Most popular beaches and main attractions in Rovinj, Croatia

One of the most romantic places on the Adriatic coast is the city of Rovinj (Croatia), which is often compared with Venice. A beach holiday in Rovinj can be combined with walks in the old historical center and sightseeing. And it is not for nothing that this city of Croatia has become a favorite destination for honeymoon trips – its atmosphere perfectly matches the romantic mood.

Rovinj in Croatia

General information

Top view of the city of Rovinj

The city of Rovinj is located in Croatia at the western tip of the Istrian peninsula and 22 small coastal islands. The favorable geographical position of Rovinj was the reason that during its history it was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire and the Venetian Republic, as well as German, Austro-Hungarian, French, Italian, Yugoslav, Croatian government.

The architecture of the old city, located on a small peninsula, is characterized by a variety of styles left by different eras. On both sides of the historical center along the Adriatic coast stretches a new part of Rovinj. The total area of ​​Rovinj is 88 sq. Km, the population is about 14,000 people.

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The national composition of the inhabitants is diverse, Croats, Serbs, Italians, Albanians, Slovenes live here. The multinationality, as well as the tourist orientation of the economy, determines a very friendly, friendly attitude of the local population to the guests of the city.


The main thing that attracts Rovinj in summer is the beaches. On the coastline of the resort are more than 15 diverse municipal beaches – mostly pebble and rocky, but there are also sandy ones. There are beaches with well-developed infrastructure, there are poorly populated, nudist beaches.

Mulini beach

Mulini Beach

One of the best beaches in Rovinj Mulini Beach is located near the Monte Mulini. Clean pebble beach equipped with free toilets, changing rooms, showers. On the beach you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas. There is an information desk, a good bar with a thirty-meter openwork canopy. In the evenings, the bar turns into a cozy restaurant. Concerts and competitions are often held at specially equipped venues.

Cuvi beach

Beach Cuvi Beach

Rovinj, like the whole of Croatia, has mostly rocky beaches. Cuvi Beach is one of the rare sandy beaches in the area. Clean sand covers the coast and the seabed of the beach. Part of the bathing area has a shallow depth, this wide shallow strip warms up well and is safe for children’s bathing and games. Thanks to this, Cuvi Beach is ideal for families with children. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest.

On the beach you can rent a chaise longue inexpensively, there are cafes where you can eat for both adults and children.

Skaraba beach

Beach Skaraba Beach

Skaraba beaches are located 3 km from the center of Rovinj, on the shores of the peninsula with parkland Zlatni Rt. The rocky coast of Skaraba is indented with bays where pebble beaches are located. This place is for those who like privacy, there is practically no infrastructure here, the nearest cafes are quite far away – at Kurent Bay.

Rocky grounds of Skaraba Beach

The most visited bay is Balzamake, which picnic lovers have chosen. There are secluded rocky areas where it is convenient to sunbathe. The western part of the peninsula is rocky; it is not suitable for families with children and those who swim poorly. This place is more suitable for diving. To the east of Cape Skaraba there are high cliffs suitable for diving.

Skaraba Beach can only be reached by bicycle or on foot. You can leave the car in the parking lot of the entertainment center – Monvi.

Accommodation, estimated prices

Studio Emanuel Apartment
Studio emanuel

As with all tourist cities in Croatia, Rovinj has a wide selection of accommodation. Here you can rent rooms in hotels of different levels and price segments. In addition, you can rent an apartment or villa, which is more profitable for those who relax in a large company.

The price for a double room with breakfast on average is 55-75 € per day. You can find options with a price of about 42-45 € / day. Since Rovinj is flooded with frugal tourists from neighboring Italy in summer, it is recommended that you book the hotel in advance .

Places to Visit

Rovinj attracts tourists not only for its beaches, but also for its many attractions, thanks to which it is interesting in any season.

Old Town and Trevisol Street

Rovinj Embankment

Tourists who come to Rovinj will not have to look for sights for a long time, with this word you can characterize the entire historical center of the city, permeated by the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The old town is located on a small peninsula, a significant part of which is surrounded by the sea.

The embankment offers a magnificent view of the island part of the city, which occupies 22 small islands, among which the islands of St. Catherine and St. Andrew are especially notable for their picturesque nature. The streets of the old city converge towards the center, where the main attraction of Rovinj stands – St. Euthymius Cathedral.

Ancient architecture reminiscent of the Venetian

The proximity to Italy, as well as the five-century stay of Rovinj under the control of the Venetian Republic, could not but affect the appearance of the old city. If you see the city of Rovinj (Croatia) in the photo, then it can easily be confused with Venice.

The abundance of water, ancient architecture, in its style reminiscent of the Venetian, narrow streets paved with centuries-polished stone and decorated with flowering plants – all this gives Rovinj a striking resemblance to Venice. Only the Venetian gondolas are lacking, but they are replaced by numerous snow-white yachts moored off the coast.

Streets of Rovinj

Walking around the old city, you can relax in shady courtyards, go to colorful cafes with a variety of cuisines, souvenir shops and wine shops. There is also a market that pleases with an abundance of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. From the promenade you can go on a sea excursion and enjoy the islands and views of the old city from the sea.

One of the busiest streets in Rovinj is Trevisol Street. A lot of shops are concentrated here, in which artisans sell their products, thanks to which, the medieval spirit of the city is especially felt on this street. Excursions in the old city, as a rule, lead to the Cathedral of St. Euthymius.

