Saalbach-Hinterglemm: ski routes and details of the most famoud ski resort in Austria

Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria – more than 270 km of ski slopes, the fabulous nature of the Alps, many cafes and comfortable hotels. The main advantage of the resort is the variety of ski runs (there are routes for both beginners and professionals), as well as a considerable amount of traditional Austrian entertainment. Not for nothing translated from German this place is called “Ski Circus”.

Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria


Saalbach Ski Resort is located in the Glemmtal Valley. This area is famous for its gentle gentle relief of the slopes, which is the best suited for lovers of winter sports. Height – 1000 m above sea level. The resort is located in the Austrian land of Salzburg, near Lake Zeller.

Saalbach covers an area of ​​125 km². And the population is 3000 people.

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The routes of the Hinterglemm ski resort in Austria can be divided according to difficulty levels into several categories:

Hinterglemm Resort Trails in Austria

For newbies

Trails No. 46, 19,20,22 – the easiest and shortest. They are located in the western part of the Saalbach resort and are very popular. Even beginner skiers should pay attention to roads No. 34a, 27 and 32 – these are quite easy routes with enough snow. All of the above options are classified as blue.

For lovers

On the highway of the Saalbach - Hinterglemm resort

For those who are already confidently skiing, you can ride along short but interesting tracks No. 6,16, 36a and 47 (red category of roads). Still worth paying attention to the blue tracks number 4, 11 and 81.

For professionals

For advanced skiers in the resort of Saalbach, there are many options: these are 3 black slopes on the Schattberg-West, descent No. 14 (it is always covered with ice) and the most difficult route is No. 1. Its length is 4 km and the height difference is 1017 m. In the evening, it is worth visiting the Hinterglemm – the ski road is beautifully highlighted there.

Snowboard Place

Also in the Hinterglemm ski resort in Austria there are places for snowboarding (No. 62, 85, 84 in the village of Leogang), a fan park, ski jumps. There are three routes for practicing tobogganing.

Sledding in the resort of Saalbach

Altogether, there are 124 ski slopes in the Saalbach resort. Thus, if we consider them in terms of complexity as a percentage, then the following values ​​are obtained:

  • 46% – for beginners;
  • 49% – medium difficulty;
  • 5% – for experienced athletes.

The Saalbach ski area includes trails on the territory of Hinterglemm, Leogang, Fieberbrunn. Their total duration is 270 km. The longest is 8 km. The Saalbach circuit map can be found on the resort’s official website.

Lifts: types and quantities

In the ski resort of Saalbach in Austria there are 70 lifts. Of them:

  • 6 cable cars;
  • 25 double seats;
  • 39 drag.
Ski Lift in Saalbach

All the Hinterglemm lifts are as close as possible to cafes and hotels, which allows you to quickly and comfortably get to the top or back.

Resort infrastructure

Ski Saalbach is one of the most prestigious resorts in Austria, so everything is in order with the infrastructure. Near the mountainsides, more than 600 chalet hotels and about 200 cozy cafes and restaurants have been built.

Skiing in the resort of Saalbach

People come to Hinterglemm to take a break from the daily rush of megalopolises, so the resort has a lot of traditional Austrian winter activities: sledding and ice skating, archery, horseback riding. It is also possible to fly a paraglider and a helicopter, ride a quad bike. The resort has a number of sports fields for golf and squash.

In addition, there are 9 ski schools for adults and children in Saalbach. For little skiers, special platforms are open on which children’s trainers work.

SPA center

In numerous fitness and SPA centers you can do massage and wellness treatments, visit the bathhouse or pool. Among the most interesting options are cacti massage, fish pedicure or relaxing in a snow cave.

In almost all hotels in the Saalbach resort, you can buy an excursion to Lake Zell, during which tourists will visit not only the picturesque lake, but also climb to the observation deck of the Kaprun Glacier and also visit the gallery of the National Park. There is still the opportunity to go on a trip to the big cities of Austria (Salzburg, Innsbruck).

The resort often hosts parties and costume shows.

Types and cost of ski passes for adults and children in Saalbach

The high season in the ski resort of Saalbach begins on December 22 and ends on March 15. At this time of year, the cost of ski passes is as follows:

Adult Teenage Children
1 day 55 euro 41.50 euro 27.50 €
6 day 263 euro 197.50 euro 131.50 €
Ski pass prices

All prices for ski passes are presented on the official website of the resort

It is worth remembering that:

  • ski passes are valid for all cable cars;
  • in order to purchase a children’s or teenage ticket an identity card with a photograph is required;
  • all ski passes are distributed on contactless KeyCards (security deposit – € 2.00);
  • when purchasing a ski pass for more than 9 days, you must bring your photo with you;
  • ski ticket is available from 15.00;
  • for safety, during the first pass through the turnstile, your photo will be taken. It will be compared with an existing photo and deleted.

