12 most interesting museums in Prague

Museums in Prague are among the most interesting and largest in Europe. Due to the fact that the Old Town of Prague is well preserved, many unique exhibits are presented in museums that can no longer be seen in other European cities.

In any European city there are many museums: large and modern with installations, and very tiny and cozy, located in residential buildings of the Old Towns.

Prague view

In total, there are about 70 museums and galleries in Prague. Each has its own rich history and its own interesting exhibits. Since it’s impossible to look at all the sights of the city in a week, and even more so in a few days, we made a selection of the most interesting museums in Prague.

As in most European countries, Prague has a tourist map of the city – the Prague Card. With its help, you can look at the main attractions of the Czech capital for free or at significant discounts, as well as visit cafes and restaurants. Pay attention to the Prague map if you want to visit at least 15 museums and galleries in 3-4 days.

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“National Museum”

National Museum

The Czech National Museum is the largest and most famous in Prague. It consists of historical, ethnographic, theatrical, archaeological and pre-historical departments. In total, the museum stores more than 1.3 million rare books and about 8 thousand old scrolls. The total number of exhibits exceeds 10 million storage units. You can learn more and see the photo of the museum here .

Alphonse Museum of the Fly

Alphonse Museum of the Fly

The list of the best museums in Prague will be incomplete, if you do not remember the museum of Alfons Mucha – a famous Czech modernist artist. Despite the tragic and complex life of the creator, his work is very bright and sunny, somewhat similar to stained glass.

The exhibition presents a lot of bright lithographs and paintings, in the first room they show a film about the creative path of Alphonse Mucha. More information about the museum can be found on this page .

Museum of Sex Machines

Museum of Sex Machines

The Museum of Sex Machines is located on the popular tourist street of the Old Town, so tourists are always full of tourists. Each department of the museum corresponds to a certain topic: a costume room for sex games, a room for erotic photos, and retro porn. Read more about the museum and see the photo in this article .

National Technical Museum

National Technical Museum

The National Technical Museum is a story about how technology has changed over time, and what heights today have achieved by scientists and researchers. The exposition is divided into several parts. The first (and largest) hall is an exhibition of vehicles of different times. Here you can see both military airplanes and rare cars of the 1920s. release, and on motorcycles.

The second room is the photo area. The visitors are presented with photos and video equipment of the early 20th century. As an addition – an interesting collection of pictures of Old Prague.

Print room

In the third exhibition hall you can find out everything about the history of the development of print in Europe. Among the most interesting exhibits are old Lynotipe printing machines and photos of its inventors. The fourth hall is the astronomy room. Here is everything related to the study of celestial bodies: star maps, astronomical clocks, planet models and a telescope.

In the sixth hall are models of interesting industrial sites in Europe. The most notable are St. Vitus Cathedral and the Sugar Mill in Teplice.

  • Address: Kostelní 1320/42, Praha 7
  • Opening hours: 09.00 – 18.00.
  • Price: 220 CZK for adults, 100 for children and senior citizens.

Museum of Cinematography NaFilM

Museum of Cinematography NaFilM

The NaFilM Cinema Museum is one of the most popular museums in Prague for tourists. In addition to classic exhibits and many layouts of famous cartoons, the museum has a dozen interactive whiteboards, tables and installations.

In the museum you can see how movies were shot and shot before and now, where famous Czech directors draw inspiration and get a lot of interesting information about animation. Guests of Prague note that in the museum you can make a film yourself, and even put your own voice on top of the selected music. This is one of those museums in Prague that is definitely worth a visit.

Museum staff are fluent in English, but they don’t know Russian.

  • Address: Jungmannova 748/30 | Entry from the Franciscan Garden off Jungmann’s Square, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Opening hours: 13.00 – 19.00.
  • Price: 200 CZK for adults, 160 for children and senior citizens.

National Memorial to the Heroes of Terror of Heydrich

National Memorial

The National Memorial to the Heroes of Terror of Heydrich is a commemorative plaque that lists the names and photos of those soldiers (7 people) who fought an unequal battle with the Gestapo and SS in June 1942.

Next to the plaque is the Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius, which presents a permanent exhibition, including a number of unique materials about the fall of 1938 and the establishment of Nazi power in Czechoslovakia. Also in the temple periodically give historical lectures and arrange thematic meetings.

  • Address: Resslova 307 / 9a, Prague 120 00, Czech Republic
  • Opening hours: 09.00 – 17.00.

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Museum of Alchemy

Museum of Alchemy

The full name of the museum of Ahlikhmiia is the museum of magicians, alchemists and alchemy. This unusual attraction is located in the catacombs of Old Prague. The building was built back in 980, but neither war nor revolution destroyed it. How not to believe in the power of alchemy?

It is interesting that the townspeople learned about the existence of the dungeon and the workshop of the alchemists quite by accident: in 2002, after one of the most severe floods in the history of Prague, the inhabitants dismantled the rubble and accidentally stumbled upon a network of dark and long corridors underground.

A tour of the museum begins on the ground – in one of the inconspicuous houses in the Old Town in the Middle Ages, the famous astrologer Rudolph II and Rabbi Leo lived. They tried to unravel the secret of youth, and tried to invent a healing elixir. They recorded all the experiments, and they can be seen in a huge book presented at the museum. The old library deserves special attention, in which more than 100 books, parchments and interesting tools for various rituals are stored.

