Beach holidays in Chanioti on Halkidiki – what you need to know


The small resort town of Chaniotis (also known as Hanioti), Halkidiki is a very picturesque village with favorable conditions for recreation. Anyone can have a good time here, from a budget traveler to a well-to-do vacationer.

Chaniotis beach, Halkidiki

Hanioti Features

Hanioti is located on the peninsula of Kassandra, in Halkidiki
Peninsula of Kassandra, in Halkidiki

Chaniotis in Greece is a small but extremely lively resort. The village is located on the first “finger” of the Halkidiki peninsula – Kassandra. The capital of the region is a 60-minute drive away. In winter, there are practically no tourists in the town, so the life of the indigenous inhabitants of Greece proceeds at the usual measured pace. In the summers, with the onset of the beach season, the village literally transforms into one of the most popular resorts of the entire peninsula.

Kassandra is considered the best party place in Halkidiki, but the vibrant nightlife does not ruin the fun for families with children.

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Main square in Hanioti

Everyone knows that in Greece, most settlements are about a thousand-years old, and Chanioti, by local standards, is a very young town. It was formed only in 1935. The reason for Chanioti being a young town was a devestating earthquake, which destroyed the village, located on a hill. As a result residents decided to go down to the sea and began the construction of Hanioti. Archaeologists claim that in ancient times there used to be a city called Ega on the site where Chanioti is today.


Well maintained beaches

Holiday on the beach in Chaniotis, Halkidiki

The beach in Chanioti, Halkidiki is several kilometers long and is almost strewn with small pebbles all over. The crystal clear waters and coastal areas add to the beauty of the beach. The width of the beach is narrow, however the number of vacationers there at one time is never too large, as a result there is enough space for everyone. There is a very beautiful park nearby with centuries-old pine trees. On the coast one can walk along the banana groves and enjoy the views of the Sithonia peninsula and Mount Athos.

Catamarans on the beach of Chaniotis, Halkidiki

The beach is full of Sun loungers and beach chairs. Many people specifically look for untouched corners for the sake of silence and relaxation in a deserted place. Many coastal hotels have their own beaches, but they are not fenced, but simply equipped with an information plate. On one of these beaches, you can easily take a seat for any “walking” tourist.

Instruction and training in diving at Blue Diving Center

Vacationers on the coast of Chanioti in Halkidiki can take part in all kinds of water activities. There is a diving center and volleyball courts near the beach. Both beginners and experienced divers will appreciate the picturesque local bays, which can be explored with scuba gear or crossed by jet skis.

Entertainment and Attractions

In the village of Chaniotis, there are no ancient Greek sights familiar to these parts of Greece, but the convenient location of the resort makes it possible to explore historical places nearby. Kallithea, for example, is located just 3 km from Chanioti. Over there one can walk among the ruins of the temples of the Greek gods Dionysus and Zeus.

Street in Hanioti

Holidays in Chaniotis, with its rich infrastructure, will appeal to both young people and family people. There are a large number of bars, restaurants with any cuisine to choose from, shops with a variety of local products and souvenirs. Modern clubs entertain visitors with enchanting shows. In the many taverns, tourists will always be fed with food prepared by Greek professional chefs, adding to the amazing local spill wine.


In Chanioti active vacationers will always stay entertained. There are very well-equipped sports grounds for: basketball, volleyball, football and golf.

Porto Carras Golf. Halkidiki

After swimming in the warm and crystal clear sea, it is very pleasant to walk around the town. There are signs on all streets, alleys and parks, making it easier to find your way around the city.


International Folk Dance Festival in Chaniotis, Halkidiki

At the end of May, the village of Hanioti, Halkidiki, hosts traditional music festivals. Normally, this holiday begins on May 21, but the dates may be shifted due to weather vagaries. If you are going to attend such an event, then it is advisable to find out all the information in advance. At the end of summer, the annual international folk festival takes place there. Creative groups from Greece and other countries of the Mediterranean come to perform. Fun spills over the edge, so you should visit the festival at least once.


Fur tour to Halkidiki

Northern Greece is famous for having an amazing shopping experience. Thousands of shopaholics go there, because most of the goods in stores are not taxed. Prices for many products are much lower than in Russia, America or Europe. Many tour operators offer tours to Greece to Halkidiki, in which you can successfully combine a beach holiday with shopping. One such offer is a popular fur tour.

Climate in Hanioti

Hanioti on Halkidiki is characterized by the climate of the Mediterranean region. In summer, there is virtually no rainfall – on average for 3 months there are only 2 rainy days. You can occasionally see clouds in the sky.

The hottest months are July and August. At this time, the daytime temperature is kept at +30 ° C, in the evening the thermometer drops to only 4-5 ° C. Sea water warms up to + 26 … + 27 ° C 

You can swim in Hanioti from the second half of May until mid-October. The water temperature in the last month of spring already reaches + 20 ° C. The best time to travel is September – the sultry heat is already receding, and the sea remains warm.

Winters in the village of Hanioti (Halkidiki) are mild, the air temperature is kept within +9 .. + 13 ° C.




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