Tourist’s guide to areas of Batumi and where to stay overnight

Before you go to Batumi, it is important to determine the main purpose of your trip. After all, this particular factor will play a key role in choosing accommodation in the resort. Some travelers go to Georgia for a beach holiday, the second for sights, the third for entertainment, and someone seeks to combine all the activities at once. There are many districts in the city, but all of them can be conditionally divided into two areas: Old and New Batumi. Some of them are removed from the coast, but rich in remarkable places, others are by the sea, but far from the city center. Therefore, if you are looking for housing in Batumi, before renting an apartment, be sure to study the main areas and identify their advantages and disadvantages.

Batumi city, Georgia

Waterfront area

Batumi embankment area

The embankment in Batumi is perhaps the most visited part of the city, where many attractions, squares, cafes and shops are concentrated. But directly in this area there are no residential buildings, so it is impossible to rent housing. Here, tourists prefer to stroll slowly along the seashore, observing new buildings and iconic places, and some use the boulevard for cycling. And although there are no apartments in this area, there are other areas near the boulevard where the choice of housing is very diverse.

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Rustaveli Avenue District

Rustaveli Avenue, Batumi

If you plan to rent a house in Batumi, we recommend that you turn your attention to Rustaveli Avenue. Stretched for 2 km along the coastline, this street is the busiest area of ​​the city. It is here that the famous hotels Hilton, Sheraton and Radisson are located. The traveler who decided to stay on Rustaveli will definitely not be bored: after all, many restaurants and night clubs are concentrated in this area, there are several casinos and karaoke bars.

And although this is a rather noisy area, it is close to the sea and the distance to the beach from different points of it is 150-200 meters. The beaches here are relatively clean and quite crowded in high season. At the same time, many attractions are located near the avenue, including the Batumi Dolphinarium and the Park on May 6. And you can get from here to the Ferris Wheel in 15-20 minutes in a leisurely step. Nearby is the Old Town, a walk to which takes no more than half an hour.

On Rustaveli Avenue you can find both old houses and modern new buildings. Both of them offer to rent apartments in Batumi. It is worth considering that real estate in this area is considered the most elite in the resort, so rental housing here is more expensive than in other parts of the city. Although if you look more carefully, you can find budget houses. And in order to roughly imagine the price range, let’s look at a few options:

Apartment Na Rustaveli Ave
Apartment Na Rustaveli Ave Furnishings
  • Rating on the booking: 9.4.
  • The price for settling in a high season in a double room per day is $ 70. There are rooms designed for 5 people.
  • The apartments are located a 3-minute walk from the coast (about 200 meters).
  • The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, kitchen and related equipment, including a washing machine. There is free Wi-Fi.
  • You will find more detailed information by clicking on the link .
Apartment on Rustaveli 27
Interior Apartment Na Rustaveli Ave
  • Booking Rating: 9.8
  • The cost of living for a night for two in high season is $ 49.
  • The apartments are located 450 meters from the sea and a 4-minute walk from Europe Square.
  • The air-conditioned rooms feature a TV and a kitchen with a fridge and toaster.
  • A more detailed description can be found here .

Thus, we have identified the following advantages and disadvantages of the district:


  • City center
  • Lots of restaurants and bars
  • You can stay close to the sea and attractions


  • Noisy and crowded
  • Rent an apartment here is not cheap

Gorgiladze Street District

Lake Nurigel in Batumi
Lake Nurigel

Zurab Gorgiladze street stretches for 1.7 km in the center of Batumi parallel to the central boulevard. This is a fairly lively and noisy area where you can find a variety of shops, boutiques, fruit shops, as well as banks and fast food establishments. Conventionally, this area is divided into two parts. Its eastern part is close to the circus and the main attractions of Batumi , and the western one is close to Lake Nurigel and the dolphinarium. It is on Gorgiladze that the zoo, the zoo and the art museum of Adjara are located.

When deciding on which area of ​​Batumi it is better to stay, it is certainly worth paying attention to its remoteness from the sea. Gorgiladze street in this regard cannot be called the best option. After all, it is located about a kilometer from the Black Sea coast, although you can reach the coast on foot in 15 minutes. And if a short walk to the sea does not bother you at all, then this area is quite suitable for renting a house for a long time or for several days. The beaches closest to Gorgiladze are moderately clean, and you always have the opportunity to walk along the coast and find the most comfortable points.

Gorgiladze offers a large selection of accommodation where you can stay at reasonable prices. Consider the following apartments as an example:

Appartament gorgiladze
Appartament Gorgiladze
  • Rating at the booking: 8.7.
  • The cost of living in a double room in high season is $ 41 per day.
  • The apartments are 400 meters from the dolphinarium and a 10-minute walk from Europe Square. The nearest beach is 950 meters away.
  • Air-conditioned room with cable TV and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • More information at .

