Tourist’s guide to Konstanz on the shores of Lake Constance

Konstanz, Germany – a medieval city, spread on the shores of Lake Constance. The capital of the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg and a major tourist center of the country with a mass of historical attractions.

Old Konstanz

General information

Konstanz is one of the oldest cities in Germany, founded on the site of a medieval Roman fortress, fragments of which are stored under a glass dome in the square in front of the Cathedral. The city is divided into 15 districts, which at one time were independent communities: Altstadt, Allmannsdorf, Paradies, Petershausen-West, Dettingen, Industriegebiet, Petershausen-Ost, Litzelstetten, Dingelsdorf, Staad, Königsbau, Fürstenberg, Wollmatingenen, Egg Wall. At the same time, some areas are located on the left bank of the Rhine (such as the Old Town), while others are located on the left.

Together with the neighboring Swiss Kreuzlingen, Konstanz forms a single agglomeration, whose population is more than 115 thousand people. At the same time, according to 2011 data, about 85 thousand inhabitants live in the city itself. Despite its close proximity, between Constance and Kreuzlingen there is facilitated border control, due to the fact that Switzerland is not a member of the European Union.

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View of Konstanz

The main natural attraction of the city is a huge reservoir, the depth of which reaches 255 m. On the shores of Lake Constance in Constance there are a large number of architectural monuments, churches, cathedrals and castles. Due to the constant influx of tourists here is never calm. Bars and restaurants, beaches and heated pools, boats and steamboats, water sports and paved bike paths – the tourist infrastructure on the lake is developed at a fairly high level.

Today, Konstanz is one of the most visited resorts in Germany. Every year, hundreds of tourists from all over Europe come here every year.


Sights of Constance in Germany include more than a dozen museums, parks, churches and historical monuments. Moreover, most of them have survived to our days in their original form. Let’s get to know some of them better.

Nideburg (Old Town)
Old Town in Konstanz

Acquaintance with Constance should begin with Nideburg – a historical district with narrow streets, cozy pubs, small shops and picturesque medieval houses built in the late Middle Ages. What is curious, each of these buildings has its own name, which can be read from the plate installed on the facade.

Well, the oldest and perhaps the most significant building in Nideburg is Konzilgebäeude Konstanz. This is the building of the municipal council, which was first used as the main city granary, and then – as a place for celebrations and public gatherings. It continues to fulfill this function in our days – it often organizes exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events within its walls.

Mainau Island
Mainau Island

The hilly Mainau island, which covers an area of ​​45 hectares, is located near Lake Constance in Constance. Over the more than 150-year history of its existence, this truly unique arboretum has managed to collect about a million of a variety of plant units. Among them there are giant sequoias, African palm trees, a variety of citrus fruits and other trees that give the island a Mediterranean touch.

Flowers deserve no less attention. Here you can see rare species of tulips, dahlias and rhododendrons, all kinds of daffodils, roses and gladioli. Many of these flowers have a separate garden. Numerous butterflies flutter over all this riot of colors, making up the largest collection of insects in the country.

Castle on the island of Mainau

In addition to the diverse vegetation, the Mainau island boasts two important architectural sights – the Teutonic castle, built in 1746, and the church of St. Marien, made in the Baroque style. Currently, the island receives up to 2 million visitors a year. Moreover, not only nature lovers come here, but also ordinary families who want to show children unusual playgrounds.

Mainau “works” daily without holidays and weekends. The cost of tickets depends on the season and starts from 10 € in the winter season and from 22 € – in the summer. Children under 12 years pass free of charge, students receive discounts. To avoid the queue, it is better to buy tickets online. Entrance to the island is carried out only until 17:00.
Address: Insel Mainau, 78465 Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Cathedral of Virgin Mary
Cathedral of Virgin Mary

The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, built about a thousand years ago, is located on the highest point of the city. This building is considered the most important historical monument of Constance, because it was around it that the first fishermen and craftsmen began to settle. Over the long years of its existence, the temple has survived more than a dozen reconstructions, so now you can consider elements of such architectural styles as Gothic, Neo-Gothic and Renaissance.

Muenster Unserer Lieben Frau attracts both external and internal decoration. So, on the western portal of the church there are 2 doors, the canvases of which are divided into several small squares and decorated with carvings of scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. In the interiors of the temple you can see the work of great artists, expensive icons and other authentic objects. Noteworthy is the high tower, whose dome rushes high into the sky. In general, each element of the Cathedral is a unique sight that can be admired for more than one hour.

