The dancing house in Prague – all you need to know

The dancing house (Prague) is a symbol of the Czech Republic with a complicated history. The architectural monument was created in the style of deconstructivism. The building is dedicated to a couple of famous dancers, so the inhabitants of the country simply call – Ginger and Fred. It is noteworthy that critics, residents of Prague, architects vigorously discussed the original appearance of the building, which caused a lot of criticism, however, this did not prevent the Dancing House from becoming the most visited tourist destination in the city.

dancing House

Photo: Dancing House in Prague

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General information

Visually, the house really looks like a silhouette of a dancing couple. Two parts of the architectural ensemble – stone and glass – merged into a dance. One tower expands upward and symbolizes a man, and the second with a narrow central part resembles a female figure.

Interesting fact! The attraction has many names in addition to the traditional ones – Drunk House, Glass, Dancing House.

dancing House

The construction was created in 1966, the idea of ​​an unusual structure belongs to the Czech President Vaclav Havel. The history of the landmark began with criticism, because the house had nothing to do with the neighboring buildings. However, the debate was not long, because very soon the architectural project was appreciated by tourists from many countries. Since then, the Dancing House is perceived as a symbol not only of Prague, but also of the Czech Republic.

Today, inside are located office premises, international companies, a hotel, a bar and an observation deck.

Interesting fact! According to Time magazine, the building received the first prize in the Design Award category.

The story of the creation of the Dancing House

Dancing House, Prague

The complex, full of upheavals history of the landmark began long before the construction. Initially, this place was the building of neoclassical stylistics of the 19th century. During the hostilities that took place in the Czech Republic during the Second World War, it was destroyed. The history of the Dancing House in Prague began in the late 20th century, when the idea came up to fill an empty area with a modern building. From this moment. The project was selected and then personally monitored by the president of the country, by the way, all the time of construction, Vaclav Havel lived nearby to make adjustments if necessary.

Interesting to know! The architects: Frank Gehry, Vlado Milunich invented and built the Dancing House in Prague, in the Czech Republic. The interior was designed by Czech designer Eva Irzhichna. The construction was erected in a few years, and in 1996 it was inaugurated.

dancing House

The dancing house is distinguished by estuary lines characteristic of deconstructivism. Not surprisingly, it contrasts sharply with all neighboring buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries. The roof offers a wonderful view of the Czech capital, so it was decided to organize an observation deck here, as well as a bar. In the center is the construction of the Medusa.

The dancing house in Prague, in the Czech Republic, delights and surprises with visual fragility. Many tourists note that next to the building there is a feeling that it will inevitably fall from the slightest blow of the wind. However, architects claim that this is nothing more than a visual fraud. The attraction was built using modern technology. Initially, the project was modeled in a 3-D program, so architects had the opportunity to plan all the smallest details.

Interesting fact! The idea of ​​a falling tower belongs to Vlado Milunic. The architect himself says that he always loved the effect of unfinished construction and original, non-standard forms. It was this love that inspired the master to create the project.

What the inhabitants of Prague said about the Dancing House

Classicism Buildings

After the construction was completed, the inhabitants of Prague and the Czech Republic were horrified, they expressed their rejection in constant rallies and strikes. Activist groups demanded an audience with the president in order to achieve the demolition of the awkward building. By the way, even representatives of the elite agreed with the majority opinion – the Dancing House has no place in Prague, because the city is famous for its architectural buildings in the classicist style. Nevertheless, the president did not make concessions, he was completely satisfied with the result and did not plan to refuse it, therefore the history of the two towers continued. Gradually, residents came to terms with the existence of a strange building in the city.

Interesting fact! Over the years, the opinion of the inhabitants of Prague and the Czech Republic has changed dramatically – 70% of Prague residents, 15% – neutral and 15% – negatively perceive the Dancing House.

Architectural features and inside the house

The building belongs to the deconstructivist architectural style, it is not surprising that it stands out among the restrained buildings of Prague, where classic dominates. The dancing house is built on a reinforced concrete structure and consists of 99 facade panels of various shapes. Two towers of the architectural ensemble resemble a dancing couple, and a dome called “Medusa” is installed on the roof of the building. The construction height is 9 floors, all rooms in the building are asymmetric.

Dancing house inside

Despite the difficult history, sharp reviews about the Dancing House, today it is one of the most valuable tourist destinations in Prague in the postmodern era. This is not a residential building, but a fashionable office and business center, built on the banks of the Vltava River. It is this river and the city that offers a view from the terrace. Inside, the designers tried to make everything as comfortable as possible and save free space. Furniture for attractions created by the author. The effect of the dance, which is so attractive to the outside, is not felt inside. Work in the building is quite comfortable, and you can also eat in the restaurant.

In the Dancing House there is a gallery where a place is provided for the work of young artists. Here cultural events are held, temporary exhibitions are shown, and design fans can visit the store and choose thematic books.

Interesting fact! Today, the owner of the Dancing House is Vaclav Skale, a Prague investor. He acquired the attraction for $ 18 million. Often the question is – what made the businessman invest such an amount in the original building. Wenceslas himself answers that real estate with such a history will never depreciate.

Windows of a dancing house

What is inside:

  • office rooms;
  • hotel;
  • restaurant “Ginger & Fred”;
  • terrace and observation deck;
  • bar.

Hotel Dancing House

It offers guests 21 rooms of different configurations, costs and design. There is a bar, restaurant, free Wi-Fi throughout. Tourists note the convenient location of the hotel – the distance to the nearest metro station is only 30 meters.

