Bavaro – tourist’s guide to the most sought after beach in Dominican Republic

Bavaro Beach (Dominican Republic) is the main advantage of the tourist zone of the same name in Punta Cana, in the province with the melodic name La Altagracia. Bavaro is very close to the International Airport in Punta Cana, where most foreign tourists arrive – they are only 25 km away. This distance has become one but far from decisive reason why Bavaro is so popular among travelers arriving in the Dominican Republic.

View of the deserted beach of Bavaro

Initially, the Dominican authorities planned that Bavaro would be a city for workers employed in the neighboring resort and tourist of Punta Cana. But as hotels began to build rapidly along the east coast, north of Punta Cana, Bavaro very quickly turned into a resort town with all the necessary infrastructure. Already in the 1980s, this resort became one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Dominican Republic, and its well-maintained Bavaro beach – the most popular in Punta Cana.

By the way, this beach can be monitored online, since many of its points have webcams. You can evaluate the purity of water and sand, as well as understand what weather conditions are on the coast at a given time. It happens that the broadcast slows down a little, then the video demonstration is delayed by 10-15 minutes, no more.

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Sand, water, waves, shadow in Bavaro – what should tourists expect?

Palm trees on the beach of Bavaro

The Atlantic Ocean is washed from the north side of Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean Sea from the south: the resort and Bavaro beach are located from the Atlantic side. The ocean here is affectionate: there are waves, but very light ones, and even in a storm the coastal zone looks like a quiet lagoon. And all because the entire beach line of this resort is separated from the open ocean by a coral reef located at a distance of 800 meters from the coast. Such a natural protective barrier blocks the entrance to strong currents into the recreation area and does not allow sea predators there.

The water in the ocean is azure and very clear. The depth near the shore is shallow, entry into the water is convenient: gentle and without sharp cliffs. The bottom is sandy, there is not a single pebble.

The beach strip is also sandy. The sand itself is a beautiful golden white color, and its structure is so soft that it looks like flour. The sand on this beach of the Dominican Republic has a very interesting property: it hardly warms up in the sun, and even in the most intense heat it is comfortable to walk barefoot.

Bavaro Beach View

Coconut palms, growing along the entire coast and giving a fertile shadow in the tropical heat – another undoubted advantage of this resort. By the way, thanks in large part to the palm trees, in the photos shown by travel agencies, the Bavaro beach in the Dominican Republic looks like a real paradise.

The level of improvement of Bavaro

Bavaro beach is the longest in the Dominican Republic, and it is also very wide and picturesque.

Although the entire beach strip is divided between the hotels located on the coastline, but the division is conditional: there are no fences from the ocean, blocking the path along the coast. You can swim in any place you like, in addition, there are also areas for general access, and beach clubs.

Hotel complex on the beach of Bavaro

For the most part, the beach is surprisingly clean: every morning it is quickly cleaned using special equipment. The main problem that has to be fought daily is algae. Back in 2015, Bavaro received the Blue Flag for environmental friendliness and safety of swimming, and since then the owners of local hotels have been trying their best to maintain this honorable status of the beach.

Each of the hotels on the beach of Bavaro offers a different level of amenities, but in the vast majority of cases we are talking about the most comfortable beach holiday. As a rule, loungers, umbrellas and towels are provided free of charge, and bars with soft drinks and snacks are also organized for free. Toilets, showers and changing rooms – all this is in the required quantity.

Things to do in Bavaro

Throughout the day, hotel workers organize discos, foam parties, sporting events for their guests at various sections of the beach, as well as dance and yoga classes.

The beach has numerous and very diverse water attractions and entertainment: buggy trips, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, deep sea fishing, catamarans and water skiing, speedboats and sailing yachts, swimming with dolphins. In some hotels, guests are provided with free masks, fins, windsurfs and even kayaks.

Boats and yachts on the beach of Bavaro

A separate attraction for visiting tourists is hiking in the many shops and the small market of Bavaro. They sell nice souvenirs and baubles on a marine theme – a great gift option from a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Although Bavaro is not the party resort of the Dominican Republic, you can find good places for evening and night relaxation there. There are bars and discos in the hotels, there is also Disco Mangu, where lovers of Caribbean dances sit until morning.

There are also enough restaurants here, and dishes of their sea delicacies and grilled fish can please and surprise any gourmet.

Bavaro Hotels

Hotel complexes (there are more than 30 in Bavaro) are located along the coastline, literally 60 meters from the beach. At the same time, hotel development had practically no effect on the general appearance of the beach area: buildings are not visible from the shore, they are covered by tall palm trees.

The vast majority of local hotels have a 4-5-star level of service and receive their guests on an all-inclusive basis. It is in Bavaro that the most luxurious hotels of the Dominican Republic are concentrated, a brief information about some of them is described below.

Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort Adults Only -All Inclusive
Meliá Punta Cana Beach Resort Adults Only

Tourists who came to the Dominican Republic and settled in the Only Hotel have the opportunity to visit a private beach and fitness center, walk through the growing garden. Especially popular are Only golfers and canoeing enthusiasts.

A special “trick” of this complex – it accepts only adults!

A double room in high season will cost from $ 180 per day.

Barceló Bávaro Palace All Inclusive
Barceló bávaro palace

This hotel is part of a resort complex consisting of 2 hotels. The territory is so vast that a special train runs on it.

Tourists choosing Barceló Bávaro Palace All Inclusive have a private beach, a 24-hour casino, an aqua park, a golf course, a spa, and a large number of children’s areas with pools.

You can rent a double room in high season for $ 325 per day. By the way, wi-fi is paid here, and it’s better to pay in advance for the entire time of use – it will turn out almost 2 times cheaper.

Princess Family Club Bávaro
Princess Family Club Bávaro

Guests of the Dominican Republic who have chosen the resort of Bavaro and the Princess Family Club Bávaro hotel will relax comfortably and interestingly. They are waiting for a casino, tennis court, outdoor pool, fitness center, large garden, children’s playground and even a kids club. The private beach offers snorkelling and windsurfing opportunities.

In high season, the cost of double rooms starts at $ 366 per day.


Bavaro Beach (Dominican Republic) is a great choice for tourists who are interested in a relaxing family vacation, warm comfortable weather, clean sandy coast. Bavaro is absolutely safe for swimming, ideal for walking, interesting for lovers of water sports.

Walk along the Bavaro beach and visit the gift shop in Punta Cana:

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