Best Budget Restaurants in Brussels for Tasty and Affordable Food

Brussels is a mecca for foodies. Tourists from all over the world come here not only to visit the sights, but also to experience its fantastic restaurants. The diversity of this metropolis is also reflected in its restaurants.

Many are marked with Michelin stars and are quite consistent with their high quality dishes. But there are also many food joints are serving creative meals on a budget. Thus finding an affordable place that serves delicious food is not that simple, especially when you are visiting the first time and you have more than 4000 restaurants to choose from.

If you are eager to eat well without spending a fortune on your trip, here is a list of the best cheap eat in Brussels.

The Best Affordable Restaurants in Brussels

1. L’Express – for great Lebanese food

A great place to have a quick and tasty meal after a walk around the Grand Place. It serves Lebanese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern cuisines and has options for vegetarians.

A small shawarma with chicken costs 6 €, and a large one costs 8 €. Delicious juices are also served here. All products are fresh and the portions are big.

There are few tourists here, but if you prefer silence and solitude, go up to the second floor of the establishment.

Address: Rue des Chapeliers 8, Brussels.

This restaurant is open until late at night.

2. Bia Mara – for fish and chips

Bia Mara is a small restaurant is located in the center of Brussels. It serves fish, seafood, french-fries and delicious beer. The portions are large and cooked perfectly. For example the fish in lemon and basil seasoning is juicy and super tasty. In general, the menu is small and the beer selection is modest.

Not a big restaurant Bia Mara

A full serving of a large piece of fish and potatoes costs from 12 to 15 €, a glass of beer is priced at 5 €.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is simple, the design is straightforward, and unobtrusive music plays in the background. The service is quick, but if you want to have a meal in a quiet environment, come in the afternoon, because in the evening there is a lot of crowd.

Baked Potato Fish

Address: Rue du Marche aux Poulets 41.

You can eat here daily:

  • Monday to Thursday – from 12-00 to 14-30 and from 17-30 to 22-30;
  • Friday and weekends – from 12-00 to 22-30.

Locals often come to eat at Bia Mara, which indicates the quality of food and excellent service.

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3. Il Colosseo – for best pizza in Brussels

This is a small and cozy pizzeria located at Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 74. It serves Italian, Mediterranean and European dishes. The pizza here deserves special attention. Regardless of the toppings, a pizza here costs €10.

This place is run by an Italian family, and the quality of the food and service more than makes up for its simple interiors.

Pizza in the restaurant Il Colosseo in Brussels
Pizza in the restaurant Il Colosseo in Brussels

Pizzas in Brussels are incredibly good, so try to pop-in this place at least once. It consists of two tiny rooms and the tables are set quite tightly. Due to its popularity there can be many visitors, so it is better to reserve seats in advance.

Two pizzas and drinks will cost 25-30 €, which by the standards of Brussels is considered inexpensive.

3. Ballekes – for best meatballs in Brussels

Meatballs lunch at Bellekes (image source

Ballekes is a small café where you can eat inexpensively with the whole family. The word “Bellekes” translates to meatballs in English. So, it is not without reason that the tourists flock to this place for its meatballs with 6 different sauces. Meatballs here are prepared according to old recipes just like the ones made by Belgian grandmothers.

You can also eat croquettes, french-fries and salads in the café. Children will be able to try local desserts, while adults can try from over 20 Belgian beers and ciders. In others words, no one will be disappointed!

The cost of lunch for one is from 10€ to 15€.

4. Tonton Garby – for lip-smacking sandwiches

These sandwiches sold in a tiny shop just off the Gare Centrale will change your life.

In the one-man business, the owner Tonton Garby devotes himself to his passion – baguettes! Every sandwich is freshly topped with incredible attention to detail down to the last grain of salt.

Restaurant Tonton Garby
Taunton Garby preparing a Sandwich

Because this takes a little longer, you should plan on waiting a bit. Word has gotten around about the excellent quality of his baguettes and it is not uncommon for there to be a long line. The wait is worth it!

Of course, the baguettes are also available to take-away. However, Tonton Garby will insist that you take a bite to taste. And if you don’t like it, he’ll make you a new one.

Look out for the simple sign on Rue Duquesnoy that says Bread & Cheese. You’ll find Tonton Garby at number six.

Such sandwiches in the restaurant Tonton Garby
A Tonton Garby Sandwich

You can eat at Taunton Garby’s restaurant every day except Sunday. Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00, and on Saturday from 10:00 to 18:30.

5. Frit Flagey – for the best French-fries

You can get Belgian fries almost anywhere in Brussels, but our favorite is Frit Flagey on Place Flagey. The food wagon seems a bit inconspicuous at first. But there’s a good reason the line at the takeaway doesn’t shrink. The fries served at Frit Flagey are the best in town. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, paired with a lasting potato flavor and 19 sauces to choose from. It does not get better than this.

Maison Antoine near place Jourdon is also famous for fries, but they use animal fat to make them.

The Frit Flagey take-away food truck
The Frit Flagey take-away food truck

6. Kombuis – for the best Moules Frites

Moules Frites is hardly known in the world, but you can find it on every corner in Brussels. They are simply mussels with french-fries, but they are not cheap. Expect to shell out between €15-€25 for them. But note that any price lower than €18 sounds iffy.


At Kombuis you can eat delicious mussels in an authentic and nostalgic interior. You are presented with a whole pot of cooked mussels that you eat straight from the shell. There are also fries that taste delicious when you dip them in the mussel broth.

At Kombuis they serve about 1.3kg of mussels per serving, so make sure you are hungry when you go there!

This place accepts payment only in cash. It’s a favorite among locals, so don’t be put off by the scruffy entrance. A visit to Kombuis for Moules Frites will be worth it.

Note: another very good restaurant for mussels is Le Chou de Bruxelles.

7. Nuetnigenough – best gastropub with Flemish cuisine

With prices ranging from €15-€30 for a dinner, this may not be a cheap restaurant for many of us. But, its cuisine is authentic, hearty and above all excellent! The service here is always very friendly and the beer recommendations perfectly adapted to their menu.

Lunch at Nuetnigenough
Lunch at Nuetnigenough

The beer menu is something to die for. From the traditional Belgian classics to the rare Gueuze from Cantillon or Tilquin, there is something for everyone. Remember to book, even on weekdays and in low season. It is easily to make reservations in 2 clicks from their website. The restaurant is small (that’s what makes it so charming) and renowned. Often people who come here without booking leave empty-handed.

8. Brød Brussels – for a quick bite

This is a small café where you can have a delicious, quick and cheap meal in Brussels while walking around the center. It is especially popular for its fresh sandwiches, pasta, pastries and desserts.

Meals are complemented by excellent coffee, fresh juices and local beer. The average cost for a person is 10-15€.

The various spreads and toppings for sandwiches at BROD
The various spreads and toppings for sandwiches at BROD

9. La Mer du Nord – for fresh seafood

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