Tourist’s guide to Zugdidi and its main attractions

Zugdidi (Georgia) is a picturesque city located in the west of the country, in the valley of the Rion river, not far from the Black Sea. It is located 300 kilometers from Tbilisi. The population of the city is slightly less than 50,000, mostly native Georgians. This is an area with a rich historical past, famous architecture and beautiful landscapes.

Zugdidi has a well-developed transport connection. Every corner where there is an asphalt road can be reached by an inexpensive fixed-route taxi. In addition, you can go to neighboring cities and the capital by bus or train.

Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi
Dadiani Palace

Photos of Zugdidi perfectly convey the atmosphere and climate of the city. This is a very warm, but humid area, it often rains. In summer, in July and August, the air temperature rises to the highest point for these places, and on average is 26-27 degrees Celsius. It is cold enough in winter, and although the temperature almost never drops below zero, there is a lot of snow on the ground.

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Sights of Zugdidi: what to see and where to go

Zugdidi gathered in himself what the traveler will like – ancient architecture, green streets and Georgian national color. There is entertainment for those who love history or culture. When you are in the city of Zugdidi in Georgia, it makes sense to visit the following attractions.

Dadiani Palace
The landmark of the city is the palace of the Dadiani dynasty

The majestic memorial and visiting card of the city, the castle – in the past the residence of the famous dynasty of local princes, relatives of Napoleon. The palace is made in an old aristocratic style and looks reminiscent of 17th-century European architecture.

Inside the castle is a museum telling about the rulers of the dynasty. Also, in one of the rooms there is a huge library that once belonged to Bonaparte. At the moment, most of the palace is closed for restoration, but its most interesting parts have already passed the repair stage, they store old furniture, portraits, paintings, cutlery and tableware of the princes.

The castle has a small botanical garden – one of the most popular places for taking photos in Georgia and Zugdidi. Nearby is a small church.

The best time to visit the Dadiani Palace is the last months of spring. At this time, the ennobled territory of the castle blooms, trees and grass turn green, fountains are launched, the first flowers appear.

Zugdidi Boulevard
Photo: fountain in the city center

Central Street is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Its length is 511 meters, it connects two large areas – the central one, where the Drama Theater and the alley to the Dadiani Palace are located nearby, and Freedom Square, on which the local administration building is located. The boulevard is framed by many shady trees, there are benches, unusual sculptures, fountains everywhere. In addition, there are several cafes, a post office and hotels. Zugdidi Boulevard is a great place for a relaxing walk with children.

Ruh fortress
Photo: Ruhi fortress

An ancient fortress, destroyed in the late 18th century as a result of the Turkish-Georgian battle with the participation of King Solomon the First. Located 7 kilometers from the outskirts of Zugdidi, not far from the Abkhaz region. The fortress stands on a small hill near the river Inguri.

This place is called “stone-frozen history.” Despite the fact that the fortress was badly damaged during the battle, several towers are still in good condition today. The territory of the fortress is surrounded by a defensive, very high 10-meter wall. You can go through it from the highway or from the river.

Ruh fortress inside
The territory inside the fortress

To get to the Ruh fortress, you must use the Zugdidi-Ruhi minibus or taxi services.

Due to the fact that Zugdidi is a young city, the infrastructure and entertainment here are at the initial level of their development. It is worth a visit to enjoy the alliance of Georgian culture and history, admire the green spaces and interesting architecture. For children, the sights of Zugdidi (Georgia) may seem boring.

How to get to Zugdidi: all the ways

There is no airport in the city, so it is impossible to fly here from abroad directly. The most convenient route by which you can get to Zugdidi is from the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

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By train

Two Tbilisi-Zugdidi trains are available daily to passengers:

  • No. 870 (fast, departs at 8:10 and 17:55; travel time – 5 hours 45 minutes, ticket price – $ 15);
  • No. 602 (passenger, departure at 21:45, the trip takes 8 hours 15 minutes, the price for one is $ 10 reserved seat, $ 20 coupe, $ 30 CB).

Prices and schedules are for September 2017.


It is better to buy tickets in advance, since this route is very popular and half an hour before departure, passenger registration is closed. This can be done in a special box office at the station or on the Internet, on the official website of the Georgian railway

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By bus

You can also get to the city on one of the Tbilisi-Zugdidi buses. Georgian transport services offer tourists the following options:

  • Bus number 10. Departs from Tbilisi at one in the morning, travel time is 3 hours. Passes through several cities with stops. Comfortable seating, there is a TV. The price, as for all buses on this route, is 15 GEL.
  • No. 63. At 12:00, the bus leaves from the Didube city bus station in Tbilisi and arrives in Zugdidi at the Old Bus Station at 17:00. On the way it stops in 7 cities.
  • Number 65. Departure time is 19:00, arrival at 00:59. There is a TV in the bus.

Zugdidi (Georgia) is a great city for a short transit trip. Love nature and historical sites? Then take a trip to the ancient Georgian places.

The idea of ​​what the city of Zugdidi really is is given by this video (aerial photography).

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