Ski resort Soelden – all about the ski resort for professional skiers

Sölden is a ski resort that is rightly called the concentrated power of winter. This is a center for international competitions, as well as one of the most popular and most visited ski resorts in Europe. Modern tracks of different difficulty levels are presented here, and a special zone is equipped for snowboard fans.

Sölden - ski resort

General information about the resort of Sölden

If you move up the Ottal valley, after 40 minutes you can reach the Sölden resort, in addition to it, the village of Obergurgl is located in the valley, from where it is easy to reach the Kütai resort. Not far from the ski resort, the construction of a new thermal complex “Aqua House” has recently been completed.

Interesting fact! According to experienced tourists, only those who are too picky and dissatisfied with the resort’s proximity to the highway are unhappy with Sölden.

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Restaurant "ice Q"

In 2018, another interesting architectural and cultural object appeared on the territory of the resort – James Bond returned to Solden. On the top of Gaislachkogl near the ice Q restaurant, a film installation was opened based on one of the films about the famous special agent. Remember the movie Spectrum? It was in it in the Alps, in the Sölden Valley, that the Hoffler Clinic was located and the scene was shot with a chase.

Who will enjoy a holiday at the Sölden ski resort in Austria? First of all, for lovers of skiing, snowboarding, as well as tourists who prefer a fun, lively atmosphere.

Good to know! The Sölden ski area is formed by two glaciers, thanks to which the ski season here is the longest in Europe – from the second half of October to May.

Trails lead directly to the hotel

If your energy is enough for skiing, relaxing in bars and discos, the Sölden resort in Austria is an excellent solution. Nevertheless, in this part of the Alps there is a place where you can completely devote yourself to sports, skiing – the small village of Hochsoelden. It offers scenic views of the valley, and the slopes go straight down to the hotels. Another advantage of Sölden is the pedestrian zone, there are no cars here.

Advantages of the city of Sölden and the Austrian ski resort:

  • the longest ski season, the snow is dense, the cover is stable;
  • high-speed lifts;
  • glacier rides are provided;
  • party atmosphere;
  • You can combine sports and relaxation;
  • Sölden tracks are perfectly marked, so getting lost here is almost impossible.
In the resort of Sölden, Austria


  • at the peak of the tourist season on the main ski lifts hype;
  • slopes are connected by cabins; there are lines in the high season;
  • the resort is quite expensive;
  • most Solden hotels are located along the highway, respectively, there is practically no place for walking with children.

Austrian ski resort Sölden in numbers:

Trails in the resort of Sölden
  • the height of the resort is 1377 meters;
  • elevation difference – 1380-3250 m;
  • tracks – 144, of which: red (middle level) – 79, black (professional) – 45, blue (for beginners) – 20;
  • lifts – 34, of which: chairlifts – 19, tow ropes – 10, cabins – 5.

The nearest airport to Solden is 1 hour away. Directly from the resort you can reach other skiing areas – Obergurgl, Längenfeld.

Trails and lifts

Sölden is, first of all, one of the largest glaciers in Austria, thanks to which you can ride here almost all year round. Recently, two lifts have been built at the resort, they link all the routes of the region into one zone, and each tourist can make a fascinating ski safari.

Sölden circuit

The circuit of the Sölden routes is represented mainly by red slopes of medium difficulty. There are also simple, blue tracks and challenging black routes.

Good to know! The length of the longest descent is almost 13 km. Already in October, boldly come to Solden and enjoy skiing.

The Austrian ski resort annually pleases vacationers with changes – modern lifts appear, the ski area expands, but colorful Tyrolean houses, ancient churches, colorful chalets characteristic of Austria are still preserved here. From any point of the settlement you can get on the lift located in the lower zone of the resort. On the slopes, which are located at the bottom of the resort, guns work, which guarantee that there will be snow under any conditions.

Training site Gigiyuh

The city has two lifts that deliver tourists to certain areas of the slopes. The main one is the ski lift that goes to Gigioikh. Here is the main training ground of the Austrian resort, several spacious, easy tracks, and nearby are several more difficult, black slopes. This part of the resort is crowded. Nearby is a snowboard park. From here, you can go down through Hochselden, to the services of tourists a red (medium) or black (difficult) track, a height difference of about 1 km.

