Guide to the best areas in Prague to stay overnight

The territory of Prague is divided into 22 municipal parts – areas. If in most countries urban districts are given sonorous beautiful names, then residents of the Czech capital did better: all areas of Prague are called “Prague” and have their own serial number.

Prague from above

The districts, in turn, are divided into cadastres, there are 112 of them. But the boundaries of the districts and cadastres do not coincide: there are cadastres that are part of several neighboring districts.

Of course, travelers who come to Prague would like to get to know this city as best as possible, to see not only its historical part, but also remote corners. But it is worth considering that only in areas 1 to 10 there is something to see, all the rest are sleeping.

Important! The numbering of the districts of Prague is disordered and does not correlate with their location. When traveling around the city, use the map of Prague, which shows the areas and their numbers.

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And now, focusing on the map of Prague by region, we will consider each of them from a tourist point of view, and highlight their best characteristics and disadvantages.

Area Map

Prague 1

Which district in the center of Prague is called the treasury of the most significant sights of the Czech Republic and is very popular among tourists? This is Prague 1.

Old Town Square

This area is divided by the Vltava River into two halves. On the left bank are the microdistrict of Hradcany and partially Malaya Strana. On the right is Stara Mesto, the oldest quarter of Josephs and part of the Vinohrady microdistrict. Most of the buildings in this district are historical, and there are no new buildings at all. You need to move around the territory of this district on foot, so it will be much better and more convenient to get acquainted with the historical monuments of the Czech Republic located here. For example, with:

  • Prague Castle with its architectural dominant – St. Vitus Cathedral.
  • Old Town Square with Prague Chimes;
  • Charles bridge and towers at the entrance to it.

In addition to significant historical monuments, numerous cafes, the best restaurants and various entertainment facilities, as well as boutiques of many prestigious brands are waiting for tourists in this district. There are no problems with hotels either – there are a lot of options where you can stay. But you need to consider that prices for everything in Prague-1 are very high.

District Prague-1

Tourists who are looking for where to stay in Prague for sightseeing can definitely recommend this area. But still weigh all its features:

+ Attractions are concentrated so that to get to know them it is convenient to walk;

+ A large selection of hotels, restaurants, shops;

– the highest prices in the capital for everything;

– almost no green areas;

– A very high concentration of tourists.

Prague 2

New place

South of Prague-1, Prague-2 is located, occupying a small area on the right side of the Vltava River. This is a historical territory, which includes Nove Mesto, Vysehrad and almost the entire microdistrict of Vinohrady. When planning a trip to the Czech Republic, and choosing where to stay in Prague, do not lose sight of this district.

The infrastructure here is at the highest level: there are shopping malls, restaurants, shops. Numerous offices of prestigious companies located in Prague-2 have made the district recognized as the center of urban business.

The equipped park areas of the Gavlichkova and Riegrovy gardens are always popular not only among tourists, but also among Prague residents themselves. There are other interesting sights, such as the Dancing House and Wenceslas Square. But most of all tourists are attracted by the medieval fortress Vysehrad, considered a symbol of the Czech capital. And to historical sights in Prague-1 to go from here in less than 10 minutes, you can walk in 20 minutes.

District Prague-2

There are places to stay in area No. 2 – there are many hotels. Prices are as high as in Prague-1, but cheaper housing can be found in remote housing estates.

When planning to stay in the Prague district number 2, it is better to pay attention to all its characteristics:

+ close proximity to the city center and its attractions;

+ a lot of green areas;

+ excellent message: trams and buses run around the clock.

+ an extensive selection of hotels;

– Prices are as high as in District 1.

Prague 3

TV tower in Prague

To the east of Prague-1 is the largest area of ​​the Czech capital – Prague-3. It is recognized as the creative center of the Czech Republic, it is inhabited by students, representatives of creative professions.

A tourist choosing which area of ​​Prague is best to stay should take into account that there are practically no attractions in the district No. 3. The most famous is the TV tower, on the supports of which 100-meter metal babies “crawl”. What is plentiful here are beer pubs, bars, nightclubs – Prague residents themselves often come here to enjoy a couple of glasses of beer in a pleasant environment.

Each year, several significant events are organized in this area: in February – merrymaking on Shrovetide holidays, in September – a carnival in honor of young wine. We can safely say that for lovers of rich nightlife there is no better option than Prague-3, because it is rightfully recognized as the center of local and tourist parties.

District Prague 3

Hotels in Prague-3 are quite enough, and the cost of rooms in them is much more affordable than in areas No. 1 and No. 2. By the way, you can get to these districts from Prague-3 in just 10 minutes using the subway, bus or tram.

