast of Rhodes. The length of the coast is about 800 m, and it is quite wide, so there is enough space for every vacationer. The sand here is not white, but has a pleasant golden hue. When you enter the sea, you will only reach depth after a few meters, so feel free to come here to rest with your children.

Tsambika Beach

Tsambika is equipped with WC, shower, dressing rooms, and for 4 € sun beds are available for everyone. There are dozens of cafes and eateries right on the coast, and there is also a water entertainment center where you can rent a water scooter or book a parachute flight. The beach is very popular with locals, so we do not recommend visiting it on weekends.

Water entertainment center

You can see an overview of the best resorts of Rhodes here , and the rating of the 10 most beautiful beaches of the island is given on this page .

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Agios Pavlos Beach

If you study the photos of the beaches of Greece, you will surely notice for yourself a very unusual coastline, stretching in the south of Crete. This place called Agios Pavlos is famous for its dune beaches, bordered by colorful grottoes and cliffs.

Agios Pavlos

The beach here is quite miniature, washed by crystal clear water, covered at first glance with white but actually grayish sand. The bottom is dotted with small and large stones, so you can’t do without coral slippers. Obviously, this is not the best place to relax with a child. On the beach you can rent sun loungers for 6 €, right on the shore there is a bar selling snacks and drinks. Free parking is available nearby. A huge plus of the area is its low population.

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Among the best white sand beaches in Greece, the leading position is held by the miniature Navago Bay, hidden behind impregnable cliffs on the west coast of Zakynthos (also called Zakynthos) . First of all, this place is known for the wreckage of a sunken pirate ship, as well as incredible natural landscapes. There is no infrastructure in the bay, so vacationers take the necessary beach supplies and food with them. Although Navagio is famous for its beauty and solitude, it is hardly suitable for a good rest with children due to inaccessibility.

Navagio Beach

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Kathisma beach

On the west coast of the island of Lefkada, one of the best beaches in Greece, Kathisma Beach, is spread. This is a fairly large and convenient place to relax, its length is almost 800 m. The beach is covered with fine white pebbles and light sand. The water here is clean and warm, its color changes from white to ultramarine. But the depth grows pretty quickly, so if you relax with children, be careful.

Kathisma beach

At Kathisma Beach you can find well-equipped areas where umbrellas and sunbeds are offered for an extra fee, as well as wild sectors where visitors come with their belongings. In the center of the beach there are two large bars: ordering food and drink in these establishments, you can use their infrastructure for free, including sun loungers, WC, shower, etc. Although Kathisma Beach is crowded with tourists during high season, there is enough space for everyone.

At the beach bar Kathisma Beach

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Porto Katsiki

If you want to know where the best beaches are in Greece, then turn your eyes to another quite picturesque place of the island of Lefkada – Porto Katsiki. This tiny piece of land, hiding at the foot of white cliffs, is distinguished by unusual shades of water, replacing each other depending on the time of day.

Porto Katsiki Beach

Sunset at sea is quite convenient, but often big waves appear on the beach, so you need to be careful with children here. Porto Katsiki is covered with white stones, without coral slippers it will be uncomfortable to move around here. There is a small area equipped with sun loungers on the beach, the rest is wild. Above on the cliff there is a parking with a diner and WC, where they also offer to rent umbrellas.

Stalis (Stalis Beach)

Our list of sandy beaches of the islands of Greece for recreation replenishes the northeast coast of Crete, located in the region of Stalos. The coast extends eastward for several kilometers and is divided into two parts by a stone ledge. Stalis is covered not with white, but with golden sand, washed with clear sea water, the entrance to which is quite gentle. This is one of the best places in Crete for families with children. The beach has a highly developed infrastructure and offers all the amenities for a comfortable pastime, including showers and sunbeds. The choice of restaurants, taverns and bars is decent, and a variety of water and sports activities only help brighten up your vacation. In addition, near Stalis you will find a lot of hotels, shops and ATMs.

Stalis beach

Petani Beach

One of the best beaches in Greece is located in the north-west of the picturesque peninsula of Paliki. The shore stretches for 600 m at the foot of verdant cliffs and is washed by crystal clear turquoise water. Petani is covered with large white stones, it is characterized by strong waves and a sharp depth. Swimming is not recommended for children here. However, for adults, the beach is one of the best on the peninsula.

Beach Petani Beach

The object will please with its developed infrastructure: there is a bathroom, shower, deck chairs on the territory. Right on the coast, two taverns are open where you can order drinks and food at affordable prices. A crowd of tourists rarely gathers on the beach, so for lovers of peace and quiet Petani is the best option.

Myrtos (Myrtos Beach)

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to notice some of the beaches of Greece on the map, because many of them are in secluded corners. These include Mirtos, located in the northwestern part of Kefalonia and recognized as one of the best picturesque coasts of the Ionian Sea. A fairly wide coastline stretched to a distance of about 700 m. The beach cover consists of a mixture of white pebbles and white sand, and the water has a bright turquoise hue. The depth here comes almost immediately, the bottom is covered with stones, and the sea itself is not calm.

Myrtos Beach

From a safety point of view, this is not the best option for families with children. The beach has an area equipped with sun loungers, but in high season they are almost always busy. At the southern end of the coast you can see the caves. There are no cafes and bars on Myrtos itself, and the nearest establishments are 2.5 km from the coast.

Markis Gialos Beach

On the colorful Kefalonia in Greece, it is worth noting the Marquis Gialos beach, which is located in the southwestern part of the island. The coastline is about 600 m long. The beach is covered with light, but not white, but golden sand. The place has a convenient entry into the water, the depth increases gradually, the water is warm and without waves. This is one of the best beaches for families with children in Kefalonia. The infrastructure of the coast offers everything you need: shower, WC, changing rooms, deck chairs for 4 €. There are a couple of bars and taverns on site, and there are several hotels in the immediate vicinity. Water sports are also available at this beach.

Marquis Gialos Beach
Golden beach

Among the few white sand beaches of Greece, Golden Beach is definitely worth highlighting. It is located in the north-east of the island of Thassos. Despite the fact that its name translates as “golden”, in reality the coast is covered with light, almost white sand. Families with children will definitely like the place with its clear water and even entry to the sea.

Beach Golden Beach

Golden Beach is quite long, it has several equipped areas where you can use sun loungers and umbrellas for free, making an order at one of the local bars. On the shore, it is always crowded, but lovers of silence can find a secluded island in the wild coastal zone. Along the beach you will find a lot of hotels and cozy cafes. And for outdoor enthusiasts, a water entertainment center is provided here. You can get acquainted with the sights and other places of rest on Thassos on this page .

This, perhaps, ends our list. Now you know where the best beaches of Greece are, you have an idea of ​​their appearance and infrastructure. Now you just have to choose the most suitable place for the perfect vacation.

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