Porec, Croatia: detailed guide about the ancient city of Istria with photos

Porec (Croatia) is a resort town located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. Its population, including the suburbs, is about 35 thousand people of different nationalities (Croats, Italians, Slovenes, etc.). Tourism brings the main income to the residents of Porec, as the city has many historically valuable sights and beaches.

Porec, Croatia

Porec officially exists for more than 2000 years. Then, during the reign of Octavian Augustus, the settlement, favorably located in the bay, received the status of a city. Since 476, after the fall of the Roman Empire, Istria changed its owners several times, until in 1267 it passed under the control of Venice. At the end of the 18th century, Porec and Istria became wholly owned by Austria, then Italy and Yugoslavia, and only in 1991 the city officially became part of independent Croatia.

Thanks to such a rich history, modern Porec is attractive to all tourists. The colors of all nationalities and cultures mixed in it, so watching it is very interesting and exciting.

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Sights of Porec

The old town of Porec
Cafe on the streets of the old city

The area where life boils and the hearts of travelers freeze, the old city is the place where all tourist excursions begin. Here are the main attractions of Porec, houses built on the facades of ancient Roman buildings, prestigious hotels, various shops and many restaurants.

A walk through the most popular, but rather small area of ​​Istria will take about 2 hours. Get ready to meet all the tourists in Porec.

Advice! Walking around the Old Town is better in the evening, when the streets turn on the lights and the air temperature drops.

Euphrasian Basilica

The oldest Christian church in Croatia was built in the 6th century AD by the bishop of Porec – Euphrasius. For almost 1500 years, from a simple cathedral, the Euphrasian Basilica has turned into a huge architectural complex, which in 1997 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Euphrasian Basilica

Today, the church has a museum of ancient Roman and Venetian exhibits. It houses a unique collection of ceremonial clothing, fragments of floor mosaics, ancient paintings, reliefs and other archaeological finds. The entire architectural complex consists of a bell tower, two chapels, a baptistery, a bishop’s salon of Palestine and a high tower, climbing on which you can take beautiful photos of the city of Porec (Croatia).

A visit to the basilica costs 40 kunas, for schoolchildren and students – 20 kunas, for children under 7 years old – free of charge.

Important! Remember that the Euphrasian Basilica is a functioning Christian cathedral, choose the appropriate outfit for its visit.

In the Euphrasian Basilica

Address: Decumanus St. Working hours:

  • November-March from 9 to 16, on Saturday – until 14;
  • April-June, September-October from 9 to 18;
  • July-August from 9 to 21.

On Sundays and church holidays, only service entry.

Round Tower

The watch tower, built in the 15th century, has been perfectly preserved to our times. This place is considered one of the most romantic in all of Istria, as the cafe located on the roof of the tower serves delicious drinks and panoramic views of Porec and the harbor for dessert.

Round Tower

Entrance to the tower and the observation deck is free. Be prepared for the fact that there will be many people who want to take your table in the cafe at any time of the day.

Dekumanskaya street
Dekumanskaya street

Another pristine piece of Ancient Rome was built about 1600 years ago. A stone-lined street with many shops and souvenir shops has been the main artery of Porec for more than a millennium. Here you can take beautiful photos of the city, buy a souvenir, visit an art gallery, please yourself with a gift from branded jewelry stores or relax in a cafe.

Interesting fact! Dekumanskaya street is also called “street of ten”, because there were 10 soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder.

Baredine Cave
In the cave of Baredine

A natural monument of Croatia and the only cave on the entire Istrian peninsula is located near Porec, in the small town of Nova Vas. Baredine has been discovering the underworld since 1995, and is widely known for its unique natural rock sculptures built by nature itself. Among them, you can see the outlines of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, dragon fangs, the silhouette of the Virgin and the little milkmaid, who was nicknamed “Milka”.

At a depth of 60 meters, where a metal illuminated staircase leads, there are several underground lakes. In addition, a museum with prehistoric artifacts found in the cave has been operating here for over 10 years. Having returned to the surface, travelers can have a picnic in nature, using one of the tables for free.

Descent to the Baredine Cave

Entrance to the Baredine Cave is permitted only with a guide. As part of a 40-minute tour, travelers pass 5 underground “halls”, the total duration of the route is 300 meters. For people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, children and elderly tourists, climbing a 60-meter ladder may seem difficult. Flash photography is prohibited, a penalty is provided for violation.

Note! Regardless of the weather outside, the air temperature in the cave does not rise above + 15 ° C. We advise you to take warm sweaters and do not forget comfortable shoes.

Baredine Caves are located in the south of Istria at the address Gedici 55. Ticket price is 60 HRK, for students under 12 years old – 35 HRK, for young travelers under 6 years old – free of charge.

