Best Beaches Around Thessaloniki

It is worth coming to the northern capital of Greece not only to see the sights of Thessaloniki and plunge into it’s cultural atmosphere, but also to relax on the beautiful beaches of the Aegean. Despite the fact that swimming is prohibited within the city, in the immediate vicinity there are many comfortable and beautiful beaches.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is a large port city. The surface of the sea clearly show visible traces of a huge number of ships. That is why swimming is not allowed on the beaches of the Thessaloniki city. However, sailing regattas and competitions in water sports are often held here.

Evening promenade in Thessaloniki

The promenade deserves special attention. This is a wonderful place for romantic walks in the evenings, bike rides and delicious dinners in one of the many restaurants or bars.

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Closer to the east coast is the Kalamaria region, but in this part of Thessaloniki the sea is still quite dirty and swimming is not recommended. However, this does not stop the locals, and many Greeks prefer to relax in Kalamaria.

Beaches around Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is located on the bay, the water is warm. The beaches near the city have their own characteristics:

  • Piraeus and Ney Epivates attract young people with fun and plenty of entertainment;
  • Agia Triada is in a calm and picturesque place;
  • setting off towards the Halkidiki peninsula, vacationers find themselves on the quiet, calm beaches of Nea Michanyon and Epanomi.

All Thessaloniki beaches act as a balm for visitors. Here you easily forget about the everyday hustle and bustle, plunging headlong into the beauty of nature and a carefree vacation.

How to get to Thessaloniki

The main advantage of a beach holiday in this part of Greece is the compact location of all vacation spots. 3-4 hours are enough to come to the beach, swim, relax and return to Thessaloniki. There are several ways to get to nearby beaches.

1. By car

Thessaloniki Airport Macedonia

Small resort villages Agia Triada, Perea are located 25-30 km from the Macedonia Airport, and a little further – Epanomi and Nea Michanyona. On weekends, tracks are loaded.

2. By public transport – by bus

Buses run regularly from the center of Thessaloniki to the bus station, from where you can get to Epanomi, Nea Michanyon, Perea and Agia Triada. The frequency of departure is 15-20 minutes. The total travel time is one hour (30 minutes from the center to the bus station and 30 minutes to the resort villages).

Public transport runs from early morning until 11 pm. The fare on any bus is 1 euro, as a rule, drivers do not give change, prepare a trifle in advance.

3. By Water transport

Queue for the boat

Ships run regularly from May to September. You can get to any Thessaloniki beach in Greece.

Travel time is approximately one hour. Ships depart approximately once per hour. The first leaves at 9-00, the last at 9 pm. One way fare is 2.7 euros.

To be guaranteed to get on the ship, try to get to the pier in the early morning, in the afternoon there are too many who wish to make a trip.

The best beaches near Thessaloniki

Beach holidays in Thessaloniki is not limited to visiting only one beach area. In the vicinity of the northern capital of Greece there are magnificent beaches, each of which is beautiful and colorful in its own way.

1. Perea

A fairly large settlement which is located 25 km from Thessaloniki. The tourist season lasts year-round. Shops, cafes and bars are always open on the beautiful promenade. In the evening it is quite noisy here – the music plays all night long.

On Perea Beach

Vacationers love this resort for the abundance of pine forests and clear, azure water. The length of the beach is about 2 km, the width is small, but the infrastructure is at its best – everywhere there are comfortable sunbeds, large umbrellas, clean toilets and showers. Buy a glass of juice and you can use everything on the beach for free.

The descent into the water is gentle, so families with children are resting on the beach, but keep in mind that a little further the seabed deepens.

At the end of July and August, the water in the sea warms up to +28 degrees, in May and September, although the water is cooler, it’s quite comfortable to swim.

2. Nei Epivates

Beach in Nei Epivates

If you are relaxing in Perea, walking to Nei Epivates is easy. There is no border between these resort settlements. The length of the sand strip is also several kilometers, the sand is crumbly and fine. Well-organized relaxation areas with sunbeds and umbrellas are available here, and you can also find free stretches of the beach if you prefer privacy.

The descent into the water is no different from the descent to Perea – gentle, but then abruptly goes deep. Near the beach there is a road for cyclists, along it there are cafes and bars, however, like on the beach. Around the resort are vineyards, be sure to try the local Mandovani wine.

3. Agia Triad

Of all resorts near Thessaloniki, this is the only one that has been awarded the European Blue Flag Award. And for good reason – according to many tourists, sand is softer here, the water cleaner and the air fresher. From the village of Nei Epivates you can walk here, but you should not walk here in the dark as sometimes there are bushes and large stones on the road.

Beach in Agia Triada

This is a quiet beach because there are almost no bars here. Most of the beach is free, there are few sun loungers and umbrellas, but there are enough toilets and changing cabins. If you want to relax in a calm environment, away from Thessaloniki, the resort of Agia Triada is the best choice. It offers a beautiful view of the sea bay and the cape, covered with emerald, dense forest.

The sea in this resort of Greece is perfectly clear, the slope is gentle, comfortable for children. The beach looks very beautiful in the evening – in the rays of the setting sun, the water takes on a golden hue, and the sky turns bright shades of red and yellow.

4. Nea Michanyon

Nea Michanion Beach

The resort is located on the opposite side of the cape, that is, opposite Agia Triada. Here is a small fishing village where travelers come to relax and swim, as well as purchase sea delicacies. To buy a truly unique product, come to the village early, at this time there is a market with fresh catch right on the coast. Cafes and bars are located at a short distance from the beach – as if rising above the shore, in the shade of sprawling trees, where an amazing view of the pier.

The beach infrastructure is excellent – there are umbrellas, sun loungers, toilets and changing cabins. A wide line of sand allows all vacationers to comfortably accommodate.

5. Epanomi

The most remote beach from Thessaloniki is located on Greece mainland. You will have to walk at least 40 minutes, about 4 km, from the bus stop. If you love hiking, this distance will not scare you, but keep in mind that it is very hot here during the day, so it is better to arrive early in the morning or in the evening.

Epanomi Beach

Many recommend renting a car to drive to Epanomi. This is one of the most spacious beaches, there are comfortable playgrounds for sports such as volleyball. This resort area is also awarded the European Blue Flag Award. In addition to the amazing nature, a decent service awaits you – comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas in sufficient quantities, showers, changing rooms, bars and taverns. There are vineyards who produce local wine with the same name – Epanomi.

To the right of the village, the sea is ideal for swimming – quiet, without waves, but deep enough. On the left, there are often waves and it is preferred by surfers.

Sunken ship

Walking along the beach, you will surely see its main attraction – the wreckage of the ship that crashed 40 years ago. The remains of the ship are in the water, everyone can try to swim to it, but part of the waters can be explored only in diving equipment.

This is followed by the beaches of the Halkidiki Peninsula. People who visit the northern part of Greece, quite consciously choose remote resort villages. A beach holiday in Thessaloniki (Greece) is really good, I want to come back here again and again.

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