Innsbruck, Austria: skiing and winter fairs in the resort

Innsbruck ski resort is one of the most famous and popular holiday destinations in Austria. People come here to see the picturesque Alps, admire the Old Town, and also actively spend the winter holidays.

Innsbruck, Austria

General information

Innsbruck is Austria’s most popular ski resort, which is considered the country’s sports center. It is the capital of the province of Tyrol, as well as a city in which the Winter Olympic Games were held twice (in 1964 and 1976). About 130,000 people live here, and up to a million tourists come annually. The resort area is 104.91 km².

Where is

Innsbruck is located in western Austria on the banks of the Inn River, near the border with Germany. It is the administrative center of the federal state of Tyrol and the sixth most populated city in the country. Altitude – 574 m.

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City of Innsbruck

Innsbruck resort is surrounded on all sides by the Alps, therefore it is considered one of the most beautiful European cities and the center of winter sports in Austria.


Olympiaworld Skipass is a multifunctional ski resort, which was opened a year before the first winter Olympics in Innsbruck – in 1963. It combines 8 ski areas:

  • Stubaier Gletscher (90% of runs are blue)
  • Muttereralm
  • Axamer Lizum (most black runs)
  • Kuhtai
  • Innsbruck-nordpark
  • Patscherkofel
  • Rangger Kopfl Oberperfuss
  • Schlick 2000
Trails Olympiaworld Skipass

This place attracts tourists and lovers of active winter recreation not only with the quality and number of tracks (285 in total), but also with a lot of entertainment. For example, you can ride on the Olympic track on a bean or attend competitions, which are often held here.

Bobsleigh track

The total length of the ski routes is 270 km, among which:

  • 85 km are blue;
  • 155 km are red;
  • 30 km are black.

The resort also has cross-country skiing trails (28 km) and hiking trails. The length of the longest ski route is 10 km. Altitude range: 850-3210 m.

Shora Nordkett

Innsbruck-Nordkette is a ski resort on Mount Nordkette, considered the pearl of the Alps. Compared to other resorts, in winter it is not so crowded, since the total length of the tracks is 14 km. Of them:

  • 1 km – blue tracks;
  • 8 km – red;
  • 5 km – black.

Altitude range: 860-2260 m.


There are 90 ski lifts in the Olympiaworld Skipass region that are built so that the top of the mountain is easily accessible from any hotel or cafe.

Lift in Olympiaworld Skipass

Innsbruck-Nordkette has 4 lifts, 2 of which are chair lifts and 2 more gondolas.

Infrastructure and features of Innsbruck

At Altstadtbeisl Restaurant

Innsbruck and the ski region have a lot of hotels and hotels in different price categories. As for restaurants, there are a lot of them (more than 500). You can try both Chinese, Indian, Japanese cuisines, and more traditional ones (Austrian, Russian and Italian) in them. Most restaurants are located either at hotels or near hiking trails. There are also more than enough bars and cafes in Innsbruck (about 400).

With entertainment, tourists will definitely not have problems. Throughout winter, various events take place: festivals, concerts and sporting events. Christmas markets are especially popular with tourists.

The most popular winter activities in Austria include:

Ice skating
  • horse riding;
  • rest in hotels (billiards, pool and table tennis);
  • ice skating;
  • bobsleigh;
  • ice climbing;
  • and, of course, skiing.

Tourists also recommend visiting the small Alpenzoo Zoo Alpenzoo in winter, which is located directly on the mountain, and the aviaries descend in a beautiful cascade. Do not forget about the museums, which are really many here:

  • AUDIOVERSUM (Austrian Interactive Science Museum)
  • Museum of Bells (this is the most musical museum in Austria. The exposition features more than 200 bells and bells that are allowed to ring)
  • Muenze Hall (a museum about medieval Austria. Here you can see a collection of old coins, rooms of that time and climb to the top of the tower)

According to tourists, the Swarovski Kristallwelten Museum deserves special attention. In fact, this is a large complex, which includes not only the museum itself, but also huge gardens, a shop and a lot of interesting things. The exposition presents hundreds of skillful works inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Kristallwelten Complex
Swarovski kristallwelten

As for the gardens, here too, a surprise awaits travelers: original lanterns, well-groomed multi-colored flowerbeds and small waterfalls look amazing against the backdrop of snowy Alps. As for the store, here you can find interesting gizmos with Swarovski crystals, which are no longer sold anywhere.

Extreme cycling

In the summer in this region of Austria there is also something to do:

  • mountain bike (extreme cycling);
  • balloon and paraglider flights;
  • horseback riding (also possible in winter);
  • hiking in the mountains.