Attraction open:

  • April-October from 10 to 16;
  • May, June, September from 10 to 17;
  • July-August from 9:30 to 18.

Traktor story
Different models of tractors

The open-air museum of agricultural equipment is located in the same city of Nova Vas, at Tarska 14. Here 54 models of tractors are presented, including products from the USSR, Belarus, Porsche and Ferrari companies involved in Istrian agriculture since 1920. The exhibition will be especially interesting for travelers with young children who can not only see, but also sit behind the wheel of some cars.

Pointer to the Traktor Story Museum

In addition, in Traktor Story you can see the process of collecting and processing grain with the participation of domestic animals (horses and donkeys) or familiarize yourself with several methods of making wine. Nearby is a mini-farm.

Advice! Only a specially trained person can understand the difference between the presented tractors, so if you are really interested in the topic of the exhibition, order the services of a guide.

Beaches of Porec

Istria is a paradise for lovers of sea holidays, and Porec is one of the most popular resorts of the peninsula and Croatia in general. There are 9 beaches on the territory of the city and its environs, each of which we will tell in more detail.

City Beach

The most popular place among travelers is the city beach, located in the center of Porec. It features clear water (marked with the Blue Flag), a clean concrete coast and well-developed infrastructure.

City Beach
City beach Porec

On the city beach there is a shop and several kiosks, a fast food cafe, a restaurant, showers and public toilets with facilities for the disabled. For 70 kunas a day you can rent an umbrella and a sunbed, nearby there is a paid asphalt parking. For lovers of active adventures on the beach, there is a rental of catamarans and snorkelling masks, a table for table tennis, a beach volleyball field and a place for water polo.

The city beach is a great place to relax with little travelers. Entering the water here is convenient, the bottom is small pebbles, there are inflatable slides and a playground. Rescuers work on the beach around the clock.

Blue Lagoon

Another popular Istrian beach is known for its picturesque views and the beautiful promenade. The aroma of coniferous groves, the blue of the Adriatic Sea, calm water and clean shore make the Blue Lagoon a great place to relax. Located 5 km from the center of Porec.

Blue Lagoon Beach

The beach has a developed infrastructure: public parking, shower, toilets, two cafes, a sports center, umbrellas and sunbeds, rental area. In addition, there are rescuers and a first aid group that monitor the safety of tourists around the clock. Among the active entertainments in the Blue Lagoon are catamarans, water slides, jet skis, tennis and diving.

The beach is well suited for families with children – there are rarely waves, the bottom is shallow, comfortable entry into the sea (on stone slabs) and there is a natural shadow from the trees even in the water. It is marked with the Blue flag of the FEO.

Zelena Laguna
Zielona Laguna Beach

The next beach is also covered with tiles. It is convenient to go into the crystal clear water, especially if you swim in the children’s part of the beach, strewn with small pebbles. After 12, vacationers can hide from the bright sun under the shade of coniferous trees, have a cocktail in a bar or have a bite to eat in a small cafe nearby.

On the Green Lagoon there is a rental area for boats, canoes and pedal boats, there are umbrellas and sunbeds, public toilets, changing rooms and showers, and in the children’s part of the beach there is a playground with inflatable slides.

Advice! There are a lot of large stones and slabs on the Green Lagoon, so it is better to swim here in special shoes that protect against the spines of sea urchins.

Oliva Beach

Another small pebble beach of Croatia is located in the bay of Porec, near the central port of the city. It is marked with the Blue Flag for the purity of the sea and coast, partially covered with grass and hidden in the shade of pine trees. The entrance to the water here is convenient even for children, nearby there is a kiosk with food and a restaurant.

On the beach there are sun loungers and umbrellas, showers and toilets, there is a sports center where you can play golf, tennis, ping pong, volleyball and water polo. Great place for families.

Beach Borik Beach

In the north of Porec there is a small rocky beach with a park area. Mostly residents of nearby hotels have a rest here, but this does not make people any smaller. It is because of the large number of tourists that the beach is quickly polluted, and because of the strong wind, algae and even jellyfish can sail to the already not very clean shore.

Borik is one of the few palm beaches in Istria and in Croatia as a whole. In addition to scenic views, here you can enjoy delicious drinks from the bar or jump on a free inflatable trampoline.

Note! The bottom on Borik is covered with sharp stones, and entering the water is not very convenient, therefore this beach is not recommended for families with children.

Doni Spadici
Donji Spadici Beach

2 km from the city center is another small pebble beach of Istria. Its main advantages are clear water, convenient entry into the sea and a large play area for children. It is surrounded by tall trees, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, partially covered with grass. Here you can play volleyball, table tennis and water polo, ride a catamaran or rent a boat.

