Tourist’s guide to Samana peninsula – miles of white sand and azure waters

Samana, Dominican Republic – one of the most beautiful resorts in the country where there is everything for a good holiday: kilometers of white sand beaches, tall coconut palms, bright turquoise water and vibrant natural attractions.

Nature of the island of Samana

Photo of the resort of Samana in the Dominican Republic

General information

The Samana Peninsula is one of the best places to stay in the Dominican Republic. Tourists coming here are attracted by beautiful nature (coconut palms, turquoise sea, waterfalls) and semi-desert beaches.

Samana is located in the north-eastern part of the Dominican Republic, and the capital of the peninsula since 1824 has been the city of Santa Barbara de Samana. The bulk of the population of Samana lives in Las Galeras and Las Terrenas, where most of the hotels are concentrated.

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Attractions and entertainment

There are no man-made sights on the Samana Peninsula – only natural sights.

Los Haitises National Park
Los Aitises National Park

Los Aitises is perhaps the most popular nature reserve in the Dominican Republic. A significant advantage of this place, in comparison with other national parks, is the alternation of zones. For example, a small area of ​​mangrove forest is replaced by a landscaped area with pools and benches.

The reserve is divided into the following natural parts:

  • mangrove swamps;
  • cotton plantations;
  • palm jungle;
  • green islands;
  • rocky caves.

The national park covers an area of ​​more than 200 square meters. km, but less than half is accessible to tourists. Please note that visiting Los Aitises on your own also does not work – you need to buy a tour.

Los Aitises in the Dominican Republic

Since you can’t see everything at one time, travel agencies offer several types of programs. The most popular and spectacular is a trip through the mangroves and visiting caves, where you can see cave paintings, stuffed gods and various symbols of shamans.

  • Location: National Park Los Aitises, Samana, Dominican Republic (northwestern part of the peninsula).
  • Opening hours: 9.00 – 18.00.
  • Cost with a guided tour: 160-200 dollars.
El Limon Waterfall

“El Limon” or “Waterfall of Millionaires” is the most famous and most visited waterfall in the Dominican Republic. It is located in the northern part of the Samana Peninsula, at an altitude of 300 m above sea level. The height of the waterfall is about 40 meters, so it has long been considered the largest in the Caribbean.

Experienced tourists recommend visiting this attraction in December – this month the waterfall is the most full-flowing. Also bring your swimwear with you, and refresh yourself in the natural pool under the waterfall.

El Limon Waterfall

Unlike other attractions, to get to the El Limon waterfall is offered not only by standard buses or fixed-route taxis, but:

  1. On a horse or mule. Oddly enough, this is the most popular option (according to statistics, about 90% of tourists choose this way). To do this, you must come to any travel agency or to a ranch, where you will be recorded in the equestrian expedition. Groups of tourists from the following villages will start: the Hispaniol Ranch, Arroyo Surdido, El Cafe or El Limon. It depends on the place you choose, on what terrain, and how long you will go.
  2. On foot. To overcome all the same distance as in the first case, you can walk. It takes 3 to 4 hours (round-trip). It should be borne in mind that after rains the road through the jungle is blurred, and it is very difficult to go.
  3. Canyoning This is the most extreme option, and it should be chosen only by physically prepared people. So, on the way to the waterfall, you have to rock climbing and sail the river in boats.

Location: Las Terreras, Dominican Republic.

Boca del Diablo
Boca del diablo

Boca del Diablo or the Devil’s mouth is a wide cleft in the rock, which is located in the eastern part of Samana. The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that water regularly emerges from this gap with a column, and powerful air flows break out. The strength of this natural phenomenon is so great that coconuts that fall from palm trees throws up several meters in height, and people can not always resist with especially powerful jolts.

It is better to go to this attraction in the afternoon – the sun is not so bright.

Locals do not recommend going to Boca del Diablo on their own – this part of the island is quite dangerous, and to avoid unnecessary unrest, it is better to buy a sightseeing tour.

Location: Samana Peninsula (eastern part), Dominican Republic.

Whale watching
Whales off the coast

If you have long dreamed of seeing real whales, then it’s time to go to the island of Samana. From December to March, hundreds of mammals not only breed here, but also show various tricks during the mating season.

In the northern and eastern parts of the peninsula there are several points where you can observe whales. The most famous is Kitov Beach, where hundreds of people come daily. It is not possible to look at mammals on your own here – you will be allowed to go only with a guide.

Location: Samana Peninsula (northeastern part), Dominican Republic.

Cayo Levantado Island

The island of Cayo Levantado or the island of Bacardi (it is often called because it was advertised for Rum “Bacardi”) is one of hundreds of small islands located east of the Samana Peninsula.
This area attracts tourists with its spacious beaches, the lack of a large number of people (there is only one hotel on the island) and a unique wildlife.

Cayo Levantado Island

Here stands:

  • observe a dozen birds that live on the island (most of them are pelicans);
  • buy freshly caught fish that Aborigines sell;
  • find beautiful seashells in the sea;
  • try the cocktail “Pina Colada” in pineapple;
  • take a walk through the rainforest.

Since the island itself is small (1 sq. Km.), A few days will be enough to relax and explore the territory. Tourists note that if you are lucky with a rented hotel, then it makes no sense to go to this island.

Location: Cayo Levantado, La Barbacoa, Dominican Republic (eastern part of the peninsula).


There are dozens of beaches on the peninsula, and everyone can find a place to their taste: with white or golden sand, wild or crowded, for surfing or for a relaxing holiday.

Water in different parts of the island is equally clean, and its temperature varies from +26 to +29 degrees.

