The Best Denmark Souvenirs

What to bring from Denmark is the most popular question that every vacationer in this Scandinavian country asks. A piece of ice from the North Sea, a second-hand vinyl record or the little mermaid figurine? To make your task easier, we have listed down all the options for gifts and souvenirs that you can bring from Copenhagen and Denmark.

What can be brought from Denmark

In this article, the main emphasis will be placed on souvenirs that can be bought in Copenhagen, since the capital city is visited by the largest number of travelers and it will be easiest to bring back gifts.

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1. Food and eatables

Food is a universal gift, which, despite its prevalence, gives great pleasure. What to look for on the shelves of Danish supermarkets to bring home or please loved ones?

a. Danish Sweets

Candy ball

Denmark’s pastry shops have sweets for both adults and kids. The most popular local sweets are:

Fleleboller – these round candies can be compared to chocolate-coated marshmallows, inside of which are cream, mocha, strawberries and other fillings. The average price for this treat is $1.5 to $3 per item. You can buy it in all supermarkets and confectioneries. But the most popular stores in Copenhagen specializing in flødeboller are Spangsberg, Magasin Chokolade and Summerbird.

Liquorice desserts – The Danes, like the Dutch, love their Liquorice and add it wherever they can: to sweets, cakes and even ice cream. According to tourists, the best dessert in this category is the Lakrids dragee. If you like its unusual taste, you can bring back another edible souvenir from Denmark, licorice powder.

A lot of liquorice desserts are salty, so it’s better to check with the seller every time whether the purchased sweet is sweet or not.

Dessert Blekage

Blekage – Apples, crackers and whipped cream. These three ingredients, combined together, drive many a traveler crazy. It is s good, you’d wish you could buy it in a vacuum package in a supermarket to bring it home! We recommend trying out an online recipe for this simple and very tasty dish.

Chocolate Plates Pålægschokolade

Pålægschokolade – This long word is used as a name for black and white chocolate, which is sold in the form of sheets. It is usually placed on pieces of soft bread and heated, getting a delicious sandwich. If you want to bring this delicacy to your homeland, go to the Galle & Jessen store where they sell the best pålægschokolade in Copenhagen.

Cookies from Anton Berg – they produce them in several flavors such as orange, marzipan, chocolate, raspberries, apples, etc. Anton Berg has existed since the 19th century and it offers a huge selection of the best cookies and sweets in all of Denmark.

b. Cheeses

The next item to be added to the list “what eatables to bring from Denmark” is cheese. Despite the fact that the choice here is quite small, some of them are definitely worth a try and can even be bought for your friends and relatives.

Cheese Danbo

The most exclusive cheese in Denmark, which is rarely found somewhere outside the country is the Danbo. It has several analogs that are similar in taste, but less expensive, such as Molbo, Funbo and Elbo.

Semi Hard Esrom Cheese

Another semi-hard cheese that can be brought from Denmark as a gift is Esrom, invented by the monks and for a long time hidden from ordinary people.

If you are looking for a cheese with a sharper and creamier taste, then go for Havarti cheese, named after its maker, Hannah Nielsen.

Delicious blue cheeses are also made in Denmark. The most popular of them is Bla Castello. Another variety, the Danable is similar to the Roquefort.

c. Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks and beverages are easily one of the best souvenirs that you can gift to many friends.

Light alcoholic drink Gammel dansk
Gammel dansk
  • Gammel dansk – A light alcoholic drink traditionally intended for breakfast. Made from various herbs and has a bitter taste
  • Local beer – The most famous brands: Carlsberg, Tuborg, Faxe and Ceres
  • Aquavit – Denmark is the world’s largest exporter of aquavit, a drink with a 40% alcohol content made from potatoes or grain without added sugar

Buying alcohol is best done in duty free, because in ordinary stores the cost is higher.

Where to buy eatable items in Copenhagen

One of the leaders in the Danish sweets market is Sømods Bolchers. It is over 100 years old, but the methods of production and most of the assortment has been the same since the 1891. Who knows, but perhaps this is what makes Sømods Bolchers desserts so delicious.

Sømods Bolchers Store
Sømods bolchers

If you want to buy something special or have not yet decided on a gift for loved ones, head to the Torvehallerne market. It is located in the city center at Frederiksborggade, 21. Opening times can be found on the official website.