Solaris Beach

An unusual rocky-concrete beach is located 12 km from Porec. This is a resort area surrounded by oaks and pines, with a calm sea and picturesque landscapes. For the cleanliness of the coast and water, the beach is marked with the Blue flag of the FEO.

On the territory of Solaris there is a camping of the same name, which has a toilet, shower, shop, restaurant, rental boats and pedal boats, a sports ground for tennis, volleyball and minigolf. The beach is a nudist zone.

Pikal Beach

A little north of the city of Porec there is a beautiful pebble beach, very popular among Istrian tourists. There is a convenient entry into the water, clear water and there is a large playground, so it is often chosen for families with young travelers.

Vacationers with other preferences should come to the beach after sunset. At this time, a night club opens and night festivities begin. The 24-hour restaurants play live music and serve delicious Croatian national cuisine.

Accommodation in Porec

Rest in Istria is an expensive pleasure, but even here you can find comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. The minimum cost of a double room in a three-star hotel is 50 euros, four-star – 85 €, five-star – from 200 €. The best hotels in Porec, according to tourists, are:

Hotel room Boutique Hotel Melissa
Boutique hotel melissa
  • Boutique Hotel Melissa, 4 stars. From 182 € for two + breakfast. The beach is 500 meters away.
  • Villa Castello Rausch, 4 stars. From 160 € for two + breakfast + free cancellation.
  • Apartments Bori, 3 stars. From 120 €, to the sea 2 minutes.
  • Mobile Homes Polidor Bijela Uvala, 4 stars. From 80 €, to the sea 360 m.

Significantly save on accommodation allow residents of Croatia themselves. They offer travelers full studio rentals from 45 € per night or a double room from 30 €.

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Briefly about nutrition

The average price of a meal in an ordinary street cafe is approximately 45 kunas. A large cappuccino will cost at least 10 kn, half a liter of craft beer – at 15 kn, and the standard Mac menu – at 35 kn. But if not only the cost of dinner is important for you, but also the atmosphere of the establishment, the level of service and other details, you should eat in one of the best cafes in Porec according to tourists’ reviews:

At Restaurant Artha
Restaurant artha
  1. Restaurant Artha. Great place for lovers of national cuisine of Croatia. Friendly and friendly staff, convenient location in a quiet street near the center. Vegetarian dishes are served at low prices.
  2. Palma 5. Seafood, pizza, grilled meat and barbecue – every dish is prepared with love. One of the few cafes in Croatia with large portions and low prices, the average check is 250 kunas for two for dinner with a 0.75 bottle of wine.
  3. Most Popular Place Among - Konoba Aba
    Konoba Aba
  4. Konoba Aba. The most popular place among tourists in Istria, where in season you need to book a table for several days. The average price of a side dish is 60 kunas, meat dishes – 80 kn, 0.3 ml of beer – 18 kn. Important! The institution is closed from 15 to 18!
  5. Bacchus Vinoteka. A cozy restaurant entwined with vine, serving delicious wine. There are no hot dishes or a children’s menu, but it is still a great place for an evening in Porec. There are low prices for alcohol.
  6. L’insolito. The Italian restaurant attracts tourists with a cozy atmosphere, large portions and delicious food, it serves delicious desserts.

How to get to Porec

From venice

The cities are not interconnected by bus or rail, so the only direct route passes through the Adriatic Sea on the ferry Venice-Porec.

Ship Atlas Kompas from Venice to Porec

In the summer, two companies are engaged in the transportation of tourists – Venezialine and Atlas Kompas. Every day they send one ship in a given direction, at 17:00 and at 17:15. The trip takes 3 hours, the price is one way – 60 euros. You can buy tickets at venezialines.com and www.aferry.co.uk. In the rest of the year, only 3-4 ferries per week leave on this route.

To get to Porec by car, you will need 2.5 hours, about 45 € for gasoline and money to pay for the E70 highway.

The cheapest option, it is also the longest, is to get to Istria via Trieste, by train Venice-Trieste for 10-20 euros (tickets on ru.goeuro.com), and from there by bus to Porec, from 9 € per person (schedule for flixbus.ru).

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From Pula Airport
Pula Airport, Croatia
Pula Airport

Arriving at the airport of the historic city of Pula , you will have to use a taxi or transfer to get to the bus station of the city. From there, more than 5 buses leave daily, on which you can cover 60 km between cities for 50-70 kunas. The exact timetable can be found at balkanviator.com.

A similar taxi ride will cost you 500-600 HRK per car, a pre-ordered transfer will cost 300-400 kunas less.

Prices on the page are for April 2018.

Porec (Croatia) is a real treasure of Istria. The Adriatic Sea and its ancient sights are already waiting for you! Have a nice trip!

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