Ski resort Bad Gastein – Monte Carlo in the Alps

Bad Gastein, Austria is a year-round resort, which is one of the most popular in the country. Here you can not only ride with the breeze along the highway, but also improve your health in the healing thermal springs. The resort of Bad Gastein is built in the picturesque Gastein Valley at an altitude of 1 km. The ski resort of Bad Gastein is called by the locals the “Alpine Monte Carlo”, respectively, rest here is expensive, but the financial expenses fully justify themselves. Ski slopes, tourist infrastructure will delight even discerning tourists, mountain villages will appeal to lovers of hiking.

Bad Gastein, Austria

Photo: Bad Gastein

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Description of the Austrian resort of Bad Gastein

The Gastein Valley is located in the central part of the Alps. This place has been known for several centuries due to thermal healing springs. Not only athletes come here, but also those who wish to improve their health in the springs. Bad Gastein is a universal ski resort where you can relax in any season.

Travelers who wish to go skiing are accommodated in one of the local villages:

Settlement Bad Gastein
Bad Gastein
  1. Bad Gastein;
  2. Sport Gastein;
  3. Bad Hofgastein;
  4. Dorfgastein;
  5. Grossarl.

Ski slopes are equipped on both sides of the valley and lead directly to the villages. This arrangement greatly facilitates and reduces the time required to get to the slopes.

The Bad Gastein ski resort in Austria is equipped with a variety of technically safe tracks, and a children’s ski area – Dorfgastein is also equipped.

Interesting fact! Tourists can spend their leisure time at the Bad Gastein casino, the oldest in Austria. An entertainment venue operates at the Grand Hotel de l’Europe and covers an area of ​​600 sq.m.

Hotel Grand Hotel de l'Europe
Grand hotel de l’europe

On the map of Bad Gastein, the resort stretches out in the shape of a horseshoe that encircles the mountains. Recreation areas are located on three levels, and the architecture fancifully combines ancient buildings of the 19th century and modern buildings harmoniously integrated into the mountain landscape. In addition to the casino, another symbol of the resort is a waterfall.

Ski track Bad Gastein

The ski season in the Austrian resort begins in December and lasts until March. Bad Gashtan’s tracks are quite complicated, so it will not be easy for beginners here, mainly experienced athletes come here. The resort area occupies a vast territory, where excellent conditions for skiing, snowboarding are created. The total length of the slopes of 200 km is formed by five zones combined by a ski bus. Thus, moving around the ski resort is comfortable, easy. For cross-country skiing, a 90-km-long track has been equipped; in addition, there are sports schools, swimming pools and regular fairs.

Bad Gastein Trails in Austria

The resort has several geographical areas for sports:

  • Stubnerkogel – Schlossalm;
  • Glaucogel;
  • Sportgastein.
Cableway to Stubnerkogel

A cable car was built near the central station in Austria – a great way to quickly, and most importantly, comfortably get to Mount Stubnerkogel. In this part of the ski resort, the slopes are steep and difficult, mostly red.

Good to know! All trails in this part of Bad Gastein are suitable for snowboarders.

Go to the zone in Schlossalm at an altitude of 2 km, you can through Skizentrum Angertal – this is a great place for skiing, newcomers and families with children come here.

Ski training

The Graukogel region is located in the shade, for this reason the sun is rare here, due to which the snow here is of excellent quality and persists even during the thaw. The two best slopes – red and black – are laid in the forest. The slopes are difficult, require good physical preparation, many lifts here are technically outdated.

Sport Gasoline in Austria

Sporthashine in Austria is the highest point of the ski resort, the snow does not melt here even in warm weather. Due to frequent avalanches, the area has earned a dangerous reputation. It is most convenient to reach by bus, the distance is 7 km. Black and red routes are suitable for high-speed skiing.

For cross-country skiing, smooth, comfortable trails with a total length of 90 km are equipped. Bad Gastein is 30 km away.

Bad Gastein circuit diagram, other technical parameters

Altitude difference from 0.8 m to 2.5 km.


  • length – 201 km
  • most of the slopes are medium difficulty (red – 117 km)
  • there are trails for beginners (blue – 60 km),
  • sophisticated, black tracks (24 km) are equipped for experienced tourists.
Scheme of tracks Bad Gastein


  • total – 51;
  • drag towers – 27;
  • chair type – 15;
  • cabins – 9.

Interesting to know! Gastein is called a paradise for snowboarders.

Availability and quality of infrastructure

The ski slopes and thermal springs of Bad Gastein in Austria are not the only attractions of the resort area. For the comfort of tourists created a wonderful infrastructure:

Radon adits
  • radon adits;
  • complex of baths and saunas;
  • riding arena for horses;
  • tennis courts;
  • squash courts;
  • the opportunity to ride in a sleigh;
  • shooting range;
  • skating rinks.

