Kaprun – Austria’s relatively quiet ski resort

Kaprun, Austria’s ski resort, is very popular among similar holiday destinations in the European Sports Region. This is a comfortable area for active leisure travelers. A town with a quiet location and quiet atmosphere, which can not be said about such large resorts in this region, is often quite noisy. In addition to alpine descents, people are attracted to the surrounding landscapes and the local alpine atmosphere.

Kaprun, Austria

What is Kaprun

Kaprun Town

A small town with a provincial, even village flavor Kaprun, Austria, is known to lovers of ski resorts. It is part of the Zell am See district and belongs to the lands of Salzburg, Pinzgau region. Area – 100 km². Altitude – 786 m. The city with a small population (about 3,000 people) serves huge flows of tourists 365 days a year. Since there is snow all year round, the avalanche of winter holiday fans never stops.

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The best choice for everyone

Ski school

The Kaprun ski resort is an excellent opportunity for children and adults to learn skiing in Austria. On the territory of the village there are schools providing such services. In the center of the city there is even a children’s ski school for kids from the age of 2.5 years. All other specialized institutions in Kaprun can also be easily found in guides or on a map of the city of Austria.

The service for equipment rental and various equipment of a monopolist in the region, Intersport (a company with a large number of offices), was well established. Some of them are located directly at the ski lifts.

Variety of slopes

Kaprun – a whole scheme of tracks that you can choose for every taste. Athletes and amateurs can enjoy cross-country skiing. Sports or non-professional riding (skating, classic) is offered. The region has several evening trails with lighting.

Kaprun Descent Map

The slopes spread over 140 km among the Austrian mountains from Zell am See to Maishofen. Kaprun ski slopes are a great place to start training for beginners in Austria. But on Kitzsteinhorn, more ambitious people who are passionate about sports improve their skills. Those who prefer a measured pace of drive and solitude with nature should try the ski run near the southern shore of Lake Zeller.

Kaprun resort will offer its visitors four areas for skiing in the ski region of Austria:

Schmittenhee – Zell am See (77 km). 24 ski lifts on site.

Track Zell am See
  • For beginners equipped with “blue” tracks. 27 km – their total length
  • The Reds (with medium difficulty descents) – 25 km.
  • Complex routes (“black” routes) also stretched for 25 km.

Kitzsteinhorn – Kaprun (41 km). 18 ski lifts on site.

  • Blue tracks – 13,
  • red – 25,
  • black – 3 km.

Mayskogel – Kaprun (20 km). 3 ski lifts on site.

Maiskogel - Kaprun
  • Blue tracks – 14,
  • red – 2,
  • black – 31 km.

Lechnerberg (1.5 km). 2 ski lifts on site.

  • Blue tracks – 1,
  • red – 0.5 km.

Here everyone will choose for themselves the best option for comfortable skiing or an acceptable way to practice technical aspects in a particular winter sport. Get a great opportunity to learn new things.

Organization of climbs for tourists

Cabin lift

The number of lifts that route travelers to the tops of the slopes of the ski resort reaches five dozen. Their number by variety:

  • cabins – 13 pcs.;
  • chair – 16 pcs.;
  • tow ropes (single tugs without standard seats) – 17 pcs .;
  • others – 4 pcs.

Choosing the most convenient option from the existing lifts will be more expedient on the spot. Each person proceeds from their own comfort and sense of security at the time of such a movement.

Kitzsteinhorn Glacier Features, Descent

Kaprun is in about 15-20 minutes. drive to the Kitzsteinhorn mountain in Austria. The height of this massif is 3 203 m. People call the mountain “Kaprun glacier”. This is the only ski resort in Austria, equipped in the glacial zone of Salzburg. The longest track in Kitzsteinhorn is 7 km.

Goroa Kitzsteinhorn in Austria

Places for descents on the Kaprun glacier are distributed in such a way that everyone can choose a route according to their strength. Therefore, beginner skiers and professional athletes enjoy the same pleasure from outdoor activities and sports in Austria at this ski resort from early autumn to early summer.

Kaprun ski resort – these are the slopes in the mountains of Austria for sports disciplines:

  • halfpipe;
  • cross-country skiing;
  • snowboarding (three parks for this type of skiing are equipped on the territory);
  • sleigh descent;
  • freeriding – professional skiing outside prepared slopes (19 km long).

The Kaprun Glacier in Austria is also famous for its adventure park, which operates all year round. Together with the playground, it is located on the lower level of the lift. Such a place is a guarantee of fun for your children. Visitors are provided with a positive charge from time spent actively and with health benefits.

Observation deck Top of Salzburg

From the height at which the viewing platform is arranged here, a panoramic platform opens in Austria (name – Top of Salzburg). It provides an opportunity to review the highest mountain peaks of the country and the nature of Hohe Tauern (national park). From this place in Kaprun, the photos of the surroundings are impressive.

