Tourist’s guide to Adjara region, the pearl of Georgia

At the foot of the Caucasus mountains lies the amazingly beautiful land of Adjara (Georgia). Many tourists come here from different parts of the world to soak up the sea beaches, get acquainted with ancient monuments, see mysterious gorges and mighty waterfalls. And the guests leave, shocked by the hospitality of the locals, the delicious dishes of Ajarian cuisine and the traditional heritage of this wonderful people.

Photo: river in the mountains of Adjara

Geographical location and climate of Adjara

Region map

Adjara covers an area of ​​2.9 thousand square meters. km The entire northwest side is the coast of the Black Sea. And in the south, the border with Turkey is more than 100 km long. Adjara consists of upland and coastal parts. In coastal areas, a subtropical climate with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees and high humidity. In the upland part, the air is dry and cool.

You can go to Adjara on your own or on a trip, and all year round. Well-equipped sanatoriums and hospitals will help you restore health, and sea landscapes with mountains will help you to take beautiful photos. If you like to swim in the sea and sunbathe, plan a vacation in Adjara for the period May – October.

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The Republic of Adjara is part of Georgia, including two cities and seven towns. The population is small – only 400 thousand. Among the locals you can meet Armenians, Russians, etc. They all speak Georgian.

Batumi from above
Batumi city

Huge investments gave impetus to the rapid development of tourism. There are no problems with hotel complexes, resorts and boarding houses. This sunny region is attractive for tourists with a culture of service and relatively low prices. Products sold by local residents have not only excellent taste, but also high quality. Sausage smells like sausage, and tomatoes smell like tomatoes. You can “swallow the tongue” from the taste of homemade cheese, and the legendary chacha will not cause a headache.

Religion of Adjara

Adjara is the most Muslim part of the country and accounts for more than 30% of Muslims. Most of them are in the Khuloy region. Residents of Adjara are tolerant of other religions. Here representatives of the Orthodox Church, Catholic, Jewish, etc. feel calmly. Each denomination has its own temple.

Resorts of Adjara

For the sake of relaxation in the coastal resorts of Adjara, more and more people come. And not only beaches and the sun attract them here. The region treats heart diseases, respiratory organs, completely restores health without the use of medications. According to experts, people suffering from problems of the respiratory system feel great only in two places in the world: in Italy and Adjara.

Photo: Kobuleti

The most popular resort of the Caucasus, Kobuleti, is located near the capital of autonomy, Batumi. The city has a lot of greenery, bamboo and eucalyptus palms. Tea and citrus plantations produce a refined, unique flavor.

The resort is famous for its healing mineral springs, with the help of which they treat diseases of the digestive organs, genitourinary system, gall bladder, liver, and restore metabolism. For those suffering from hypertension, arthritis and arthrosis, disorders of the nervous system, treatment with mineral baths is provided.

Kvariati and Sarpi
Photo: Kvariati Beach

The place is located on the very border of Georgia and Turkey. That is, on Turkish soil, you can be in just a few minutes. The sea in this place is striking in cleanliness, and the beaches – in comfort. However, the prices here are an order of magnitude higher than in other resorts. Therefore, rest here will not be affordable for everyone.

Photo: Chakvi settlement

Not far from Kobuleti is a small village of Chakvi. This is an ideal place for supporters of a relaxing and quiet holiday. Youth and lovers of an active lifestyle will be bored here, since there is practically no entertainment. But this resort is loved by those in power in Georgia. Vacationers stay in expensive hotels or rent rooms in cottage houses. Near the village are the ruins of the fortress of Petra – one of the significant attractions of Adjara.

Mtsvane Kontskhi or Cape Verde
Cape Verde

This luxurious resort is located near the capital of Adjara. It is also called Cape Verde, because it is covered with greenery throughout the year. The main attraction of the village is the Botanical Garden, known far beyond the borders of Georgia, planted with rare tropical plants. On the coast there are comfortable hotels, restaurants of local and European cuisine, bars.

Tsikhisdziri Resort

At a distance of 19 kilometers from Batumi is the resort Tsikhisdziri. On its North and South beaches there are always vacationers. Southern – attract divers and divers in the deep, clear sea. On the Northern beaches lovers of shallow water prefer to swim.

Here is a good health center for the treatment of heart disease, nervous system, respiratory tract, etc. Thanks to the healing sea air and healing baths, many completely restore their health on vacation.

Capital of Adjara

The capital of Adjara is Batumi. In addition, it is the main tourist center of the Republic of Georgia. A little more than 150 thousand people live in it. The city is very ancient, with many old buildings, and next to them are tall buildings made of concrete and glass.

