Where to Eat the Best Waffles in Brussels

The waffle is a Belgian specialty known throughout the world as the “Belgian waffle”. But in Belgium, depending on the type of waffle, they are called Brussels waffles or Liège waffles, and in some places they even serve Flanders waffles.

The curious thing is that although both types of waffles are sold in Brussels, in Brussels it smells like a waffle from Liège. The fact is that that the Liège waffles have always been more popular and can be bought in bakeries, patisseries and markets. You can find them everywhere in the whole city in the famous yellow vans.

Waffles are made of a dough similar to cookies or wafers and are cooked on hot plates made of cast iron or aluminum, inside which grids with different shapes are placed. When cooked take the shape of the grid where they are made, which guarantees the cooking of the entire mass.

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Types of Waffles

Brussels waffles are rectangular, light and crispy. They are usually served with powdered sugar or hot chocolate, buy can also be accompanied with cream, caramel, fruit, ice cream, etc. They are eaten hot and cooked on griddles with 15 or 24 hole grids.

Liege waffles are oval and more consistent. They are flavored with vanilla sugar and the crunchy touch is provided by the pearl sugar incorporated into the dough at the end of preparation. They are eaten hot or cold and cooked on griddles with 24-hole grids.

Siska waffles are similar to Brussels waffles but a little thicker and are cooked on heart-shaped waffle-irons. They are typical of Knokke-Zoute.

Flanders waffles are very thin and have a layer of caramel in the center.

Where do you get the best Waffles in Brussels?

1. PARDON in lively Saint Gilles

In this small establishment in Saint Gilles is run by two baristas. They serve a wide variety of artisan waffles made with select raw materials. At Pardon you can have Liège, Brussels, sweet, savory, brioche and even the typical Flanders waffles that are served accompanied by exceptional coffee and teas from Univers du thé.


Rue de Moscou 36, 1060 Brussels

2. GASTON in the old port of Brussels

In this well-known ice cream parlor they also serve some very good Brussels waffles. In winter you can go for waffles at this colorful place and in summer you can accompany them with ice cream. Enjoy the waffles here in the a huge terrace in front of the large pond that was once part of the port of Brussels.


Quai aux Briques 86, 1000 Brussels

3. MAISON DANDOY at the Saint Hubert Royal Galleries

Maison Dandoy is an institution in Brussels. It is mainly known for being the oldest maker of speculums and artisanal tea cakes in the city. However, in terms of waffles it is not far behind either, as the ones they make here are considered some of the best waffles in Brussels. It has two locations. The original one is located near the Grand Place, where you can also buy them to take away. The one at Galerie du Roi is much more recent and we recommend you go here because the place itself is precious.


Rue Charles Buls 14, 1000 Brussels
Galerie du Roi 2, 1000 Brussels

4. CAFÉ WITTAMER in the elegant Place du Sablon

The Wittamer family has been offering the best pastries, cakes, chocolates and other delicacies to its select clientele for more than a century. They serve exquisite Brussels waffles in this café located on the first floor and on the terrace of the elegant Place du Sablon.


Place du Grand Sablon 13, 1000 Brussels

5. ROBINSON CHALET in the Cambre Forest

In addition to the great quality of the waffles made in the famous heart mold invented by Marie Siska, going to this beautiful place allows you to enjoy a fantastic experience by simply crossing the Cambre forest island by boat.


Sentier de l’Embarcadère 1, 1000 Brussels

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