The official site of Saalbach

Website address:

On the official website of Saalbach-Hinterglemm you can find all the relevant information about the resort:

  • prices and services provided;
  • map of Saalbach trails and terrain;
  • possible entertainment;
  • weather;
  • events (parties, contests and festivals);
  • recommendations for choosing ski equipment.

Also on the site you can download the official application, which has all the necessary information for the tourist. One of the main advantages of the service is the ability to book a hotel via the Internet.

Where to stay?

There are many hotels in Saalbach, but this is a very popular resort, so you should book your accommodation in advance.

Apartments at the Hotel die Hindenburg
Hotel die hindenburg

In January-February, the cheapest room will cost € 1,510 for two for 6 days – this is a large apartment with all necessary equipment and a large bathroom. The room has free Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities and a room suitable for people with disabilities.

The average price for a house for 6 days is about 1800 €. Rooms with such a cost are designed for two people, and are equipped with the latest technology. This price most often includes breakfast (buffet), barbecue parties, free cable car ride and various bonuses.

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Saalbach in the summer

Despite the fact that Saalbach in Austria is a classic winter resort, in the summer there is also something to do. The most popular entertainment is hiking in the mountains. The resort has many walking paths with a total length of 400 km. You can travel through the mountains both as part of a group (departure – at 4.00-5.00 in the morning), or on your own. During the walk, tourists can see mountain lakes, fabulous forests and meet the dawn on one of the peaks.

Saalbach in the summer

Another popular attraction is mountain bike (extreme mountain biking). Hinterglemm Resort is considered the best place in the country for this activity. For extreme lovers there are 5 routes with a total length of 300 km. Saalbach has many bicycle rental / repair workshops.

Mountain bike in Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria

In summer, a number of cable cars operate: Reuterskogel, Schattberg X-press, Westgipfel and Kohlmais. With their help, you can easily climb the famous mountain peaks.

One of vacationers’ favorite pastimes is geocaching (treasure hunt). Tourists hide small gifts under trees, in bushes or on stones, and the following travelers find them. Thus, there is an exchange of pleasant things. The length of the route is a little less than 15 km.

Rope Park in Saalbach

In addition, the Hinterglemm resort has a family park with attractions, a horse farm, children’s playgrounds in the mountains, obstacle courses, and a rope park. Also in Saalbach often organize mountainous races and other sporting events. Families with children should pay attention to educational hiking trails. An experienced guide will show you flowers and trees that grow in the mountains, talk about how people used to live in this area, and also give a lot of useful information about the resort.

In general, Saalbach is beautiful both in winter and in summer. It will definitely not be boring here.

How to get there

The nearest airports are in Munich (Germany), Salzburg and Vienna (Austria), so it is best to get to the Hinterglemm resort from these cities.

From munich
At Munich Airport
Munich Airport

The distance from Saalbach to Munich is 193 km. There are regular buses from Munich Airport. Cost one way – from 91 euros, round-trip – 173. You can also get to the Austrian resort by shuttle (they go 7 times a day). One way ticket price – 98 €. You can pre-book a shuttle ticket 12 hours before your trip on

If you arrived in the country by car, you can get to the resort via the Munich-Salzburg A8 Autobahn to the Siegsdorf exit. A taxi ride will cost ≈ 190 euros.

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From Salzburg
Bus from Salzburg to Saalbach

The second option to get to the Austrian resort is to fly to Salzburg Airport (the distance between cities is 95 km). The price of a bus ticket is 39 euros one way, two – 74. The cost of the shuttle from Salzburg is 44 € one way (round trip – 88). A taxi ride will cost ≈ 150 €.

You can get to Saalbach by rail. In Munich, at the railway station, you need to catch the train going towards Heiligenburg or Sankt Johann im Pongau (south-east direction) and get off at the Zell am See station. If you are leaving from Salzburg, you need to catch a train heading southwest (Innsbourg) at the city railway station and get off at the Zell am See station too.

Saalbach Hinterglemm – one of the best resorts in Austria for outdoor activities with the whole family.

Video: descent on one of the slopes of the Saalbach-Hintergalhem resort.

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