Tourist’s guide to Charlottenburg, the main palace and park in Berlin

Charlottenburg in Berlin is one of the most beautiful and iconic palaces for the German capital. More than a million tourists visit it annually, who remain impressed by the luxurious interiors of the castle and the well-kept park. General information Charlottenburg Palace is one of the most famous and most popular palace and park ensembles … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Pergamon, the most popular museum in Berlin

The Pergamon Museum or, as it is also called, Pergamon is an unusual and quite interesting place. It impresses not only with its scale, but also with a unique collection of exhibits, most of which date back to the pre-Christian era. General information The Pergamon Museum, located on Museum Island, can be without exaggeration called … Read more

Overview of the areas of Berlin where to stay as a tourist

The main feature of the German capital is that the districts of Berlin are not alike, while it’s rather difficult to distinguish the tourist, party, and central ones. We tried to summarize information about the most popular areas among tourists. During the last administrative reform in Berlin, 12 districts were formed, each of them is … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Berlin transport system and how to get around the city

Berlin transport is a well-coordinated system that connects all parts of the city into a single network. Thanks to the metro, trams and buses, you can get from one part of the city to another in less than an hour without any extra transfers. Berlin’s public transport is an essential element in the infrastructure of … Read more

Interesting facts about Berlin TV tower, a symbol of Germany’s capital

The Berlin TV tower is one of the few buildings in the style of socialist realism that survived after the reunification of Germany. Today it is the most popular attraction in Berlin, which is visited annually by more than a million people. General information The Berlin TV Tower is Germany’s tallest building (368 meters and … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Berlin Zoo – a hugely popular attraction in Berlin

Berlin Zoo, considered one of the oldest menageries in Germany, is visited annually by 2.6 million people. And this is not surprising, because after visiting the ancient castles and historical museums it is so nice to walk through the shady alleys and spend time surrounded by cute fluffy, feathered and wildly interesting creations. General information … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Berlin metro – the oldest subway in the country

Berlin metro is not only the most popular, but also the most convenient form of municipal transport. More than 500 million passengers use its services annually, among which there are many tourists. If you also belong to this category, then you are simply obliged to study the scheme of the Berlin underground and find out … Read more

Which guide to choose in Berlin – reviews and overview of 10 excursions

With regard to Berlin, the most diverse epithets are appropriate – cosmopolitan, rebellious, bright and slightly gloomy. Previously, it was divided into two parts, but today again it is a single whole. Excursions in Berlin allow you to touch the historical facts that cover not only Germany, but also many other countries. Of course, it … Read more