Holidays on Kefalonia – what you need to know before traveling

Kefalonia Island (Greece) is a great place to relax, which will appeal to lovers of bright beaches and sunny resorts. It is located in the heart of the Ionian Sea and is the largest of the islands in this region.

The area of ​​Kefalonia is 800 square kilometers. The Enos mountain range is located on its territory, the highest point is 1628 m. The largest city is Argostoli, which is also the capital of the province of Kefalonia. The local population is only 40 thousand people.

View from the hotel

Kefalonia is a fairly young resort in Greece. During World War II, he was badly damaged by the blows of the enemy army, and in 1953 there was an earthquake that destroyed everything that was built on the island. It was these events that caused the infrastructure and tourism in Kelafonii to develop only in the late 80s of the 20th century.

Kefalonia Airport
Island airport

There is an airport on the island, which is located near the capital of Kefalonia. Most often, airplanes from Athens land here, but the city also accepts charter flights from many European countries. Travelers can get to the neighboring islands of Greece with the help of ferries. In addition, this vehicle delivers residents on the coast of the Peloponnese, to the ports of Patra and Kilini.

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Kefalonia is popular for its modernized places, for example, night clubs, cafes and cinema, but there are quiet coasts and beautiful mountains, where the iron hand of progress has not yet reached. Holidays in Kefalonia will be an unforgettable trip for every tourist.

The best beaches of Kefalonia

The most popular attraction of the island is its coast. Among the most beautiful, picturesque and clean beaches it is worth noting:

Assos Beach
Photo: Assos Beach

Located in a small village of the same name, 40 km from the island’s capital. The Ionian Sea is very calm, the water is clear and clear, blue. The beach is pebble and quite long. There are no sun loungers and umbrellas, but you can rent a boat and go on an exciting journey through the bays, inaccessible to another form of transport. In the immediate vicinity are restaurants and cafes, in the village there is an ancient castle with a panoramic view of the sea. It can be reached by car, a great place to relax with children.

Myrtos Beach
Photo: Myrtos Beach

Kefalonia is the owner of one of the most popular and beautiful beaches of Greece – Myrtos. This is a real “pearl” of the island, which is the goal of every tourist to visit. The water here is azure, calm and clear, which confirms the Blue Flag of UNESCO, the sand is white, dotted with pebbles.

The distance from Argostoli (30 km) can be overcome by car. The beach has a crescent shape, surrounded by cliffs, located at the foot of two mountains. Sun loungers and umbrellas are rented out; there are cafes and restaurants in Myrtos. The sea is deep.

Petani Beach
Photo: Petani

The length of the coastal strip is almost a kilometer, high cliffs are located on both sides. The water here is clear, even at a depth of several meters you can see what is happening at the bottom. The waves are strong enough, you can not leave children unattended here, because there is no shallow water.

Argostoli can be reached by car, the distance is only 20 km. Petani Beach is fully equipped – on its territory there are sun loungers, a bathroom, an outdoor shower and umbrellas. There is a cafe and two large taverns. There is a small parking nearby.

Photo: Kaminia

The sandy part of the island, located in the west. The capital of Kefalonia is 34 km away. This is one of the cleanest and longest beaches in Greece. The water is warm and clear, calm in the daytime. Perfect for families, the depth near the shore is less than a meter. You can get your own or public transport (to the village of Skala, then 10 minutes on foot), there is parking. On the beach there is a snack bar and a cafe with soft drinks and fast food.

Photo: pebble Antisamos

The shore and bottom are covered with white pebbles, the water is crystal clear, azure and warm. The beach stretches for 700 meters, is located 27 km from the capital of the island. It is amazingly beautiful by nature – hills with green vegetation are located around, and the sea changes its color from blue to turquoise. Antisamos awarded the Blue Flag of UNESCO.

The beach can be reached by personal transport (there is parking) from Sami port. Suitable for families with children, there are all amenities, including cafes, sun loungers, umbrellas and outdoor showers.

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Attractions and entertainment: what to do during your vacation

The best time to visit the island is summer. In the period from April to October, life here is in full swing. It is at this time that you can enjoy the various entertainments that Greece offers on this island.

Kefalonia is rich in both natural and artificial beauties. Here you can see picturesque landscapes and dive in mysterious caves, or come off in a club and spend time in an expensive restaurant. All travelers should pay attention to the attractions that are listed in each Kefalonia travel guide.

Drogarati Cave
Attraction: Drogarati Cave

Located 120 m above sea level, the limestone cave has been a victim of photo hunters and curious tourists for more than 20 years. At the same time, up to 800 people are accommodated here, the total length of the territory accessible for passage is 95 meters. Due to the natural acoustics and large area, concerts are often held in it, mainly opera and classical.

The entrance to the cave is safe, it works all year round from morning to evening. Inside, high humidity, temperature – + 18 ° С. Nearby there is a parking lot and a souvenir shop.

Aqui Memorial
Photo: Kefalonia landmark

If you like historical sites, be sure to visit this place. The memorial is dedicated to the events of 1943 under the name “Kefalonia Tragedy”, during which 10,000 Italian soldiers were destroyed, who refused to go to the side of Germany. This is a very important page of life for the inhabitants of the island, and for tourists it is an interesting place that allows you to get acquainted with the culture of Kefalonia.