Rincon (Playa Rincon)
Rincon Beach

Rincon – beach number 1 according to several reputable travel magazines. Its main advantages: the lack of people, gorgeous nature (coconut trees, mountains in the distance) and a diverse wildlife.

The nearest village is Las Galeras resort, which can be reached on foot (distance – less than 5 km). Since the beach is wild, there are no sunbeds, changing cabins and toilets.

The sand is white and very soft. The entrance to the water is smooth, but you should be alert: sometimes stones and rocks can come across. The water is clear, has an azure color.

Location: Las Galeras, Dominican Republic.

Bonita (Playa Bonita)

Playa Bonita is one of the most spacious beaches of the Dominican Republic, located in the northern part of the Samana Peninsula. There are always a lot of people, but there is enough space for everyone.

Bonita Beach

Playa Bonita has several good cafes and a bar, sun loungers and toilets. In windy weather, this place becomes a sports ground – they are engaged in surfing here.

The sand has a golden hue, the water is turquoise. There is no garbage, shells or splinters. This place is perfect for families with small children.

Where is: Las Terrenas district, Dominican Republic.

La playita beach

La Playita Beach – the wild beach of the Dominican Republic (northwest). Since the town of Las Galeras is located nearby, there are few vacationers here. No entertainment.

This is one of those places on the island of Samana, where there is no gusty wind and there are no undercurrents, so many people are engaged in snorkeling and diving here.

La playita beach

The sand is white; the entrance to the water is gentle. Seashells are rare on the shore.

Location: Las Galeras, Dominican Republic.

Moron (Playa Moron)

Moron is located in a small bay, so it is always calm and there is the opportunity to retire. This is a wild place, and the infrastructure here is completely undeveloped. But there are sights. For example, on the top of the hill you can see an old pirate cannon – in ancient times robbers stopped in this part of the island to replenish water supplies. Also 5 km from Moron is El Limon Waterfall.

There are very few people here in the morning, and if you come to Moron in the evening, then it is highly likely that you will not meet a soul here.

Moron Beach

The sand is bright golden, the sea is turquoise. The entrance to the water is gentle, there are no rocks. This place is perfect for families with children, as well as for lovers of snorkeling.

Location: Las Terreras, Dominican Republic.

Koson (Playa Coson)

Coson is one of the best in the Las Terrenas resort area. Despite the fact that it is located right in this town, here you can easily find a secluded place.

There are no infrastructure problems: there are a lot of good hotels and bars nearby (be sure to try seafood here), toilets work and there are sun loungers with umbrellas.

Koson Beach

The sand, like most local beaches, is white. The water is clear. No shells or large stones.

Location: Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

Whale Beach (Playa Las Ballenas)

Whale beach is famous not for its beautiful views and white sand, but for its inhabitants – humpback whales. Every year, from December to March, you can watch dozens of individuals who swim and perform various tricks in the water. It is important that people are also allowed to join animals.

Whale beach

It has the following characteristics: white sand, bright turquoise water and a small amount of stones that occur when entering the ocean. The entrance to the water is gentle, there are no rocks or cliffs.

Location: Samana Island, Dominican Republic (north coast).

Where to stay

The following resorts are located on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic:

Las terranas
  1. Las Terranas. This resort town is located in the north-eastern part of the Dominican Republic, and is considered an ideal place for a secluded vacation. Also here is one of the best surfing clubs in the country, and it is most convenient to get to the main natural attractions of the peninsula.
  2. Las Galeras. Many tourists who have visited different parts of the Dominican Republic say that it is in Las Galeras that the best beaches are located. In comparison with the resort of Las Terranas, hotels (one of the best is the Grand Paradise Samana in the Dominican Republic) are much smaller, but the famous Kitov Beach is nearby.
  3. Santa Barbara de Samana. Perhaps this is the richest (from a historical point of view) resort on the peninsula. In addition to the clear sea, there is something to see: old churches, bright mosaics on the walls of houses and dozens of flower beds.

Prices at all resorts on the island of Samana are approximately the same, and the total number of hotels is more than 500.

So, a double room in high season at Hotel 3 will cost $ 50-70. This price includes a spacious room with a terrace (often with sea views), an excellent breakfast and free Wi-Fi. On the territory of almost all hotels there is a green recreation area, where there are thatched arbors and palm trees grow.

Hotel in Dominican Republic

There is a small selection of 5 * hotels on the Samana Peninsula – there are only 6 options. Prices are very different: there are hotels for both 120-140 dollars per day, and for 650 dollars per night. Living conditions also vary. For example, in more expensive hotels, in addition to the room, you will have a personal gazebo and a tent on the water. You will also be offered a massage course and will be invited to a local restaurant for free.

Cheaper 5 * hotels will offer you a large room with a sea view and provide an opportunity to relax by the pool on site. As for the service, then, as tourists say, it is at its best both in the first and in the second cases.

Useful Tips

  1. Despite the popularity of the Dominican Republic, hotel prices here are not higher than in neighboring cities. And if you book a room in advance (for 4-5 months), then you can seriously save.
  2. Since most islands can only be reached with a catamaran or boat, be sure to watch the weather forecast before you travel.
  3. Speed ​​boat
  4. As many Aboriginal people still live on the peninsula, visiting some places can be dangerous for tourists. Try not to travel to unknown places on your own, and always consult with locals or hotel staff before traveling.
  5. The Dominican Republic is a country of beaches, so wherever you go, always bring a swimsuit and sunscreen with you.

Samana, Dominican Republic – one of the best resorts for measured relaxation with the whole family.

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