Kvareli, Georgia – Tourist’s guide to attractions of the city

Kvareli (Georgia) is a small town in the east of the country. Its main symbol is the vineyards and the old winery, which even today produce a delicious drink. Due to the fact that the city lies in the Alazani Valley, Kvareli is a great place for those who want to relax from the noisy cities and cars. Here you can spend hours walking in the mountains and drinking delicious wine. We suggest you take a short trip to the wine capital of Georgia.

Kvareli Lake, Georgia

General information

In ancient times, the city of Kvareli, located in the Kvartal municipality, was the center of the state of Kakheti. It was here that the first domed church was built, and it was here that the main state issues were resolved. But time passed, and people gradually began to leave the city in search of a better life.

Kvareli Winery

For several centuries, Kvareli was practically empty, but at the end of the 20th century the situation changed for the better: Georgia began to develop the tourism industry and made the city of Kvareli one of the centers of winemakers.

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Today, about 10,000 people live in Kvareli. These are mainly people working in the tourism industry or at a winery. The city is located in eastern Georgia, near the border with Dagestan. The distance from Tbilisi to Kvareli is 150 km.

Attractions Kvareli

The city of the writer Chavchavadze is a small, but very cozy and picturesque place. There are few attractions in Kvareli, but each one deserves the attention of tourists.

Gremi fortress and museum

The Gremi fortress and museum are some of the most popular tourist sites in Kakheti. They were erected on the mountain by King Levan in 1471, and his wife Titan founded the New Shuamta Monastery near the castle. For almost 50 years they sat on the throne and peace and order reigned in the country. But everything changed in 1615, when the city was captured, and then destroyed, by the army of Shah Abbas. Only a few temples, a castle and fortresses managed to withstand the pressure of the eastern warriors – Shah Abbas tried not to touch the sacred places. The ruins of the city for many millennia reminded the locals of the misfortune that occurred with Gremi.

Gremi fortress and museum

Like most Georgian fortresses, Gremi is built of stone, and inside the building you can find a variety of frescoes telling about the life of people at that time. Today this building serves as a museum: here you will learn a lot about ceramic products and see ancient exhibits. By the way, recently a new exhibition of paintings has opened here, which, however, is not particularly interesting.

If you are not a big fan of art, but love nature, go to the very top of the castle tower – it offers a picturesque view of the surroundings of the city.

Now the area around historical monuments is cultivated: there is parking, there are tents with souvenirs and food. The restoration was carried out in 2012.

Where is the attraction: 16 km from Kvareli

Ticket price: 3 GEL.
Open: 11.00 – 18.00.

Chavchavadze Museum

Perhaps, the Chavchavadze Museum is the symbol and the main attraction of Kvareli. The famous Georgian writer and publicist was born and raised in this city, made a huge contribution to the cultural development of the country.

Chavchavadze Museum

The museum of Ilya Chavchavadze was opened in 1987, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the poet. The literary and memorial complex consists of three parts, each of which tells about the life of Chavchavadze and his activities in different countries: Russia, Spain, Adjara.

The museum’s exposition includes manuscripts, personal items, literary works of the writer and photos made in Georgian Kvareli. One of the most interesting rooms is the living room, which still preserves the atmosphere of Ilya Chavchavadze’s home.

If you want to better get acquainted with the literary activities of Georgian publicists, be sure to visit this attraction.

Location: st. Rustaveli, 2

Price: 5 GEL, with a guide – 7 GEL
. Hours: 10:00 – 19:00

House of Justice

The House of Justice is the most modern attraction in Georgian Kvareli. It stands out against the general background of the city and it is impossible not to notice it: round, white, with large air wings. The building was built recently, in 2013. In this short period of time, the house managed to become a real city center and combine about 300 state structures. The House of Justice is an exclusively Georgian development that attracts the attention of many governments around the world.

House of Justice

In Georgia there are seven Houses of Justice, and their main task is to create conditions where people can directly contact the state without various bureaucratic delays. In such buildings you can get a passport, apply for a visa, apply for a residence, register a business, get a certificate of marriage, and so on.

