Tourist’s guide to BMW Museum – Munich’s automobile attraction

The BMW Museum is without exaggeration to be called one of the most modern exhibition venues in Munich. It presents a huge number of exhibits related to the development of this brand, so we should also visit this unique place.

BMW symbol

General information

The BMW Museum in Munich, located in the northwestern part of the Bavarian capital, is one of the ten most popular technical panopticons in Europe. Together with the headquarters, factory and car dealership of a recognized German manufacturer, it forms a single large exhibition complex or BMW Group Classic.

In the halls of the museum the best samples of products produced by the concern in the entire history of the existence of this brand are collected. Here, everything you look at, is dedicated to BMW. Even the buildings themselves are made in the form of the world famous abbreviation.

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View of the BMW Museum

So, the residence in which the head office of the company is located resembles a 4-cylinder engine, whose height is about 40 m. According to the idea of ​​the authors of this project, it should symbolize the first letter – “B”. The museum’s building is responsible for the second letter, “M” – it is made in the form of a huge gas tank cover decorated with the company’s logo. By the way, it can only be viewed from a height. As for the last letter, “W”, it is displayed by the BMW Welt glass cylinders. In 1999, the futuristic museum building was included in the register of architectural monuments and awarded the title of the tallest museum building in Munich.

There is a souvenir shop on the territory of the museum complex, offering a variety of different products – from T-shirts and caps with the company logo to a special collection of BMW Art Car and small exclusive cars. Among other things, here you can buy non-fiction books about motorcycles, automobiles and aircraft engines of the brand, literature on modern architecture, as well as the latest pictures of cars and postcards on historical subjects. In the same area there is an old workshop and archive room, which is of great interest to researchers of technological progress.

Historical reference

BMW Museum Exposition

The history of BMW began in 1916, when aircraft engines were made at one of the first Bayerische MotorenWerke divisions. However, only 3 years later, after Germany lost in World War I and imposed a ban on the manufacture of military equipment inside the country, the company had to radically change its direction of activity. Not succumbing to a general panic, the young company hastened to re-equip the workshops and began to manufacture parts for trains and other railway equipment. After some time, the company’s management increased the range of products, making them available to ordinary customers. So in the nomenclature of BMW appeared bicycles, motorcycles, compact cars and powerful SUVs.

The second serious blow to the corporation was dealt by World War II and the subsequent division of Germany into Germany and the GDR. Then most of the enemies predicted a speedy bankruptcy for the well-known automobile concern, but this time he managed to survive. By 1955, the company’s production was not only fully restored, but also supplemented with new products. Despite the fact that over the past 100 years not a single aircraft spare part has left the BMW assembly line, the logo of this brand remains unchanged – a huge white screw against a sky of blue.

All this can be found in the BMW Museum in Munich, opened in 1972 at the same time as the legendary Olympic Park. Once upon a time there was a small test aerodrome designed to test aircraft engines, and factory floors where the first cars of the brand were produced. Nowadays, the territories belonging to the museum are often used as open exhibition venues.


BMW Muse Exposition

The BMW Museum in Germany begins to be examined from the basement, and then, moving along the spiral corridors of the building, they gradually rise higher. On this way, visitors will find several exhibition halls dedicated to the main stages of development of the famous automobile giant. There are 7 such halls, they are called Houses. All museum premises are striking in their modern design, interactive richness and excellent technical equipment, but the hall devoted to the history of a major German manufacturer occupies a central place. It has a special device that allows you to choose a particular year and learn about all the important events that happened at that time.

Permanent expositions of the BMW Museum are represented by retro cars, sports cars, bicycles, motorcycles, aircraft and car engines, as well as aircraft propellers created at different time periods (from 1910 to the present day). The BMW range is striking in its diversity: coupes, roadsters, fireballs, sedans, concept cars, etc. Among them, the first motorcycle released under the BMW brand and the miniature Isetta, which has become one of the most popular cars of the post-war era, deserve special attention.

Retro car at the BMW Museum

But perhaps the most interesting tourist interest is Agent 007 transport – the black BMW 750iL, the white BMW Z8 convertible and the sky blue BMW Z3. A rather curious fact is connected with the latter. When in the mid 90’s. of the last century, the next series of bondiana was rolled out, all customers wanted exactly that kind of car. At that time, the BMW Z3 was just off the assembly line, so the film about the British spy became an ideal eklama for him. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the new roadster did not have the best technical characteristics, so it was quickly rushed to replace it.

Interestingly, initially all 3 cars were produced exclusively to maintain the racing program. However, a few years later they were adapted for personal use by riders. In addition to the failed roadster, there are other sports models here, among which the most famous can be called the legendary BMW M1, developed with the participation of Lamborghini in 1978.

In the BMW Museum in Munich (Germany) you can see not only old cars, but also the latest models, many of which have not even managed to enter the world market. One of these innovations is the conceptual BMW HR Hydrogen Record Car, equipped with a hydrogen engine. Company executives believe that such cars are the future of modern automotive industry.

Sports car at the BMW Museum

Finishes a walk through the halls of the museum inspection of unusual installations. The most popular of them is the kinetic model of BMW, made of a huge number of steel balls attached to the ceiling with a thin fishing line. Moving in the air, they take an interesting shape, in the outlines of which you can recognize the upper part of the car body.

