Tourist’s guide to Wolfsburg, Germany – the heart of Volkswagen

Wolfsburg, a city in Germany, has a fascinating history and an abundance of unusual sights. And he has several interesting features that do not cease to amaze tourists coming here.

Wolfsburg in Germany

General information

Wolfsburg, founded in 1938, is a district city of Germany and a major administrative center of Lower Saxony. In tourists, its name immediately causes 2 associations. One of them is associated with the football club of the same name, the second – with the Volkswagen brand. But if the locals can still remain indifferent to football, then they owe the world-famous automotive corporation jobs and a high standard of living.

Few people know, but initially Wolfsburg was an ordinary workers’ village, created for the employees of the machine plant. The only thing that distinguished him from other exactly the same settlements was the Volkswagen Beetle automobile model, the production of which was under the control of the Führer himself. Having gained popularity among the representatives of the ruling elite of the Third Reich, this brand turned Wolfsburg into the largest center for the production of machines and one of the largest cities in Germany. According to 2016, its population is 124 thousand people.

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Wolfsburg, Germany

In Wolfsburg there are neither old cobbled streets, nor medieval churches, nor any other elements inherent in Old Europe. But it boasts modern museums, urban landscapes, huge amusement parks and other modern attractions. And here is the headquarters of Volkswagen, which played a key role in the fate of this city.

Wolfsburg Attractions

Wolfsburg sights include many cultural, spiritual and historical sites. Today we will talk only about those that cause increased interest among modern tourists.

Autostadt Wolfsburg
Autostadt Wolfsburg

The city, built in 2000 by the famous Volkswagen company, is located in close proximity to the headquarters of its founder. On the territory of this automobile Disneyland, occupying more than 20 hectares of land, there are many different objects – a retail outlet, a theme park, an entertainment center, a hotel, a museum, cinemas, etc.

Among them, the Tower of Time deserves special attention, a modern 5-story building, which houses an exposition of historical cars not only from the famous German manufacturer, but also from other European brands. Here you can see the Beetle convertible, released in 1939, take a couple of pictures in the expensive Bugatti, and even sit in a car of the 50s. Inspection of the tower is usually started from the upper floors, gradually advancing to the gift shop, built at the entrance.

Among the important sights of Autostadt in Germany are thematic pavilions decorated in one style or another: Bentley – aristocratic, Skoda – sophisticated, modest, Lamborghini – in the form of a cube. There are also children’s areas in the City where you can play computer games, drive cars, consider engines made of glass and just have fun.

Autostadt Wolfsburg

While the children are busy with their own affairs, adults are offered to listen to the story of the creation of the legendary Beetle, overcome an obstacle course or go on a boat tour on the river. Adler If you are lucky, you can watch how the purchased cars are lowered on the lift from the sites of the twin towers located at a height of 60 m.

  • Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Ticket price: from 6 to 35 € depending on the desired inspection program. Details can be specified on the official site
Volkswagen Museum
Volkswagen Museum

AutoMuseum Volkswagen, opened in the mid-80s. of the last century, housed in the premises of a former garment factory on Dieselstraße street, 35. Its exposition is a revived history of the creation and development of a well-known automobile concern. The exhibition area of ​​the museum, numbering several thousand square meters, contains more than a hundred unique exhibits. Among them there are both modern models and rare items that can make a lasting impression not only on ardent car lovers, but also on ordinary visitors.

What is the legendary “Beetle”, the founder of all subsequent cars of the brand, or “See Golf”, which has a built-in mechanism to combat water obstacles ?! This list is continued by the original “Herbie”, which appeared in the movie “Crazy Race”, a sawn minibus, which traveled across Germany in the middle of the 20th century, and exhibits of limited editions adorning the collections of world stars and famous politicians.

  • Opening hours: Tue – sun. from 10:00 to 17:00
  • Ticket price: 6 € – for adults, 3 € – for children.
Science Center Phaeno
Science Center Phaeno

The Faeno Science and Entertainment Center, one of Wolfsburg’s most visited attractions in Germany, was opened in November 2005. The building, designed by the famous British architect Zaha Hadid, has collected up to 300 experimental units.

Acquaintance with them takes place in the form of a game, during which complex technological principles and scientific phenomena are explained to visitors in a simple language.

Phaeno Science Center inside

Moreover, in this center one can independently conduct various experiments, which make it possible to verify the effect of the well-known laws of physics. For example, with the help of the “Run straight into the wall” stand, you will be able to measure the power of the blow caused to the body by a certain obstacle. At the next exposition, you will find tricks with magnetic fields – before your eyes, steel filings will first turn into “hedgehogs”, and then start to dance. Or maybe you want to try the power of thought? You can also do this at Phaeno Science Center! We cannot but mention the simulator of the hurricane “Fiery Tornado”. Despite the fact that the spectacle lasts only 3 minutes, the impressions of it remain quite realistic.

