The best beach holiday resorts in Croatia for families with children

The country has a pleasant, mild climate, well-developed infrastructure. The presence of thermal springs has allowed the creation of modern health centers that accept tourists from all over the world. We have collected in a review the best places in Croatia for holidays on the sea. All resorts presented are suitable for a family trip with a child.

Beach Holidays in Croatia

Where better to relax in Croatia – weather conditions

The weather in Croatia is due to its geographical location. The northern regions are dominated by a continental climate, the central – by the Mediterranean, because they are located on the Adriatic. Regions in the center of the country are located in mountainous areas, this determines the weather conditions.

Holidays in Croatia

Summer in Croatia is mostly arid and rather hot – up to + 29 ° C. If you do not tolerate heat, choose mountain areas where it is cooler during the day – up to + 20 ° C. In winter, the air temperature is + 10 ° C, and in the mountains it varies from 0 ° C to -5 ° C. In coastal areas, the sea warms up to + 25 ° C.

Important! The best time to travel is May and September. The weather at this time is comfortable, there are still not so many tourists as in the middle of summer. The biggest discounts on accommodation and meals are in April and October, but swimming in the middle of spring and autumn is cool.

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Croatia – where is the best vacation at sea

Each Croatian resort is beautiful in its own way. The decision – where to spend a vacation with your family or your loved one – depends only on individual preferences and financial capabilities. We offer an overview of the best places in Croatia. We hope that this information will help you make a choice and spend an unforgettable vacation.


Dubrovnik is on the list of places where the best vacation with children in Croatia is. This is a memorable and colorful European town. Judge for yourself – it was founded in the 7th century and since then its appearance has not changed much. Nevertheless, today Dubrovnik is not only unique attractions, but also modern, comfortable hotels, elite restaurants. Another feature of Dubrovnik is its vibrant nightlife.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Interesting fact! Croatia is on the list of the safest countries, there is practically no theft, and the local population is friendly.

Beaches of Dubrovnik

This is a special category of attractions. Jacques Yves Cousteau called the sea in Dubrovnik the cleanest on the whole Adriatic.

Places for recreation are mostly pebble or platform.

Banje Beach
Banje Beach


  • the entrance is free;
  • on the shore there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay in Croatia;
  • the water is clear.

The most popular beach is Lapad. For family holidays, Copacobana is best suited, located in the northern part of the Babin Kuk Peninsula. Banje is an elite place for tourists accustomed to luxury, and Lokrum is a place. Where tanning fans a la naturel rest.

Good to know! In Dubrovnik, diving is actively developing, in the sea near the coast, a wide variety of inhabitants live from small fish to huge octopuses. The best time for diving is from mid-spring to late fall. Raising anything to the surface is strictly prohibited. Rental of diving equipment for one day – 36.40 €.

How much does it cost to relax in Dubrovnik

Problems with the choice of place of residence will not arise:

Room at Berkeley Hotel & Day Spa
Berkeley Hotel & Day Spa
  • budget guesthouses – 20 €;
  • Apart-hotels – 80 €;
  • three-star hotels – 110 €;
  • 4 and 5 star hotels – 220 €.

Lunch at a restaurant will cost an average of 30 € to 50 €. If you want to save on food, book a room with your own kitchen, since buying products on the market is much cheaper – 1 kg of fruit 3 €, 1 kg of seafood – 15 €.

A seven-day trip to Dubrovnik for two people will cost an average of € 1,400.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of a place to stay:

Dubrovnik landmarks
  • long season – from June to mid-autumn;
  • a large number of attractions;
  • developed infrastructure.


  • pebble beach or covered with concrete platforms;
  • it’s very hot in summer;
  • Compared to other places to stay quite expensive.

If you are interested in the resort, and you want to learn more about it, follow the link .

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Makarska Riviera

If you are well acquainted with the country, and do not know where to relax in Croatia on the sea, Makarska Riviera is able to radically change the idea of ​​Croatia.

Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera in facts:

  • refers to the elite, so the hotels here are mostly expensive;
  • the coast is very beautiful, approaches directly to the sea, mountain peaks complement the landscape;
  • length of coastline – 60 km;
  • the largest settlement is Makarska;
  • popular places for recreation – Tucepi, Baska Voda and Brela.

