Prague Zoo – what you need to know before visiting

Prague Zoo is not a place where animals live in cages, it is a huge park with an area of ​​60 hectares, where the natural conditions of different parts of the world are recreated as accurately as possible. The attraction is located in the northern part of Prague. The choice of a place for such an attraction is clear and obvious – beautiful nature, the bank of the Vltava River – here are the best conditions for animals, birds and reptiles, plants. From the article you will learn – what to see in the Prague zoo, how to get from the center of Prague, how much the ticket costs and a lot of other useful information.

Prague Zoo

Photo: Prague Zoo

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general information

The zoo in Prague was opened in 1931, and since then it has been highly praised by visitors and critics. A common story when visitors criticize zoos due to the fact that animals are kept in cages in poor conditions. But after visiting the sights in Prague, the opinion changes dramatically. Indeed, the Prague Zoo destroys all the usual stereotypes about places where animals are kept.

The creators of the zoo in the Czech Republic in Prague coped with the difficult task of building environmentally friendly, as close as possible to natural conditions, housing for animals from around the world.

Lion and lioness at the zoo

Interesting fact! Prague Zoo has become home to 4,700 animals and birds, reptiles and reptiles.

On six tens of hectares 12 pavilions were built, in each masterfully recreated the nature of a particular natural, climatic zone. In total, on the territory of the attraction, one and a half hundred thematic exhibitions are organized. Here you can see rare species of lizards, zebras and lions, hippos and giraffes, meerkats and elephants. There is also a zone equipped for animals that are nocturnal.

Good to know! Be sure to look at how the Prague zoo is located on a map, or better yet, take a map of the park at the box office.

It’s not easy to travel through the park without a scheme, for example, it is easy to walk from the entrance to the area with giraffes in an hour, but you need to know where to move. The schemes are presented in Russian, which is very convenient for Russian-speaking tourists.

Tiger in the zoo

The peculiarity of the Prague Zoo is the accessibility of pets, the absence of aviaries. Even if there are cages, they are exclusively for feeding, as well as to protect tourists from predators. Most of the zoo – open area, lawns, hills, ponds. The territory is picturesque, there is no feeling that animals and birds live in captivity, on the contrary – they freely walk, play, communicate.

Interesting fact! The attraction of the natural park is the cable car, it is easy to get to the top of the park, it also has a trail, if you like walks and nature, take a walk.

A special play area and a children’s zoo are equipped for children, where competitions, games, and entertainment are regularly held.

What to see at the Prague Zoo

Reservation Bororo

An entertainment area for children and adults is a monkey track made up of suspension bridges, small houses, stairs, and various game elements. The village on stilts is filled with artifacts, will give a lot of unforgettable impressions.

The length of the trail is 15 m, the number of houses is 7.

Elephant Valley
Elephant Valley

A 500-meter trail goes around the elephant valley. A herd of Indian elephants lives here, interesting Asian artifacts, shrines are collected, a village of natives is recreated. Those who wish can ride a simulator that resembles an elephant.

Hippopotamus Pavilion

Opened in 2013, spacious swimming pools are equipped here inside, and glass fences are installed outside so that guests can see what is happening under water. In total, five hippos live here, the water temperature in the pool is +20 degrees, the glass thickness is 8 cm.

Jungle indonesia
Jungle indonesia

Here you can enjoy the beauty of the tropical jungle. More than a thousand animals live in the greenhouse. On an area of ​​almost 2 thousand m2, lizards, marsupials, turtles, birds, predators and fish, orangutans comfortably settled down. In total, 1100 animals live in the aviary. Guests will enjoy a unique sight – an acquaintance with the world and lifestyle of nocturnal animals.

Interesting fact! Prague Zoo has made significant progress in breeding Komodo’s monitor lizards.

Africa is near

Another pavilion on an African theme, which presents the opportunity to explore the ruined city, take a walk in a deserted maze. Small rodents, reptiles and insects live here. The exposition consists of four dozen expositions, where 60 species of animals and insects live.

