Mayrhofen – a major ski resort in Austria

Mayrhofen ski resort is the largest and most popular of the entire Ziller Valley. It offers its visitors the widest possibilities of a classic Austrian resort at very reasonable prices.

Mayrhofen, Austria

Mayrhofen from A to Z:

Mayrhofen is located at an elevation of 630 meters above sea level and is located in the upper part of the Zillertal Valley. This is the heart of the federal state of Tirol (Austria consists of nine territorial units, namely “lands”, which is prescribed in its constitution). It is the largest ski area in the valley.

Mayrhofen in the Zillertal Valley

The resort grew out of a small provincial village located between the slopes under the names Ahorn and Penken. It has cultural and historical significance, because it was founded during the Middle Ages, and some ancient buildings here date back to the 14th century.

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At the moment, the population of the town consists of 3864 people, and the area is 178 square meters. km The main activity of the city residents is related to the tourism business and the service sector.

Who is it for?

Mayrhofen resort attracts a fairly diverse audience. For young people, the nightlife of the city, its restaurants, pubs, and other popular establishments will be interesting. There are many excursions and activities for couples. Even for the smallest tourists there are children’s ski schools and groups.

Mayrhofen Ski School

Children and elderly people feel fine here – the height at which the resort is located does not cause any discomfort. Here you can meet skiers with a completely different level of training and interests, which is facilitated by the availability of slopes with both gentle and steep slopes.

Downhill Options

Mayrhofen tracks with a total length of more than 130 km and have the steepest and most popular descent in the whole country. The area for skiing and snowboarding is located at an altitude of 650 m to 2500 m.

Mayrhofen circuit

There are provided tracks for skiers of different training lengths (in km):

  • for beginners: 40;
  • for the middle level: 66;
  • for professionals: 30.

For a better understanding of their location on the ground, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the Mayrhofen route map. The longest route is over 12 km, which leads from the Hintertux Glacier to the center of the Ziller Valley. The difference in height is 1700 m above sea level. There are also tracks for flat skiing and for hiking.

Penken Slope

The slope of Mount Penken (Austria) is the most popular region for skiing. This is the main lift – a gondola. Skiing here can be carried out on tracks at an altitude of 650 m to 2000 m.

Mount Penken

Interesting tracks for intermediate-level skiers are located at the top of the mountain – Pekhenoyh, at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level. From here you can return to the center by cable car or along the red road to the nearest settlements (Hippach, Finkenberg), and then use the tourist bus. On the north side of the Gerent slope is a difficult, virgin track for professionals.

Ahorn Slope

The slope of Mount Ahorn (Austria) is smaller than the previous one. However, the advantage is that all descents from the mountain return to the center of Mayrhofen (the distance is five km). This is the best option for beginner skiers, lovers, as well as for couples with children.

Ahorn Slope

Cable cars

Getting to the ski areas is very easy – just use one of several cable cars. In total, the resort has 57 different lifts:

  • rope tow – 18 pcs.;
  • chair – 18;
  • cable cars – 6;
  • aerial trams – 2;
  • others – 13.

In Mayrhofen there are cable cars that deliver tourists directly from the city center:

  • Archornban: working hours – from mid-December to the last Sunday of April (12/15/2018 – 04/22/2019 );
  • Penkenban: working hours – from early December to the last Sunday of April (12/01/2018 – 04/22/2019).

The Penken ski area can be reached not only by the cable car of the same name. From the neighboring village of Hoarberg there is a cable car “Horbergbahn”, which during peak hours helps skiers to reach their destination. Schedule: from December 1 to April 22.

Station opening hours: 08-30 to 17-00 on December 24, from December 25 opening at 08-00.

The total capacity of the lifts is 60 thousand people per hour.

The fare to the ski area depends on which ski pass is purchased.

Skipass: detailed information and prices

For a comfortable stay, it is recommended to purchase a ski pass in advance. This is a modern travel document valid on the lifts of the world’s ski resorts. So, presenting skipass at the entrance, you do not need to worry about fare every time. This simplifies relaxation and eliminates unnecessary trouble.

It looks like Superskipass

Its value is formed under the influence of several factors:

  • age – discounts for children and adolescents, but be sure to present an identity document;
  • time of use (morning hours are more expensive than evening hours);
  • number of days (a week pass is much more profitable than a two-day pass);
  • number of trips;
  • region of action.

If you plan to visit this ski resort in Austria, you need to clarify whether the Mayrhofen ski pass is included in the price of the tour. Many tour operators now by default issue a pass for the ski lifts. Also, it can be issued very quickly on the spot.

The following passes are available at Mayrhofen:

  1. Skipass Mayrhofen – spreads on the territory of Mayrhofen, Finkenberg, Rastkogelm, Eggalma. Purchased for up to two days.
  2. Superskipass – operates throughout the Ziller Valley, including the Hintertux Glacier. Acquired for a period of two days.

Skipasses operate not only on the ski lifts, but also in public transport (subject to ski equipment and the presence of skis or a snowboard).

Skipass is a chip-free plastic card for contactless operation. It can be kept as a keepsake of the time spent, but can be returned. For the return of an undamaged card to the cash desk, a security deposit of 2 euros is provided.

