All the beaches of Sihanoukville – a detailed overview with photos

Sihanoukville – one of the most popular resorts in Cambodia. The air temperature in this city rarely drops below + 30 ° C, so foreigners come here year-round to enjoy the bright sun of Asia. Otres, Serendipity, Independence and other beaches of Sihanoukville are not only its main attractions, but also the pride of all Cambodia. Which one is the cleanest and where is it better to relax with children? Read this article.

Sihanoukville - one of the most popular resorts in Cambodia

Interesting to know! Sihanoukville, like other coastal cities of southwestern Cambodia, is washed by the Gulf of Thailand. It is shallow (an average of 10-20 meters) and quite warm, which contributes to the rapid reproduction of corals and makes it attractive for diving enthusiasts.


The beach is conditionally divided into three parts.

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At Otres Beach

Well-groomed coastal area with free children’s slides and inexpensive adult entertainment (sailing boats, jet skis, diving, fishing and snorkeling). There are many different cafes and bungalows, next to which there are free sunbeds.

Wild beach
Wild beach otres

A two-kilometer coast with rarely planted conifers and palm trees, where local residents often relax in small arbors. In this zone, the coast of Otres is a bit narrow, heavily littered with algae and other natural waste, and therefore sand is brought here from other beaches (albeit infrequently). There are budget resorts, for example, White boutique hotel, but there are no catering establishments.


Large wide beach with the most developed infrastructure. It is here that the most hotels, restaurants and options for outdoor activities. Sun beds are free, you can order excursions to neighboring islands (5-6 hours, about $ 15 per person). Prices are slightly higher than in the first zone.

Otres-2 Beach

Otres Beach (Sihanoukville) is perfect for families with children: the water is calm and clear, the sand is fine and creaky, there are practically no jellyfish (they rarely sail at night). This is a quiet place where you can relax from the bustle and enjoy the beautiful sunset.


  • Otres is 8 kilometers from Sihanoukville;
  • There are no supermarkets nearby where you can buy ordinary food (and even water);
  • In some parts of it, especially on the wild beach, the roads are still unpaved, which causes a lot of inconvenience during the rainy season;
  • Now Otres is actively being built up with various hotels, so tourists have to put up with the sounds of continuous construction throughout the day.


Located in the central and densely populated area of ​​Sihanoukville, it is one of the most visited in all of Cambodia. The bottom is shallow, the water is clean and transparent, although at times it brings debris that is cleaned for several days.

Serendipity Beach

Serendipity is the very beach of Sihanoukville, which allows you to plunge into the local atmosphere. Here, life does not stop its progress even at night – in cafes, arranged in a long row on the shore of the bay, discos are constantly held, music is constantly playing, and fireworks are launched on holidays.

Cafe along Serendipity Beach

Serendipity has the most developed infrastructure among all the beaches of Sihanoukville (Cambodia). Nearby are hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, souvenir shops and several travel agencies offering excursions.

The beach is perfect for lovers of nightly adventures, but it will be a little uncomfortable for young children due to the constant noise, the smell of alcohol and the lack of special entertainment.


  • A lot of people have a rest on Serendipity;
  • Pestering sellers;
  • Lack of sunbeds (instead of them, tables and chairs are installed on the shore);
  • Sometimes there are dirty currents with garbage and jellyfish.


Independence Beach

Like Otres, it is conditionally divided into several parts:

  1. Belongs to the hotel of the same name. It has everything you need for a good rest: several restaurants with local cuisine, sun loungers, a playground and a place for tennis, awnings, massage and spa services. The beach is cleaned daily, its territory is protected. But all the amenities are designed for residents of the hotel and the owners of membership cards of the fitness club Independence, for other vacationers entrance is paid.
  2. It is owned by the city, open for free visits. It is not as clean as in the first zone, there are no amenities, but there are many diverse restaurants.
Platform from Independence Hotel

Like the other beaches of Sihanoukville, Independence is covered with fine white sand and washed by clear turquoise water. This is a great place to relax with children – there is a breakwater near the shore, so the bay in this place is always calm. Also on the approach to the beach there is a small public park and a promenade for cozy evening walks.