Every year, the Makarska Riviera justifies the status of an elite resort. Indeed, hotels, restaurants here are some of the best. Modern infrastructure takes into account the wishes of vacationers of all age categories.

Good to know! The Adriatic highway runs along the resort, so traveling around the Makarska Riviera is most comfortable with a car.

Brela Beach

Small pebble free places for rest (from Omis to Dubrovnik) are located throughout the Makarska Riviera. Most visited:

  • Brela;
  • Baska Voda;
  • Bast
  • Promines;
  • beach on Tuepi, in the villages of Podacha, Zhivogosche and Podgora.

Good to know! The coast in this part of Croatia is awarded with several Blue Flag awards.

The resort area is protected from the winds and winter climate by a mountain range, and from the sea side the islands of Brac and Hvar are a barrier.

Everywhere organized places for changing clothes, showers, there are toilets, cafes, bars, discos, pizzerias. Admirers of active beach vacations in Croatia can rent jet skis, catamarans, sun loungers, umbrellas. Paid parking is available for those traveling by car (10.5 € per day).

Prices for holidays in Croatia in the Makarska Riviera
Hotel room at Hotel Meteor
Hotel meteor

Despite the fact that the resort is ready to receive a huge number of guests, rental housing must be taken care of in advance.

Accommodation in a three-star hotel will cost from 27 € per day. The resort is located on the coast, so all hotels are built in close proximity to the sea.

Important! Accommodation prices depend on several criteria: season, distance from the sea, the degree of comfort of the room.

All restaurants offer excellent cuisine, lunch for two will cost from 40 € to 45 €. The average cost of a dish is 10 €, the most expensive dish is 25 €. The Makarska Riviera has a large selection of fast food, the cost of a standard set is 5 €. If you plan to buy products in stores, you can save on food:

  • 1 kg of vegetables costs about 0.5 €;
  • 1 kg of fruit – 1.5 €;
  • 1 kg of cheese will cost from 5 € to 8 €.
Advantages and disadvantages of the Makarska Riviera

Benefits of a vacation in Makarska Riviera:

Embankment Makarska
  • a large selection of entertainment for every taste – museums, discos, night clubs, theaters;
  • a beautiful promenade where you can walk day and night;
  • Split International Airport is only 70 km;
  • There are transport links with many cities.

Among the shortcomings, tourists note the fullness of the coast, high prices. The place is located on a hill, so walking a lot is difficult.

Read more about Makarska Riviera here .

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Split is located in the center of Croatia and divides Dalmatia into two parts. The nearest airport is just 25 km away.

The spa town of Split

Interesting fact! The historic center of Split is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some interesting facts about Split:

  • the place has a mild, calm climate, since several islands protect it from the sea side at once;
  • on the slopes of Mount Maryan there is a wonderful park;
  • popular attractions – the temple of Jupiter, the ruins of the Roman settlement of Salon, the old town hall, Diocletian’s palace, museums.
The best beaches for relaxation
Bacvice Beach

The resort has a sandy beach and places covered with small pebbles, cabins for changing clothes, umbrellas, sun loungers are installed. Leisure facilities are free. The entrance to the water is smooth.

For young people, Bacvice beach is more suitable. Those wishing to retire and stay in silence should better relax in places remote from the center of Split.

Cost of holidays in Split
Room at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Split

An abundance of hotels of different categories. The most expensive rooms in five-star hotels – 100 €. In 4-star hotels the cost of a room is 1.5 times cheaper. Apartments in a three-star hotel cost from 40 €. Rent villas and apartments from 180 €. A hostel will cost you only 40 €.

The resort has pizzerias, burgers, cafes. Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost 70 €. In the cafe you can eat for 35 €, a light snack in fast food costs about 10 €.

Important! The portions in all Split establishments are large, so one, as a rule, is enough for two.

Advantages and disadvantages of Split
Beach in Split

Let’s start with the pros:

  • comfortable, gentle slope into the sea;
  • The resort is suitable for families with children;
  • in the town of Podgora, you can get healthy at the mineral springs.

There is only one minus – high prices for accommodation and food.

Read more about Split here .

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Omis is a special place in Croatia, shrouded in an atmosphere of piracy. The place has a favorable location – on the one hand it is protected by mountains, on the other hand – by the river and is located on the Adriatic Sea.