Skipass Mayrhofen

In the winter season 2018-2019, the ski pass Mayrhofen costs:

  • Skipass Mayrhofen for 1 day: € 53.5 adults, € 42.5 teens, € 24.0 children;
  • SuperSkipass for 2 days: € 105.5 / € 84.5 / € 47.5;
  • Weekly SuperSkipass: € 291 / € 232.5 / € 131.
Superskipass Zillertal

Actual prices are always posted on the official website

The site presents an interactive map of Mayrhofen tracks in 2D and 3D format. This allows you to clearly see and better remember the terrain of the ski resort, the relief and location of the tracks.

What else to do in Mayrhofen in winter

Despite the fact that Zillertal is a ski region, there are many opportunities for winter recreation and away from ski slopes.

  • The mountain landscape of the valley allows you to relax from the bustle of the city, just enjoying a walk in snowshoes. On the territory there are a large number of equipped routes for pedestrians. For special romantics there is the opportunity to walk in snowshoes away from everyone, on pristine snow.
  • Tourists of any age will truly appreciate sledding and snowboarding. Sledges can be rented, and for trips on inflated “buns” there are separate tracks 200 m long.
  • Ice skating and a disco on ice are very popular.
  • Snow Park Burton Park
    Burton park
  • It will be interesting for snowboarders to visit one of the local snow parks, for example, Burton Park. The park is equipped with two parallel tracks with three ski jumps in ascending order. It is serviced by its own small lift. And for the convenience of visitors, the entire park is divided into zones, depending on the level of skill of visitors.
  • If you want to change your active vacation to a more measured pastime, then a sleigh ride in a horse cart will be an interesting alternative.
  • For fans of extreme sports, they can arrange a glider flight from a bird’s eye view – paragliding.

Region summer entertainments

The Zillertal Valley is interesting all year round. In addition to winter leisure in the high season, the mountain region offers tourists a wide selection for summer holidays. The basis of summer entertainment is:

Bicycle lanes in Zillertal
  • Walking tours of the alpine roads around the town. There are 4 roads that operate only in the warm season.
  • The region has 800 km of bicycle paths amid the nature of the Alps. Bicycles, electric bicycles and other equipment can be rented.
  • An 18-hole golf course with mountain scenery will delight golfers.
  • And for climbers, the summer season is a time when you can enjoy the conquest of the Alps. There are many natural climbing walls for climbers of different levels of training and all ages.
  • In addition, on a hot summer day it will be especially pleasant to swim in the outdoor pool in the fresh mountain air.

Where to stay

In Mayrhofen ski hotels you can choose for every taste and budget. There are more than 300 hotels, hotels and other apartments in the region.

Hotel Hotel Neue Post
Hotel neue post

Expensive and fully equipped hotels are located right in the city center. The most popular among them are 4-star:

  • Hotel Neue Post , located next to the congress center. Double room in high season will cost a minimum of € 110. Located at: Hauptstrasse 400, 6290 Mayrhofen, Austria.
  • Room at Sporthotel Manni
    Sporthotel manni
  • Sporthotel Manni is close to cycling and walking paths. Rent of a double room in high season starts at € 150. Located at: Hauptstrasse 439, 6290 Mayrhofen, Austria.

The city has more budget options. So, for example, the most popular 3-star hotel is Hotel Garni Glockenstuhl , located 500 meters from the center at Einfahrt Mitte 431, 6290 Mayrhofen, Austria. Double room with breakfast will cost € 150.

If desired, in the town you can choose 2-star hotels from € 100 a day and apartments from the category of “no stars”, starting from € 50.

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Mayrhofen: how to get there

To get to Mayrhofen, to get into such a popular ski area in Austria, you can only land transport. After all, the nearest airport to the village is at a considerable distance (at least 75 minutes by car):

Innsbruck Airport
  • Kranebitten is the airport of Innsbruck, the largest in Tyrol.
  • Salzburg WA Mozart Airport – Salzburg Airport, in second place.

For Russians, the flight from Moscow to Salzburg will be 4.5 hours.

Some motorists from Russia prefer to travel only by car. The path from Moscow to Mayrhofen is 2400 kilometers. Depending on the plan of the trip, you can get in one and a half to three days.

The cheapest way to get to the resort is to get your route with a change via German Munich.

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How to get from Munich to Mayrhofen

At its discretion, the tourist can choose:

Train from munich
  • Train. There are no direct Munich-Mayrhofen trains, so there will be two transfers. First we reach the Jenbach station (about 90 minutes), and then we transfer to the train to the Zillertalbahn station. Both train tickets will cost approximately € 7.
  • Taxi. Distance Munich-Mayrhofen is 180 km, which greatly affects the price of the trip – it will cost from € 200 and above.

The relevance of fares is always available here:

Many may be interested in visiting Mayrhofen ski resort in Austria. A typical town in the Alps, with facilities and entertainment for tourists of all ages and different possibilities. A variety of summer activities makes it popular not only in the winter season.

Video: Harakiri descent in Mayrhofen.

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