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How to get from Prague to Brno quickly and cheaply

Prague – Brno is a popular route among tourists and locals, which hundreds of people travel every day. Getting from one city to another is very simple: just take a bus, train or taxi, and after 2 hours you will be there.

City of Brno

Cities are separated by 207 km, which can be overcome by various means of transport. The cheapest option is a bus ride. The fastest is the train. And the most comfortable one is a taxi. Choose what is closer to you.

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How to get there by bus

It is the cheapest way to get from Prague to Brno on your own by bus. There are several carriers in the Czech Republic, but the most famous and largest are Flixbus and RegioJet.

Company flixbus

The most popular carrier in Europe is Flixbus, which connects hundreds of cities into a single network.

Flixbus Bus

So, Flixbus runs daily 12-15 times a day. The schedule is as follows:


Please note that there are a number of buses that run only on weekends (or vice versa on weekdays). Least of all chances to get to your destination on Monday – runs 9 times a day.


Buses depart from the Bus Station (Praga UAN Florenc). The final stop is Hotel Grand.

Praga UAN Florenc

Please note that in Prague the bus makes 7 stops, which means that it is not necessary to get to the city center in order to catch it. This can be done at the following stations:

  • Prague Liben;
  • Prague Zlicin;
  • Prague East;
  • Prague Andel;
  • Prague Roztyly;
  • Prague Hradcanska;
  • Prague Main Station.
Ticket purchase
Flixbus bus inside

You can buy your bus ticket Prague – Brno online at the official website of the carrier. Payment is made using Visa and Mastercard or PayPal bank cards.

Official page:


The fare is from 3 to 10 euros. The company often has promotions and sales, so there is always the opportunity to save significantly.

Advantages of Flixbus:
  • a large number of flights;
  • the ability to quickly get from one city to another;
  • low price;
  • the ability to choose places;
  • comfortable seats in the cabin.

RegioJet Company
RegioJet Bus

RegioJet is the second most popular carrier in the Czech Republic. The schedule is as follows:

2 p.m.16.55
3 p.m.17.30
4 p.m.18.35
6 p.m.20.30
7 p.m.21.35

Landing is carried out at the station Praga UAN Florenc (Bus station). Disembarkation – at the station of Hotel Grand.

Buying tickets

You can purchase tickets yourself on the official website of the carrier, paying by credit card or electronic money (PayPal). It is always worth booking in advance, since this area is quite popular, and not always, if you buy tickets in 1-2 days, there are places.

Official page:

RegioJet Bus

The fare varies from 4 to 8 euros (depending on travel time and class). There are sales, but rarely.

Benefits of RegioJet:
  • there are flights early in the morning (this is not the case with Flixbus);
  • the ability to quickly get from one city to another;
  • transport runs every hour;
  • the ability to choose places;
  • You can pay for travel online.

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By train

If for some reason the bus does not suit you, you should buy train tickets yourself. All trains depart from Praha hl station. n (Central Railway Station). The final station is Brno dolni.

Praha hl.  n

The schedule is as follows (departure time is written):

04.48, 06.47, 08.47, 12.27, 14.47, 16.47,, 07.20, 09.20, 11.20, 13.20, 15.20, 17.20, 19.20,, 07.50, 12.22, 14.22, 18.22, 20.22,, 08.03, 10.03, 12.03, 14.03, 16.03, 18.03.

Typically, travel time is 2 hours and 15-30 minutes.

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets for the Prague-Brno train yourself either at the box office of the railway station or on the official websites of the carriers.


RegioJet Train
Ticket price

The ticket price starts from 5 euros and ends with 20. The price depends on whether you buy a seat in a compartment or reserved seat, as well as on the time of departure of the train.

  • no shifts in the schedule;
  • the ability to quickly get from one city to another;
  • you can choose your place on the train;
  • traveling from Prague to the center of Brno by train is almost as much as taking a bus.

By taxi

Taxi in Prague

The most expensive, but also the most convenient way to get from Prague to the center of Brno is by taxi. Since the distance between cities is relatively small, this pleasure will cost from 150 to 200 euros (depending on the carrier).

Uber in Prague

You can order a car by phone, but if you can’t speak Czech on your own, it’s best to do it online. The most popular online taxi services in the Czech Republic:

  • Liftago
  • City taxi;
  • Taxify
  • Uber.

In order to order a taxi via the Internet yourself, you need to go to the official website or mobile application, leave your contact details there and wait for feedback. On most sites, you can immediately find out how much the trip will cost.

AAA Taxi

If you speak Czech on your own, then you should call the following taxi services:

  • AAA Taxi – (+420) 222 333 222;
  • Modry andel – (+420) 737 222 333;
  • Sedop – (+420) 227 227 227.

Now you know how quickly and at what price you can go on a trip in the direction Prague – Brno.

Prices and timetables on the page are for August 2019.

From Prague to Brno and back by train:

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