Tourist’s guide to Mannheim, a cultural and industrial city in Germany

Mannheim (Germany) is a city in the south-west of the country that has been competing for several decades with Stuttgart for the honorary status of the center of the Baden-Württemberg region. Despite the fact that Mannheim loses to neighboring Stuttgart by the number of inhabitants and official status, the city is worthy of the “soul of the region” status in terms of the number of attractions, cultural heritage and the glorious present.

City Mannheim

Interesting fact! Mannheim is called the city of technical inventions and innovations, it was here that inventions appeared that gave impetus to the progress of the 19th and 20th centuries.

General information about Mannheim

The city of Mannheim is located in the southwestern part of Germany. It is the third largest settlement in the Baden-Wurtenburg region. For its foundation, a place was chosen where two rivers are connected – the Rhine and Neckar.

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The city is not only remarkable for its sights, the central part of Mannheim resembles a chessboard, instead of the traditional street name, the quarter number and house number are used to indicate the address.

Initially, Mannheim was a small village, there was a fortress, which for some time was considered a royal residence.

View of the city of Mannheim

Interesting fact! Many famous Germans were born in Mannheim who glorified their country – Goethe, Mozart, Schiller.

Unfortunately, during the Second World War the city was almost completely destroyed, it was restored in accordance with modern approaches to architecture and construction at that time.

Practical information:

  • population – almost 306 thousand inhabitants;
  • area – 145 km2;
  • Language German
  • local currency – euro;
  • The village is located in the warmest region of Germany with a temperate climate and low rainfall.

Interesting fact! The best place for shopping is Fußgängerzone, and you should definitely try the famous Mannheim pretzels with salt.

Inventions related to Mannheim

The first tractor in Mannheim

As noted earlier, the name of the city is associated with many inventions that gave impetus to the technological progress of the 19-20 centuries:

  • 1817 – trolley launched;
  • 1880 – an electric elevator was put into operation;
  • 1889 – the first car drove through city streets;
  • 1921 – a tractor was invented.

In addition, before the Second World War, the city had many ancient architectural sights, however, due to the fact that it had important industrial significance, it was the first to be bombarded.

“Square” city

In 1607, Mannheim received the status of a city, since then the street layout has been implemented with geometric accuracy. The central part is a circle drawn by a grid. Each cell is indicated by a letter and a number. For example, Q3 – the quarter designation followed by the house number.

Interesting fact! According to Forbes magazine, Mannheim took 11th place in the list of the most actively developing cities.

Mannheim Map

Mannheim is considered one of the best cities for immigrants, for this reason there is such a diversity of nationalities. Another noteworthy fact is that American military units are located in the vicinity.

Today Mannheim is a large commercial, industrial center where industrial enterprises operate. In addition, the city is an important transport hub of European importance. Here is a sorting station, the second most important in Germany, and ships call at the river port, which is included in the list of the largest in Europe. In addition, Mannheim is surrounded by a ring of expressways, and a high-speed railway passes through the city.

The city of Mannheim in Germany is famous for educational institutions, full of cultural life. For over 50 years, the famous cinema festival has been held in Mannheim, and one of the best symphony orchestras has played the Mannheim Chapel.

Interesting fact! In academic music, the direction Mannheim School is popular.

Sights of Mannheim

The city has a lot of attractions – historical, natural, architectural. Here is the largest castle in Europe – Mangamei, built in the 18th century.

Interesting fact! Mannheim is called the cultural capital of the region, because for a long time this city attracted admirers and artists.

Luisenpark Manheim
Luisenpark Manheim

Louise Park is the most famous vacation spot for locals. By the way, city residents say that everything is done here for people and with great love. The attraction was founded more than a century ago, today it is an amazingly picturesque and calm place where you can relax, enjoy the silence, admire the flamingos, red ibis, parrots, penguins, ride horses. In addition, the park has created conditions for picnics and family vacations – free sun loungers and barbecue facilities are installed. For children, special playgrounds are equipped, imagine how nice it will be for the kids to run along with the rabbits.

Important! Admission is paid, adult ticket – 6 €, ticket for teens – 4 €, children under 16 years old – 2 €. There are annual subscriptions – 56 €.