To better understand what opportunities this area provides for city guests, once again check out its positive and not very convenient characteristics:

+ close location to the historical lands of the capital;

+ well-organized traffic;

+ there are opportunities for a fun diverse holiday;

+ hotel prices are more affordable than in previous areas;

– very few sights;

– not suitable for a relaxing holiday.

Prague 4

Prague-4 took the place on the right bank of the Vltava River, Prague-2 separates it from the center. This is one of the largest urban “green” sleeping areas, which is considered environmentally friendly and convenient for permanent residence.

Microdistrict Podoli

Finding out where it is better for a tourist to stay in Prague, and considering this district as one of the options, one must take into account that it is not very interesting and not popular. There are no attractions here, although Vysehrad with unique historical monuments is located nearby. But in the district number 4 is better than in most others, things are with the opportunities for sports. In Podoli (the most prestigious part of Prague-4) there is a pool complex of the same name and the лluty Lazne ’sports and entertainment complex with tennis courts and sandy beaches. Restaurants, cinemas, entertainment centers in the area are quite enough.

There are very few hotels where guests of the capital can stay in the area. Although there are still hotels and hostels of an average price category with a good level of service.

District Prague 4

To better understand all the opportunities that this area offers tourists, study its positive and negative features:

+ There are excellent conditions for playing sports;

+ environmentally friendly area with forest areas and centuries-old forest;

+ prices are much lower than in the center of the capital;

– few hotels;

– there are no historical sights, and the most important ones on municipal transport go about 20 minutes;

– poor transport links.

Prague 5

As one of the best areas of Prague for tourists, you can offer Prague-5, which occupies a large-scale territory on the southwest side of the main city of the Czech Republic.

Microdistrict Smikhov

Almost 90% of this district is devoted to panel houses, and only the Smikhov microdistrict is able to attract tourists. The prestigious Smikhov is built up in abundance with shopping, entertainment and sports complexes, restaurants, night clubs. There are also a sufficient number of hotels, and the prices are one of the most affordable in Prague. In general, this place is best for budget tourists.

There are no significant sights here, but from the north-east side Smikhov is adjacent to the central regions, and it is less than 10 minutes to get to the monuments located there. And Prague-5 simply amazes with its famous natural beauties: the Prokop and Daleysky valleys, the park zone Koshirzhe Motol, Motol Ordovician, Barrandov Rocks.

District Prague 5

When considering options where it is better to stay in Prague, consider all the features of the district number 5:

+ a large number of natural attractions;

+ close to historical monuments;

+ Perhaps the smallest prices in the city for accommodation;

– from the whole district only one part of it is attractive – Smikhov;

– transport links are well organized only in Smichov.

Prague 6

Comparing all areas of Prague, and choosing where to stay, special attention should be paid to the elegant Prague-6, immersed in flowers and other vegetation. It complements the list of the most expensive urban areas.

Neighborhood Dejvice

This district covers an area from the northwestern border of the Prague capital to its center. It is here that the majority of foreign embassies are located, various universities are open, the best city hospital, as well as the airport named after Vaclav Havel.

Many tourists are interested in the Dejvice quarter located here, inhabited mainly by people who emigrated from Russia. In Prague-6 you can visit the Strahov and Brzhenov Monasteries, the Museum of Urban Transport. This district partially includes the Hradcany, where modern residential complexes are completely absent, there are only buildings that have been restored and have retained their historical significance. From Hradcany Square you can easily go to the famous Prague Castle. The area will be interesting for tourists who love the picturesque nature: they will certainly be interested in Divoka Sharka Park.

In Prague 6 there is a large selection of hotels, the best of them are open in restored old houses. But staying in them is a very expensive pleasure for ordinary tourists, because in terms of cost of living Prague-6 is second only to the two main urban areas.

District Prague-6

From this district it is easy to get to anywhere in the capital, and to be on its historical lands, it will take only 5 minutes.

In order to be able to compare which district of Prague is better for tourists, look again at all the features of District 6:

+ many historical sights;

+ eco-friendly area with beautiful green areas;

+ well-established transport links;

+ proximity to the central part and its monuments;

– a decent influx of tourists;

– complements the list of the most expensive areas.

Prague 7

Forest Park Stromovka with Planetarium
Forest Park Stromovka with Planetarium

Many tourists will agree that in the main Czech city it is best to stay in elite Prague-7. This smallest of all areas is located on the north side of the city. It is surrounded on three sides by the Vltava River, which separates it from Prague-1. In the past century, District No. 7 was an industrial zone, and now tourists are waiting for museums and the best galleries of the city, large shopping centers.