Omis city

Traveling to Omis is great for families with children. The sea at the resort is clean, the entry into the water is shallow, shallow. By the way, in Omis there are no sea urchins, so you do not need to take special shoes.

In addition to beach relaxation, Omis also offers extreme sports. You can go rafting. Be sure to visit the natural attractions – Blue Lake, Biokovo.

Omis Beach

Omis has a different coast. In comfortable places, all the necessary infrastructure for recreation is presented. For families with children to relax on the sea in Croatia, it is better to pay attention to the sandy part of the coast, which is a spit that protrudes into the sea for a kilometer. The only negative is the lack of shadow.

The wild beaches of Omis are mostly pebble. These are secluded bays where you can sit in the shade of cypress trees.

How much does a vacation in Omis cost
Hotel room Hotel Plaža Duće
Hotel Plaža Duće

Omis is a small resort town in Croatia, it is better to rent an apartment or hotel room in advance. Apartments cost from 27 €, accommodation in a studio room will cost 30 €. A room in a three-star hotel will cost from 33 €, in a four-star hotel you will have to pay from 50 €.

The cost of food depends on your preference. Lunches and dinners in restaurants are most expensive – in an inexpensive institution about 8 € per person, in a middle-class institution – 34 €. Lunch at a fast food restaurant costs 5.5 €.

Advantages and disadvantages
Mirabella Fortress in Omis

Among the advantages, tourists note:

  • convenient location;
  • there is a sandy beach;
  • A large selection of excursions and attractions.

There is one drawback – Croatia is a rather expensive country; Omis is no exception. If you want to save on food, buy products on the market and cook yourself. In the reviews there is information that it is dirty on Bacvice.

Read more about Omish here .

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In the photo, Sibenik undoubtedly stands out among the best places for relaxing on the sea in Croatia. Tourists note that Sibenik will be liked, first of all, by admirers of excursion programs.

Sibenik city

At the resort you can hunt, sail, dive, rowing. Exotic types of entertainment are also presented – archery, helicopter flights.

The guests are received by the thalassotherapy center, where six swimming pools with sea and fresh water operate.

The best beaches

The Šibenik Riviera includes places for recreation located in:

Sibenik city beach
  • Sibenik;
  • Vodice;
  • Primosten;
  • small towns Tribuny, Zaton, Marina;
  • on the island of Murter.

The beaches are all well equipped, on the shore there are sun loungers, showers, places for changing clothes, various active types of entertainment are presented, including rafting and diving. Some beaches are marked with the Blue Flag.

How much does a vacation in Sibenik cost?
Hotel room Bellevue Superior City Hotel
Bellevue Superior City Hotel

The resort features family-format hotels, the cost of a room is approximately 221 €. The average cost of a double room in a 4-star hotel on Solaris is 177 €. As budget accommodation, you can consider apartments at 53 €.

As for the cost of food, lunch or dinner in a cafe costs on average 6.60 €, a full three-course dinner for two in a restaurant will cost 30 €. A light meal at a McDonald’s restaurant costs about 4.45 €.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages, the following should be highlighted:

Sibenik Embankment
  • a wonderful combination of attractions and natural beauties;
  • wide selection of beaches;
  • the special atmosphere that is felt on the winding streets.

Sibenik’s flaws, if any, are completely minor:

  • most beaches are pebble;
  • many shops and restaurants do not work late in the evening.

Here is detailed information about the resort of Sibenik.

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One of the most picturesque islands in Croatia. There is a clear sea, mountain peaks, pine forests, vineyards. Most visited resorts: Bol and Supetar. The beaches are small pebble and sand.

Brac Island

Holidays on the island of Brac is a beach relaxation and sightseeing, but sports infrastructure has been developing recently – football fields and playgrounds are appearing.


One of the attractions of the island is the beaches, there are pebble and sand. The most popular is the Golden Horn. The popular name of the beach is “liquid gold” due to the color of the sand, which really resembles molten gold. Families with children often come here, a gentle descent into the sea, you can hide from the scorching heat in the shade of pine trees.

