Top 8 Restaurants in Brussels

The following 8 restaurants in Brussels are not where you can eat cheaply. But if your wallet allows, be sure to visit one of the places in this list as they are among the top 20 restaurants in Brussels.

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1. Restaurant Le Rabassier

The restaurant menu offers delicious European and French cuisine. It is very highly rated and a table must be booked in advance.

Interior restaurant Le Rabassier

The price of the cheapest set menu is 68 €. Dinner for two will cost 130-190 €.

For children, the chef can prepare meals to order if the child does not choose anything from the menu.

Here is such a beautiful dessert

The restaurant is closed on Monday. From Tuesday to Saturday, you can visit it from 19-00 to 20-30. On Sundays from 11-55 to 13-15 and from 19-00 to 20-30.

Address : 23 Rue de Rollebeek, Brussels 1000.

2. La table de Mus

For delicious, original dishes served in a relaxed atmosphere, head to restaurant La Table de Mus. When possible, choose a table next to the kitchen. You will be able to observe the skills of the chef.

The interior of the restaurant La table de mus

In the restaurant you can order a set menu, in which case dinner will be relatively inexpensive. For each set a suitable wine pairing is offered.

Set menu price in Euros:

Number of dishesCost without wineCost with wine

Address: Pl. de la Vieille Hle aux Bles 31, Brussels 1000.

3. Comme Chez Soi

The name of the restaurant translates to “At Home,” which fully reflects the attitude of the owners to the culinary art and customer service. Comme Chez Soi has been awarded two Michelin stars for its impeccable service. Belgian and French cuisines are presented here.

The interior of the restaurant Comme Chez Soi
Serving Dessert at Comme Chez Soi Restaurant

Since 1930, the restaurant has been located on Rouppe Square in the house of art. The presentations of the dishes is complemented by the original interior decorated in Art Nouveau style.

A meal in a restaurant costs from 53 to 106 €. That’s relatively inexpensive for a meal is a 2 Michelin start restaurant. Its open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 12-00 to 13-00 and from 19-00 to 21-00, on Wednesdays from 19-00 to 21-00. Monday and Sunday are closed.

4. Le Bistro

The food in Brussels is tasty and always fresh, since almost all food products are of local origin. Seafood deserves special attention. Le Bistro Restaurant offers the best in Brussels, huge mussels in white wine and sumptuous scallops with cheese. The guests here order this Belgian specialty the most.

Restaurant Le Bistro

The original detail of the interior is an old radio, on which you can listen to the tunes of past centuries.

Huge mussels in white wine at Le Bistro

In addition to seafood in the restaurant you can order a delicious steak, rabbit, goulash, carpaccio and chocolate fondant.

The average cost of lunch is from 40 to 80 €. This places is open daily from 10-00 to 23-00 at Boulevard de Waterloo 138, Brussels 1000.

5. Colonel

If you are making a list of what to try in Brussels with food, be sure to highlight the meat as a separate item. In Belgium, it is prepared amazingly well. Restaurant Colonel is a paradise for meat eaters. For each dish, an original serving is provided. You will be advised on an appropriate wine pairing. If you want to relax in comfort, book a table in advance.

In the restaurant Colonel

The average bill is from 60 to 120 €. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12-00 to 14-00 and from 19-00 to 22-00. Sunday and Monday are off.

Location: Rue Jean Stas 24, Intersection Rue Dejoncker, Brussels 1060.

6. Chez Willy

Not a large restaurant Chez Willy

The restaurant is located on a nice, small street, next to the Grand place. The room is small, only 10 tables, so it is better to call in advance and reserve a place. In the warmer months, you can comfortably sit on the terrace.

The restaurant’s owners are two brothers – one communicates with customers, the second is a great cook, and runs the kitchen. On request, you can order a set menu, 28 and 32 € for 2 and 3 dishes, respectively. A full dinner for two will cost from 50 to 110 €.

Interesting fact! The restaurant serves delicious hot bread.

Fish Serving at Chez Willy Restaurant

Working hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – from 19-00 to 22-00;
  • Friday and weekends – from 12-00 to 14-00 and from 19-00 to 22-00.

Address: Rue de la Fourche 14, Brussels 1000.

7. Au Cor de Chasse

This is a Portuguese restaurant. Here you will be offered delicious food from one of the most colorful countries in the world. The cook – a true master – in an amazing way through his dishes conveys the mood and character of Portugal. There is a large selection of meats, seafood, vegetables, cheese and desserts. Tables are installed in the hall and on the terrace, there is parking, and you can also bring along your pet.

Octopus dish at Au Cor de Chasse

It is better to take a taxi from the center of Brussels to the restaurant. The trip will cost 15 €.

The average double check is around 50 €. Restaurant is open every day from 12-00 to 15-00 and from 19-00 to 21-30. On Saturday, the restaurant is open only from 19-00 to 21-30. Sunday is a day off.

Address: Avenue des Casernes 21, Etterbeek, Brussels 1040.

8. Pasta Divina

On the summer terrace at Pasta Divina

The list of the best restaurants in Brussels is incomplete without Pasta Divina. It serves Italian cuisine. The owners have chosen a great place for visitors – on the second floor of an old building located in the center of Brussels. It is best to book a table in advance.

Tomorrow at Pasta Divina Restaurant

The menu is built on all kinds of pasta recipes – with mussels, tomatoes, cheese, etc. The owner is constantly in the hall with clients, helps to choose wine for the selected menu, while his wife prepares the food.

Dinner for two will be relatively inexpensive at 70 €. You can eat at Pasta Divina daily from 12-00 to 14-30 and from 18-00 to 22-00.

Address: Rue de la Montagne 16, Brussels 1000.

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