Alfonso Mucha Museum in Prague – what you need to know before visiting

The Alphonse Mucha Museum in Prague is an extravaganza of Art Nouveau. The exposition presents the most famous paintings of the artist, as well as their copies, created in the style of art nouveau.

Alphonse Mucha Museum

General information

The museum was opened in 1996 at the initiative of the artist’s relatives and children, who handed over the most interesting exhibits here. The building where the museum is located – Kounitsky Palace, was built in 1755.

Museum Hall

The museum is located near the metro station Staromestskaya and Charles Bridge, so there are always many visitors.

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Alphonse Mucha

Alfons Maria Mucha is a well-known Czech-Moravian artist, illustrator and jewelry designer. Born in a small town near Brno. He devoted all his childhood to singing, and also loved to draw. After leaving school I wanted to try to become students of the Prague Academy of Arts, but could not pass the entrance exams well. Despite this, the artist did not give up drawing, and in 1879 he was invited to Vienna as a decorator in several workshops.

After he worked on the design of palaces and castles in the territory of modern Czech Republic and Germany. At the end of the 19th century he moved to Munich, and two years later – to Paris. In the capital of France, he graduated from two well-known art academies. Fate smiled on Alfonso Mucha in 1893 when he drew a poster for the theatrical performance of Gismond. This illustration made him one of the most sought after and famous illustrators in Paris.

Alfons continued his career in America, where for 5 years he worked as a teacher at the University of Chicago and created sets for leading theaters in New York. In 1917 he left for Prague, where he created postage stamps, the first state banknotes and even the coat of arms of Czechoslovakia. His most ambitious work – “Slavic epic”, he completed in 1928 and presented to Prague.

Picture of Alphonse Mucha

By the end of the 30s, Alfons’s work began to be considered obsolete and too nationalistic. The artist’s life ends in 1939 – after Alphonse was included in the list of enemies of fascist Germany, he was repeatedly summoned for interrogation and arrested. As a result, he fell ill with pneumonia, from which he died.

Museum exposition

Poster Alphonse Mucha

The exposition of the Museum of the Flies in Prague can be divided into several parts.

  • Posters created in Paris

This is the most popular part of the exposition. Most posters depict Sarah Bernhardt, a well-known French actress who has played in many theaters. Rumor had it that Alphonse and Sarah were connected by something more than a working relationship.

  • Wall panels

The wall panels of the Flies are like stained glass windows – they are just as bright and seem to transmit light.

  • Sketches “sketched” with a simple pencil
  • Sketch Alphonse Mucha

The sketches created by Alphonse are carefully drawn, and no worse than the finished work.

  • Czech period paintings

Pictures of the Czech period are the most expensive, and are very much appreciated by many collectors. The main character of such paintings is always a Slavic girl standing in the middle of nature. Mucha always paid special attention to details: if you look closely, even on the simplest canvas, you can find many interesting elements.

  • Book Illustrations
  • Book Illustrations

These are small images that are in boxes around the perimeter of all the halls. The subjects are diverse: birds, animals, flowers, the moon and the sun, stars, and, of course, girls.

Be sure to check out the artist’s workshop – this is the most atmospheric and interesting part of the museum. The easel, brushes and palette knife, previously owned by Alfons, are stored here. Also here you can find photos of models and notes on sheets made by the master.

The Alphonse Mucha Museum is very small, and it will take no more than 30 minutes to inspect the exposition. Tourists note an interesting description of the paintings and the opportunity to watch a film about the fate of the artist.

Museum painting

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Practical information

  • Address: Panská 7/890 | Kaunicky Palace, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic.
  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00
  • The cost of visiting: adult – 260 CZK, children, student, for pensioners – 180 CZK.
  • Official website:

Useful Tips

  • Despite the high price of tickets (in most museums in Prague it costs 50-60 kroons cheaper), tourists are advised to visit this place. Aesthetic satisfaction guaranteed.
  1. Interestingly, the creations of Alphonse can be seen not only in the museum. Be sure to go to the Mayor’s Salon in the Public (Municipal) House of Prague, located at the Náměstí Republiky metro station. The facade of the building, as well as the ceilings and walls of some rooms, were painted by Mucha.
  2. Public house
    Public house of Prague
  3. The museum periodically hosts workshops and temporary exhibitions.
  4. The museum offers a guided tour. Since they are held irregularly, it is necessary to arrange a meeting in advance. Price – 500 CZK (up to 15 people).
  5. The museum has a souvenir shop: here you can buy cards with famous paintings by the artist and traditional magnets.

The Alphonse Mucha Museum in Prague is worth a visit even to those who are not keen on art: bright and cheerful paintings will not leave anyone indifferent.

More works by the artist can be seen in the video.

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