For your convenience, free sun loungers are installed, they can be moved to the shade of trees or vice versa – bask in the sun. Many artificial lily ponds.

For a fee, you can ride on the lake in a boat that moves independently on a special rail. The walk is designed for 1 hour.

Luisenpark Manheim, Germany

Interesting to know! There is a TV tower in the park, from the height of which the whole city is perfectly visible. Entrance to the observation deck 4 €.

If you are tired of walking, take a ride on a tourist train. And there is a walk where – the Chinese pavilion with a pagoda, which are still considered the best attraction of the park, and also – the terrarium.

There is a park in the city center, be prepared for the fact that it will not work to get around the park area in one day, so plan to visit for several days.

Water tower
Water tower

Wasserturm Water Tower – the most visited attraction in Mannheim in Germany, is located on the Frichsplatz square. The Kunsthalle Art Museum is nearby.

The tower was built at the end of the 19th century, the architect is Gustav Halmhuber. The height of the structure is 60 m, the diameter is 19 m. At that time, the tower became the first municipal structure designed to supply local residents with drinking water.

Interesting fact! The dome of the tower is decorated with a sculpture of the goddess Amphitrite.

There is a small pond in front of the tower, the coast is decorated with mythological sculptures, and rose bushes open in spring and summer. In winter, the Christmas Market takes place in the square near the tower. And also in front of the attraction is a fountain that is beautifully illuminated.

Technical Museum
Technical Museum

The attraction is dedicated to the development of engineering. The peculiarity of the museum is that all exhibits can be touched. The collection includes cars of the 18th century that still work.

Interactive displays are installed on the museum walls, where they demonstrate the principle of the mechanisms. An old train periodically sets off on a journey right from the building; you can take a short trip on it, which children will especially enjoy.

Good to know! There are no Russian-speaking guides in the museum, the guides speak English.

Before visiting the sights, familiarize yourself with the exposition in advance and plan the most interesting places, since it is quite difficult to get around the museum, the exhibits are captivating and exciting.

Hall in the technical museum

Practical information:

  • Address: Museumsstraße 1, 68165 Mannheim;
  • work schedule: every day from 9-00 to 17-00;
  • ticket price: adult – 9 €, children under 6 years old admission is free;
  • Website:
SAP Arena
SAP Arena

The multi-purpose SAP arena is named after the investor and construction sponsor, SAP. The arena was opened in the fall of 2005, designed for 15 thousand spectators, and the number of spectators at hockey matches was 13,600.

The main purpose of the attraction is the holding of ice hockey and handball tournaments. Also, cultural events are held here – concerts, boxer fights.

The arena is home to the local Adler Mannheim hockey team, as well as to the Rhein-Neckar Lowen handball team.

The Arena is located at: Seckenheim, 68163 Mannheim. The Arena is connected to the central part of Mannheim by tram line No. 6, in addition, you can get along the B38 highway, which connects with the A656 autobahn.

Mannheim Palace

The castle is recognized as one of the most beautiful palace complexes in Europe. In the 18th century, the building served as a royal residence. The palace is located in the city center. The attraction occupies an area of ​​7 hectares, the length of the facade is 450 m. The palace is second only to Versailles in size and area. By the way, it was the castle in Versailles that served as the prototype of the palace complex in Mannheim.

Mannheim Palace

Interesting fact! In the Mannay Palace, the facade is one window larger than in the Palace of Versailles.

The best architects of that time worked on the castle project, and the construction was carried out with the money collected from the taxes of local residents.

Today, attractions include a museum, a library, office space, and lecture halls. The north wing has a courtroom and a church. Most of the palace complex belongs to the best university in Germany – Mannheim University.

Practical information:

  • work schedule: daily except Monday from 10-00 to 17-00;
  • entrance fee: adult ticket – 7 €, for privileged categories – 3.50 €, family ticket – 17.50 €;
  • Website:

Where to eat in Mannheim

Cafe in Mannheim

In Mannheim, there are more than three hundred establishments where they prepare both traditional, local cuisine and exotic dishes from different cuisines of the world. It is safe to say that all the popular culinary trends are represented in the city. Local cuisine surprises with an abundance of meat treats with vegetable side dishes. No less popular are Thai establishments.

