Best Copenhagen Restaurants – Where to Eat in Copenhagen

Would you like to bring vivid gastronomic impressions from the Danish capital? Take advantage of our selection of the best restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen. There are many places in the city where you can eat well. They are of various classes, from small cozy cafes to restaurants under Michelin stars. All cuisines of the world are presented without exception.

At the Noma Restaurant, Copenhagen

Gourmet Restaurants

In recent years, the best restaurants in Copenhagen are at the peak of gastronomic fashion. Connoisseurs and amateurs from all over the world wait for the appointed time for months and fly to the Danish capital to visit the exquisite Scandinavian restaurants. We present the best of them:

Restaurant NOMA

It is in Copenhagen, in the old warehouse building on the banks of the canal on the Grønlandske Handelsplads (Grendland Trade Square) that NOMA is located, the best restaurant in the world. This is not an exaggeration. This place was won in 2011 by the rating of the British edition of Restaurant, compiled by 800 best chefs and restaurant critics of the world. The red guide gives the NOMA restaurant from Copenagen two stars, and Russian travelers from Tripadvisor gave it the first place among the best in the city for 2017.

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The interior of the restaurant NOMA

NOMA is an abbreviation. It means “nordisk mad” (northern food). The ingenious chef of this restaurant Rene Redzepi set himself the task of radically changing the image of Scandinavian cuisine. He proposes to abandon the monotonous dishes and brutal drinks in favor of a Nordically simple, but gourmet meal of shellfish, pork, wildflowers, shrimp, northern herbs and even dried insects. Fermented beans, edible types of soil and much more are also used. All these usual and unusual ingredients in the hands of Noma’s excellent chefs become extremely tasty and creative food.

Serving at NOMA Restaurant

Lunch at Nome’s restaurant in Copenhagen is a bit like visiting a gallery. In the large hall, decorated in the Nordic style, among the soft furniture, animal skins and brick walls, you will be greeted by silence and fireworks of gastronomic sensations.

In the kitchen of NOMA restaurant

Cooked in Noma without undue secrecy, in front of visitors. Here, the tastes of vegetarians and supporters of a gluten-free diet satisfy. But you can also order meat and fish. All according to creative recipes in a “molecular” interpretation. There is an excellent selection of wines, but there is no menu as such. During 4 hours of constant culinary drive you will be offered 20 shifts.

Check for lunch at NOMA restaurant

Visitors to NOMA are constantly surrounded by the attention of the staff and, as it were, are part of an interactive gastronomic show. A holiday of Nordic luxury at NOMA will cost a visitor a minimum of 300 euros. Taking into account the wines, the check can be 400 or more euros per person.

NOMA values ​​its time and efforts. It is necessary to book a table ahead of time. To have dinner or lunch at NOMA, sometimes you need to wait three months. Applications are accepted only through the site. If visitors do not appear at the indicated time, then 100 euros will be written off from each person in favor of the restaurant.

See also the video look like dishes in the best restaurant in the world .


Restaurant Geranium is the main and very worthy competitor of the star NOMA. Geranium boasts one Michelin star and the best chef in Copenhagen, Rasmus Koefol. With his assets – the entire set of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or contest for several years. Despite his status, Rasmus willingly communicates with clients live and by phone.

Restaurant Geranium

Geranium is located on Østerport on the eighth floor of the Parken football arena. The restaurant offers a magnificent view of the artificial lake parks. The interior is expertly decorated in a loft style. An open fire cozily burns in the lounge area.

Dishes at the Geranium Restaurant

Gerani, like NOMA, offers the best dishes of modern Scandinavian cuisine in their “molecular” interpretation. But the manner of service and the decor is a bit more formal. But the service format is more variable: you can order from 12 to 22 shifts at a price of 90 to 175 euros. A check can reach up to 450 euros, including wines.

Dinner at the Krebsegaarden Restaurant

This is the name of a popular restaurant near the eponymous art gallery. Here you will not find the boiled molecular gastronomy. The Krebsegaarden menu has simple and superbly prepared dishes, such as crayfish salad, fried lamb ribs or caramel mousse according to the original recipe. Although various experts pass by the restaurant, lovers of fine traditional cuisine will certainly enjoy it here.

For all its sophistication, Krebsegaarden relies on the care of the visitor. Here everyone feels a welcome guest and can be in the institution as much as he wants. The average bill for a restaurant without drinks is 70 €.