Golden Horn Beach
“Golden Horn”

Interesting fact! The main feature of the beach is the ability to change shape throughout the day. The length of the cape is about 300 m., Most of the territory is covered with forest.

Brac offers tourists well-maintained beaches, wild places to relax and even corners where nudists gather.

How much is a vacation on the island of Brac
Accommodation at Apartments Biserka
Apartments biserka

Organizational issues related to accommodation must be decided several months before the trip. A room in a 3-star hotel will cost from 50 € per day, and in a 4 and 5-star hotel from 150 € to 190 €, respectively. Accommodation in apartments costs from 40 €.

As for food, the cost of the main dish in the restaurant is 13.48 €, for a glass of wine you will have to pay 2.70 €, and for a glass of beer – 1.20 €.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • The resort is located away from noise;
  • many hotels are built by the water;
  • the airport works.

The disadvantages, perhaps, include one fact – you can get to the mainland only by water – by ferry.

Here is collected detailed information about the resort, useful for tourists.

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Island Krk

Krk is connected with the mainland by a bridge. Its surface is covered with lush vegetation. Admirers of active entertainment and sports come here. The island has organized fields for playing soccer, volleyball, golf, tourists go fishing, ride a boat, water sports are presented. If you like long walks, visit the town of Malinsk. And in the resort of Khaludovo, lovers of parties, night clubs, discos will like it.

Island Krk

The most visited is Vela Plaza Baska, excellent infrastructure is presented here, descent into the water is perfect for families with children. The pebble shore, playgrounds are equipped, cafe work.

Vela Beach Beach Baska
Vela Plaza Baska

Another great beach for traveling with children is Rupa. The sandy and pebble shore, the place is calm, playgrounds for children are equipped. In the evening, the atmosphere changes – discos open, young people gather. The peculiarity of the place is a deposit of therapeutic mud.

How much does it cost to relax on the island of Krk
Hotel room Hotel Bor
Hotel bor

The island has many different accommodation options – from the private sector to rooms in a five-star hotel. Thus, the tourist can choose the most suitable option. As for prices, a room in a 3-star hotel will cost an average of 88.50 €.

Lunch is the cheapest in fast food establishments; a light snack will cost 5 €. There are many stalls on the island where you can buy pastries, ice cream. Coffee and pastry shops are common. Lunch in a cafe costs about 20 €, but for dinner in a restaurant you will have to pay 40 €.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages include:

  • delicious local cuisine – be sure to try the dishes in small family-type taverns;
  • The infrastructure is developed for a comfortable family holiday with children.

But among the minuses, several should be noted – it is not very convenient to get there.

For a more detailed overview of the island, go to this page .

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The sunniest resort in the entire Adriatic. Noisy companies often come here, as there are many night clubs, discos on the island, a cinema and bars. Hvar has unique climatic conditions, as well as a large number of places to relax with a child.

Hvar Island
Milna Beach

Most of the beaches are pebble, rocky. The coastline is indented, so tourists can easily find a peaceful place for themselves and for families with children.

In the northern part of the island, a sandy beach prevails, but in the northwestern part the coast is small-pebbled. It is best to come here with a child.

Important! Walking barefoot on stones is not very pleasant, so for greater comfort, get special rubber shoes. Pay attention to the bottom, in the stones, sea urchins are hiding.

The most visited place, where there are always many families with children, is Milna. One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is Dubovitsa.

How much is a vacation on the island of Hvar
Hotel room at Hotel Croatia
Hotel Croatia

The budget option is camping. A hotel room will cost from 45 € to 70 €. If you prefer peace and quiet, pay attention to family-type hotels.

Regarding nutrition, the situation is as follows. Lunch in a cafe costs about 8.85 €. For a dinner for two in a restaurant you will have to pay 35.40 €, but a snack in a fast food restaurant will cost 5.3 €.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages, tourists note the following:

  • great climate;
  • calm atmosphere, there is a feeling of solitude.
Holidays on the beach of the island of Hvar

But the resort has practically no shortcomings: the distance from the airport and access to the island is possible only by water.

More information about the resort is available here .

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It is impossible to choose unequivocally where the best sandy beaches for families with children in Croatia are. Each resort has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. For many, Croatia is a vacation at sea, the best places to travel with a child are presented in our review. Read, choose and enjoy the sea and the sun.

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