Double room in hotel
Double room in hotel

The rooms are equipped with:

  • air conditioning;
  • TV;
  • coffee machine.

Each room has a bathroom, equipped with the necessary set of hygiene and cosmetics.

Breakfast is included in the price. If necessary, guests can prepare a diet menu.

The front desk is open 24 hours a day, as is the car rental desk.

Distance to the most significant tourist places:

  • Wenceslas Airport – 13 km;
  • Charles Bridge – 1.2 km;
  • Wenceslas Square – 1.5 km.
Conference room at the hotel
Conference hall

Rooms and apartments in the hotel :

  • Superior double room – single occupancy from 169 €, double accommodation from 109 €;
  • deluxe room for two people – single occupancy from 98 €, double occupancy from 126 €;
  • Apartment Royal Royal Suite – from 340 €;
  • Ginger Suite apartments – from 306 €;
  • Royal Ginger Suite – from 459 €.

Apartment suites are located in two towers – stone (male) and glass (female). For an extra charge, you can order an extra bed, cot and pet accommodation. Pleasant bonuses await guests – floor heating in all bathrooms, minibars, safes, and also each guest receives a welcome treat.

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Ginger and Fred Restaurant

Ginger and Fred Restaurant

A French restaurant invites guests of the hotel and Prague to enjoy gourmet cuisine. Like the interior of the building, the restaurant is decorated in the author’s style. Despite the fact that the cuisine of the institution specializes in the French menu, international dishes are also presented. For cooking, local products are used.

The restaurant is located on the seventh floor, here you can enjoy not only the original treats, but also admire the views from the panoramic windows. However, knowledgeable tourists note that the river and the city are better visible from the terrace of the bar and the observation deck. In addition to the order, each guest is served a compliment from the chef. In many reviews, tourists who visited the restaurant note a beautiful serving of dishes, impeccably cooked pasta.

Interesting to know! The menu in the restaurant changes four times a year, every day the main menu is supplemented with a special offer. In summer, a large selection of sorbets, ice cream, soft drinks appears on the menu.

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Bar, observation deck

Observation deck

The roof terrace is also a bar and also an observation deck. From the huge windows a wonderful landscape opens – the Vltava River, the embankment, the Smichov district, Jirasków bridge, Prague Castle is visible. To carefully consider the architectural ensembles, the restrained charm of Prague, use powerful binoculars.

There are two ways to go to the terrace:

  • pay 100 CZK;
  • buy any drink at the bar.

Of course, a drink and dessert will cost more than a hundred crowns, but then you can safely sit at a table and enjoy the view.

Interesting fact! Many tourists choose sunset hours to visit the observation deck. It is unlikely to take photos due to the blinding rays of the sun, but a city buried in gold will leave an unforgettable experience.

There are only 9 tables in the bar; it is very difficult to find empty seats on weekends, but as practice shows, tourists do not sit around for a long time. It is enough to wait 10-15 minutes and the table is freed.

Bar in a dancing house

Only drinks and desserts are available on the bar menu. For example, a latte and a slice of cake will cost about 135 Czech crowns. Please note that a really beautiful view opens only from the four tables located closest to the windows, it is they who are most often occupied by vacationers.

Practical information for tourists

Design of a dancing house
  1. Schedule and cost of visiting:
  • the dancing house is open every day from 10-00 to 22-00 (admission is free);
  • the gallery receives guests daily from 10-00 to 20-00 (entrance 190 Czech crowns);
  • the restaurant is open every day from 11-30 to 00-00;
  • the bar is open every day from 10-00 to 00-00;
  • the observation deck is open daily from 10-00 to 22-00 (entrance 100 CZK).
  1. Official website:
  2. Getting to the Dancing House in Prague is easy. You can get to the Karlovo náměstí subway station. Get off the subway and follow the right, along the bridge over the river, to the intersection with Resslova street. There is a tram stop nearby, you can get there by trams No. 3, 10, 16, 18 (Karlovo náměstí stop), as well as trams No. 51, 55, 57 (Štěpánská stop).

From the Štěpánská stop you need to go in the direction of the river, and you will find yourself at the famous house. From the Karlovo náměstí stop, you need to walk to Resslova street and then move to the river.

The exact address of the Dancing House in Prague is Jiráskovo náměstí 1981/6.

All prices on the page are for May 2019.

Interesting to know – facts from the history of the Dancing House

iF design awards
  1. Some time after the opening, the attraction received the highest award in the prestigious competition “iF design awards”.
  2. According to the Architekt magazine, the attraction was included in the top five of the best buildings in Prague during the 1990s.
  3. The construction was carried out on the basis of a complex and clear volumetric modeling
  4. In 2005, the Czech National Bank placed the image of two towers on a coin from the cycle “Ten Centuries of Architecture”.
  5. It’s impossible to just go to the floors where the offices are located, entrance is possible only for company employees with special passes.
  6. Guests can only enter the restaurant, hotel, bar and the observation deck.

The capital of the Czech Republic – the city is quite archaic, modern, urban buildings have bypassed it. However, the Dancing House (Prague) not only does not get out of the general architectural ensemble with its non-standard appearance and complicated history, but emphasizes the individuality and originality of this city. The modern building has attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. Locals speak of the Dancing House only in excellent shape, comparing it with Notre Dame de Paris and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Temple of St. Stephen in Vienna and the Tower Bridge in London. Surprisingly, the fact that the house became a symbol of Prague and the Czech Republic only two decades after the end of construction.

Video about the dancing house.

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