Guide to Samos island in Greece – the birthplace of the goddess Hera

Samos Island is part of the Eastern Sporades Archipelago. The island is considered a popular resort on a global tourism scale. Here lived such famous people as Aristrach, an astronomer who tried to prove that the Earth revolves around the Sun, Pythagoras and Epicurus. Here are the most fertile lands in all of Greece.

Samos island in Greece

general information

Satellite view of Samos island

Among the many islands of Greece, Samos is among the ten largest. Its area is approximately 477 km2. The island is 43 km long and 13 km wide.

The vast majority of the territory is covered by vineyards. Local-made Wafi wine is known far beyond Greece. The largest plains are Pythagorio (south-eastern part), Karlovasi (north-western part), Marofokampos (south-western part).

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Top view of the island of Samos

The fertile plain terrain is harmoniously complemented by the majestic mountain ranges of Ampelos and Kerkis. The highest point of the island is almost 1.5 km. Mountain systems – continuation of the Mikale ridge. Samos is separated from the mainland by the Mikale Strait. By the way, the island was once part of the mainland.

The population of the island is slightly more than 34,000 people. The capital and largest port of the island is Samos, which is also called Vati, and sometimes Wafi.

Beaches of Samos

On the island of Samos in Greece there are both wild beaches and equipped for a comfortable stay. Let’s consider some of them.

1. Potami
Potami Beach, Samos

This is a popular holiday destination, as there is an opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty of the local nature. Another advantage is the absence of waves, so families with children often rest on Potami. If you want to diversify your stay, visit the picturesque waterfalls, which are located near the beach.

2. Gaga

This beach, as a rule, is visited by tourists who find themselves on the island passing through. Here you can hide from the heat. The pebble beach is only a quarter-minute walk from Samos.

Gagu Beach
3. Klima
Klima Beach

The beach is located in the southeast of the island, is distinguished by privacy and tranquility. There is never fuss and noise. Vacationers can enjoy nature, picturesque views. After a meal, you can grab a bite to eat at the restaurant, which serves mostly local dishes. Klima beach is shallow, tourists with children come here with pleasure.

4. Psili Ammos

The beach is located near the capital and attracts vacationers with soft, clean sand. The descent into the sea is gentle, the water warms up well, there are no waves – accordingly, it is comfortable to rest with children on the beach.

Psili Ammos Beach

If you order something at the beachfront cafe, you can use the sun loungers for free.

5. Chervil
Kerveli Beach on Samos

The beach is located in the southeast of the island in the bay. The water here is always calm and warm, pebble coating. The size of the beach is small, so if you want to take a place in the shade – come to Kerveli early.

You can rent sunbeds for 2 euros per day. On the beach there is a restaurant with good food.

6. Tsamadou Beach

Like many other beaches on Samos, Tsamadu is located in the bay, you can find it near the village of Kokari. It is surrounded by hills covered with pine trees. To get to the beach you have to go up the stairs, from which you can see the beach itself, here you can make beautiful photos of Samos.

Tsamadou Beach

Visitors here recommend not stinting and rent a deck chair, because the pebbles are large enough and lying just on a towel will be uncomfortable. It is also better to come to Tsamad as early as possible, especially in the high season – there are a lot of people. There is a restaurant on the beach with good food and service.

On the left side of the beach nudists like to relax.

7. Malagari

Located just 10 minutes from the city center. This is a cozy, sandy beach, which is popular among tourists – lovers of outdoor activities, as well as fans of good wines. Not far from the coast is a wine factory.

8. Megalo Seitani (Karlovazi)
Megalo Seitani Beach (Karlovazi)

The beach is wild, getting to it is not so simple – you need to walk about 2 hours or sail by boat. But the views are definitely worth it! In addition, there are almost no people on the beach, which for many is a big plus.

If you decide to go to Megalo Seitani, take a hat, food and water with you – there are no amenities on the beach.

Attractions and entertainment

Geryon Temple
Geryon Temple on Samos Island

According to studies, the first settlers appeared on the territory of the modern island of Samos in Greece about 5 thousand years ago. There are many legends associated with the island. According to one of them, the goddess Hera, the patroness of marriage, was born on Samos. Today, on the south coast of the island, you can see the remains of the temple, once erected in her honor.

The ruins of the temple of Hera, Ireon, Samos
Temple of Hera

Geryon – the most significant attraction of the Greek island of Samos is located in the city of Ireon. Here is the temple of Hera. Herodotus classified this building among the legendary seven wonders of the world. Unfortunately, the temple was only partially preserved, but even the surviving parts allow us to appreciate the scale and luxury of the temple, enjoy the elements of sculptures.

Pythagorio Village
Pythagoreo Village, Samos

Pythagoras was born and lived on Samos, many sights are associated with the name of the scientist. His name is called the settlement – Pythagorio. This is the ancient capital of the island, where literally every stone is an ancient attraction and can tell many amazing stories.

Previously, Pythagorio was a fairly large shopping center, but today the settlement is more like a small village in which Greek color reigns.