As you can see, everything has been done in this scientific theater so that acquaintance with the sciences turns into a real entertainment that will be interesting to both adults and children.

Opening hours:

  • tue – sun. from 10:00 to 17:00;
  • Sat – Sun: 10: 00-18: 00.

Ticket price:

  • Adult – 14 €;
  • Children (6-17 years old) – 9 €;
  • Children under 6 years old have the right to visit the attraction for free.

Allerpark Park
Allerpark Park

Allerpark is a public leisure park located between several areas of Wolfsburg (Reislingen, Stadtmitt, Nordstadt and Worsfelde). The main attraction of this place is Lake Allersee, for the creation of which the channel of the River Aller was redirected.

In the park, whose territory covers more than 130 hectares, there are several entertainment venues. The most popular of them are the Eis Arena Wolfsburg ice rink, the BadeLand Wolfsburg water park, the AOK stadium, the skatepark, roller skating tracks, runner tracks, game areas and beach volleyball courts.

Allerpark Wolfsburg

In addition to cultural and recreational activities, Allepark performs another important mission. In the 1990s he turned the unremarkable Wolfsburg into a popular tourist destination. Since then, this park has been called the main symbol of the city. In 2004, Allerpark went through a renovation to coincide with the German Federal Garden Exhibition. Then, SoccaFive Arena indoor football hall, WakePark water ski center, Monkeyman cable car and several restaurants appeared on its territory. Currently, the park often hosts fairs, festivals, competitions and other public events.

Where to stay in Wolfsburg?

Hotel Complex

The city of Wolfsburg in Germany is famous not only for interesting sights, but also for a large selection of accommodation for every taste and budget. It has everything from budget hostels and guest houses to premium apartments and hotels. Regarding prices:

  • double room in a 3 * hotel will cost 100-170 € per day
  • and in the hotel 4-5 * – from 140 €.

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How to get there

In the immediate vicinity of Wolfsburg there are 3 airports at once: Braunschweig (26 km), Magdeburg (65 km) and Hanover (74 km). Most of the Russian flights are accepted last – let’s talk about it.

Hannover Airport

Different types of transport go from Hanover to Wolfsburg, but the train can be called the most convenient. The trains go with a small interval from 04:48 to 00:48. All trains, with the exception of those departing at 20:55 and 04:55, are direct. The same make a transplant in Braunschweig. Travel time is from 30 minutes to one and a half hours and depends on the type of train (regular train or high-speed train). Tickets cost from 17 to 26 €.

On a note! Trains to Wolfsburg leave from Hanover Main Station. From the airport there are buses and trains. The journey takes 20 minutes, the ticket costs about 4 €.

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Interesting Facts

There are many interesting facts connected with the city of Wolfsburg in Germany. Here are just a few of them:

  1. From the day of its foundation until 1945, this settlement did not even have its own name. At that time, its population of the town was made up of workers at the Volkswagen plant, who called it “just” – Stadt des KdF-Wagen-by-Fullersleben;
  2. Wolfsburg is one of the youngest cities in Germany, in the basis of which Hitler himself took part;
  3. In the state of Lower Saxony, it takes 6th place in terms of population;
  4. Rabbits in Wolfsburg
  5. An important difference between the parks, reserves and squares of Wolfsburg is the huge population of rabbits – they can be seen here at every step. Animals are so used to people that they have long ceased to be afraid of passers-by walking along the alleys. But stray dogs here, surprisingly, are not here;
  6. Those who are going to walk a lot should take into account that there are no signs on most streets;
  7. The main feature of local residents is straightforwardness – they completely do not understand the hints, therefore, in a conversation with them it is better to do without ambiguity;
  8. Surprises here are not held in high esteem – the indigenous population of Wolfsburg is used to strictly following the set plan, and surprises, even the most pleasant ones, unsettle them for a long time;
  9. Launching the fifth-generation Volkswagen Golf production, the concern’s executives jokingly renamed the city Golfsburg. Of course, for a long time this name did not exist, but the attention of potential buyers attracted;
  10. Wolfsburg Castle, clambered into the ranks of modern buildings, went to the city for nothing. They say its owners could not stand the neighborhood with the noisy streets of the metropolis and simply fled from the family nest. Now there is a museum;
  11. Wolfsburg Castle
    Wolfsburg Castle
  12. In Rothenfeld, which was once a detached village, and now is one of the districts of the city, you can find a huge stone with an inscription on the war with Napoleon.

Wolfsburg, a city in Germany, will be remembered not only by interesting sights, but also by a purely German atmosphere. You should like it here. Have a good trip and have a pleasant experience!

Video: A walk through the Volkswagen Museum.

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