Tourist’s guide to the beach city of Kobuleti, Georgia and what to see

Municipality of Kobuleti, Georgia, is a district in Adjara, here the seashore is located for 23 km, of which about 10 km are located directly on the territory of the city. The area of ​​Kobuleti can be described quite simply – a densely built-up area by the sea and mysteriously deserted mountains with a gorgeous nature reserve.

Beach of Kobuleti

The resort includes only parallel 2 streets, each has a length of 9 km. The pearl of the city is a long coast with a sandy and pebble beach, for the sake of which tourists come here mainly. The main advantage of the resort town is the absence of a large number of people on the beach. Here you can at any time find a cozy place for solitude or just a relaxing holiday.

Despite the small flow of tourists, the resort of Kobuleti has a rather highly developed infrastructure. In the town you can find a large number of hotels, guesthouses, various cafes and restaurants. Since Georgia is quite compact, it is not difficult for guests of the country to visit a large number of sights of the country by car or even just go to neighboring Turkey. The most popular among travelers are the Botanical Garden and the nearby Makhinjauri, where you can treat various diseases with the help of mineral waters.

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The beach is the best advantage of the town

The real highlight of Kobuleti is the beach. Since it relates directly to the city, the city authorities monitor its cleanliness. On the beach of the city, trash still needs to be searched. The coastline is carefully cleaned both early in the morning and late in the evening.

Kobuleti Beach, Georgia
Sun loungers, sunbeds and umbrellas

While on vacation, you can simply lie on a deck chair under the warm rays of the sun, plunge into the clear sea, rent a small boat, a yacht, a catamaran or a sea scooter. After sea relaxation, you can visit the local cafe and enjoy a cup of delicious Georgian tea. The evening program should include visits to local restaurants and various cafes, where you can taste the world famous Georgian cuisine and delicious wine.

Tourists need to visit the picturesque seaside park, which is buried in exotic trees. Literally at every step there are recreation areas, from where you can see a unique view of the sea coast.

How to spend leisure time

Park Tsitsinatela

This is a required item on the list of places to see in Kobuleti. The name of the park is translated as “Firefly” and this is no accident. Every evening the park is filled with people and here a wide variety of lights and lights turn on.

Park Tsitsinatela
Wheel of review

You must begin your acquaintance with this place by visiting the sightseeing wheel. It should be borne in mind that you will not be able to exchange money in the park, due to the lack of exchangers. You should prepare a cash reserve in advance. Interesting fact: there are no ticket offices in the park itself. Amusement tickets are sold at ticket offices located at the entrance.

The Ferris wheel is a great opportunity to get to know Kobuleti and its surroundings from above. Riding a Ferris wheel is recommended before dark, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful views.


For fans of extreme entertainment there is an attraction – “Free Fall”. You rise in a specially equipped booth high up and then fall in a free fall to a certain point. Feeling after such an attraction is unforgettable!

Attraction "Kamikaze"

Another quite extreme and popular attraction among adults is Kamikaze. Its essence lies in the fact that the cabin with two people inside is untwisted in all directions. It is almost impossible to resist a burst of emotions in this case.

Carousel for little ones

Also in the park has a large number of attractions for children from 2 years old. Toddlers will love the children’s railway, and older children will enjoy a variety of carousels and swings.

Around the perimeter of the park there are a large number of places to relax, beautiful, tall palm trees and, of course, ordinary green lawns, where you can have a great time with your family, are planted. During the time spent in the park, you will get a lot of impressions and emotions. If you are in doubt whether to visit the park – just look at his photo and all your doubts will disappear!

Museum of Local Lore

Another place that will be interesting to see in Kobuleti is the Kobuleti Museum of Local Lore, opened by several enthusiasts in 2012. It is an exhibition hall, which presents various archaeological finds of ancient times, found in the city and its environs.

Layouts of houses

In addition to archaeological resources, the museum displays local tools, dishes, clothing and household items of the indigenous inhabitants of the city. The exhibits are not located in the windows, but in a real small house of a peasant.

The treasure of the exhibition is ebony exhibits made by the sculptor Vazha Verulidze. Their photos have collected thousands of views on the Internet.

Kobulet Museum of Local Lore

The museum is guided by its director, who shares information with everyone. Most of the exhibits are signed in Georgian and English dubbing is only rarely seen.

  • The entrance fee to the museum is 5 GEL.
  • Mondays off.
Kobuleti Pichvnari

One of the most famous attractions of the entire Black Sea coast of Georgia. On its territory of about 100 hectares is an ancient archaeological site dating back to the II-I millennium BC.

Monument to Akaki Tsereteli

Another attraction of Kobuleti is a monument to the famous Georgian writer and poet Akaki Tsereteli, who until the end of his life was an opponent of serfdom and tsarism. In his famous works, he regularly glorified the homeland.