Ski Pass: types and prices

Cashier Ski Pass

A ski pass in the resort of Kaprun for a week for an adult costs 252 euros. This is a magnetic card that allows you to go to the ski station in Kaprun, a kind of pass through the turnstile. It gives you the opportunity to unlimited use of all types of lifts and descents in the Austrian resort within the paid number of days.

Such a subscription is much more beneficial for tourists who have arrived for several days than one-time tickets. Of course, if you are a frequent visitor to the slopes. The owner of skipass eliminates the need to stand in line of ticket offices. You can buy it directly at the stations of the ski resort of Austria.

Below is the cost of the subscription, depending on the validity and seasonality.

If the vacation is planned from mid-December to April (high season), then the price for a ski pass in euros will be:

Ski pass prices in Kaprun

If the vacation takes place from November 30 to December 22, then the price for a ski pass in euros will be:

Ski pass prices at Kaprun

Note! Prices for teens and children become available only upon presentation of an identity card. On Saturdays, these categories of visitors pay only 10 euros for 1 day of skiing. Children under 5 years old can enter the territory of the slopes for free, accompanied by an adult.

There are so-called “flexible tickets” for 5-7 or 10-14 days. They offer a small discount.

Downhill skiing

For a fee, you can order a photo report of your own descent. Such a service is in demand. This provides an opportunity for tourists to bring photos from the Kaprun ski resort that “capture” the best moments of your holiday.

A more detailed description of the ski resort, ski slopes, sights of the city can be found on the official website of Kaprun www.kitzsteinhorn.at/en.

This will help to navigate in advance in the area, choose the most suitable place for settlement and entertainment upon arrival.

The prices on the page are for the season 2018/2019.

Infrastructure and hotels

The ski resort of Kaprun, like most provincial towns, is characterized by a measured life, despite the rather large attendance by tourists. But along with this feature, he is not inherent in snobbery, which is characteristic of many prestigious resorts in the area. But the prices for most services are higher than in another similar holiday destination in the European Sports Region.

A tourist can see the sights located in the town of Kaprun:

Medieval castle
  • medieval castle;
  • church;
  • excursion to the mine Danielstollen.

Those who are not inclined to study the historical monuments of culture of Austria also have something to do in their free time from the slopes. You can visit the sports center, lovers of dancing “name” 3 city discos. An ice rink, a bowling alley and ski schools are equipped for children.

You can bring beauty in the salons. Numerous cafes, pubs, restaurants and pizzerias are always waiting for their visitors.

The most popular Kaprun hotels.

Hotel room at Hotel Sonnblick
Hotel sonnblick
  • Hotel Sonnblick (4 *) is located at the foot of the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier. Double room (6 nights) with a balcony and all conveniences costs 960 euros (breakfast included). You can book these apartments for 1150 euros with two meals a day (+ dinner). Luxury will cost about 1200 €.
  • Das Alpenhaus Kaprun (4 *). The price for a double room is 1080-1500 euros. The hotel also has a rental shop and ski training school.
  • Small resort complex of 6 chalets Dorfchalets. Decorated in the style of a country house. Room rates for six days – 540 euros. The minimum number of rental days is 2.
  • Lederer’s living (4 *) offers rooms for 6 nights for 960-1420 euros. From here, a ski bus takes you to Kitzsteinhorn and Schmittenhoch.
  • Hotel Hotel zur Burg
    Hotel zur burg
  • Hotel zur Burg (4 *). A free ski bus stop is 100 meters away. The ski slopes are 2 km away. A double room (6 days) will cost 720-780 €, luxury – 1300-1350.

This list contains only a few hotels that are popular with resort visitors. Hotel ratings in Kaprun and reviews can be viewed on booking.com. Here it is also possible to choose the best place to stay in Austria, near the ski resort.

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How to get there

You can get to Kaprun from Salzburg Airport. You have to overcome almost 100 km. The trip can be arranged by taxi or rented for this car in the offices operating at the airport. The duration of the journey on the A10 and B311 highways will be 1.5 hours.

Railway transport

Rail transport is also at your service (ticket costs around 16 €). Schedules are available at train stations. There are several directions in Kaprun:

  • north through Saalfelden and Zell am See;
  • south through Brook and Uttendorf.

You can get to Kaprun from Munich Airport by bus (228 km – 4 hours), or pre-book a transfer (you will arrive in 2.5 hours). The journey takes from 30 to 63 euros, depending on the chosen method of travel. Taxi service will be much more expensive.

If you have to travel from Innsbruck, first use the railway service (www.oebb.at). And already in Zell am See, you will transfer to a regular bus that goes directly to Kaprun. The trip passes along the A12 highway (about 2 hours). Distance from Innsbruck – 148 km. The cost of tickets is 35 €.

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Kaprun ski resort is a good place for families. Here you can retire surrounded by snow-covered landscapes, have a great time with benefits for health and restoration of mental strength.

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