Lech – a prestigious ski resort in the Austrian Alps

Lech (Austria) – one of the most ancient and prestigious ski resorts, bohemia comes here to relax. Its popularity is due to the excellent service, high-quality hotels and a special climate, thanks to which the snow cover remains on the slopes throughout the season. Many tourists note the special atmosphere that prevails at the resort, royal people come here, representatives of show business. Live music sounds in Lech, it’s fashionable to have dinner in a restaurant right on the slope and, of course, you need to ride in a horse harness.

Resort Lech, Austria

Interesting fact! 70% of vacationers are regular customers who visit Leh annually.

general information

The main feature of the Lech ski resort in Austria is its high environmental friendliness and attractive appearance. It monitors cleanliness, so there are no smoking chimneys, hotels are heated with the help of a boiler room, and only firewood is used as fuel. Pipes laid underground. The resort lacks satellite TV, as antennas and dishes ruin the overall landscape.

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Ski resort Lech

Oberlech – a small settlement located on the Arlberg highway, located about 200 m from the ski resort Lech. The only way to get to the village is the elevator, it works from 7-00 to 17-00. It is in Oberlech that there are hotels specializing in families with children.

Good to know! Lech is an expensive and undoubtedly the most snowy Austrian resort. Located near Germany. The Lech ski area is included in the list of Best of the Alps resorts.

Interesting facts about Leh:

Lech, Austria
  • a few years ago Lech received the status of the most beautiful village in Europe;
  • the resort is decorated in the classical style of Austria – chalets prevail, the cost of living is an order of magnitude higher than in the country;
  • women vacationing in Leh must bring fur coats with them to demonstrate furs closer to dinner;
  • life at the resort is measured, it’s useless to look for noisy, fun entertainments; the main rule for vacationers is to drink a punch, not beer;
  • Amusement establishments close by 12 at night.

The resort Lech in Austria conquered a height of 1,500 m, it has many pages in the history of skiing, is an integral part of the skiing region, which unites Arlberg, Zürs, St. Anton, as well as St. Christoph. Modern Lech in Austria is a cosmopolitan resort, uniting and hosting vacationers from different countries.

Benefits disadvantages
– Large ski area

– Large selection of premium hotels

– Picturesque views, great atmosphere

– Many tracks of different difficulty levels

– Lots of restaurants

– High prices

– Rooms in hotels, as well as some instructors need to be booked in advance, in some cases a year before the trip

– For young tourists, the resort will seem boring

– If you want to ride along the slopes of St. Anton, you have to go by bus

Good to know! Austria’s ski resort is not suitable for those who want to save money, as well as for tourists who are counting on an active apres-ski.


The ski season in Leh lasts from December to May, a good snow cover is guaranteed to remain until April inclusive.

Trails in Lech

Lech is part of the integrated ski resort, which also includes Zürs, Oberlech. Zürs is located above the Lech resort, it is a very tiny village, locals believe that Austria’s first ski lift is equipped here. Oberlech also rises above Lech, you can get here only on the lift.

Interesting fact! If you want to enjoy the bright Austrian sun, choose the southern slopes, and the northern slopes are more suitable for professionals.

Most of the slopes of the ski resort are characterized by a soft relief, which beginners can ride, for this reason beginner athletes come here, families with children. All ski routes surrounding the resort are designed for beginner athletes as well as mid-level skiers.

Peak Rufikopf

The highest point of the ski resort is the peak of Ruffikopf (2400 m), from here the routes of blue-red difficulty are laid, along which you can reach the ski resort of Zürs (1700 m), it is located in a hollow formed by mountains. Directly to Lech there is a road through Krigehorn (2170 m), the terrain here is soft, snow fields prevail, blue-red slopes with a large number of simple and complex turns are equipped. At the foot of Krieghorn there is a zone for snowboarders. Nearby are the mountains of Zuger Hochlicht (2300 m), Zalober Kopf (2000 m), medium and difficult slopes are laid here, as well as untouched, virgin areas for cross-country skiing.

Skiing in Leh
  1. Routes for professionals are presented at Kriegerhorn and Zürs. Athletes mark the descent of Westertely as the most interesting, and the route is considered to be a classic: Leh – Rüfikopf – Westerthely – Lech. Another descent worthy of the attention of professionals from Lech to Zürs via Madloch is a journey only for the strong-willed, designed for 2.5 hours.
  2. Descent for mid-level athletes – red tracks. Such routes are laid on the slopes of Haksenboden (2240 ​​m), Trittkopf (2320 m). An interesting track number 35 on the Zuger-Hohlit (2380 m).
  3. For beginners in Leh there is an excellent zone – Oberlech. Blue route No. 443 is laid from Kriegerhorn. Also the blue slopes are equipped in Zürs.

Ski resort Lech in numbers:

Ski lift in Leh
  • skiing zone – from 1.5 km to 2.8 km, area – 230 hectares;
  • elevation difference – 1.35 km;
  • only 55 runs, of which 27% are for beginners, about 50% are runs for intermediate athletes, difficult runs – 23%;
  • the length of the most difficult route is 5 km;
  • lifts – 95, cabin, chair and tow;
  • In addition to natural snow cover, there is artificial snow cover of 17.7%.