Ski passes cost

Olympia SkiWorld is a universal subscription for nine ski resorts near Innsbruck (Nordkette, Pacherkofel, Axamer Litzum, Muttereralm, Schlick 2000, Glungetser, Stubai Glacier, Kutai, Ranger Kepfl). The ski pass has several significant advantages:

  • the opportunity to “try” all the tracks;
  • not a single day without skis (in winter weather conditions often change, but thanks to a subscription there is always the opportunity to move from one resort to another);
  • student discounts.
Price for a ski pass in Innsbruck

The cost of ski passes is as follows:

adults teenagers children seniors
3 days € 140 € 112 € 126 € 84
6 days € 235 € 188 € 212 € 141

It is worth paying attention to the age gradation:

  1. Adults (1999 – 1954 year of birth).
  2. Teenagers (2000-2002).
  3. Children (2003-2012).
  4. Pensioners (until 1953).

When buying ski passes in Austria, you should know that:

  • if 20 people get a subscription of the same tariff, then the next 1 person receives a subscription for free;
  • a key in the amount of 2 euros will be charged for the key card (in case of loss of the card it will not be returned)

Official site

On the official website you can find all the necessary information about the ski resort:

  • sights of Innsbruck and the surrounding area;
  • interactive map of tracks and region;
  • tips for beginner athletes;
  • accommodation options in the city in winter;
  • number of ski schools;
  • all about renting sports equipment;
  • photo of Innsbruck in winter;
  • useful tips.

What to see?

House with a golden roof in Innsbruck
House with a Golden Roof

In winter, Innsbruck is especially beautiful. Be sure to see the most famous resort building – a house with a Golden Roof, which is located in the Old Town. You should also look at the Hofburg Imperial Palace, built in a style unusual for mountain Austria. In winter, the most beautiful photos of Innsbruck can be taken on the observation deck of the City Tower, which is located in the heart of the Old Town.

A visit to the Ambras Castle, which is located high in the mountains, will also be interesting. Another popular tourist destination is the Swarovski Crystal Worlds Museum.

Winter fairs in Innsbruck

As you know, New Year is not celebrated in Innsbruck and other cities in Austria, because the main holiday of winter is Christmas. All European cities host annual Christmas markets. Innsbruck ski resort in Austria is no exception. Venues:

In the Old Town (from November 15 to December 23)

Fair in the Old Town

Here you can find Christmas decorations, handicrafts, and traditional Austrian dishes (for example, Kiahln donuts and mulled wine). This is the oldest and, as tourists say, the most soulful Christmas market in Innsbruck.

On Maria Theresien-Strasse (from November 25 to January 6)

This is one of the most popular Christmas venues. Here you can buy souvenirs and try dishes of Austrian cuisine. According to travelers, this is the most modern fair: everything is decorated with neon lights, and on sale there are goods brought from different parts of the Earth.

To Marktplatz (from November 25 to December 23)

Marktplatz fair

The Marktplatz fair is held in the winter and is considered family-friendly, therefore, in addition to the usual shopping arcades, there is a small amusement park (carousel, swing), an entertainment program and a contact zoo. A 14-meter Christmas tree decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Fair “Panorama” on Hungerburg (from November 25 to December 23)

This fair is located on the top of the mountain, so you can get to it only by cable car. Here, tourists are expected not only a sea of ​​handicrafts and souvenirs, but also stunning views of the city.

Fair "Panorama" at Hungerburg

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Where to stay?
Hotel room Goldene Krone Innsbruck
Hotel Goldene Krone Innsbruck

In winter, more than 250 hotels in Innsbruck are ready to receive tourists, so there will be no problems finding housing. The cheapest double room in February will cost 60 euros per day (350 euros for 6 nights). The price includes: free Wi-Fi, a large bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette. The hotel is located a few meters from the Old Town.

The average price for a room in winter is about 80 euros per day and 480 euros for 6 nights. As a rule, this includes not only breakfast, but also all the necessary equipment, a terrace, and a kitchenette. Often these rooms have a separate entrance from the street and a dining area on the street.

It is worth noting that all the hotels in Innsbruck are of a very high level, so even the cheapest room will look decent.

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How to get there
Train from Munich to Innsbruck

It is most convenient to get to Innsbruck from Munich (99 km) or Vienna (386 km). This can be done using a train, taxi or bus, which run between cities. Since this is a fairly popular route (especially in winter), you should think about buying tickets in advance.

Innsbruck (ski resort in Austria) is an excellent choice for those who want to relax from the bustling cities and be alone with nature.

How the ski slopes of Innsbruck look and how comfortable you can ride, watch the video.

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