Exhibits at the Museum of Alchemy

However, the most interesting thing is ahead – in one of the rooms the closet is pushed back … and before the tourists there is a long stone staircase leading to the dungeon! In the catacombs there are several halls, each of which was intended for a certain operation: collecting and sorting plants, processing, drying, cooking potions and storing the finished product. It is interesting that the recipe for the elixir of youth, which was developed by alchemists, has not yet been found, since for centuries only a few people knew about its existence.

Please note that everyone who is above 150 cm will have to walk the dungeon, bending over – before people were much lower.

  • Address: Jansky Vrsek, 8, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 20.00.
  • Price: 220 CZK for adults, 140 for children and senior citizens.

Prague National Gallery (Narodni galerie v Praze)

Prague National Gallery

The Prague National Gallery is the largest gallery in the country, created in 1796. It consists of many branches: the monastery of St. Agnes of the Czech Republic, Salmovsky Palace, Sternberg Palace, Schwarzenberg Palace, Kinsky Castle (these are the museums of Prague that are definitely worth seeing). The most important (new building) is located in the center of the Old Town.

The gallery consists of three floors, each of which is dedicated to a certain period in the work of artists and various trends in painting. Tourists can look at the works of such famous masters as: Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Eduard Manet, as well as one painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Many interesting works of Czech contemporary artists of the 20th century are presented.

  • Address: Staroměstské náměstí 12 | palác Kinských, Prague 110 15, Czech Republic
  • Schedule: 10.00 – 18.00.
  • Price: 300 CZK – for adults, 220 – for children and senior citizens, students. The ticket is valid in the above 5 branches of the Prague National Gallery.

Museum of Thumbnails

Museum thumbnail

The museum is located in one of the small medieval houses in the center of the Old Town (near the Strahov Monastery). Inside – 2 small, dark rooms with 40 exhibits (but what!). The most famous miniature is the famous savvy flea, the creation of which the Siberian Lefty worked for more than 7.5 years. His other works are also known: a camel in the eye of a needle, a grasshopper nibbling on a violin, 2 sailing ships on the wing of a mosquito and the Eiffel Tower, whose height is 3.2 mm.


Also on display is a unique book – a collection of stories by A.P. Chekhov, the size of which is equal to the ordinary point that is put at the end of the sentence. It is difficult to imagine, therefore, tourists who have been there are advised to definitely go to this place.

  • Address: Strahovske nadvori 11 | Prague 1, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Open: 09.00 – 17.00.
  • Price: 100 CZK – for adults, 50 – for children and senior citizens, students.
Museum of the Kingdom of Railways
Museum of the Kingdom of Railways

The Kingdom of Railways Museum is a true paradise for miniature lovers. On an area of ​​more than 100 square meters there are railway tracks, the main attractions of Prague and train manufacturing enterprises. The first panel exhibition is a story about the history of the development of railways.

The second part of the museum is an interesting panel exhibition, from which you can learn about various professions related to the design and manufacture of trains. In the third part of the hall you can see Prague of the 19th and 21st centuries. The museum also has huge interactive layouts of European cities from Lego designers.

  • Address: Stroupezhnickeho 3181/23, Prague 150 00, Czech Republic.
  • Opening hours: 09.00 – 19.00.
  • Price: 260 CZK for adults, 160 for children and senior citizens, 180 for students.

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KGB Museum
KGB Museum

The KGB Museum, which many attribute to the best museums in Prague, appeared thanks to a private collector who lived and collected exhibits in Russia for a long time. Most of the unique things were found and acquired in the early 90s: after the collapse of the USSR, a huge number of historical values ​​were either in flea markets or in garbage cans.

In the museum’s exposition, you can look at such unusual things as the murder weapon of Leon Trotsky, the death mask of Lenin and the personal radio of Lavrentiy Beria. In addition, you can see previously classified photos of the Red Army, telephone sets that were used during the Second World War and visit the office of the NKVD.

  • Address: Mala Strana Vlaska 13, Prague 118 00, Czech Republic.
  • Opening hours: 09.00 – 18.00.
  • Price of flights: adults – 200 CZK, 150 – children and pensioners.
Franz Kafka Museum
Franz Kafka Museum

The story of one of the most famous German writers of the 20th century began in Prague – it was here, on July 3, 1883, that Franz Kafka was born. The museum dedicated to the writer was opened relatively recently – in 2005.

Inspection of the exhibition should start from the second floor. Here are objects, photos related to Kafka. Museum workers say that this is a place where you can see the soul of the writer and understand what kind of person he was, what he did and what he felt. The exposition actively uses technical means. For example, a video of the streets of Old Prague is broadcast on a large screen.

Kafka Museum

The hall on the ground floor called “Imaginary Topography” is more likely not connected with the personality of the writer, but is dedicated to his works and their relationship with the Czech Republic. So, one of the most creepy and memorable exhibits is the model of the execution machine, which was invented by one of the directors of the correctional colony in one of Kafka’s stories.

Tourists note that the general mood in the museum is oppressive and gloomy, but to get to this place, which is included in the list of the most interesting museums in Prague, is definitely worth it.

  • Location: Cihelna 2B | Mala Strana, Prague 118 00, Czech Republic.
  • Schedule: 10.00 – 18.00.
  • Admission: CZK 200 for adults, 120 for children and senior citizens.

Museums in Prague are very diverse, and will be able to interest any tourist.

Video about the Prague night of museums.

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