If you want to see a futuristic building in the center of a small provincial town and marvel at the service of Georgian state structures, visit the House of Justice.

Address: Kvareli, Kudigora 3.

Entrance to the attraction is free.
Opening hours: 09:00 – 19:00.

Kindzmarauli Corporation

Kindzmarauli Corporation is the largest winery in the city of Kvareli and one of the largest and most famous in Kakheti. The first mention of the manufactory dates from 1533, when the first cellars were built and vineyards were planted. More than 400 years have passed since then, and the corporation still thrives.

Kindzmarauli Corporation

The winery offers a museum, restaurant and cellar. Here you can learn the secrets of making good wine and taste some varieties. On the tour you will be told about the history of the Kindzmarauliya Corporation and the difficult fate of the enterprise. An important advantage of this institution is the fact that everything here can be touched and photographed.

Due to the abundance of tourists, in 2015 the plant completed two large tasting rooms, where today guests are treated to wine and traditional Georgian snacks. You will be offered to try the following types of wine: “Kindzmarauli”, “Mukuzani”, “Kvareli”, “Kindzmarauli”, “Kisi”, “Tvishi”, “16×16”, etc.

Also on the territory of the plant there is a small store where you can buy your favorite drinks.
Location: 5 Chavchavadze St.
Entrance: 12 GEL; tasting is free.
Schedule: 09:00 – 18:00.

Kvareli Lake

Kvareli is a freshwater lake located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. It is 200 meters higher than the adjacent Alazani Valley, so from this place an impressive view of the lowland opens.

Kvareli Lake

Today Lake Kvareli is an expensive resort with English lawns, a five-star hotel and a small pier. Despite the fact that the cost of a hotel room starts at $ 115, the water in the Georgian lake Kvareli lake is not very clean, and swimming is not recommended. There is also no beach – only a lot of wooden arbors and tables.

However, there is plenty of entertainment! Hotel administrators will offer you water skiing, boat trips or kiteboarding. Hiking in the mountains and forests is also possible.

However, the main plus of this place is privacy, lack of fuss and the ability to relax away from the metropolis and active activities. What could be better than holding a glass of good wine in your hands and watching the sun go down? I think nothing!

  • Where to find the lake: in the east of the city of Kvareli.
  • Cost: free of charge, but since Lake Kvareli is located in a private area, it is better to warn about your arrival in advance.

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Climate and weather

Number of days with precipitation

The climate in Kvareli is arid: the average number of days with precipitation is only 5 per year! The city is surrounded by mountains, so there are no strong winds here. The number of sunny days per year is 310. Such geographical and climatic conditions are ideal for growing grapes, which is what the residents of Kvareli use.

Summer is warm enough, but thanks to the cool nights it is not very hot. The thermometer column does not often rise above +29 ° C, and in the evening the temperature drops to + 9 … + 11 ° C. If you decide to go to Kvareli in the summer, be sure to wear a hat – the sun burns mercilessly, despite the uncritically high temperature.

Climate in Kvareli

The best time to travel to Kvareli, and the entire region of Kakheti is the second half of September – early October. In addition to a comfortable temperature, grape harvesting takes place during this period – a significant event for Georgians, and for tourists – a great way to get acquainted with the culture of the country.

In winter, the average temperature in this region of Georgia is between – 0 … + 3 ° C during the day and -7 … -8 ° C at night.

How to get there

The city is located 150 km from the capital of Georgia. You can get from Tbilisi (Kutaisi, Mtskheta, etc.) to Kvareli in the following ways.

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By train
Tbilisi Railway Station

15 km from Kvareli there is a large railway station Mukuzani, through which almost all significant routes pass. Therefore, you must take any train going east and get off at Mukuzani station. Next – by taxi. Train fare is 10 GEL.

By taxi

A taxi ride is more comfortable, therefore it will cost more – about 170 GEL (from Tbilisi).

By minibus and bus

You can get to Kvareli (Georgia) from Tbilisi (Ortachala Bus Station) for 9 lari, and from Telavi (Central Station) for 5 lari.

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