Teplice – tousist’s guide to the popular health resort in the Czech Republic

Teplice (Czech Republic) is a large resort city in the northwestern part of the state, in the Usti Region. The city of Teplice is located in the valley of the Bilina River, on the one hand it is surrounded by the Czech Central Mountains, on the other – the Ore Mountains. Teplice is only 90 km from Prague, and 40 km from Dresden in Germany.

Teplice in the Czech Republic

The area of ​​Teplice is almost 24 km², and the population is about 50,000 people.

The infrastructure in Teplice is approximately the same as in the large cities of the Czech Republic: paved with paving stones and tiles, many paths for cyclists, railway and bus stations, parks and squares. Buses and trolleybuses run around the city, but there are no metro and trams, but they are not needed: walking in 30-45 minutes is quite possible to go from one end of this small city to the other.

The city of Teplice was founded in the XI century, in the XV century many of its mineral springs were already known. And in the XVI century, he gained fame as a resort, which attracts the European elite. Since the 1990s, the establishment of the status of Teplice as a balneological resort of the European level began, the resort industry continues to actively develop. Nevertheless, Teplice is a much less popular resort than Karlovy Vary, and this has its positive aspects: city streets are not buried in Russian-language advertising and are not teeming with tourists who came for treatment.

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Important! The resort does not allow smoking in public places, for this they can be fined 1000 kroons. The same punishment is provided for those who throw garbage on the street.

The main property of the resort are springs with warm mineral water, Teplice baths. By the way, “Teplice” is “warm water”.

Features of treatment in Teplice

The treatment in local health resorts is based on the use of mineral waters from the sources of Pravrzhidlo and Guinea. These thermal springs contain medium-saline water of the sulfate-bicarbonate-sodium type with an increased amount of fluorine, while:

  • in Pravrzhidlo, the total mineralization of water is 1026 mg / l, and the temperature is 38.5 ° C.
  • in Guinea, the salinity of water is 1319 mg / l, and the temperature is 44.5 ° C.

Every month, water is taken from sources, and its chemical and bacteriological composition is checked. Once every 5 years, do deeper research of mineral waters, and all work is controlled by the Czech Ministry of Health.

Pool in the sanatorium

Indications for treatment in the spa Teplice in the Czech Republic:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (congenital pathologies, arthritis, changes after injuries and operations, pathologies of muscles and ligaments, etc.);
  • diseases of the vascular system (hypertension of 1-3 degrees, the effects of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, conditions after vascular surgery, etc.);
  • pathologies of the nervous system (congenital paralysis, cerebral palsy, consequences of paralysis, multiple sclerosis, etc.);
  • psychiatric illnesses.

In addition to treatment, local resorts offer a variety of treatments for general wellness and relaxation.

Procedures in the sanatorium

Among the main methods that are used for treatment in Teplice (Czech Republic) are the following:

  • water procedures (different types of hydromassage, as well as different types of baths: whirlpool, carbon dioxide, salt, herbal, thermal, pearl);
  • different types of massage;
  • physical rehabilitation;
  • electrotherapy (laser, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, etc.);
  • thermotherapy (cryo- and lava-therapy, paraffin wraps, mud complex);

A drinking course of imported Bilinska Kiselka mineral water is also often prescribed: it activates the outflow of bile and metabolic processes, helps to stop inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Best health resorts Teplice

The largest sanatoriums in Teplice (Czech Republic):

Sanatorium Room
Double room in the sanatorium
  • “Сísařské lázně” 4 * (Sanatorium “Imperial”). Its name is the memory of what Emperor Wilhelm I used to treat here. Drinking mineral water Bilinska Kiselka is brought to this sanatorium, which contributes to the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. The CLT clinic is equipped in the health resort building – its specialists provide qualified advice (paid) in the field of neurology and orthopedics, as well as provide services in the field of cosmetology and plastic surgery.
  • “Lázeňský dům Beethoven” 3 * (Beethoven spa house). It has all the amenities for people with disabilities. The treatment of a variety of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system is taken from the age of 15.
  • “Kamené lázně” 3 * (Kamenny spa). This sanatorium is the most comfortable in the city, besides there are special rooms for ergotherapy classes with children. “Kamenny” is the only health resort in Teplice where children with cerebral palsy are taken for treatment from the age of 2 and have all the necessary conditions for this. Everything is also adapted here for the treatment of adult patients.
  • Military sanatorium
    Military sanatorium
  • “Vojenská lázeňská léčebna” 3 * (Military sanatorium). The military health resort has two buildings: the Judita spa house and the Vladislav guest house, which are surrounded by ancient parks.

All of these health resorts have their own spacious departments on the territory for conducting health-improving procedures. Directly to these departments 100% natural thermal mineral water for healing water procedures is supplied.