Cityscape of Batumi

The building of Batumi Technological University 200 meters high deserves special attention. This is the tallest building in Georgia. Not far from it you can admire the famous Alphabet tower, which has an unusual cylindrical shape with letters printed on it.

You can explore the city on your own or with the help of a guide. For tourists interesting excursions and bike rides are provided. There are gardens and parks, sports fields and shopping centers. Children enjoy walking in the dolphinarium and water park.

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What to see in Adjara

Adjara is famous for its magnificent nature, clear sea and pebble beaches. You will see the most picturesque places when visiting the villages of Sarpi and Kvariati, which are located on the border with Turkey. Here you can endlessly admire the sea and the majestic mountains covered with dense forest.

Tired of a beach holiday, you can take a walk in the mountains, visit ancient monasteries and see the sights of Adjara.

This sunny region has many attractions, including nature reserves, historical monuments, unique waterfalls, etc.

Batumi Botanical Garden
Photo: Botanical Garden

On the territory of 113 hectares, more than 5000 species of subtropical plants grow. This garden was founded by Russian botanist Andrei Krasnov in 1880. Thanks to his efforts, a rich collection of exotic plants has been collected here. Walking in the garden, you can feel yourself in different parts of the world: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South America, etc.

The mountain air is saturated with amazing aromas. Stopping at the observation deck, you will see boundless expanses, take a photo of Adjara, which then will remind you of this fabulous land. If you spend all day in the garden, you can recharge with the healing effect that you get after treatment in a sanatorium.

Arched bridges
Adjara landmark - the arched bridge of Queen Tamara

In Adjara, there are about 25 arch bridges. These are ancient structures made in the form of an arch. They are examples of Georgian engineering, and their creation dates back to the 11th – 13th centuries.

The most famous arch bridge is named after Queen Tamara and is located on the Acharistskali river. This structure in the form of a giant stone arch hung over a mountain stream and abuts against the edges of two shores. The bridge has no supports, and it takes your breath away from the feeling of flying when you are in the middle of the bridge. From this place you get great photos of the surroundings.

Ancient fortresses

As in other parts of Georgia, there are many fortresses in Adjara that are of interest to tourists on vacation. Let us dwell on the most popular.

Peter Fortress
  • Petra Fortress is located in the village of Tsikhisdziri on the sea coast. It was built in the VI century. One side of the fort overlooked the sea and the rocky coast, the other was surrounded by a difficult relief and fortified walls. All this made her almost impregnable. And there were plenty of people who wanted to take control of this land and the sea (Persia, Turkey, etc.). This attraction is interesting for tourists with its defenses, an ancient basilica, ancient ruins. From here you can look at the surroundings, take a panoramic photo.
  • Gonio Fortress is located 15 km from the capital of Adjara. It used to be a Roman outpost on the Black Sea coast. The fort is surrounded by high walls of 900 m long, which are well preserved to this day. Here you will see the remains of ceramic water pipes and Turkish baths. For a thrill, you can climb the top of the fortress wall and take a walk along its narrow paths. From this place, the entire citadel, impressive in its scale, is perfectly visible.
Green lake
Photo: Green Lake

This unique lake is located near the village of Khulo, in the mountainous part of Adjara. Shimmering in all shades of green, it amazes travelers with its extraordinary beauty. The lake is very deep, and the depth begins already half a meter from the shore, breaking off down 17 meters. It has no fish and no other living creatures. In winter, it never freezes. It is not easy to get here: either on foot from the Goderzi Pass, or on an SUV.


There are many waterfalls in Adjara. The most popular is Makhuntseti. Here you can take a photo to the envy of fellow friends on Instagram, as well as swim. The distance from the capital of Adzharia, Batumi, to the Makhuntseti is 30 km. Minibuses often come here.

Photo: Makhuntseti Waterfall

The waterfall is an amazing sight: from a 20-meter height a water avalanche falls directly into a huge stone bowl filled with seething water. If you take a dip in this “bathtub” under the mighty power of a natural “soul,” you will experience a rejuvenating effect, rumor says.

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What to bring with you from Adjara

After a trip to the natural and historical sights of this region of Georgia, you will bring home a lot of positive emotions and a bunch of interesting photos of Adjara. And also be sure to buy local spices and Adjarian cheese on the market – it is extremely tasty here. Do not forget to buy wine. One of the best is Chhaveri. Each little thing brought will remind you of such a beautiful land as Adjara Georgia, where you will want to come again and again.

The resorts and attractions of Adjara mentioned on the page are marked on the map in Russian.

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