Holidays in Baska Voda, Croatia – what you need to know

Baska Voda (Croatia) – one of the famous resorts of the Adriatic. It attracts tourists with its picturesque nature, good weather and friendly locals. If you have been admired by Baska Voda photo for a long time, then it’s time to make your dream a reality and take a (albeit virtual) journey through this colorful place.

Rest in Baska Voda

General information

Baska Voda - community in Croatia

Baska Voda is one of the most comfortable resorts in the Croatian Adriatic. Previously, this place was a fishing village, which quickly grew into a village with a permanent population of 3,000 people. This is a place with a very rich history: archaeological finds indicate that people here lived already during the time of the Roman Empire.

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What to see?

In the village of Baska-Voda there are not so many attractions, but they are quite interesting.

Church of St. Nicholas
Church of St. Nicholas, Baska Voda

The Church of St. Nicholas is perhaps the main attraction of a small resort. It was built in the 19th century, and the house of the priest and the bell tower were added less than 30 years ago. A distinctive feature of the temple is an unusual combination of baroque and Gothic: the building itself is made in the Baroque style, but the details (stained-glass windows, sculptures) belong to the Gothic.

By the way, the church is named after St. Nicholas for a reason – it is he who is the spiritual protector of Baska Voda and Croatia as a whole, and also protects all tourists and sailors from adversity along the way.

  • Opening hours: 7.00 – 19.00 (in the summer) and 9.00 – 17.00 (in the winter).
  • Location: Obala Sv. Nikole 73, Baska Voda 21320, Croatia.
Monument to St. Nikolay
Monument to St.  Nikolay

A continuation of the church of St. Nicholas is a monument dedicated to the saint. The venerable old man has been standing on the snow-white embankment of the town for more than 20 years and points the way to travelers towards the sea. Perhaps this particular attraction is most often seen in the photo of the town of Baska Voda in Croatia.

Location: embankment.

Embankment Baska Voda

The embankment is the visiting card of any city in Croatia, including Baska Voda. Giant palm trees, snow-white boats and white brick – perhaps this is how you can describe the promenade of this town. There are also many benches and tents with ice cream. A real paradise! A huge number of flower beds is also amazing – on the waterfront there are even more of them than in the city center.

Locals love to walk along the promenade in the evening, when the sun is already setting, and the sea is highlighted with yellow lanterns. But there are always a lot of fishermen and tourists here.

Beaches Baska Voda

As in any other resort, there are several beautiful beaches in Baska Voda (Croatia). The best ones are described below.


Nikolina is one of the best not only in Baska Voda, but also in all of Croatia. It is located in the very center of the resort, so there are always a lot of local residents and tourists here. But despite the crowds, this is a very cozy place surrounded by a pine forest, which creates an artificial shadow and allows you to hide from prying eyes. It is a pebble beach, and the water here is clear, as confirmed by the Blue Flag.

Beach Nikolina Beach

As for infrastructure, on the beach you can rent umbrellas for 25 and sun loungers for 30 kunas, there is also a free shower and toilet. For those who do not like to just lie in the sun, the following entertainments will be interesting: riding a motor boat or a catamaran (60 kunas), playing volleyball on one of three sites. For children, a play area with trampolines and several attractions is also equipped. There are several inexpensive cafes and restaurants near the beach.

Location: town center.

Ikovac (Ikovac beach)
Ikovac Beach in Baska Voda

Ikovac is located in the north of the village of Baska-Voda, near the hotel “Dubravka”. The entrance to the sea is smooth, sandy, with small pebbles. The water is clear, there are no sea urchins, and the beach itself is small and cozy. Mostly tourists with children rest here, and there are very few Croats (they prefer Nikolina).

On Ikovac beach there is a toilet, shower and several cafes. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented nearby (25-30 kunas).

Osieka (Oseka beach)
Osijeka Beach

Osijek is the most unusual beach in Croatia. Both nudists and all comers have a rest here. It is located on the outskirts of the town, right behind the bar “Oseka” (20 minutes from the promenade on foot). Due to the small number of people, the water here is very clean, and there are always a lot of free places. The entrance to the sea is gentle, and the coating is made of small pebbles. Due to the fact that the beach is relatively far from the center, here you can find sea urchins.

The beach has a shower and a bar.

Wild or “dog” beach
Wild or “dog” beach

Wild beach is located in the southern part of the resort Baska Voda. The entrance to the water is steep and deeper than on the other beaches of the village. The water is very clean, and there is practically no debris on the pebbled surface.

From the infrastructure it is worth noting the toilet, shower and a small bar. Nearby is also the scuba diving club “Apollo”.

Where it is located: in the south of Baska Voda.

Recreation. Prices for room and board

Hotel room at Hotel Dubravka
Hotel dubravka

Baska Voda in Croatia is a popular tourist destination in the summer, so you need to think about booking rooms in advance.

The cheapest option for double accommodation in the Croatian hotel Baska Voda is 3-4 stars – 120 kunas, in apartments – 150. The average price for accommodation in a hotel is 3-4 stars – about 700-850 kunas per day.

There are many restaurants and cafes in Baska Voda.

  • Dinner in an inexpensive restaurant in the depths of the resort will cost 30-35 kunas (rice + seafood + drink).
  • But on the waterfront, prices are higher: the average bill for dinner is 40-45 kunas (vegetable salad + seafood + drink).

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Infrastructure development

Diving in Baska Voda

Despite the fact that Baska Voda is a small village in Croatia, there are really a lot of entertainments. The first is diving. Poseidon Resort Diving Center conducts snorkeling courses and organizes trips to interesting places for diving.

Location of the center: Blato 13, Baska Voda 21320, Croatia

Secondly, in Baska Voda, much attention is paid to the nightlife of the village and various festivals. One of the most famous is the feast in honor of St. Laurus Day on August 10. For almost a whole week, music has not ceased in the town, and at every step you can see talented street performers and local residents in traditional Croatian clothes. Also in Baska Voda there are several bars that are located on the beaches of the town.

Thirdly, in Baska Voda there are many cafes and restaurants. Some of them prepare only traditional Croatian dishes , which is very attractive for tourists.

How to get from Split Airport

The distance from the major city of Split in Croatia to Baska Voda is 43 km, so you can get from the village to the city in just over an hour.

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By bus
Promet Bus

In order to get to the Baska Voda resort, you first need to take a shuttle (run every 1.5 hours) near the airport (you can see the schedule at the airport or in the Split information center) and get to the seaport. Then transfer to a bus (white with a purple Promet sign) that goes in the direction of Dubrovnik or Makarska and get off at Baska Voda stop (it is better to warn the driver in advance so that you are told when to get off).

  • Buses run every 2 hours.
  • Travel time: 30 min. on the shuttle + 50 min. by bus.
  • Cost: 30 + 45 kunas.
By taxi

A taxi ride is a simpler and more expensive option. Estimated travel time: 65 min.
Cost: 480-500 kunas.

Prices on the page are for March 2018.

Baska Voda (Croatia) is a cozy and very beautiful place to relax with the whole family.

You can watch Baska Voda beach and the natural beauty in the vicinity of the town by watching the video.

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