Holidays in Kobuleti are a wonderful opportunity to get to know charismatic Georgia, with its majestic landscapes, smiling people and memorable sights.

The most popular excursions from the city are:

Batumi city
  1. Batumi An exciting trip to the capital of Adjara, during which you will visit the summer theater, a picturesque park, a beautiful botanical garden and finally enjoy a hearty dinner with a view of the colorful singing fountain.
  2. Trabzon. This sightseeing trip to Turkey takes 2 days. You can see one of the oldest cities in Turkey, spend the night there and go on a shopping tour or in neighboring cities.
  3. Vardzia. The cave complex includes 300 rooms. This ancient monastery is unique, as it is completely cut down in the rocks. Here you will find a wonderful evening by the fire and dinner with a view of the waterfall.
  4. Cave complex Vardzia
  5. Green cape. This place should be visited, as it is one of the most beautiful in the vast expanses of the Black Sea coast – the National Botanical Garden.

Climate Kobuleti

Air temperature in Kobuleti

Thanks to the subtropical climate, the rest here is simply fabulous. You can come to this town at any time of the year and the weather in Kobuleti will almost certainly please you. In summer, you will find air temperature within 25-28C, and in winter the thermometer will show the temperature in the region + 5C. In rare cases, the temperature may drop below.

Extreme rarity for the seaside town is not only snow, but also sweltering heat. Winter in the town is usually very mild.

Sea water temperature

Due to the proximity of the sea, you do not feel the sultry heat. Every evening a light mountain freshness descends on the city and its clean forest air supplements it. If you feel the desire to climb the mountains, be sure to bring warm clothes with you, as the weather in Kobuleti in the highlands changes with space speed.

People open the bathing season, usually in May, and close at the end of October. The water temperature during the high tourist period is at around + 25C.

Wellness Resort

Mineral spring

Mineral springs are located just 2 kilometers from Kobuleti, photos and more detailed information can be found on the Internet.

This mineral water belongs to the saline chloride-sodium thermal waters.

Healing water is recommended for the treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive tract, gall bladder, metabolic disorders, diseases of the kidneys, liver and others.

Water is also suitable for bathing. They help in the presence of diseases of the osteoarticular systems, impaired blood circulation, disorders of the central nervous system, chronic form of pyelonephritis and other diseases.

How to get to the resort

Train to Kobuleti

How to get from Batumi to Kobuleti? As easy as pie! You can arrive by minibus or high-speed train. There are 4 such trains per day during the tourist season. The exact schedule and cost of tickets can be found on the Georgian railway website (available in Russian).

These trains are considered high-speed, travel time takes about half an hour. They go daily. The fare is 22 or 40 GEL, depending on the chosen class. Children receive a 50% discount.

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Kobuleti Hotels and Accommodation Prices

Holidays in Georgia are not cheap and Kobuleti is no exception. The cost of living in a hotel in a middle class room starts from 110 GEL. 10 minutes transportation to the beach on a scooter will cost you 50 GEL. The only relatively cheap thing at the resort is food.

Hotel Kobuleti Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa
Georgia Palace

The best hotels in the city, judging by the reviews and photos, include:

  • Hotel Georgia Palace (from 150 GEL);
  • guesthouse Family Belgrad (from 85 GEL);
  • Hotel Savane (from 70 GEL).

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Food in Kobuleti

Breakfast at the all-inclusive hotel

If you plan not to think about where to eat, then you should choose a hotel with the all-inclusive option, but most vacationers prefer to choose their preferred food on their own. Fortunately, the availability of restaurants and cafes allows you to do this.

The portions in Georgian establishments are quite large, a dinner for two will cost about 25-30 GEL. Do not give preference to one institution. Everywhere they cook deliciously and according to various recipes.

Georgian Khachapuri

Having been in Georgia, you should definitely try the real Georgian kebab, the famous khachapuri, delicious kharcho, juicy khinkali, and, of course, world-famous wine.

The cost of fruit is more than acceptable. Peaches cost about 1.50 GEL per kg, watermelons – 0.60 GEL per kg.

The main feature of local cuisine is environmentally friendly products. Whatever product you buy, you can be absolutely sure that there are no harmful additives in it.

Mountain river

You can spend time with interest not only on the coast, but also walking among the forests in silence and coolness. A little away from the coast, you will find numerous villages scattered in a chaotic manner on the hills of local forests. Between these houses flows crystal clear, stormy mountain rivers with large, medium and small waterfalls. Even in such picturesque places you can find small restaurants, and the chef in such an institution is often an ordinary amateur. Holidays in Georgia will be remembered by you including delicious food.

Crystal clear air, freshly picked fruits and vegetables, a mountain river, iced wine, freshly prepared meat – so in brief we can characterize the charismatic Kobuleti (Georgia).

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