Zadar, Croatia: tourist’s guide beach holidays here, prices and attractions

Zadar (Croatia) is a resort town where, according to Alfred Hitchcock, you can watch the most beautiful sunsets. The eminent director told about this in 1964 after visiting the Croatian city. Since then, millions of tourists come to check the veracity of his words. Many of them find in Zadar a huge number of attractions, … Read more

Dubrovnik, Croatia: most popuar attractions and things to do in the city

Locals jokingly say – to see the whole of Croatia, just visit the city of Dubrovnik. Indeed, everything that the Balkan country is proud of is concentrated here – amazing landscapes, ancient architecture, pristine beaches and restaurants with a large selection of local and European dishes. Traveling to Dubrovnik (Croatia) is most interesting to carry … Read more

TOP 13 beaches in Croatia

The architecture and beaches of Croatia are the two main attractions of this country. And if the first “good” in Europe is enough, then rest with the sea often has problems. While in France it is expensive, and in Spain far, the blue sea of ​​Croatia annually falls in love with more and more tourists. … Read more

Dubrovnik: a guide to the beaches of the popular resort of Croatia

The beaches of Dubrovnik with clear water, natural parks and medieval architectural monuments – that’s why more than 18 million tourists fly to Croatia every year. They can be understood, because who is able to resist the blue Adriatic Sea and its picturesque shores surrounded by dense groves? Such a vacation will not spoil anything … Read more