Hunting fans can try their luck in the forests surrounding the resort area. For children, fascinating animation and entertainment programs are held. A modern fitness center invites everyone involved in sports and does not want to interrupt the training process during relaxation. Bad Gastein in Austria is a unique three-level resort – a place for connoisseurs of natural beauty, mountain landscapes and hiking.

Bars and restaurants
Gatz Bar

As for restaurants, most of them host mountain peaks. There are 16 bars in the ski resort, the most popular is Gatz.


In addition to ski training and wellness treatments, the resort offers an extensive entertainment program. The whole family can relax in the health and sports complex Felsenbad. And in the entertainment center Congress Center, you can plunge into childhood, ride the rides and have fun with children.


The central part of the ski resort in Austria is ideal for shopping enthusiasts, most of the shops are concentrated here. By the way, visiting the center of Bad Gastein will be interesting to tourists who like fascinating excursions. Vacationers can visit the Gashta Waterfall, the original Health Gallery, built in abandoned mines, where gold was previously mined. A train line leads to the wellness center. A fascinating attraction is organized for travelers – guests can try to wash their own gold.

Gashtai waterfall

Interesting fact! The first gold in Austria began to be mined in the 14th century, some tools are presented in the local museum. The territory adjacent to the museum is framed in the old style – medieval houses, stables, farm buildings.


Since 1936, the Gastein Museum has been operating on the territory of the ski resort area, where rare minerals collected in the vicinity of Bad Gastein, national clothes of local residents, works of art by craftsmen and artists are represented.

Gastein Museum

Types and cost of ski passes

Number of days Adult Teenage Children
1.5 * 93,50 € 70,50 € 47 €
3 158 € 119 € 79 €
6 266 € 199,50 € 133 €

* – when buying a subscription for 1.5 days, the tourist gets access to all the slopes and descents of Bad Gastein.

Bad Gastein ski pass for the day in high season
Bad Gastein ski pass 2018-2019

Prices are indicated in the high season – from 12/22/2018 to 01/04/2019 and from 01/26/2019 to 03/15/2019.

Official sites:

  • – see all ski pass prices here.

Thermal spa in Austria

The resort began to take the first tourists in Austria in the 19th century, at that time the main value was the thermal springs of Bad Gastein. Prices were quite high, so wealthy lyuli and high-ranking people came here to heal. From that moment on, the name “Royal” was assigned to Bad Gastein. It is known that the Empress of Austria Elizabeth of Bavaria, the monarch Wilhelm I, often rested here, and in the first half of the 20th century Sigmund Freud lived at the resort for 7 years.

Thermal springs Bad Gastein

At the beginning of the last century, the resort began to develop actively – already in 1905 the railway was launched, and by the middle of the century, numerous hotels were hosting tourists. Toward the end of the last century, Bad Gastein lost its popularity; hotels were massively closed. Half a century later, the situation has changed dramatically: in addition to the main value – thermal springs, they have equipped an excellent ski area.

Healing factors
Radon treatment in Bad Gastein adits

Water in healing springs warms up to +50 degrees and is rich in radon. It is used for swimming, ingestion, inhalation. Radon adits over 2 km long were built on the territory of the springs; air enriched with radon is useful for inhalation.

Interesting fact! The adits in Austria were open to tourists after the miraculous recovery of local miners from rheumatic pains.

Indications for visiting thermal springs:

  • pathology of the musculoskeletal system;
  • vascular pathologies;
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • metabolic disorders.
Complex "Felsenbad Gastein"
Felsenbad Gastein

The Felsenbad Gastein health complex is very popular. A modern center is built in the park. Full reconstruction was completed in 2004. On an area of ​​more than 600 square meters, a wellness zone is equipped, a complex of saunas is built.

You can swim in two swimming pools. On the roof there is a relaxation area for nudists. Children’s pool with rides, a shallow pool for the smallest, as well as a thermal pool for kids are organized.

After such a vacation, you will probably want to eat, for this visit the “Wellness” restaurant with an outdoor area, a picturesque view of the mountains. The menu includes snacks from local as well as European cuisines.

Where to stay

There are many luxury hotels built in the resort area, however, many tourists prefer to book rooms in historic hotels. The colorful feature of the ski resort is a striking contrast of historical and modern architecture. Not far from the new buildings of the SPA-salons, hotels, buildings of the century before last were preserved.

Good to know! In Bad Gastein in Austria you can rent accommodation in hotels and apart-hotels. The difference between them in equipment. Apart-hotels, as a rule, have kitchen areas.