Restaurants where you can eat tasty and inexpensive

You forgot to book a table in NOMA for the dates of your visit to Denmark, but you still want to eat. No problem! Copenhagen has a lot to offer to hungry and weary tourists. Here are some of Copenhagen’s best low-cost restaurants where you can satisfy your hunger, as well as a glass of great beer or wine.

Grams laekkerier
Fast Food Grams Laekkerier

This is a popular fast food bar with European cuisine, working at lunch time (at brunch): from 11.00 to 15.00. Here for a sum of 4 to 12 euros per person, you can eat sandwiches with various fillings, as well as take a bowl of soup for yourself or a child. The establishment is small, because food is mostly sold for takeaway. Located at Halmtorvet, 1.

Cafe orstrup
At Cafe Cafe Orstrup

Ostrup is a traditional European cafe with Scandinavian cuisine. It features vegetarian dishes and takeaway. The portions are very large, so a sandwich (or Smørrebrød) with salmon for 80 crowns will be enough for a tired traveler for the whole lunch. The menu has a lot of “home” items, for example, cookies with chocolate chips according to the hostess’s recipe. Cafe with an outdoor area, located on the road from the center to Newhavn at 22 Holbergsgade.

Pizzeria MaMeMi WestMarket

Do you want advice on where you can eat real pizza in Copenhagen? If you miss the Mediterranean food, head to the MaMeMi pizzeria. This place is located in a large shopping complex in Westmarkt, in Westerbro, the most “hipster” of the Copenhagen districts.

Pizzeria Pizzeria MaMeMi WestMarket

The restaurant is kept and prepared by ethnic Italians, and here you can enjoy real Italian pizza with a crispy thin base. The menu has only five items, but they are very tasty. The recipes are very unusual (for example, bacon with apples), and the ingredients are really fresh. Also, in MaMeMi you can try to finally solve the main Danish question: which is better, Tuborg or Carlsberg? The beer in the pizzeria is excellent.

The average bill is 15 euros, there is the possibility of booking and buying takeaway food. Address – Vesterbrogade 97.

Paludan’s Book & Cafe

The unusual restaurant-library Paludan is located on Fiolstraede 10. This place is in the Indre Bi area, at the intersection of almost all of Copenhagen’s tourist routes. Passing into the inner room, visitors get into the library hall with walls, from top to bottom with lined books.

Restaurant-library Paludan
Dinner at Paludan's Book & Cafe

Scandinavian, Italian and other European dishes are served in very impressive portions in this atmospheric interior. There are Asian dishes. An order must be made at the bar and immediately pay for it. You can immediately take drinks, and the waiter brings everything else. Here is a great setting for lunch with children: there is a corresponding menu, toys, high chairs, etc. Toward evening Paludan is always crowded, and you have to wait a long table.

They cook until 9 p.m., and the institution itself – until 10 p.m., which is rarely seen in Kpengagen. The average bill is 20-30 € for lunch.

Restaurant Sporvejen

Restaurant Sporvejen offers visitors huge and original burgers in a slightly cramped room, decorated with a tram car. From drinks recommend local Majo and, of course, beer. It is better to arrive before 5 p.m., when there are not so many people and a discount applies to all menus (about 20 crowns). Burger is located at Graabroedretorv 17.

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Atmospheric fast food

A few more places where you can eat cheaply in Copenhagen literally “off the wheels”:

Chicky gril
Fast Food Chicky Gril

“Who needs this NOMA if there’s Chicky Grill?” Say the young Danes. If you want to try the best Scandinavian fast food, then you should find this grill bar on Halmtorvet 21. Here on weekdays, five days a week, a constantly updated menu is served. Every day an original dish of the day from Danish cuisine is offered (for example, a burger with pork and pickled beets) at a price of 5 to 10 euros.


ISTEDGRILL is a joint in which the Chinese cook the real Danish flaeskesteg burger – burgers with a baked shank. You can also try grilled sausages in puff pastry and much more. The facility is located in the heart of Westerbro, on Istedgade 92.

Johns Hotdog deli
Snack Bar Johns Hotdog deli

For a real Danish Great Dane, check out Johns Hotdog deli. Here you can get some very unusual additions to traditional buns with pork sausages: beer rings marinated in beer, miso sauce or mustard in a craft camp.

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