It should be noted that in Teplice there is such a rule: do not call anyone patients who have arrived for treatment, but only guests who receive all the amenities of balneological care. Friendly staff and attentive doctors greet guests with a smile in all the sanatoriums, warm pools are provided and gourmet dinners await.

Hotels in Teplice

Guests of the spa town can also choose to accommodate any hotel or hotel that does not offer treatments for treatment.

Advice! Choosing and booking the right accommodation is best at booking.com. – it so happens to choose a hotel that best meets all the requirements and at the same time save extra.

Here are a few hotels in Teplice (Czech Republic), photos and detailed descriptions of which are on booking.com:

Hotel Cafe
Cafe at the Pivovar Monopol hotel
  • Hotel 3 * Pivovar Monopol . Modern rooms are arranged in an old building, from the hotel floor there is an elevator directly to the entrance to the restaurant and brewery. The rating on the booking site is “Excellent”, 9.0. The cost of a double room per day (in crowns): for one – from 1416, for two – from 1800.
  • Hotel 3 * Avenida Park . There is a good playground for children on site. The rating is “amazing”, 88. A double room costs (in kroons) per day: for one – from 695, for two – from 1210.
  • Hotel 4 * U Kozicky
    Hotel 4 * U Kozicky
  • Hotel 4 * U Kozicky . The hotel, surrounded by a park, was built taking into account the needs of guests with reduced mobility: there are no thresholds in the building, any room can be accessed by elevator. The rating on booking is “amazing”, 8.9. Price for a double room per day (in Czech currency): for one – from 1260, for two – from 1750.

What to see in and around the city

Teplice is a unique city whose guests can not only receive spa treatment, but also see historical sights and admire the picturesque nature.

Advice! In the international roaming zone of the “domestic” operator, phone calls are expensive. It is much more profitable to buy a SIM card of a Czech telecom operator, the most popular now are Vodafone CZ, T-Mobile, O2 (Telefonica). You can purchase a SIM card at the airport, at the bus and train stations, in specialized communication shops or at kiosks on the city streets. The SIM card contains instructions for activating it in English and Czech.

Regional Museum Teplice
Regional Museum

The Regional Museum of Local Lore is located in the historical district of Teplice – on Castle Square, along the perimeter of which the most significant sights of the city are located.

The museum occupies a whole complex of historical buildings in which exhibition halls are equipped. There are collected numerous household items and art found during archaeological excavations in the region. Some halls recreate paintings from the life of bygone days, exhibits on history are presented. Of particular interest to tourists is the dilapidated castle chapel with a well-preserved dungeon.

  • The exact address of the museum: Zamecke namesti 517/14, Teplice 415 01, Czech Republic.
  • The local history museum is open daily except Monday from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00. Tours start every hour.

Ticket price:

  • for adults – 50 kroons;
  • for children from 6 to 14 years old, students, senior citizens, as well as group excursions – 30 kroons;
  • Children under 6 years are admitted free of charge.
Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

The buildings of Stadtgärtnerei (urban gardening) were founded at the end of the 19th century, and after the reconstruction of 1975, the greenhouses became a public attraction of Teplice (Czech Republic).

The modern botanical garden covers an area of ​​2 hectares, where most of the territory is an outdoor exhibition. And 2400 m² are reserved for greenhouses corresponding to different climatic zones:

  1. The greenhouse is stylized as a South Asian pagoda.
  2. The hall, which houses plants from the deserts of Mexico, South Africa, etc.
  3. Greenhouse with exposure of tropical rainforest. There are terrariums and aquariums with inhabitants of the tropics.
  4. In the subtropical hall there are plants from the Himalayas, New Zealand and the Andes, as well as an exposition telling about the formation of brown coal in the foothills of the Ore Mountains.
Botanical Garden in Teplice

Before the entrance to the greenhouse complex there is a sculpture depicting Yuma Kaaks – this is the Mayan god who patronizes plants and animals.

  • The Botanical Garden is located next to the Kamenny Sanatorium, at the address: Josefa Suka 1388, Teplice 415 01, Czech Republic.
  • Entrance fees for adults cost 50 CZK, for children from 6 to 14 years old, students and senior citizens – 25 CZK.

The garden is open to visitors daily, except Monday, at such times:

  • in the summer period (May – September) – from 9:00 to 18:00;
  • in the winter period (October – April) – from 9:00 to 17:00.

Duhtsov Castle
Duhtsov Castle

8 km from Teplice is the city of Duchcov, which houses the castle of the same name. Perhaps the Statni Zamek Duchcov, built in the 13th century, would not stand out among hundreds of similar structures in the Czech Republic if it had not been associated with Giacomo Casanova. Having lived to an advanced age, the famous heartthrob and lover of women for more than 10 years served here as a librarian under Count Waldstein and simultaneously wrote his memoirs. In the same castle, Count Giacomo Casanova met his death.