African house
African House Pavilion

In this part of the zoo, the African savannah is recreated, where giraffes, weaver birds, aardvarks and rodent pigs live. Guests have a unique opportunity to look inside the termite and watch the locusts. This zone works all year round, the total number of animals is 70.

Predators, Reptiles

The area where feline predators live is traditionally popular among tourists. It contains rare species of animals and reptiles listed in the Red Book, equipped with terrariums for anacondas, rare stingrays, Cuban cycles and rhombic rattlesnakes.

Gorilla habitat

It turns out that gorillas also have happy families and one of them lives in a Prague zoo. A bright, sunny aviary with toys and lush greenery is equipped for them. Seven gorillas consists of ten individuals, the area of ​​the aviary is 811 m2.

Interesting fact! Only in Prague can one see the only group of gorillas in the Czech Republic whose offspring appeared in captivity.

Crocodiles at the zoo

The inhabitants of the pavilion – the Gangan gavials – crocodiles that are on the verge of extinction. The landscape of the Indian river with a sandy beach, artificial waterfalls, islets is recreated inside and out. Together with crocodiles, turtles and rare fish species live here.

The total exposure area is 330 m2, a constant temperature is maintained inside – +50 degrees.

Giant Tortoise Pavilion

This pavilion is considered one of the best places for keeping turtles in Europe. Freshwater turtles live here from Aldabra Island and the Galapagos Islands. For them, a territory with natural conditions is equipped. Open-air cages for turtles, you can also see chest of drawers lizards.

Salamander in the zoo

In 2014, a unique pavilion was opened at the Prague Zoo, which has no analogues throughout Europe. Here salamanders are bred, which today are endangered. A system of pools has been created for the salamanders, recreating the natural living conditions – mountain rivers. You can watch the salamanders in two lighting modes.

The total area of ​​the pools is 27.5 m2, the exposition covers an area of ​​137 m2, the water temperature is +22 degrees.


One of the most interesting and mysterious pavilions where the nature of the Himalayas is recreated. Take a walk along the mountain slopes overgrown with rich vegetation, admire the waterfalls, go through a winding river. After that, you will find yourself in the pavilion of bright, talkative feathered inhabitants. In total, 30 species of birds and more than 60 species of plants live in the pavilion.

Interesting fact! Plants for this pavilion were brought directly from Sichuan.

Penguin pavilion
Penguin pavilion

For pools two pools are equipped – internal and external. The landscape and nature of the coast of South America are recreated here. By the way, in this part of the zoo penguins not only swim, but also fly underwater. The area of ​​the pavilion is almost 235 m2, the open-air pool area is 90 m2, the pool depth is 1.5 m.

Fur Seal Exposition

This exhibition conveys the nature of the coast of South Africa. Cape seals live here, showing their playful, but predatory nature under water and on land. A system of pools filled with salt water has been created in the pavilion, because it is here that fur seals live.

The total area of ​​the pools is 370 m2, the stands, where spectators can observe the training of marine predators, hold 250 seats.

Water world and monkey islands
Monkey in the zoo

This exposition is located in the lower part of the Prague Zoo, here the marshland is home to 15 species of mammals, birds – flamingos, water goats, tapirs, squirrel monkeys and koats.

The total area of ​​swamps and islands is slightly more than 2 thousand m2.


This pavilion can rightly be called the most beautiful marshy place. Here live graceful cranes, red ibis, fussy lapwing. By the way, the zoo in Prague is one of the few places in the world where whale heads live. The 5600 m2 aviary is open around the clock.

Aviaries under the rock

Built along the road that runs from the main entrance to the Prague Zoo and stretches to the rock massif. Two aviaries are available for tourists, which allows you to see the birds as close as possible.

More than eight dozen animals and birds live in the pavilion, the height of the rocks is 680 m, and the area of ​​the large aviary is almost 1000 m2.