On the modest square of Prague-7 there are many beautiful and noteworthy places:

  • Stromovka Forest Park with Planetarium;
  • Botanical Garden;
  • cozy park square Letensky gardens;
  • long embankment along the Vltava river;
  • the majestic Troy Castle;
  • Almost the largest Prague zoo in Europe.

To stay in Prague-7 comfortably, it will not be difficult for tourists to find a good hotel. In addition, despite the convenient proximity to the city center (up to 15 minutes by municipal transport), prices here are 35-40% lower.

District Prague 7

Once again, pay attention to the characteristics of Prague district No. 7, this will help you better navigate when choosing a place to place:

+ there are beautiful places where you can have a good time;

+ a variety of hotels with affordable prices;

+ well-organized transport links;

+ fairly close location relative to the center;

– few historical sights.

Prague 8

Grabova Villa
Grabova Villa

The vast territory on the north-eastern side of the capital belongs to Prague-8, which is well known as the business and cultural part of the huge city.

I must say that this is the most extraordinary and contrasting area in which the infrastructure is excellently developed. In area No. 8 there is everything: elite new buildings, ancient architectural monuments and other attractions, the latest shopping and entertainment complexes, stylized pubs at breweries, music clubs. Therefore, all travelers deciding where and in which area of ​​Prague it is better to stay, definitely need to consider the option of Prague-8.

And even if you don’t even stay here, it’s really easy to visit this area, almost all Prague guests seek. They want to see Grabova’s villa, go to the church of Cyril and Methodius, attend a concert at the Musical Theater. The structure of Prague-8 includes the best natural reserves in the Czech Republic: Bognitske Udoli and Ladvi, Prossek and Troisk Rocks, Big Rock.

District Prague-8

On the industrial outskirts of County No. 8, there are cheap hostels with the lowest prices in the city. But still it is preferable to stay in a more comfortable hotel – there are such ones closer to the center, in the Karlin and Liben microdistricts.

To make it easier to decide where it is better to settle in Prague, study the generalized information about area No. 8:

+ infrastructure is very well developed;

+ well-developed transport system, allowing in 10-15 minutes to get to the city center;

+ here is the main city bus station “Florence”;

+ There are various options for leisure activities;

+ prices are more affordable than in central areas;

– interest is mainly caused by the Karlin and Liben microdistricts.

Prague 9

Black Bridge Shopping Center
TC “Black Bridge”

Prague-9 is located in the north-east of the capital, it takes 40 minutes to get to the historic lands on municipal transport. This is an industrial area where transport links with the rest of the capital are poorly established and there is practically nowhere to stay – there are no hotels. It is not surprising that tourists almost do not look here. In principle, one can go here only for the sake of Kolodey Castle and Hvalsky Castle, as well as for shopping at the Black Bridge (the largest shopping center in Europe).

But locals love Prague-9 for entertainment, sports clubs with golf courses and attractive accommodation at affordable prices.

District Prague-9

Characteristics of the district number 9:

+ There are sports clubs and entertainment complexes;

+ “Black Bridge” – ideal for a shop signal;

– complete absence of hotels;

– very far from historical monuments;

– part of the microdistricts is industrial;

– poor transport communication.

Prague 10
Park Gostivarge

Tourists who are looking for where to stay in Prague inexpensively, but well, definitely need to consider Prague-10. This area, although remote from the center (it is located on the southeast side of the city), will be interesting for travelers. It is famous for its Gostivarge park with a huge body of water and good beaches, as well as the best European water park. In addition, the architectural appearance of the district is also attractive, because there are many ancient buildings, including churches and chapels. Thanks to its vast green areas, Prague-10 is an environmentally friendly area.

In Vrsovice and Vinohrady, closest to central Prague-1, tourists will find many good and affordable hotels. But in the same Prague-1, these microdistricts will need 30-40 minutes to get by bus or metro.

District Prague-10

Having decided to stay in the district of Prague-10, you better evaluate the pros and cons of this step:

+ is an environmentally friendly area with very clean air;

+ There are many options for inexpensive, but comfortable living;

+ there are options for leisure activities;

– far to get to the historical center with its attractions.

To summarize

All areas of Prague are interesting and original in their own way, and in most of them you can stay for a while. You just need to clearly understand the purpose of the trip and determine your expectations from it, and on the basis of this, choose a specific area for your stay. We are sure that our tips will help you stay in the best area of ​​the city!

Video about the districts of Prague and the Czech language.

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