  • The high price for entering the hotel area is $ 10 per person;
  • Lack of comfortable conditions in the free part;
  • Poor infrastructure.

Fucked up

Another great place for lovers of fun and dance. A lot of cheap cafes, extreme entertainment and all this among the tireless locals – experience what a traditional vacation in Cambodia is.

Beach Ochetutel

For those who prefer to bask in the calm waters, Noseutel is not suitable, as well as for families with children. Despite the fact that there is a sandy bottom and a clean shore, various rubbish and small jellyfish often nailed to it in waves.

The bed is constantly filled with people

Located in the center of Sihanoukville, right behind Serendipity, the Ochetutel is constantly filled with people, which are used by beggars and persistent loud-voiced sellers. At the same time, you can still find a secluded quiet place – a little way from numerous establishments there is a wild beach, but you will have to pay for silence with a complete lack of amenities.


  • Noisy and dirty place;
  • Sun loungers and umbrellas are paid.


The most picturesque beach of Sihanoukville, whose photo is often used to advertise holidays in this resort. As in the case of Indipendence Beach, it belongs to the Sokha Beach Resort, but the entrance here is absolutely free for everyone.

Sokha - the picturesque beach of Sihanoukville

Sokha has a very clean shore, which is cleaned daily by the hotel staff. On the left side of the beach there is a small park with various trees and a couple of exotic sculptures. The water on the shore is clear, the bottom is shallow and convenient even for children, but because of the large number of stones in this zone strong waves appear. The beach occupies a small territory and is guarded round the clock, there are no noisy parties or pestering sellers.

Little trick! In order not to pay for the rental of each sunbed and other amenities (including even a gym), pay for a stay on the beach all day ($ 10 per person). As a gift to all the benefits of civilization, each vacationer will also be offered a free soft drink.


  • All amenities are paid;
  • Undeveloped infrastructure – there is practically no entertainment on Sokh.


Conventionally, it can be divided into two parts: on the right, the shore is covered with warm white sand, and on the left – with large and small stones. It is located in the former Russian quarter, near the eponymous bridge and the Snake Island. There are not many people, but the beach is dirty – garbage from a port located nearby, is nailed to the shore with water, and it is cleaned no more than once a week.

Hawaii Beach

Although this is not the most comfortable beach of Sihanoukville (Cambodia), you can also have a good rest on it. Broad-leaved trees grow on the shore, creating a natural shade, and along the water there are several restaurants with tasty and inexpensive dishes (including Russian cuisine). In addition, locals and, especially, annoying sellers rarely come here, so the only noise that may bother you is the sound of water.


  • No amenities, entertainment or infrastructure in general;
  • Deeper than the rest of the beaches.


Ratanak Beach

One of the smallest beaches in Sihanoukville, mainly used by locals for picnics. Located behind Independence beach. There is dirty sand and muddy, troubled water, there is not a large selection of entertainment for tourists. The shore is covered with palm trees and other trees, you can sit in one of the few arbors and organize a cozy dinner in the open air.

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Victory Beach

Located on the outskirts of Sihanoukville, in an area where you can meet many foreigners who have moved to Cambodia for permanent residence. This place is very clean and comfortable, since many tourists do not reach here and, mainly, vacationers are local residents.

View of the evening port

A lot of inexpensive hotels and apartments were built along the coastline, and earlier there was the main attraction of the beach – the “Airport” club, built in the form of a hangar with a real airplane inside. Now it was closed, the aircraft was transferred to the roof of a car dealership nearby.

Victory looks abandoned due to uncleaned trash, the lack of a cafe and some other infrastructure. The beach is not far from the port (which explains the mud), from where ships depart for excursions to other islands.

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The beaches of Sihanoukville – a real attraction of Cambodia. Visit Otres, Serendipity, Sokkhu and other places attractive for you – enjoy a wonderful holiday on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Have a nice trip!

All the described beaches and attractions of Sihanoukville and its environs are marked on the map in Russian.

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