BMW World

The BMW-Welt building, located near the entrance to the museum and connected to it by a small laconic bridge, was opened in the fall of 2007. The futuristic design made in the form of a double cone is not only the largest advertising platform for BMW, but also an amusement park, a sales salon and an exhibition hall where you can see the future developments of the concern.

The building of the car factory and the BMW Museum

Here you can safely inspect all models, sit in the salons of cars and even take photos using smart technology. To do this, you need to click on the button of a special device, wait a couple of seconds, and then send the picture to your email address or share it on popular social networks. If you came to the BMW Museum in Germany not only for a tour, but also for shopping, feel free to choose a brand and pay the bill. The purchased car will be delivered anywhere in the world.

Car factory

The car factory operating at the BMW Museum is the parent company of the concern. On a vast territory covering more than 500 thousand square meters. m, about 8 thousand specialists who come from different countries work day and night. Under their strict guidance, the plant daily produces 3 thousand engines, 960 cars (including the 6th generation BMW-3), as well as a host of various spare parts and assemblies.

BMW Automobile Plant

The auto giant is constantly being updated, so visits to some workshops may be suspended due to repair work or replacement of equipment.

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Practical information

BMW Museum address in Munich: Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Opening hours:

Museum BMW World
  • Mon: day off;
  • Tue – Sun: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Reception ends in 30 minutes. before closing.

  • Mon – Sun: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The price of a ticket to the BMW Museum in Munich depends on its type:

  • Adult – 10 €;
  • Preferential (children under 18 years old, students under 27 years old, BMW club members, pensioners, disabled people with an appropriate certificate) – 7 €;
  • Group (from 5 people) – 9 €;
  • Family (2 adults + 3 minors) – 24 €.

The validity of the ticket after verification is 5 hours. You do not need to pay for entering the BMW World.

Modern BMW model

You can view the exposition either independently or with a guide. Excursion groups, consisting of 20-30 people, are formed every 30 minutes. The ticket price depends on the tour you have chosen (there are 14 in total):

  • The usual walk in the museum – 13 € per person;
  • Museum + Exhibition Center – 16 €;
  • Museum + BMW World + factory – 22 €, etc.

Specify details on the official website –

It should also be noted that some objects of the complex (for example, the BMW plant) can be seen only on weekdays and only as part of a group. It is better to reserve places a few weeks before the expected date of visit, and arrive at the place no later than half an hour before the start of the tour. Reservation is accepted only by phone – e-mail is not suitable for these purposes.

BMW mini car

Each location has a different working time and certain visiting rules, adopted for security reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  • Children who are not yet 6 should not be allowed into the premises of the plant;
  • Children under 14 years old are allowed to enter other facilities only with adults;
  • Inside buildings it is forbidden to go beyond the designated areas;
  • Museum exhibits should not be touched, because each of them has not only historical, but also commercial value. In case of damage (pollution, breakdown, etc.), the tourist pays all expenses from his pocket (including the inclusion of a security alarm);
  • It is also forbidden to bring weapons and objects that are dangerous to human health and life;
  • Outerwear, bags, backpacks, umbrellas, canes and other accessories must be left in the dressing room, equipped with free individual lockers.

Prices and timetables on this page are for June 2019.

Useful Tips

Before heading to the BMW Museum in Germany, check out the tips of experienced travelers:

    Tourists at the BMW Museum
  1. Tours are conducted only in German and English. If you are not strong in any of these languages, use the services of an audio guide;
  2. It is better to buy water in stores along the way – there it will be cheaper;
  3. To avoid a large influx of tourists, come to the museum in the early morning on a weekday;
  4. BMW Museum has its own paid parking, so you can come here not only by public, but also by private or rented transport;
  5. The duration of the longest program reaches 3 hours, so take care of comfortable shoes – during this time you will have to walk at least 5 km;
  6. Olympic park
    Olympic park
  7. The complex has several catering establishments. Of these, the most popular restaurant is M1, named after the model of a sports car released in 1978. Both traditional and vegetarian dishes are served here, which cost from 7 to 11 €. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace overlooking the Olympic Park. But most importantly, each place at the table is equipped with a separate outlet and a special USB connector that allows you to charge any kind of equipment (tablet, laptop, smartphone);
  8. After completing a tour of motorcycles, cars, engines and other museum exhibits, do not forget to visit other sights of Munich located in the immediate vicinity of this place. We are talking about the Olympic Park, the Allianz Arena stadium and the scientific and technical Deutsches Museum, located on the islet of the Isar River;
  9. Student ID
  10. Would you like to save? Say you’re a student! If the cashier asks you to show the document, claim that you forgot it in the hotel room. This method works in most cases. The only condition is that you must be less than 27 years old;
  11. Entrance to one or another location is through a turnstile. To do this, there is a magnetic strip on the tickets, so there is no way to pass the “rabbit”;
  12. Taking pictures in the museum is prohibited, but judging by the photos appearing on the network with enviable regularity, the camera can be hidden;
  13. Each exhibition is equipped with touch screens. Come closer to them – immediately turn on the sound.

Every year, the BMW Museum in Germany is visited by more than 800 thousand people, among which there are both ordinary tourists who came here by pure chance, and true fans of this brand. But for whatever reason you are not in this place, be sure – it will give you a lot of emotions.

Hundreds of interesting exhibits of the BMW Museum in the video.

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