Shopping in Brussels – what to buy where to buy

Belgium is a paradise for shopaholics, because the best designers of the world and elite couturiers work here, sell rarities and new fashion items. Shopping in Brussels, the capital of the country is an expensive pleasure. But if you know where to go and what to buy, then the ratio of cost and quality becomes optimal.

Shopping in Brussels

How much money do you need for Belgian shopping?

The majority of goods are sold at prices at the level of France, Germany and other European countries.

Interesting to know! The average price of casual shoes / clothes in Brussels stores is 75 euros, children’s costumes (t-shirt + pants) – 20 €, cosmetics – 7 €.

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Belgium is not a good place to buy ordinary things, but it is the source of a wide variety of fashion novelties. Brussels has more than 140 shopping areas, thousands of shops and several outlets in the vicinity, so every traveler will be able to find things to his taste and resources.

Best time for shopping

Typically, Brussels stores are open 6 days a week:

  • From Monday to Thursday – from 10 to 18;
  • Friday and Saturday – from 9/10 to 20.

Pay attention to the seasons of trading. Almost all Belgians prefer to buy things several times cheaper during sales – from July 1 to August 1, from January 3 to February 1.

Interesting to know! Stores do not arrange promotions at other times, because for this a large fine is provided for in the legislation of the country.

What to bring from Brussels as a gift?

Belgian truffles

The most delicious Belgian souvenirs are local chocolates, pralines and truffles. They are sold in small pastry shops on the central streets of Brussels, for example, in the Grand Place or in department stores.

Traditionally, chocolates and sweets are sold by weight, pieces of about 250 grams. The cost of goodies varies from 5 to 18 euros, depending on the manufacturer. Today, the most famous chocolate brands in Belgium are Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini and Leonidas, Mary (the main supplier of the royal court).

Belgian waffles

A separate point is worth noting the Belgian waffles. After trying them in one of the local cafes, you probably want to treat your relatives. To this end, many confectioneries began to sell special sets of packed waffles for tourists (from 4 €). But be careful: if you want to bring Brussels dessert with filling to your homeland, buy it on the day of departure so that it does not deteriorate.

Beer Witte Trappist

Delight your friends with a bottle of rich Brussels beer from Witte Trappist, Abbaye or Kriek. It’s worth the pleasure of 4 euros, but especially generous travelers can bring whole gift sets from Brussels, sold in breweries, which, in addition to alcohol, include beautiful mugs, coasters or openers.

Lace from Manufacture Belge de Dent

Belgium is the birthplace of luxury textiles. It has been producing the best lace in the world for more than four centuries, and one of the most famous manufacturers with a worldwide reputation is located in Brussels – “Manufacture Belge de Dent”.

The choice of lace products in local stores is really huge: you can buy not only beautiful pajamas or bedding, but also a fashionable dress, an unusual blouse and even an umbrella with elements of Flanders decor.

Copies of Attractions
Figurine "Manneken Pis"

Every tourist should bring from Belgium a symbol of the city – a pissing boy. It is everywhere: on ashtrays, lighters, key rings, figurines, magnets and other all kinds of souvenirs, the price of which is from 1.5 euros.

Another famous Belgian attraction is the atomium. This interesting building in miniature can be presented to friends as well, it will perfectly decorate any desktop.

How to save on shopping

Signboard Tax Free Shopping

All travelers who do not reside in the EU are entitled to a 15-21% shopping tax free discount. It is provided by stores with the same sign for all purchases from 50 to 125 euros. You can get the money saved at the airport or train station when leaving the EU at customs offices by providing checks, a form (filled in at the store) and a passport.

Important! You can only return the funds spent on the purchase of personal items that you take to your country, provided that less than three months have passed since the purchase.

Of course, the best way to save money is to know where and when to buy the desired thing. This is the next point.

Best places to shop in Brussels

MaasMechelen Village

Dreaming about branded things, but blood pressure rises incorrigibly upwards at the sight of numbers? Check out MaasMechelen Village, Brussels’ most popular outlet. Almost 100 boutiques and several hundred brands are represented in it, and most importantly – prices are many times lower than in official stores. Here you will find:

Outlet MaasMechelen Village
  • Fashion and casual clothes from Armani, Essentiel, Versace, Le Creuset, HUGO BOSS, Barbour, Boggi Milano and Scapa;
  • Clarks and GEOX shoes
  • Top sports items from Nike, Puma, Converse Maruti and Björn Borg;
  • Accessories Coach, Furla and Fossil;
  • Lingerie by Calvin Klein and Diesel;
  • Chocolate Leonidas and Amorino Ice Cream;
  • Homeware Anne de Solène, Home & Cook.
Boutique Versace

In addition, at MaasMechelen Village Outlet you can buy the best cosmetics in Brussels from world-famous companies – Lancome, Escada, Sisley, Dior, etc.

Address: Zetellaan 100. Schedule: daily from 10 am to 7 pm.

How to get

Outlet is an hour’s drive from the city. You can take a taxi (about 50 euros) along the A1 / E314 highway or by train (to the Hasselt or Genk stations).

Life hack! If you want to spend an unforgettable weekend with benefit and visit the outlet, get to it on the company’s company bus (15 € two way, departure at 10 am, back at 16:00). He not only quickly takes you from the center of Brussels to the shops, but also allows you to get an additional 10% discount on everything.

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A huge shopping mall is located on the outskirts of the city, next to the Rodebake metro station. This is a huge center, combining more than a hundred shops and outlet stores of famous brands, several restaurants, cafes and a supermarket. Here are the products of GEOX, Birkenstock, Converse, Bugatti, Tamaris, Gabor, BULLBOXER, Camel active, Celio and other popular manufacturers.