Address: Munsterplatz 4, 78462 Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

Constance Harbor
Constanta Harbor

The harbor, located by Lake Constance in Germany, is called one of the most picturesque places in the city. There is always a festive atmosphere, and the view from the surroundings is a great backdrop for photographs.

Here you can walk along the promenade, feed the swans or just sit on the bench, watching the ferries, ships and yachts. Tired of visiting local attractions, be sure to go to one of the summer cafes and spend an unforgettable evening on the shores of Lake Constance.

And in the port is the main symbol of Constance – a nine-meter statue of the “Empire”, established in 1993 in memory of the Cathedral of Constance. The sculpture is frankly anti-religious – it depicts a young courtesan, on whose open arms sits two naked freaks. One of them is wearing a crown depicting royal authority, the second – a papal tiara, alluding to the power of the clergy. Every 4 minutes, the Empire makes a complete revolution around its axis, so its face can be seen from various parts of the harbor. Among other things, on the shore of the lake there is an old warehouse built in 1388 specifically for trade with Italy. Now everyone can enter inside this room.

Rhine Gate and Powder Tower
Rhine Gate

Looking at the photo of Konstanz in Germany, you will surely see another important historical attraction of this place. We are talking about the Rhine Gate and the Powder Tower Rheintorturm, built to protect the wooden bridge in the mid-12th century. This is one of 3 buildings that has survived to the present day. In addition to the defensive mission, both the tower and the bridge passing through it were an important transport hub of the medieval city. Historians claim that it was this road that drove into the city of Frederick II and other crowned persons.

In the old days, the Rheintorturm Tower housed a city prison. Now it is used as a viewing platform with a beautiful view of the Rhine, the lake and city attractions.

  • Address: Rheinsteig 4, 78462 Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.
  • The observation deck on the Powder Tower is open from April to October. You can climb it only 3 days a week: Friday – from 18:00 to 22:00; Sat and sun – from 14:00 to 17:00.

Where to stay?

Being one of the most visited cities in Germany, Konstanz has a rather developed tourist infrastructure. Here you can find accommodation for every taste – from luxury hotels to affordable bed and breakfast hotels, guest houses and hostels. Regarding prices:

  • daily rent of apartments starts from 70 €,
  • for accommodation in a double room of a three-star hotel will have to pay from 100 € per day,
  • in a five-star hotel – from 220 €.
Hotel in Konstanz

When searching for housing in Constanta, you need to consider not only its cost, but also its location. If the main purpose of your visit is to relax by the lake, give preference to hotels on the first coastline. If you plan to explore the main city sights, opt for Nideburg and the surrounding areas.

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How to get there

There is no airport in Constanta, but in the immediate vicinity there are several air gates. You can get from them to the city in several ways. Let’s consider each of them.

Friedrichshafen Airport – Konstanz (distance – 31 km)
City Friedrichshafen

Method 1. By ferry and train:

  • On Art. Friedrichshafen Autoquai take the Ferry 152-Y ferry and continue to st. Romanshorn Autoquai. Travel time – 40 minutes. The fare is from 12 to 18 €;
  • Go to the railway station. Romanshorn (no more than 200 m), take the Thurbo train number 8 and go to station Kreuzlingen. The fare is 3-5 €. Duration – 25 min.

Method 2. By train:

  • At the railway station Friedrichshafen Stadt catch the Deutsche Bahn Rb train and continue to station Radolfzell The journey takes a little over an hour. Ticket price – from 17 to 24 €;
  • Take the Regional train, which will take you to your destination. Duration – 23 min. The fare is from 10 to 16 €.

Method 3. By ferry:

  • On Art. Friedrichshafen Hafen catch Ferry 13-Y;
  • Go to Art. Konstanz Hafen. The journey takes 1 h. 40 min. The fare is from 16 to 23 €.
Memmingen (Allgäu Airport) – Konstanz (distance – 104 km)
City Memmingen

Method 1. By bus and train:

  • On Art. Memmingen Airpor, take the No. 887 bus from FlixBus and ride to st. Ravensburg It will take 1 h. 15 min. Tickets cost from 3 to 7 €;
  • Take the 18-Y train from Swiss Railways and continue to Radolfzell. On the way – at least an hour. The fare will cost 25-50 €;
  • Take the 27-Y train to Constance. The journey takes 23 minutes. Ticket price – 9 €.
Stuttgart (Stuttgart Airport) – Konstanz (distance – 137 km)
City of stuttgart

Method 1. By bus:

  • On Art. Stuttgart Airport, take bus number 117 of FlixBus;
  • Go to Art. Constance Döbeleplatz. Travel time – 2 hours 50 minutes. Ticket price – from 9 to 16 €.

