Tourist’s guide to museum of sex machines in Prague

The Museum of Sex Machines in Prague is one of those places that are difficult for tourists to walk past. And the point here is not so much in its magnetism, but in a good location. The fact is that the Sex Machines stretches from Wenceslas Square to Old Town Square, which is one of the most common sightseeing routes.

Armchair for making love

General information

The Museum of Sex Machines in Prague, also called the Museum of vice or erotica, was created by the Italian collector Oriano Bizzocci. While gathering exhibits for the world famous Museum of Unusual Things in San Marino, he continually came across unusual objects that were of a bright erotic nature. When the number of such finds grew over a hundred, the enterprising Italian decided to collect them in a separate collection. This collection was soon transferred to one of the historical buildings of the Czech capital. The collection became the first panopticon in the world dedicated to old sexual machines.

Despite the fact that it was 2003, the city authorities of Prague subjected the institution to ruthless criticism, which made it one of the most visited places in the city.

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Hall at the sex machine museum

In 2015, the Sex Machines Museum underwent a major reconstruction – it was rebuilt, expanded and equipped with new devices. For the design of the walls, a different shade was chosen – the red color of the lipstick. In addition, a copy of the old cinema and several unique exhibitions appeared here.

Museum exposition

Museum of sex machines

The Prague Sex Toy Museum occupies 3 floors, with a total area of ​​about 600 m2. Currently, more than 300 exhibits have been collected within its walls, each of which corresponds to a specific topic.

The fact that this place is capable of shocking even the most daring visitors is already clear at the entrance. There is a large armchair, which is called the measuring instrument of love. Crouching in the comic “Love tester”, you will be able to get on a vibro massage session, and then find out the results as – “flaming”, “barely warm”, “sex bomb” or “ice”. You can find out the level of your own love of love and take a photo for memory absolutely free of charge – for this you do not have to buy an entrance ticket.

Museum exhibits are kept in several rooms. Some of the main ones are listed below:

Costume room for sex games

Costume room for sex games

Located on the ground floor, it contains a collection of vintage corsets and pompous underwear (stockings, golfs, garters, etc.). At one time, each of these things belonged to real people, which once again confirms the historical value of the exhibits collected here. In addition, you can see funny condoms made in different time periods, and items for BDSM practices – whips, handcuffs, masks, gags, binding machines and other sadomasochistic accessories. One should also pay attention to medieval “chastity belts”, devices that allow you to take various positions. Devices from masturbation in adolescents and special shoes with the print “Follow me” (priestesses of love walked in them) can also be seen there. Museum management claims that some of these items were created in the 16th century.

Room of erotic photos

Room of erotic photos

It presents retrospective photographs, postcards and posters with which you can track the development of visual art related to erotica.

Retro porn hall

The retro porn hall provides a look at erotica and pornography from the point of view of the first cinema. It is a small cinema where silent black and white films shot in the first half of the 20th century are played on repeat. Of course, the quality of such a movie leaves much to be desired, but more than the picture, the reaction of the modern viewer is more interesting.

Hall with cars of love

Hall with cars of love

Hall with cars of love is located on the third floor of the museum. Over there more dimensional devices designed to receive carnal pleasures are collected. Most of these items were developed by professional engineers, but not everyone understands what this or design is intended for and how to use it. Some of them look more like a factory machine or a tool of torture than a sex toy! Perhaps that is why most of these devices have not been put into practice.

One can see, that the Prague Sex Machine Museum has collected a huge number of exhibits that cause genuine interest. However, among them there are truly unique devices that deserve the closest attention:

    • A wooden house with tiny windows – created specifically for voyeurs, designed to spy on a naked woman lying inside. Such fun was included in the “cultural program” of most city celebrations and was very inexpensive;
Hall with dildos
  • A collection of female vibrating massagers with a winding mechanism;
  • Stand with piercing done in intimate places;
  • Nightdresses, decorated with cuts in the nth places and inscriptions like “For all God’s will” – completely covered the bodies during intercourse;
  • Dildos made of metal, bone and glass – some of them were hollow could be filled with water of the right temperature. At the exhibition next to this collection you can see a place for photographs of a beloved man. My beloved changed – the picture also changed;
  • The price lists of Italian brothels dated to the beginning of the 20th century adorn the walls of stairwells.

Important information

Museum entrance

Museum of Sex Devices, is located at: ul. Melantrikhova 18, Prague 1-110 00 and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Entrance Ticket Price:

  • Adults – 250 CZK;
  • Groups of 8 and more people – 200 CZK per person .;
  • Students (with certificate) – 150 CZK.

Important! Minors are not allowed to enter the Sex Machines Museum!

You can clarify the information on the official website of the institution (there is a Russian version) –

Useful Tips

Having decided to visit the sex museum in Prague, check out the recommendations of tourists who visited there:

    1. In the halls of the museum there is a ban on photography and video, but in the souvenir shop located on its territory you can buy some reproductions;
    2. .Inspecting collections with a personal guide or an audio guide is not necessary at all – there is an information plate with a brief description in English above each item. In addition, for clarity, almost all cars are supplemented with appropriate decorations and special flexible mannequins;
    3. The main highlight of this institution is called the 1925 porn film, in which the Spanish king Alphonse was shot;
    4. Museum exhibits should not be taken too seriously – treat them as fun entertainment that will definitely add new topics for conversation;
    5. Many cars cause a real shock, so people with complexes and prejudices are better off not going into this place at all;
    6. Despite the fact that some erotic devices have a patent, their production was never put on a grand scale;
    7. The Sex Machines Museum has its own sex shop, offering a wide selection of modern erotic devices.

      Spanish King Alphonse

Despite the piquant content, the sex machine museum (Prague) will appeal to even those who are not very sophisticated in the science of love. Within its walls you can not only have a good laugh, but also learn a lot of interesting historical facts.

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