Woluwe Shopping Center

Address: St Lambert Avenue 200. Schedule: Monday to Thursday and Saturday – from 10 to 19, Friday – from 10 to 20, Sunday – day off.

How to get there

  • By Metro – Roodebeek Station (line 1);
  • Mashrut No. 42 (stop Debecker).
City 2

A small shopping mall in Brussels, with affordable prices. Most of the stores are outlets of the famous brands Zara, H&M, Mothercare, Naf, Celio, PATRIZIA PEPE, MANGO, Man, etc.

Shopping mall City 2

On the second and third floor you can buy delicious waffles or order a full meal in one of the food courts. Small “islands” with inexpensive goods that can be brought to relatives as souvenirs are installed throughout the shopping center.

Note! On the ground floor there is a Carrefur supermarket with cheap products. Open daily until 8 pm.

Address: Rue Nueve 123, Brussels. Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

How to get there

  • The shopping center is just a 15-minute walk from Brussels’ central square Grande Place;
  • Rogier metro station (line 2);
  • Buses No. 47, 88, 126, 127, 214, 230 and others (Rogier);
  • Trams 35, 31, 25, 4, 3 (Rogier).

Les galeries royales saint-hubert

One of the most beautiful places in Brussels, which is definitely worth a visit. Even if you stop before shopping due to high prices, you should go to this shopping gallery and breathe in the aroma of the medieval aristocracy. The old-fashioned interior, amazing stained glass windows, the smell of Brussels chocolate and waffles – all this immerses you in a fairy tale, and you forget about all the problems and concerns. There is also a theater, cinema, library and several architectural structures.

Shopping gallery Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Advice! If you do not intend to buy jewelry from Lagardere or designer clothes from Danaque, go a little to the side from the gallery to the street with small outlets – the quality of goods in them is not worse, but the cost is several times lower.

Address: Galerie du Roi 5. Most of the stores are open Monday-Saturday from 10 to 19.

What to get to

  • You can walk from the main attractions (Manneken Pis, Museum of Independence) in 10-20 minutes;
  • The nearest metro station is De Brouckere (front line);
  • Buses 29, 66, 71 (De Brouckere).
Rue neuve

A great place for budget shopping, which will tell you the answer to the popular question: “what should a tourist buy in Brussels?” There is absolutely everything here: from leather shoes and unique collections of novice designers to centers with appliances and shops for those who want to bring a souvenir from Belgium. The main brands represented in local shops and outlets are H&M, Zara, Adidas, Bershka and others. There are many pastry shops and cafes with waffles, pastries and chocolate on Rue Neuve.

Rue Neuve stores

Shops close at 8 pm, open at 9 (grocery) or 10 in the morning.

Public transport road

  • The nearest metro station is Rogier (line 2);
  • Routes 47, 88 (De Brouckere).
Avenue louise

A three-kilometer street filled with luxury shops can impress even the most experienced shopaholics. Here new fashion items appear and style is born, it is in this place that the oldest works of art and modern products from Tara Jarmon, Gucci, Max Co, Dior, Pinko, Chanel, Tiffani, Bellerose and Bonpoint are sold.

Boutiques on Avenue Louise

Despite the high cost, there are never few people here, because people come here not only for new clothes, but also for their impressions. If possible, highlight the evening at this wonderful place and enjoy the atmosphere of the fashionable 21st century.

How to get there

  • Bus number 54,
  • Tram 81, 93, 94 (stop Bailli or Vleurgat).
Pierre marcolini

Looking for where to buy the most delicious chocolate in Brussels? At the Pierre Marcolini store. Passing by this confectionery is almost impossible – you will be attracted by the wonderful smell, a huge crowd of tourists and a bright showcase with edible works of art. Despite the relatively high prices (an average of 250 grams of chocolate costs 20 euros), many travelers are eager to bring Pierre Marcolini products from Brussels. In addition, they sell delicious macaroons, eclairs, waffles and coffee of various kinds.

Showcase at Pierre Marcolini Store

Address: Place du Grand Sablon, Rue Des Minimes 1. Schedule: Sun-Thu – from 10 am to 7 pm, Fri-Sat from 10:00 to 20:00.

What to get to

  • Minibuses No. 27, 48, 4, 5, 6, 8-12 (Grote Zavel);
  • Trams Nos. 92 and 93 (Kleine Zavel).
Planetet chocolat

This is not just a pastry shop. Planete Chocolat is a workshop where ordinary ingredients turn into a sweet delight, packed in beautiful boxes. Here, every tourist can not only buy a tasty gift to friends (or himself), but also independently prepare chocolate according to an old Belgian recipe (7 € per person). The cost of goodies, although higher than in ordinary stores, allows each traveler to go for a sweet shopping trip (10-15 € / 250 grams).

Workshop showcase Planete Chocolat

Address: Rue du Lombard 24. Open from 10:30 to 18:30 from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday and Monday.

Convenient routes

  • Walking distance from the Manneken Pis Statue (8 minutes), the Town Hall (5 minutes), and other central attractions of Brussels;
  • Buses No. 48 and 95 (Parlement Bruxellois or Grand-Place) are suitable

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Last secret

The cheapest things are sold at Brussels brokers, similar to our flea markets, which are arranged by local merchants or ordinary residents every Sunday. And don’t forget to bargain!

Shopping in Brussels is a pleasure every tourist should experience. Spend time with benefit and pleasure! Big discounts to you!

Map of Brussels with attractions, shops and shopping centers in Russian.

How was the shopping of “Oryol and Reshki” in Brussels and what the presenters recommend to buy, see the video.

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