Interesting fact! Supan’s Thai Restaurant is a great place for daytime business meetings and romantic evenings.

Admirers of exotics will be happy to visit a Japanese restaurant where they cook rolls and sushi, including according to original recipes. In addition, there is a French restaurant in Mannheim, where in addition to refreshments you can visit an interesting entertainment program. Prefer more modest establishments, visit pizzerias.

Dumplings Maultaschen
Dumplings Maultaschen

By the way, local cuisine is considered one of the most diverse in Germany, some Mannheim dishes are prepared today in different countries of the world. The most interesting dishes are dumplings Maultaschen, Spaetzle dumplings, which are served as an independent dish or as a side dish for fish and meat treats.

If you want to try local, national pastries, check out the small family-style restaurants. Popular dishes – cherry cake, Schupfnudeln potato noodles – this savory pastry is served with roast or sauerkraut.

Interesting fact! One of Mannheim’s attractions is the old Eichbaum brewery. Any bar serves a popular beer. A sophisticated addition to the foamy drink – Swabian ham – it has been produced for several centuries in this region of Germany.

Prices at local establishments are quite high:

  • check for one person in an inexpensive cafe – 10 €;
  • average check in a mid-range restaurant – 55 €;
  • to eat in a fast food restaurant costs from 8 €.

Where to stay in Mannheim

Hotel in Mannheim

The city has a solid hotel base, here are presented hotels of various categories from 3 to 5 stars, small apart-hotels. The location of the hotel must be chosen depending on the purpose of the trip. If your goal is business negotiations, choose a hotel in business areas, if you want to visit attractions, it is better to stay in historical areas.

In general, the city is calm and safe, however, in some areas the crime rate is slightly higher. These include: Jungbusch, Vogelstang and Neckarstadt-West. Walking here at night alone is not recommended.

Hostel in Mannheim

As for housing prices:

  • Hostel room – 36 €;
  • a room in a 2-star hotel – 53 €;
  • Accommodation in a 3-star hotel – 65 €;
  • a room in a 4-star hotel – 74 €.

If you plan a trip to Mannheim for longer than a month, it makes sense to rent an apartment for a month. One bedroom apartment in central areas – about 540 € per month. One bedroom apartments in remote areas – from 300 € per month. Renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost an average of 1000 € per month, and for similar apartments far from the center you will have to pay from 600 €.

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How to get from Frankfurt

Mannheim is a transport hub of European importance. It has built its own airport, which takes flights from Berlin. Accordingly, from the capital of Germany you can get to Mannheim by plane, however, this route is quite expensive.

Route A67
Route A67

85 km between Mannheim and Frankfurt, highway A5 and A67 pass between settlements. There are several ways to get from Frankfurt to your destination:

  • by train and bus;
  • by taxi;
  • in a rented car.
By train

Direct flights depart around the clock, the journey takes from 40 to 50 minutes. Two types of trains run between settlements:

  • ICE – the route is designed for 40 minutes, the fare is from 18 € to 29 €
  • IC – night flights, on the road a little less than 50 minutes, a ticket costs from 6 € to 29 €.

All trains leave from the main train station in Frankfurt. Tickets are sold on the railway website or at the box office at the station.

ICE train
ICE train

Good to know! Every day from 8-00 from Frankfurt Airport (Fernbahnhof stop) trains run between the airport and Mannheim, they do not call in Frankfurt.

By bus

Flights depart from the railway station, as well as from the airport, namely from terminal No. 2. The road takes up to 2 hours. Buses run around the clock, at night the interval increases slightly. Ticket price – from 3 € to 45 €.

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By taxi
Taxi in Mannheim

Ordering a car is a 24-hour service; you will have to spend about 50 minutes on the road. A car can be booked at the information desk located at Frankfurt Airport. The cost of the trip is from 150 € to 190 €.

All prices on the page are for May 2019.

Mannheim (Germany) is a city with a rich history, many attractions have been preserved here, but there are also many modern buildings worthy of the attention of tourists.

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