Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen: a tourist’s guide

Kristiansborg Palace is an architectural building saturated with Danish history, traditions and culture. Be sure to visit the attraction if you want to feel the spirit of the capital. The castle is located on the island of Slotsholmen. Today, Christiansborg in Copenhagen is a symbol of the capital and, undoubtedly, a symbolic landmark of the … Read more

Tourists’s guide to Copenhagen public transport – metro, buses, trains

Copenhagen is the capital and most popular tourist destination of Denmark. This city is famous for the best public transport system in the country, which includes buses, a network of railways, and the subway. Copenhagen Metro is the real pride of Denmark, Europe and the whole world as a whole, which confirms its title World’s … Read more

Royal Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen: a guide for tourists

Amalienborg is the royal palace in Copenhagen, which today is the residence of the ruling royal family. The castle is notable for its history, original architecture, and also attracts tourists with an unusual sight – a change of honor guard. Photo: Royal Palace in Copenhagen Related entries: Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg – tourist … Read more