Monastery of St. Gerasimus
Temple of St. Gerasimus

Locals consider St. Gerasimos the patron saint of the island and all who abide on it. That is why the convent, named after him, is the holiest and most revered place of Kefalonia. Located 8 km from the capital of the island, near Mount Ainos. The church is very beautiful both inside and out.

Boat tours

Since the coast is the main attraction of Kefalonia, the inhabitants of the island made up more than two dozen tourist routes. Today, such excursions are the most popular among visitors to Kefalonia, because they allow you to see those places that cannot be reached by other means of transport.

Boat tour to the island of Ithaca

One of the most famous and most visited boat tours is Captain Vangeli’s Special Cruises. This is a one-day trip (about 7-8 hours) to Ithaca, Fiskardo or Zaknitos. A large modern ship accommodates 40 tourists and a team of professionals who serve visitors and conduct excursions. During the trip, they make several stops – they must visit the picturesque caves, the monument to Odyssey, beaches, souvenir shops and cafes. In addition, the ship has a huge advantage – the glass bottom, which allows you to enjoy the view of the underwater nature. This trip will appeal to both adults and children.

The price of such an excursion for the whole day is on average 50-65 euros per person. The cost depends on the route and on the company that provides the service.

Island diving

For lovers of beautiful, but extreme entertainment, Kefalonia is a paradise in Greece. Thousands of species of animals live in the waters of the island, many of which are rare or even listed in the Red Book.

To go diving in Kefalonia, it is best to contact special centers. It will offer suitable options for both beginners and professional athletes. Many clubs have modern diving boats that even travel through the mysterious caves of Kefalonia.

Weather and climate

Monthly Island Air Temperature

On the island of Kefalonia, as in all of Greece, it has very hot summers, wet winters, warm spring and autumn. You can plan your vacation in May, at which time the air temperature rises above 21 ° C. Water in the sea warms up to + 19 ° С – not fresh milk, but you can swim.

The rest will be comfortable in the fall. Until mid-October, the island has a warm sea (+ 23 ° C). However, the average number of rainy days in October is 8.

The calmest and most practical time for relaxing on the beach is May, June and September. The weather is already suitable, and there is no influx of tourists, as in July and August. Prices during this period are slightly lower than in high season.

Sea water temperature

July-August are traditionally the hottest months. The average temperature during the day is + 29-30 ° C, and can reach + 35 ° C, at night + 24-25 ° C. You can not leave the sea for hours, the water temperature of + 26-27 ° C allows you to do this.

In winter, life on this island of Greece freezes, it becomes quiet and comfortable. The temperature rarely drops below 7⁰, there are very warm days when January and February are absolutely no different from April.

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What to try from food, prices

The famous coast has played a big role even in this area of ​​life. The main delicacies on the island are seafood, the cooking options of which vary depending on the region and time of year. During a holiday in Kefalonia, you must definitely try the following dishes:

  • Meat pie. In popularity, this culinary masterpiece is not inferior to seafood. It is cooked not only in restaurants, but also in various taverns throughout the island. The pie is often made from veal and cottage cheese, with the addition of yogurt (sour cream), flour, eggs, spices and herbs.
  • Bakery products. Be sure to visit local bakeries and bakeries, they can not only find delicious desserts, but also have a hearty lunch with hearty pizzas, pies and cakes. It is worth paying attention to cheese cakes (pies) and homemade fruit cakes.
  • Grilled seafood
    Grilled shrimp and squid
  • Squid. Stuffed squids, seafood with sauce and many other options – these marine residents are very popular on the island. In a traditional recipe, they add garlic, olive oil, spices and lemon.
  • Moussaka. Puff casserole, pride of the hostesses of Kefalonia. For cooking, vegetables (potatoes, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, garlic and pepper), minced meat, cheese, oregano and spices are used.
  • The most popular drink on the island is frappe. This is a delicious cold instant coffee. It is very refreshing and inexpensive. Sold even on the streets and in small cafes.
Restaurant Captain Nicholas
Captain Nikolas

The choice of food establishments on the island is large. The cost of dishes in restaurants is significantly different: you can have lunch together for 10 €, and you can have dinner for 80 €.

For example, consider one of the high-rated middle-class establishments – Captain Nicolas (to enlarge the photo, click on it). The restaurant is in high demand among tourists. Located in the village of Lixouri on a site surrounded by trees and flowering plants with beautiful sea views. The staff here is attentive, and the owner personally communicates with visitors.

Restaurant menu Captain Nikolas

Here, fish and seafood are excellently prepared, and they are also worth ordering. The average bill is 20-25 € for two.

Among the rest, you can distinguish institutions:

  • Katelios Grill House in Kato Katelios;
  • Erasmia to Petani – located on Penati Beach;
  • Kastro Cafe – near the castle of St. George, excellent desserts are served here at a price of 4-5 €.

Kefalonia Island (Greece) is a great place to relax. Here you will not only be distracted from everyday problems, bask in the bright sun and enjoy the turquoise waters, but also have fun at concerts, in restaurants and on ferries. Have a nice trip!

The infrastructure facilities mentioned in the article are marked on the map below.

Video from Kefalonia.

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