On a note! Buses make 5-7 flights a day. The first leaves at 6:50, the last at 19:30.

Method 2. By train:

  • On page Stuttgart Flughafen / Messe catch the train bound for Stuttgart-Rohr. The road takes 9 minutes. The fare is from 9 to 13 €;
  • Transfer to the train to the station. Boeblingen Travel time is 7 minutes. Ticket price is the same;
  • Take the Ic train and go to st. Singen (Hohentwiel). Duration – 1 h. 47 min. The fare is from 30 to 45 €;
  • Take the Re train for Constanta. The road takes 24 minutes. Tickets cost between 12 and 18 €.
Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport) – Konstanz (distance – 178 km)
Karlsruhe City

Method 1. By train:

  • On Art. Airpark Terminal take the bus number 285, next to the station. Baden-Baden Bahnhof. Duration – 28 min .;
  • Take the train Re, which will take you to Constance. It will take 2 hours 45 minutes. Tickets cost between 40 and 60 €.

Method 2. By bus:

  • On Art. Airpark Terminal take the X34 bus going to the station. Rastatt Bahnhof. Duration 24 min .;
  • Take the Re train for Karlsruhe Hbf. Duration – 15 min. The fare is from 11 to 16 €;
  • Walk to the Karlsruhe bus station (about 300 m) and catch the bus number 117, the final destination of which is the city of Konstanz.

In addition, in the immediate vicinity of Constanta there are 2 Swiss airports. One of them is located in Zurich (distance – 63 km), the second – in Altenrhein (42 km).

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Useful Tips

Having decided to visit the city of Konstanz in Germany, check out the recommendations of those who have already managed to visit there:

    Cafe in the center
  1. On weekends, the streets of Constanta are literally crowded with tourists. If you want to explore the main city sights without too much fuss, go for a walk in the early morning on a weekday;
  2. On the shores of Lake Constance, 4 km from the center, there is a free beach with attractions. The best time to visit this attraction is July-August;
  3. Moving around the city center by car is very difficult, especially on holidays and weekends. The main reason for these inconveniences are narrow medieval streets and a large number of hiking trails;
  4. In this regard, it is better to leave personal or rented transport in one of the free parking lots (for example, at Buk-Gulden, which is 3 km from the Old Town), and from there take a bus to the lake and other city attractions;
  5. In general, buses can be called the most important form of public transport – with their help you can get anywhere in the city. But in other settlements located on the shores of Lake Constance, it is better to go by ferry;
  6. Walking around Constanta after 23:00, you will not see a single lighted lamp. However, everyone can turn them on – you just need to press the button. By the way, the light will go out after 15 minutes – this is how the famous German frugality manifests itself;
  7. If you’re not used to walking a lot, rent a bike. There are plenty of rental points here. One is located at the Kultur Radle bike shop. The service will cost 10-12 €;
  8. Carnival Fastnacht
  9. Konstanz is a city of festivals. On the eve of Great Lent, Fastnaht Carnival takes place here, in August – the Zinakhfest Biennale of Music, in July the festival of wine is celebrated, and in autumn jazz concerts and their own Oktoberfest are organized;
  10. The most expensive entertainment venues are located on the lake. It is better for budget tourists to choose restaurants located farther from the promenade and central streets – the prices there are much lower;
  11. The same applies to city hotels – at Lake Constance and on the territory of the Old Town, it costs much more than outside these tourist areas;
  12. Do not leave garbage in the wrong place – a large fine may be written for it;
  13. Most locals shop at Maximilian’s supermarket. It has a large selection of products and very affordable prices. In addition, here you can buy popular varieties of local beer and wine.

Konstanz, Germany – this is the place that is likely to remain in your memory. Have a good trip and enjoy your stay!

What to visit in Konstanz in one day, useful tips:

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