Lift to Gaislachkogl

Another ski area is Gaislachkogl, its highest point is located at an altitude of 3 km. Getting here is quick and easy – on the ski lifts directly from the valley. In this part of the ski resort, a balance is maintained between the tracks of medium and easy difficulty. In addition, here you can eat in a restaurant at an altitude of almost 2 km, and, having gained strength, return through the forest to the valley.

Good to know! There are few forest slopes in Sölden – no more than 20%, the bulk are open high-mountain routes.

The two zones are interconnected by slopes and lifts, if you still have the strength, and you plan to ride late in the evening, get on the Mittelstation – black and blue slopes are presented here.

Track thiefenbach

The dessert of the ski resort in Austria is a large region that combines two glaciers – Tiefenbach and Rettenbach. Routes are located at an altitude of 3250 m, and elevations do not exceed 500 m.

Good to know! It is in Sölden that the most extensive area for alpine skiing, equipped on glaciers, is 29 sq. Km.

Observation deck

On one of the most popular ski routes – BIG 3 Rallye – observation platforms are equipped, here a person can easily feel like a grain of sand above the snowy mountain peaks. Here he dreams well and all anxieties and worries go by the wayside. For a trip it is better to choose good, clear weather, because the space here is perfectly blown and in a strong wind it is uncomfortable to ride here.


Skiing in Sölden is not the only resort in Austria. It provides everything you need for a comfortable and fun holiday. At the disposal of tourists:

Swimming pool
  • the latest sports complex, where pools, steam rooms with stone benches, a restaurant and a bowling alley are equipped;
  • SPA centers;
  • a large selection of stores, however, the assortment in them is quite uniform – mainly sports goods;
  • restaurants and bars are found at every step, however, like discos, night clubs;
  • five centers where you can rent equipment;
  • six schools where you can take skiing and snowboarding lessons.

If you are not a fan of noisy parties, visit the Extreme Driving Center or ride a sleigh.

Sölden piste map

Interesting fact! Luggage rooms are located next to the lifts, where you can leave equipment so as not to carry heavy equipment on your shoulders.

Complex "Aqua House"
Aqua House

In addition to skiing, Sölden offers water activities. The most affordable option is to visit the hotel’s sauna. If you are happy to read a more advanced way of relaxation, visit the modern sports and fitness center “Freizait Arena”. Of course, the best way is to relax in the Aqua House thermal complex. The complex is located 12 km, buses, cars follow, taxi can be ordered. Here you can lie in the open air and contemplate the snowy peaks.

Interesting fact! Water heated to a temperature of +36 degrees, comes from a well with a depth of almost 1900 m.

Sölden with all responsibility is called the most partying in Austria, some tourists even call the resort of Ibiza in the Alps. During peak season, tables in entertainment should be booked in advance.

Types, cost of ski passes in the Austrian Sölden

Subscription rates at the Sölden ski resort in Austria are quite high, but they do not differ from prices at other European resorts.

Types, cost of ski passes

Ski pass

Validity Adult Teenage Children For seniors
1 day 54.50 43.50 thirty 46.50
1,5 days 99 79 54.50 84
3 days 158.50 127 87 135
6 days 293.50 235 161.50 249.50

Official websites of the Sölden ski resort in Austria:


Where to stay in Solden

Sölden is located along the river, which maneuvers at the foot of the mountains. Most lifts descend directly to the central streets of the settlement and hotels. Many tourists choose housing directly in the valley, closer to the ski lifts. Between them runs transport – scibuses – they deliver vacationers to the ski lifts from anywhere in the valley.

Good to know! Some hotels and apartments are located not at the bottom of the resort, but slightly higher – at an altitude of about 100 m. Living here can cause some inconvenience – the lifts connecting the area with the center of the valley close at 22-00.

Hotel Alpenfriede in Hochsölden
Hotel alpenfriede

If you are not just a fan of skiing, but a true fanatic and ride from morning to late evening, book accommodation in the village of Hochselden. In addition to luxury hotels, there is a large selection of affordable accommodation.