Good to know! Snowboarders and freestylers in Leh will be no less interested than skiers. For snowboarding, you can visit Schlegelkopf, and for freestyle, the village of Zug, where natural landscapes prevail, is suitable.

Attraction "White Ring"
The White Ring

The Leh resort has a unique attraction, the White Ring, which has been considered the central element of the entire region for half a century. The attraction is accessible to all athletes regardless of the level of training and is a 22 km long circuit connecting Lech, Zürs, Oberlech, Zug into a single ski area. If you plan to pass the route for the first time, experts recommend that you go along with the guide. It will take about 2 hours for a beginner to complete the entire route.

Ski pass

Number of days Subscription, Euro
adult children’s for students and senior citizens
one 54.50 32,50 49.50
3 158 94 140
6 289 172 249

Also available are subscriptions for half a day or a half day, their cost is presented on the official website of the ski resort.

Ski school

Good to know! To purchase a subscription for a child, student or senior citizen, you will need a document confirming the age of the tourist.

Official resort sites:

  • lech-zuers.at;
  • austria.info;
  • tirol.info.

The prices on the page are for the season 2018/2019.


Ski school

First of all, the resort in Austria has a large selection of ski schools, kindergartens. Of course, the cost of the lessons is rather big, you can take private lessons or study in groups. There is also a swimming pool, solarium, sauna, you can take hang gliding lessons, ride a skating rink, sleigh, play tennis or squash.

As for nightly entertainment, there are almost none at the resort. Fun begins right on the ski slopes. On the territory of Leh there is a huge selection of bars and restaurants, many of them are built right on the slopes, so tourists after riding gather at cozy tables. The cuisines in the restaurants are diverse – European, Italian, Austrian, there are also bars, shops and a cinema.

Petersboden Bar

After lunch, athletes rest under the red umbrella of the Petersboden Hotel. The umbrella is a hydraulic design. It is installed on a wooden deck, it can be visited from 11-00 and dock 17-00. A bar is organized under the umbrella, it is nice to relax here, enjoy the views and order warming drinks.


Hotel Burg Hotel Oberlech
Burg Hotel Oberlech

Lech in Austria is a 30-minute drive from St. Anton. In its luxury and bourgeoisness, the resort is not inferior to the fashionable Courchevel or even St. Moritz. At a distance of 350 m above Lech is located the no less luxurious village of Oberlech. Most hotels in the resort are categories 4 and 5 stars.

Accommodation in a double room of category 3 stars will cost at least 109 euros for 1 night and 658 euros for 6 nights. You can book apartments, accommodation for 1 night costs 59 euros, 6 nights – from 359 euros. If you value comfort and want to book a room in a 5-star hotel, you will have to pay about 250 euros for 1 night and 1,500 euros for 6 nights.

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How to get to Lech in Austria

The ski resort can be reached from various airports:

Munich International Airport
Munich Airport
  • Munich – 244 km;
  • Zurich – 195 km;
  • Milan – 336 km;
  • Innsbruck – 123 km.

Most tourists choose the train route. The nearest station is located 17 km from the resort in Austria, in Langen am Arlberg. From the station in just 20 minutes you can reach Leh. Available transport – bus or taxi.

Good to know! The official website of the railway in Austria: www.oebb.at.

European railway pass

If you plan to travel by train, it is most convenient to purchase:

  • European railway travel card for children, students and senior citizens;
  • European railway travel card for foreign tourists.

This pass can be used for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days.

Important! If you plan to rent a car, you need to go along highway 92, have a vignette. You can buy a document at any gas station or in a store. The vignette is valid for ten days, two months, or a year. In winter, some routes are closed due to drifts.

Requirements for motorists:

Road Trip Austria
  • high-speed mode is limited – on autobahns 130 km / h, on ordinary routes – 100 km / h;
  • the presence of alcohol is allowed – 0.5 ppm;
  • Mandatory requirement – passengers and driver must be fastened;
  • winter tires and snow chains are needed;
  • signaling vests must be provided for each passenger;
  • it is better to plan a route until 10-00 or 14-30.
Bus to Lech, Austria

Another reasonably convenient way to get around is by bus. Flights depart from terminal P30. You can also order a private transfer for up to 18 people.

In winter, you must confirm your return ticket at least 24 hours in advance. In the warm season, such confirmation is not required. You can get acquainted with the current schedule and ticket prices on the official website arlbergexpress.com/en/.

Bus schedule Zurich-Lech

Important! If for some reason the trip did not take place, money for previously booked tickets will not be refunded.

Lech, Austria is a ski resort where royal people and bohemians prefer to relax. Noisy parties are not held here, so people come here to ride, enjoy nature and enjoy the taste of luxury.

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The quality of ski slopes and skiing in Austria’s ski resorts can be assessed by watching this video.

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