Pythagorio Castle Ruins
Pythagorio Castle

Visit the ruins of the castle, which witnessed the sensual and passionate love of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. Their union is now considered significant and marked the beginning of a new era, not only for Egypt, but also for the entire Roman Empire. The palace in its heyday was an amazing mansion built in accordance with the latest achievements of technology, of course, we are talking about a period of about 50-30 years BC.

On the territory of the town of Samos there are interesting for tourists the ruins of a fortress built during the Middle Ages. In the distant past, the fortress was a building made in the Venetian style, and reliably protected the city from invaders.

Samos survived more than one hundred fights, at different times it was ruled by representatives of different cultures, nationalities and religions. At the same time, many famous scientists and creative people were born and lived in the city. That is why Pythagorio is famous for its cultural heritage and a huge number of attractions. The history of the city is an integral part of the fascinating, heroic history of all of Greece.

The Paleos Museum (The Samos Paleontological Museum)

Be sure to visit the Paleontological Museum. This place is considered a storehouse of memorials. Exhibits will tell visitors the amazing history of the city and island.

Many tourists like to just walk around the island, because there are many palaces, monasteries, estates and military buildings. A few kilometers from the city of Samos there are castle ruins located in Paleokastron. Even by the ruins you can judge how luxurious and amazing the castle was in its heyday.

Temples and Monasteries

Numerous monasteries and temples hospitably open the island. The most popular is the Triple Chapel, the construction of which was carried out in the XVII century. Among tourists, the chapel is well known under the name Tris-Exilis. Pilgrims often come here to give prayers in the immediate vicinity of ancient and undoubtedly valuable artifacts.

Zoodohas Piha Monastery (Life-Giving Spring)
Zoodohas Piha Monastery

Another place attractive for tourists is the Zoodohas Piha Monastery. Its name sounds like the Life-Giving Source. The reason for visiting is graceful, majestic architecture. According to many tourists, the atmosphere of the monastery makes one tremble, there is a feeling that some great power was building the building. The monastery served as a haven for many monks.

In addition to Zoodohas Piha, thousands of pilgrims annually visit Timiu Stavra and Megali Spilianis. Temples have been operating for several centuries.

Samos city
Samos city

A large number of attractions are concentrated in the capital, but there are also many shops, souvenir shops.

Here you should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum, which stores artifacts that have no price. Mostly these are archaeological excavations that were conducted on the island.

You can feel the special flavor of the city at the local market. It is the largest on Samos. This is a great way to get acquainted with the culture, traditions and culinary preferences of the inhabitants. Here, the products of local artisans are abundantly presented, their art and craftsmanship amaze and delight. If you are a true connoisseur of art, visit the art exhibition, which contains the best works of artisans.

Kumaradei Village, Samos
Kumaradei Village

The village of Kumaradei gives the impression of a fabulous, incredibly cozy place. Here, tourists love to just walk. It is located in the southern part of Samos. The settlement is called the village of masters, because there are numerous craft workshops here, so travelers must visit Kumaradei to purchase an exclusive souvenir. Samos is famous for its amazing pottery.

If you prefer to enjoy the beautiful nature, visit the village of Karlovasi. Its main symbols are waterfalls and lakes. Convenient routes are laid on the territory of the village, they conduct walks during which you will not have to be bored.

Climate and weather

Air temperature on Samos

Samos has a traditional Mediterranean climate. Winter is mild with a lot of rainfall. The average temperature is +15 degrees. It is hot enough in the summer, but the sea wind softens the heat. The average temperature is from +30 to +35 degrees. Tourists note the freshness and purity of air on the island.

The minimum water temperature is +16 degrees (January-February), in the summer the sea warms up to +27 degrees (August).

Transport connection

Aristarchus of Samos International Airport on Samos
Aristarchus of Samos International Airport

A few kilometers west of Pythagorio is the international airport “Aristarchus of Samos”. The airport was built near the sea, so all flights fly over the heads of vacationers.

The airport accepts flights from Athens, Thessaloniki and the islands of Rhodes, also from some European countries. There is no direct communication with Russia, you need to fly with a transfer in Athens.

If you travel on your own, you should always have Samos island on the map. You can take a card in the airport building, renting a vehicle, or buy at any kiosk on the island.

Karlovasi port on Samos island
Port of Karlovasi

There are two ports on the island – on Samos and in the village of Karlovasi. Ferries from neighboring islands regularly come here. You can get from the capital of Greece, but keep in mind that the travel time from Athens to Samos is 9-10 hours, and a ticket costs about 50 € per person. Such time and finance costs make sense if you are traveling by car.

Ferry timetables and prices are available at

Ferry from Turkey
Ferry from Turkey to Samos

There is another option, how to get to Samos island – by ferry from Turkey. Flights follow from the ports of Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Foca, Ayvalik. The schedule of ferries must be specified on the spot. Travel time, for example, from Kusadasi is only 2 hours, so the road will not be tiring – you can go on an excursion to the island.

With the territory of Turkey, the Greek authorities organized a visa-free visit, which is valid only for the period of the holiday season – from June to the end of September.

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Come to the island of Samos and enjoy harmony, tranquility, distract from everyday worries.

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