In general, Sölden in Austria is a resort where housing for every taste and budget is presented – from 5 star hotels to budget apartments.

Resort prices in Austria:

  • 5 star hotel – from 2250 euros for 6 nights;
  • 3-4 star hotel – from 1800 euros for 6 nights;
  • apartments in Sölden – from 700 euros for 6 nights;
  • guest house – from 657 euros for 6 nights.

We have selected several Sölden hotels in Austria that, according to users of the Bucking service, have been rated more than 8 points:

Room at Hotel Garni Fiegl Apart
Hotel garni fiegl
  1. Aparthotel “Garni Fiegl” is built on a hill, guests can relax in silence and enjoy nature, a score of 9.0, the cost of accommodation from 1158 euros for 6 nights;
  2. superior 3 star hotel “Elisabeth” , located on the slope of the Gaislachkogl ski lift, score – 9.0, cost of accommodation from 1433 euros for 6 nights;
  3. 4-star hotel “Regina” is located near the Gaislakhkogelban ski lift, has its own spa, a rating of 9.0, accommodation from 1900 euros for 6 nights.

All prices on the page are for the season 2018/2019.

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Weather and climate in Sölden

The weather in Sölden in the mountains of Austria is characteristic of the temperate zone. Here, seasons are clearly traced, and the difference in elevation affects the temperature regime. The closer to the mountain peaks, the colder and more windy. Nevertheless, a natural anomaly happens in winter – lakes of cold air form in the valley, and warm streams rise up.

Important! The continental climate characteristic of Sölden in Austria is manifested in high temperatures in summer and low in winter. The highest temperature in the resort is +21 degrees, and the lowest – -15 degrees.

Weather in Sölden
High cloudiness in Sölden

The southern slopes and peaks receive most of the sunshine, the rest of the area is in the shade, in addition, there are often fogs and high clouds.

Any precipitation – rain or snow – falls from the fronts that form between the air masses – cold and warm. Most precipitation falls on the edges of the Alps, and in the central part of precipitation – a rarity.

How to get to the ski resort Solden

The resort in Austria has a unique location – in this area for skiing there are three three thousand meters, respectively, the slopes here are suitable not only for beginners, but also for mid-level athletes and experienced professionals. In addition, for snowboarders there is also a ski area – a fan park.

There are several ways to get to Sölden in Austria and from different European cities. Consider the most popular routes.

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Bus Innsbruck – Sölden

The road from Innsbruck is the shortest, since the distance between the settlements is only 88 km. You can get to Innsbruck all year round by plane; a transfer in Vienna or Frankfurt is planned on the route. In winter, you can buy a ticket for a direct flight, in this case the flight duration will be 3 hours.

By electric train to the settlement of Etzal

From Innsbruck to Sölden you can get:

  • by train to Ötzal, and then by bus, the journey takes about 2 hours;
  • take a taxi;
  • rent a car – there are several offices in the airport building where they provide such services.

The most convenient way is to book a transfer – the car will wait near the airport building. The journey by car takes about one hour. You need to follow the routes number 12 and B186.

How to get from Munich to Solden
Car rental

The distance between settlements is about 200 km, respectively, getting here is not very convenient, you need to make several transfers. In addition, you need to spend time to get from Munich Airport to the train station. You can rent a car directly in Munich, it is best to do it right at the airport. Munich and the resort in Austria are connected by the A95 motorway, the journey takes about 3 hours. By the way, if you plan to travel by public transport, you will have to spend twice as much time.

To rent a car, you will need a passport, driver’s license and a card with the necessary amount to pay for the service.

Important! If you want to order a transfer, do it in advance, because the service is in demand.

In conclusion, Sölden is a ski resort for athletes who like to ride several times during the season. Already in the second half of October you can come here and explore the mountain slopes. Rest at the resort can be combined with a visit to the World Cup stage, to see with your own eyes the achievements of great athletes.

Video: what Sölden’s tracks and food prices look like in an Austrian resort.

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