Do you need a visa to travel to Georgia in 2020?

Georgia is a popular tourist country. It attracts travelers with its nature and architecture, reasonable prices and excellent cuisine. In addition, Georgia provides the most loyal visa regime with CIS countries. Below we will tell you whether Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians need a visa to Georgia, what it will take to cross the border and what important nuances you need to remember.

Tbilisi, Georgia
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On July 9, 2015, the visa law entered into force in Georgia. According to this rule, citizens of 94 countries allowed to enter the country without a visa. Among them are Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The law allows tourists to stay in Georgia all year round, as well as come with business goals and even purchase real estate. The only condition is to leave the country once a year.

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Ukrainian passport

This means that for a trip to Georgia you will need to take only a passport with a validity period of at least 3 months at the end of the trip.

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Foreign passport of a citizen of Belarus

We figured out whether Belarusians need a visa to Georgia, but we need to take into account one more important nuance: only a passport with a validity period of 10 years is suitable for a trip. Paying special attention to this is the citizens of Belarus who received a passport before 2012, calculated more than 10 years. It will have to be replaced.

At the border, they will put a stamp in your passport with the date of entry for free, and that’s all. The procedure takes one minute.

To Georgia with children

Consent to leave the child

To cross the Georgian border, children also need a foreign passport. Just in case, you can take a birth certificate with you. If a child under 18 travels without parents, official permission from both of them will be required.

If the child travels only with his father or mother, citizens of Ukraine and Belarus must obtain permission to leave the second parent and notarize him. For Russians, this rule was canceled in 2015: if the child travels with one of the parents, then you do not need to receive a document for permission from the second.

The nuances of crossing the border with Georgia

Many tourists will find out if a visa is required to enter Georgia for Ukrainians and citizens of other countries of the former Soviet Union, but they do not study the nuances of crossing the border itself. You only need to have a passport with you, since the Georgian authorities canceled the need for other documents.

Entry through South Ossetia and Abkhazia

From Georgia to Abkhazia

When crossing the Georgian border, one important restriction must be taken into account: it is forbidden to enter the country through Abkhazia and Ossetia.

If you have already been to these territories before and your passport has visa stamps about it, at best they will refuse to cross the border with Georgia, at worst you will face a prison. Therefore, if you intend to visit South Ossetia and Abkhazia in one trip, plan to visit these regions with entry through Georgia. Such restrictions are associated with recent military conflicts in these territories.


Insurance policy

Although compulsory health insurance is not required for entry, it is better to take out an insurance policy in case of illness or injury. So you will feel more confident, and in case of health problems – insurance will pay off several (maybe tens) times. Also keep in mind that all antibiotics in Georgian pharmacies are given out only if a doctor prescribes it.

Duration of stay in the country and fines for violations

As it becomes clear, the visa regime in Georgia is as loyal as possible for tourists. Since 2015, on the territory of georgia, the 94 aforementioned nationalities can stay up to 365 days without a break, but no more.

Then you must leave the country, after which you can move back. If you do not leave during the specified period, the fine will be 180 GEL and will be doubled every 3 months.

For more information, contact the Georgian Embassy in your country:

In Ukraine: Kiev, T. Shevcherka Boulevard, 25. Tel. +38 044 220 03 40.

In Belarus: Minsk, Freedom Square, 4. Tel. +375 (17) 327-61-93.

In the Russian Federation , Georgia’s interests are represented by the Georgian Interest Section at the Swiss Embassy. Tel +7 495 691-13-59, +7 926 851-62-12.

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