Of all the excursion routes, the most popular among tourists are the expositions: a bedroom, a room and a library with furniture from the time of Casanova. Prices for all excursion routes are different.

The castle is open to visitors only in high season! The work schedule is as follows (lunch break is always from 12:00 to 12:30):

  • April, October: Saturday from 10: 00 to 16: 00;
  • May, September: Tuesday – Sunday from 10: 00 to 16: 00;
  • June – August: Tuesday – Sunday from 10: 00 to 17: 00.

The address of the castle Duhcov: Namesti Republiky 202/9, Duchcov 419 01, Czech Republic. There is public transport from Teplice: buses No. 483, 486, 488 and 491.

Vetrush Castle
Vetrush Castle

Just 20 km from Teplice there is the small town of Usti nad Labem, and it is there, on a hill 330 meters high, that the castle of Vetrushe (Zámeček Větruše) is located.

But do not think that Vetrush is indeed a castle. The castle was here in the 9th century, and in the 19th century a new building was built on its ruins, which now houses a hotel with a very expensive restaurant and a labyrinth with curved mirrors.

The building is decorated with a tower with an observation deck, from where you can see the city of Usti nad Labem and its immediate surroundings. It is for the sake of this site that most tourists come here, and 20 minutes is enough to explore the city from this point.

You can go to the top of the hill where Zámeček Větruše stands by cable car (ticket 34 kroons) – its lower station is in the center of Usti nad Labem, near the shopping center. By the way, the cable car is also a local attraction: it was built without supports and is the longest of similar structures in Europe.

  • The address of this attraction: Fibichova 392/25, Usti nad Labem 400 01, Czech Republic.
  • You can visit the observation deck and in the mirror maze on any day of the week, the only day off is Monday.

Opening hours:

  • April, May: from 9:00 to 19:00, lunch from 14:00 to 14:30;
  • June – August: from 9:00 to 20:00, lunch from 14:15 to 14:45;
  • September, October: from 9:00 to 18:00, lunch from 14:00 to 14:30;
  • November, December, January – March: from 10:00 to 17:00, lunch from 14:30 to 15:00.
Strzekow Castle
Strzekow Castle

In the same city of Usti nad Labem there is another attraction. Strzekow Castle stands at the very entrance to the city, on a high hill on the banks of the Elbe.

In the fourteenth century, this powerful structure was a watch fortress. Now there are various festivals, jousting tournaments and other thematic events. On the territory of the castle there are 2 restaurants with excellent cuisine: strict Wagner and romantic Kovárna. The observation deck offers stunning views of the Czech Highlands and the picturesque Laba Valley.

Usti nad Labem Station

Getting to the castle of Strzekow is not difficult. From bus station Usti nad Labem, take bus number 17 to the stop “Pod Gradem”, and then turn left at the fork and climb the mountain – only 15 minutes, and the goal is reached. For those who come by car, there are two parking lots: the upper one at the very foot of the hill, and a level lower.

  • Attraction address: Na Zacházce 844, Usti nad Labem 400 03, Czech Republic.
  • You can visit the lower observation deck and partially explore the castle for free. You need to pay 85 kroons for viewing the main exposition.

A visit to the castle of Strzekow is possible only you high season! The work schedule is as follows:

  • April and October: Wednesday – Sunday from 10:30 to 17:00;
  • May and September: Tuesday – Sunday from 9:30 to 17:00;
  • June – August: Tuesday – Sunday from 9:30 to 18:00.

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How to get to Teplice from Prague

You can get to the city of Teplice from the Czech capital of Prague by train or bus. In Teplice, the railway station and the bus station are nearby, on foot it takes only 15 minutes to walk.

By train

From Prague, trains to Teplice leave from the Central Station, located almost in the city center on Wilsonova 8. Direct flights are available every 2 hours, starting from 05:22 and almost until midnight. The distance between cities (by train) is 123 km, travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Central train station
Prague Central Station

One way fare is 105-180 kroons. Tickets can be bought at the box office of the railway station, at a ticket machine or on the official website of the Czech railways: www.cd.cz (you can also see the exact timetable there).

By bus

Buses depart from Prague to Teplice from the Autobusové nádraží Praha Holešovice bus station located in Prague-7. Address: Bondyho, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic.

Central Bus Station
Prague Central Bus Station

The fare is 77-129 kroons. Tickets can be bought at the box office at the bus station or online at the official website https://florenc.cz/holesovice/index.php?site=spojeni&lan=en.

On different days of the week, the number of direct flights from Prague to Teplice (Czech Republic) is different, but mostly departures start at 05:05 or at 07:05, and end at 20:05. The exact schedule can always be checked on the official website of Autobusové nádraží Praha. Travel time is a little over 1 hour.

A short video about the city of Teplice.

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