Schonbrunn Palace: useful information about the castle in Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace is the summer castle of the royal Habsburg dynasty in Vienna, today it is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria. In 1996, this palace complex, made in the Baroque architectural style, was included in the list of UNESCO heritage sites. It is noteworthy that Schönbrunn consists not only of the … Read more

Museums of Vienna: 11 best galleries of the Austrian capital

Vienna, the museum capital of Central Europe, has concentrated an immense number of cultural institutions on its streets, which are simply impossible to explore in one trip. In addition, attending all exhibitions in a row does not make sense. Therefore, before traveling to the capital of Austria, it is important to decide which Vienna museums … Read more

The Albertina Museum in Vienna – A History of 130 Years of Artworks

Albertina in Vienna is one of the most visited museums in the Austrian capital. It is believed that the gallery contains the largest collection of world masterpieces of painting, printed graphics. Judge for yourself – the exposition totals almost a million works performed in the art of painting, as well as 50 thousand drawings made … Read more

Danube Tower – Vienna’s calling card

The Danube Tower (Donauturm) is one of Vienna’s calling cards, the tallest building in the city and a popular tourist attraction. Donauturm is an invention of architect Hannes Lintl, designed by him in 1964 specifically for the International Gardening Exhibition. The opening of the Danube Park was also timed to the same exhibition, in the … Read more

Top 9 budget restaurants in Vienna

Vienna, being a frequently visited city in Europe, is literally dotted with various cafes, bars and restaurants. The choice of establishments is so huge that, not being prepared in advance, you can simply get lost in the capital’s gastronomic paradise. Of course, most travelers are worried about eating tasty and cheaply in Vienna. The main … Read more

St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna: catacombs and crypt of the Habsburgs

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the main religious site in Vienna, which has long become an undeniable symbol of the capital and Austria as a whole. The temple combines in its exterior and interior decoration two architectural styles at once – Romanesque and Gothic, which makes it one of the most striking achievements of medieval architecture. … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Belvedere palace complex in Vienna

Belvedere Vienna, which is a huge palace and park complex, is one of the most interesting sights of the Austrian capital. From Italian, the word “belvedere” is translated as “beautiful view.” And you know, this is completely true, because from the vast possessions of the palace, spread on the slopes of the mountain, a wonderful … Read more

Districts of Vienna: an overview of the 9 best neighborhoods with a detailed description

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, home to over 1.8 million people. In total, the city has 23 districts. Each of them has its own specific features, which every tourist traveling to Austria should know about. Some areas of Vienna are rich in museums and architectural monuments, others are filled with parks … Read more