If you doubt where to stay in Batumi, and consider Gorgiladze Street as an option, we recommend that you study the advantages and disadvantages of this area:


  • The ability to stay in inexpensive apartments
  • An abundance of shops, cafes and eateries
  • Close proximity to many attractions


  • Noisy and crowded
  • You can not rent a house directly by the sea

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District of Chavchadze Street

Having studied the reviews on the topic “where is it better to stay in Batumi”, we came to the conclusion that many tourists book accommodation on Chavchadze Street. This 2.5 km long area is located in the city center. There are many office buildings and government offices here, so Chavchadze is always noisy and crowded. But then all the minibuses stopping here, going to the eastern and southern parts of the city, which is very convenient for the traveler.

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin

There are many attractions in the area, among which are the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Batumi Archaeological Museum and Tbilisi Square. And if you reach the easternmost point of the street to the sea, you will find yourself at the bottom station of the lift. In the Chavchadze area is the central market of the city , there are enough shops, cafes and restaurants.

In general, depending on the location of your housing on Chavchadze, the road to the coast can take from 10 to 20 minutes. The beaches close to the area are crowded in the high season, but their cleanliness is at a decent level. On the avenue you can rent housing for every taste, whether it is a hotel or apartment. If you want to live in Batumi in apartments by the sea, then it is better to focus your search on the eastern part of the region. What amounts should be guided by will become clear from our example:

Apartment Manana on Chavchavadze 51/57
Interior of Apartment Manana on Chavchavadze 51/57
  • Rating at the booking: 10.
  • You can rent a quadruple room in the summer for $ 90 for two days.
  • The apartment offers views of the Black Sea.
  • The rooms are equipped with kitchen facilities, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.
  • The apartments are 200 meters from the Archaeological Museum and a 10-minute walk from Europe Square.
  • You can read more about housing here .

All areas of Batumi have their positive and negative sides. What conclusions can be drawn along Chavchadze Street?


  • It is possible to rent cheap housing
  • Famous Attractions Nearby
  • Main minibuses pass


  • Noise
  • There is no way to stay in apartments by the sea

District of Pushkin Street

View of Pushkin street in Batumi

If you look at the areas of Batumi on the map, you can see that right after Chavchadze is Pushkin Street. It stretches for 2.6 km and exits at its final eastern point at the Batumi bus station. In this area, several hotels and houses where you can stay for a vacation are offered at the choice of a tourist. Here you will find many cafes and restaurants. A great plus of the area is its close location to Chavchadze: the distance between them is only 250 meters. This, perhaps, ends with all the advantages of this facility. Here you will not find significant attractions, and the beaches are located far from the area (at least 1.5 km).

If you are looking for apartments in Batumi on the beach, then Pushkin Street is definitely not suitable for you. Here you can rent a house in order to save money, although the prices for it practically do not differ from the prices in Chavchadze. Consider one of the options for settlement:

Apartment Pushkin Street 168
Interior of Apartment Pushkin Street 168
  • Rating at the booking: 8.7.
  • In high season, you can rent an apartment for $ 41 per day.
  • The rooms are equipped with a kitchen and cable TV, overlooking the city.
  • Dolphinarium is 1 km from the apartment, the nearest beach is 1.5 km away.
  • You can study this housing option in more detail here .

Anyone who decided to stay at Pushkin should take into account its pros and cons:


  • Good selection of cafes and bars
  • You can stay near the Chavchadze area


  • Boring area
  • There is no way to rent a house close to the sea and attractions
  • Prices are the same as on Chavchadze street

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Water park area

Water park in Batumi

Although this Batumi area is remote from the city center, it is located close to the sea and the promenade, so it is ideal for those who come to Georgia for a beach holiday. In the immediate vicinity is the Batumi water park, there are many good establishments, including the famous restaurant in the form of an inverted house. There is no shortage of shops, although you will not find large shopping centers.

In the area of ​​the water park in Batumi there are many apartments where you can stay at prices better than in the center. However, most housing options are offered in new buildings with good repair, new appliances and sea views. This is confirmed by the apartments described below:

Apart Hotel Orbi Sea Towers
Interior Apart Hotel Orbi Sea Towers
  • Rating on the booking: 8.8.
  • To rent a triple room in summer is possible for $ 60.
  • The beach is just a 2-minute walk away.
  • New rooms with modern design are equipped with the necessary appliances and kitchen, windows overlook the sea landscape.
  • For more information on housing, please follow the link .

Thus, in the area of ​​the water park in Batumi, the following advantages and disadvantages can be distinguished:


  • It is possible to stay in new apartments at competitive prices
  • Many restaurants
  • You can rent a house by the sea
  • Close to the promenade


  • Far from the center and main attractions
  • Construction work in progress in the district
  • Because of the rivers, the beaches here may be dirtier than in the center

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Accommodation in Batumi is diverse in its location, price and quality. Do not immediately bribe on a beautiful picture. Be sure to read the reviews of tourists visiting Batumi, compare the conditions that are offered in certain apartments. Indeed, the success of your vacation directly depends on the choice of housing.

Video: view of Batumi beach and the promenade, shooting from a drone.

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