Which guide to choose in Berlin – reviews and overview of 10 excursions

With regard to Berlin, the most diverse epithets are appropriate – cosmopolitan, rebellious, bright and slightly gloomy. Previously, it was divided into two parts, but today again it is a single whole. Excursions in Berlin allow you to touch the historical facts that cover not only Germany, but also many other countries. Of course, it … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Memmingen, its attractions and how to get there

Memmingen, Germany – an ancient settlement, which is not only perfectly preserved, but also became part of the most popular tourist routes. The architectural monuments, squares and palaces of this city can be viewed in one day, but it promises to be unforgettable. General information Memmingen is a small Bavarian town located in southern Germany, … Read more

What to bring from Germany as Gifts

Do you want to buy souvenirs from Germany but can’t decide? Getting gifts for friends and family can means spending a full day visiting the gift shops. There are people who like to do this, but others prefer to use those hours to exploring and enjoying. That is why we made a list of souvenirs … Read more