Bad Gastein hotels with the best reviews on the Bucking service:

Hotel Alpenblick
  • “Alpenblick” – the hotel has a SPA center;
  • “Mondi-Holiday Bellevue” is a wonderful hotel in the center of the resort area, on the territory of which are equipped: a fitness center, a swimming pool;
  • Barenhof is a modern hotel in the central part of the spa area with a wellness center, cable cars are located just a few minutes.
Apartments Haus Klaffenbock
Haus klaffenbock

The resort has a wide selection of apartments – from budget to luxury. Most popular:

  • Haus Klaffenbock , decorated in a traditional Alpine style. Average guest rating is 9.8 / 10. In high season the price for 4 nights is from 360 euros for 4 nights.
  • Appartement Anne has a balcony with scenic valley views. Guest rating is 9.4 / 10, prices for accommodation during the ski season start from 380 euros for 4 nights.
  • Haus Franzis offers family rooms. The apartments are located near the ski lifts and the center of the settlement. Cost of living high from 510 euros for 6 nights

Good to know! Six nights in Bad Gastein hotels will cost an average of 420 € to 1,200 €.

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Bad Gastein in Austria in summer

Bad Gastein is a year-round resort area, it is comfortable to relax here at any time of the year. In summer, people come here to undergo a course of treatment in thermal springs, visit cosmetic procedures in SPA salons, and take a walk in picturesque places.

Panorama of Bad Gastein

Walking around Bad Gastein is very exciting, we will highlight some of the most fascinating.

Farmers market

On Friday and Saturday in Bad Hofgastein in Austria there is a market where farmers offer their products – sausages, cheeses, souvenirs, bakery products. In summer, the fair is open on Friday from 9-00 to 18-00, and on Saturday from 9-00 to 12-00.

Legend Trail

Many tales and legends are associated with the Gastein Valley. The route begins in Unterberg, and ends in Klammstein. Throughout the route, signs are installed, you can also purchase a book with fascinating fairy tales.

Klammstein Castle
Klammstein Castle

The attraction is located at the beginning of the Gastein Valley, it is the oldest building in the resort. In the past, the castle defended the inhabitants of the settlement, today there is a restaurant where you can try knightly dishes, and a museum also works in the building. You can visit the restaurant every day except Monday.

Water mills

An ancient landmark is located near the Café Sonnberg with a terrace on a picturesque hill, overlooking the picturesque landscapes of the Gastein Valley. The tour will certainly interest even children.

Walking tours
Tourist Office Bad Gastein

Of course, you can walk around the city on your own, slowly, enjoying its atmosphere, but if you speak English or German, it will be much more interesting to go around the city as part of an excursion group and listen to the story of an experienced guide. The tour can be purchased at the local tourist office located at 1 Tauernplatz.

As part of the tour, tourists explore the central part of the resort, the thermal spring, local churches, the ice mill and the Bad Gastein Museum.

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How to get to Bad Gastein

There are several ways to get to Bad Gastein:

  • by public transport;
  • using the transfer;
  • in a rented car.

The most convenient way to get to the resort is from Salzburg and Munich.

Salzburg – Bad Gastein
Salzburg train station

The distance between settlements is a little more than 100 km. A railway passes through the resort area, respectively, from any Austrian city to Bad Gastein you can get a high-speed train.

Trains leave Salzburg every two hours, the first leaves at 8 in the morning. When planning a route, it should be borne in mind that trains do not run at night. All flights are direct, no transfers are required.

Useful information! The trip takes 1.5 hours, the ticket costs about 9 euros.

It is more convenient for tourists who carry ski equipment or travel with a company to book a transfer. The road takes only 1 hour 15 minutes. In this case, transport is served to the airport building and there is no need to get to the train station.

Given the quality of local roads, it is convenient to get from the airport to the resort by a rented car. There are corresponding rental points at the airport, you can worry about transport in advance using the special service. To rent a car you will need a passport, rights and a card with the required amount. Two settlements are connected by the A10 highway, the road takes 1 hour 20 minutes.

Munich – Bad Gastein

The distance between settlements is 224 km.

By train

Train from munich

Four times a day, a high-speed train leaves Munich from the direction of the resort. The route is designed for 3.5 hours. Trains depart from the train station. The cost of a ticket in an ordinary carriage is 29 euros, and in the first class – 59 euros.

By car

You can also order a transfer directly from the airport to the resort, the journey takes a little less than three hours. If you plan to travel independently in Austria, you can rent a car. You need to go along the highway A8, you can choose the neighboring highway – A10. The route is designed for 2.5 hours.

Bad Gastein, Austria is fundamentally different from other European resorts. The main difference is the old atmosphere, the buildings of the century before last, which is why people come here not just to ski, improve their health in thermal springs, but also to plunge into a special Austrian flavor.

To have even more insight into Bad Gastein, watch the video. Aerial photography, skiing and ski lifts are all here.

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