2. Clothes and Shoes

Ecco Shoes

Denmark is home to such well-known brands as Hummel International and Ecco, and the popular fashion designers Elise Gug and Baum und Pferdgarten. In Denmark you can buy quality items from these manufacturers at the lowest prices. Shopping during sales at local outlets and malls makes it even cheaper. The best Danish stores to shop at are:

  • In Copenhagen – Royal Copenhagen Factory Outlet, Field’s, Spinderiet Shoppingcenter, Langelinie Outlet and Georg Jensen Outlet
  • In Hillerød – Slotsarkaderne, Gallerierne
  • In Ringsted – Ringsted Outlet
Boutiques on Strøget

In Copenhagen, the most interesting and inexpensive things are sold on shopping streets. There are countless numbers of them in the city:

  • Strøget – for designer boutiques and branded items
  • Købmagergade – for middle price category brands
  • Kompagnistraede and Læderstræde – for antique shops and “alternative” stores

Animal fur is also a great buy in Denmark, since it is the Scandinavian regions that are the best place to buy this product. If price is not a problem, you should look at the largest fur auction in the world – Kopenhagen Fur. It is held once a year and lasts one to two weeks (for example, from September 1 to 12). Here you can find mink, chinchilla and sable of the best quality at competitive prices.

Kopenhagen Fur Fur Auction
Kopenhagen fur

Danish manufacturers always indicate how good a particular fur is, which foreigners do not always know about. Remember that the word “IVORY” on the label means lower quality, and “PURPLE” means highest. Two other options are “PLATINUM” – the highest grade and “BURGUNDY”, designating medium quality goods.

3. Lego

Despite the fact that Denmark is the birthplace of the world famous LEGO blocks, the prices are the same as in other places in the world.


That said, Denmark does have the largest LEGO store in the world, with the greatest assortment of 100% genuine products. The approximate cost of mini figures is 4 €, a large thematic set is around 100 €.

4. Decor and Crockery

Many of us would be happy to receive Rosendahl’s unbreakable wine glass or a selection of exquisite plates from Halme Gaard as a gift. Bodum products stand out from others with their modern and unusual design.

Glasses from Rosendahl

Royal Copenhagen porcelain-ware – More than 250 years ago, a factory for the manufacture of tableware, interior items and accessories was opened in Copenhagen, which today is the most recognizable Danish brand around the world. Of course, the prices at the Royal Copenhagen in question are high (small tea sets cost at least 80 euros), but you will not be able to find better quality products. No wonder so many travelers like to take back something made from local high-quality porcelain.

If you are a connoisseur of porcelain figures, then you should look for them in flea markets. Especially popular among tourists is the market in Copenhagen, located in the Indre Bai quarter. It is also know as Medieval City.

Danish porcelain features delicate matte shades and a special painting technique, thanks to which the colors remain bright.

5. Traditional and unusual souvenirs

Kay Boyesen figures – In 1951, Danish artist Kay Boyesen created a wooden toy in the form of a monkey. Little did he know that his unusual little creation would appeal not only to kids, but also to adults, and later it would turn into the most popular children’s gift in Denmark.

Wooden Toys

Today, you will find hares, hippos, soldiers and other characters in the collection of wooden toys. You can buy such an environmentally friendly gift directly from the manufacturer in Copenhagen or in children’s toy stores in other cities.

Little Mermaid replicas – Another popular souvenir that can be brought from Denmark is the Little Mermaid. This is the most visited landmark of Copenhagen, and its image can be found on clothes and accessories, as well as in the form of figurines, key chains and magnets.

Souvenir Little Mermaid

Characters of fairy tales by H. H. Andersen – in Copenhagen and Denmark, in general, many mermaid-like souvenirs, related to the work of Hans Christian Andersen, are sold. Of course, most of them are books and toys in the form of well-known characters such as the Tin Soldier, Thumbelina, and Kai and Gerda. Of course, the cost of fairytale figures is quite high, but it will be a wonderful gift.

In some stores, for example, the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale Shop (Østergade 52), the choice of these souvenirs is much larger.

Nissa Brownie – If you want to make a pleasant gift to your loved ones, bring them a symbol of security and prosperity in the house, the Nissa Brownie. This character of Scandinavian folklore can be bought at any souvenir shop, and closer to Christmas, figures of this small Santa are sold to every stall in Copenhagen.

Brownie Nisse
Nissa Brownie

We hope this article informs you well about what souvenirs you can bring back from Denmark!

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