Copenhagen card: is it worth buying when visiting Copenhagen?

Copenhageh card or Copenhagen tourist map is the most convenient and affordable way to get to know the main city of Denmark. Having such a useful device on hand, you can get a lot of important advantages. All details are in the article!

Copenhageh card or tourist map of Copenhagen

What is included?

What is included in the Copenhagen Card? Its action covers several directions at once.

Free use of public transport
Public transport in Copenhagen

With the Copenhagen card you get the right to free travel in any form of transport (city and port buses, metro, trains) – including a transfer from the airport to the city and back. The number of trips is not limited. The card is valid throughout the metropolitan region, so you do not have to worry about ticket prices and travel methods.

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Complete with a Copenhagen card is a special application with a guide, a description of the best city attractions (both the most popular and little-known) and other useful information.

Bonus for children
National Aquarium, Copenhagen
National Aquarium

Each adult holder of a Copenhagen card can bring 2 children under 10 years of age. It will not only fully cover the cost of their movement around the city, but also allow you to visit 73 attractions, a zoo, the National Aquarium, a planetarium and other entertainment venues for free.


Another important advantage of this device is the presence of additional discounts that apply to almost all areas of life – shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, bus tours, walking and cycling tours, canal cruises, etc. The amount is charged individually in each case and makes up from 10 to 20%.

Important! To receive a discount, the card must be presented before payment is made.


The Copenhagen Card entitles you to free access to a number of attractions. Among them are the National Museum of Denmark, Tivoli Park, the Amalienborg Palace Ensemble, the fabulous house of Hans Christian Andersen, Kronborg Castle, an open-air museum and many others.

Tivoli Amusement Park
Tivoli Park

On a note! For a complete list of available attractions, see It should be noted that the number of visits to the same place entirely depends on the duration of the card. So, if it is designed for 24 hours, you have 1 visit, for 48 hours – 2, for 72 – 3, for 120 – 5.

But that’s not all! Having a Copenhagen Card will make your stay in the city incredibly comfortable. Firstly, you don’t have to arrive at the station in advance and stand in line for a ticket to the suburbs. Secondly, there will be no need to change money and take care of the availability of the required amount. As for spending, you can’t control them at all – if you wanted to drop into another museum on the way to the hotel, you can do it.

How it works?

Indicate the exact time and date on the map

Copenhageh card must be activated before the first use. Otherwise, it will be considered invalid. To do this, just specify the exact time (the total number of hours without minutes) and the date in the corresponding field, and then put the signature on the back. From this moment, the number of hours that you paid (24, 48, 72, or 120) comes at your disposal. And then everything is very simple – show the card at the entrance to a particular place and experience the whole range of its advantages.

A free replacement for a lost or stolen Copenhagen Card can be made at the Copenhagen Visitor Support Service. This can be done only once and only if it was purchased on the official website of the company. It should also be noted that this document does not apply to temporary exhibitions not covered by the program.

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How much is a Copenhagen Card?

The cost of a Copenhagen card depends on its validity:

  • 24 hours: adult – 54 €, children – 27 €;
  • 48 hours: adult – 77 €, children – 39 €;
  • 72 hours: adult – 93 €, children – 47 €;
  • 120 hours: adult – 121 €, children – 61 €.

Where and how can I buy?

You can buy a Copenhagen card in several places:

Copenhagen Tourist Information Center
Copenhagen visitor center
  1. Travel offices of Denmark. To make a purchase, you must visit the office of any travel company. However, he does not have to be in Copenhagen.
  2. Copenhagen Tourist Information Center.
  3. International airport (arrival area, terminal No3, opening hours: 6:10 – 23:00).
  4. Ticket points for public transport.
  5. On the official website There is a three version (Danish, German and English) and indicates prices in euros or Danish kroner. To purchase a Copenhagen Card online, you must:
  • Go to the resource itself;
  • Choose the desired type and time;
  • Indicate the number of people;
  • Choose the desired type, time and number of people
  • Add order to cart;
  • Choose one of the delivery options
  • Choose one of the two delivery options – mail delivery (paid, there is a risk that the package will not reach the recipient) or “Pick up in Copenhagen” (“Pick up in Copenhagen”);
  • Indicate email address;
  • Press the button “Go to payment” and enter the details of your bank;
  • Wait for the electronic confirmation of the operation (Order confirmation);
  • Get a voucher GetYourGuide voucher (comes to e-mail);
  • Print it on a printer;
  • During your stay in Copenhagen, come to one of the points listed above and exchange the voucher. You must have a passport or any other document proving your identity with you.

Advice! Buying a Copenhagen card is best done online. The fact is that at the exchange points you may not find the type of card you need.

Is it worth buying?

Should I buy a Copenhagen card

If you are in the city and you are not going to stay there for more than a day, then buying a Copenhagen card will be completely optional. But for those who plan to spend several days here and see all the local attractions, this acquisition will be a real lifesaver!

Hans Christian Andersen Museum
Andersen Museum

For comparison, the average cost of a ticket for all types of urban transport is from 5 to 10 € per day and from 13 to 25 € for 3 days. A visit to the most famous places of Copenhagen without a special card will also cost a round sum: Rosenborg Palace – 10 €, Absalon Castle Ruins – 6 €, Tivoli Park – 13 €, Andersen Museum – 9 €, aquarium – 13 €, zoo – 18 €. And this is only a small part of everything that you probably want to see! You can calculate the exact amount of savings on the official website (at the bottom there is a special calculation form).

Advice! If you intend to spend several days in the city, buy a package for 72 or 120 hours – such an investment is considered the most profitable. And one more thing – a visit to the biggest attraction is better left for later. So, having entered the territory of Tivoli Park 20 minutes before the end of the card, you can walk there until the closing time.

As you can see, the Copenhageh card opens up a lot of pleasant opportunities for the tourist and makes the vacation simply unforgettable!

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