Parrot in the zoo

These are far from all the enclosures and expositions that are in the Prague zoo, here also are:

  • parrot trail;
  • northern forest;
  • plains;
  • rock mass;
  • children’s zoo;
  • order;
  • geological track.

During the walk you are sure to get hungry. In this case, you can do the following:

  • visit any cafe located in the zoo;
  • bring groceries with you and organize a picnic.

Important! For gatherings in nature in the zoo there are specially equipped places.

The official website provides a schedule of children’s entertainment events. The information is easy to understand, since there is a Russian-language version.

Animal in the zoo

Photo: Prague Zoo

Zoo in Prague – how to get there

The exact address of the natural park is at Troisky Castle 3/120. You can get in several ways: public transport, car, water, bicycle.

Metro in Prague
How to get on the subway

You need to get to the Nádraží Holešovice metro station (located on a red branch) and then transfer to bus number 112. Must follow until Zoologická zahrada.

How to get to Prague Zoo by bus

Route 112 departs from a stop located next to the Nádraží Holešovice metro station, near Holešovice station.
From Podgorica, route 236 leaves (stop next to the Podhoří ferry).

Tram in Prague
How to get to the zoo in Prague by tram

Route 17 departs from Sídliště Modřany. At the Trojská stop, you need to transfer to bus route No. 112.
Also, tram number 17 leaves from Vozovny Kobylisy stop, you need to get to the Trojská stop, transfer to bus route number 112.

How to get from the center of Prague to the zoo by water

Flights along the Vltava River run from the second half of March until mid-autumn. The ship leaves from the center of the Czech capital. The road takes 1 hour 15 minutes. You will have to walk from the marina – 1.1 km.

How to get there by ferry.

A ferry service is open every day, a water route connects the Podbaba region and the Podgorji region. From the final destination – Podgorzhi – to the entrance to the zoo you need to walk 1.5 km or take buses No. 112 or No. 236.

Note! Exact coordinates: 50 ° 7’0.099 ″ N, 14 ° 24’39.676 ″ E

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Practical information

Entrance to the zoo

Prague Zoo welcomes guests every day, 365 days a year. The mode of operation depends on the season:

  • January and February – from 9-00 to 16-00;
  • March – from 9-00 to 17-00;
  • April and May – from 9-00 to 18-00;
  • summer months – from 9-00 to 19-00;
  • September and October – from 9-00 to 18-00;
  • November and December – from 9-00 to 16-00.

Important! Two days in December – 24 and 31 – the zoo is open until 14-00.

The cash desk located near the main entrance is open every day. Two ticket offices – south and north – are open only on weekends and holidays. All ticket offices close 30 minutes before the end of the zoo.

Zoo map
The price of tickets to the Prague Zoo
  • Adult – 200 CZK (annual – 700 CZK).
  • Children’s – 150 CZK (annual – 450 CZK).
  • Student – 150 CZK (annual – 450 CZK).
  • Pension – 150 CZK (annual – 450 CZK).
  • Children under three years old have free admission.

Important! Student and pension tickets can be purchased with a supporting document. Every first Monday of the month the cost for pensioners is only 1 CZK.

Opencard owners receive a 5% discount on the price of a one-time ticket to the Prague Zoo.

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Near the zoo in Prague there is parking for cars. The cost of a place during the holidays, holidays and weekends is 200 CZK, on ​​other days – 100 CZK.

ZTP and ZTP / P certificate holders are entitled to leave the car for free.

There is also a parking for buses – the cost is 300 CZK, and free parking for bicycles is also equipped.

The official site of the zoo in Prague (there is a Russian version).

All prices and timetables on the page are for May 2019.

Prague Zoo is home to thousands of animals, birds, fish, insects and plants. Without leaving Prague, you can visit Africa, the northern regions, the Himalayas and just have a wonderful time with your family.

Video: walk through the Prague Zoo.

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