Cathedral of St. Euthymius

Cathedral of St. Euthymius

The majestic Cathedral of St. Euthymius rises on a hilltop in the center of the old city. Built almost 3 centuries ago, this Baroque building is the main decoration and landmark of Rovinj. Its bell tower of 62 meters high is the highest on the Istrian peninsula. The cathedral’s spire is decorated with a copper statue of Saint Euthymius 4.7 m high.

The Great Martyr Euthymius was tortured for her devotion to the Christian faith at the beginning of the 4th century. The sarcophagus with its relics is kept in the cathedral. Every year on the day of her death on September 16, thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe come to Rovinj to bow to the shrine, access to which is open to all on this day. According to the ministers, there are many known cases of healing that occurred after the pilgrimage to the relics of St. Euthymius.

In the Cathedral of St. Euthymius

Entrance to the Cathedral of St. Euthymius is free. Every day it is visited by thousands of tourists who climb the bell tower to enjoy the beautiful panorama that opens from there. Visitors climb the old wooden staircase to a height of about the 14th floor, but the long climb is justified by vivid impressions and the ability to take a bird’s-eye view of Rovinj.

Clock tower

Clock Tower, Rovinj

In the historical center of Rovinj on Tito Square, among the old houses in the style of the medieval Venetian Republic, the red building of the city gate stands out. Its tower is decorated with an ancient clock, under which a bas-relief depicting a Venetian lion is attached. The clock tower is a kind of symbol of Rovinj (Croatia), it can often be seen on photos and postcards. On the square in front of the tower is a fountain with the figure of a boy. Nearby is the city museum of local lore – another attraction of Rovinj.

Tito Square is a favorite vacation spot for residents and visitors of Rovinj. Here you can sit on the benches and summer areas of numerous cafes, admire the architecture of historic buildings and sea views.

One day, you can set aside time and go on an excursion to the neighboring old town of Porec .

Balbi Arch

Rovinj is one of the cities in Croatia, in which sights are found at almost every step. An example of this is the Balbi Arch, as if hanging between the two houses of one of the narrow old streets of Main Square leading to Tito Square.

Arch Balbi, Rovinj

This bizarre arch was built in the 17th century at the site of the former entrance to the city. The name Balbi Arch received in honor of the mayor of Rovinj, Daniel Balbi, who ordered its construction. The arch is built in baroque style. From different sides it looks different. At the top of the opening it is decorated on both sides with sculptural portraits of a Venetian and a Turk, above which stands a superstructure with the coat of arms of Venice and the Venetian lion. The mayor of Balbi, who installed the arch, immortalized the sights of his family’s coat of arms as well.

Red Island (Spiaggia Isola Rossa)

Red Island, Rovinj

Red Island is a 20-minute boat ride from Rovinj. This is one of those attractions without which acquaintance with Croatia would be incomplete.

In fact, the Red Island is an archipelago of two islands, interconnected by a mound of sand. One of the islands of the archipelago bore the name of St. Andrew the First-Called and has been inhabited since ancient times. It preserved the monastery, which was built in the 6th century.

At the end of the 19th century, the Huetterott family bought this archipelago. The monastery was converted into a villa, a park was planted around it, including a huge variety of plants from all over the planet. Now this park has more than 180 species of plants.

Hotel Island Hotel Istra
Island Hotel Istra

The villa was luxuriously finished, it housed a collection of art objects that are available for inspection now. Currently, the Island Hotel Istra is open here with a sandy beach and a magnificent park. The second part of the archipelago is known for its nudist beach.

Beach on the Red Island

The red island is attractive to various categories of vacationers. Families with children will find comfortable beaches with small pebbles, the opportunity to walk in a picturesque park, feed the gulls. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy windsurfing, diving, boating and catamarans, playing golf and tennis.

The hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool, restaurant, pizzeria, fitness center, snack bar, beauty salon, TV room. A maritime museum has been opened in the former church’s premises, where you can get acquainted with models of old sailboats, copies of frescoes of Istrian temples. For a visit to the Maritime Museum, please contact the hotel administrator.

You can get to the Red Island from the pier “Dolphin” and from the city port. From May to September, boats depart every hour from 5.30 in the morning until 12 at night.

Weather and climate when it’s best to come

You can come to Rovinj all year round, because this city of Croatia is interesting not only for beach holidays. There are many attractions, in addition, it is possible to make excursion trips to the nearby cities of Croatia and other countries.The city of Rovinj (Croatia) has a mild Mediterranean climate with an average winter temperature of + 5 ° C, and summer – + 22 ° C. The water on the beaches is heated to temperatures above 20 ° C during the period June-September, which is the beach season.

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How to get to Rovinj from Venice and Pula

From Venice to Rovinj (Croatia) can be reached by bus and ferry.

Ferry Venice Rovinj

Buses from Venice to Rovinj depart from the main city bus station, travel time is about 5 hours. The ticket price depends on the choice of the carrier company and can range from € 17 to € 46.

Venice-Rovinj ferry starts from the port of Venice. Travel time is 3 hours. Schedule and prices depend on the season and the carrier company. Ticket price – € 82-240.

From Pula to Rovinj can be reached by bus, ferry. Travel time is 45 and 55 minutes, the price of a ferry ticket is € 15-20, and a bus ticket is € 5-20.

Watch also the video from the How-to-There channel from Rovinj. There is something to take note of.

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