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Gourmets and admirers of desserts are well aware of the Sacher cake, whose homeland is Austria. And the name Sacher is known to travelers thanks to a luxurious hotel built in the center of Vienna next to the State Opera, Hofburg Castle. The hotel with a delicious, dessert name has become part of the capital of Austria along with the church of St. Stephen. Hotel Sacher (Vienna) was founded by Eduard Sacher. It was the son of the famous pastry chef who created the cake, named in his honor, who came up with the idea – to start a hotel business. Today the hotel is popular in many countries due to the highest level of service, quality of service.

Hotel Sacher

General information, hotel history

The hotel in Vienna was founded in 1876, its rich, long history is present in every detail of decoration. Here, comfort and convenience are combined with ancient luxury; in the design you will not find any modernity or hi-tech.

Entrance to the Sacher Hotel

For more than a hundred years, the hotel has been privately managed, today it is owned by the couple Gürtler. In 2004, the building was reconstructed, two floors were built on top, where the Sacher Light apartments are located, equipped with modern appliances, luxurious furniture. Here you will find TVs, panoramic windows, underfloor heating. For the most sophisticated holidaymakers, there are terraces where you can sit down and have a sip of tea, enjoy real Viennese coffee.

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Historical reference
Eduard Sacher's wife - Anna Maria
Anna Maria Fuchs

The history of the hotel began in 1876, when Eduard Sacher in the central district of Vienna bought a house and founded the Hotel de l’Opera. The young man was the son of a confectioner, so it is not surprising that he opened a restaurant for guests in his establishment. After some time, the hotel was renamed Sacher.

Eduard’s wife, Anna Maria Fuchs, helped her husband in every way in managing the hotel, and after death she took over all the worries and continued to successfully develop the hotel business. It is noteworthy that Anna Maria continued to sign the name of her husband even after the death of a loved one. By the way, for her time, Mrs. Fuchs looked too emancipated – she loved to smoke cigars, walk with the bulldog Sacher.

Interesting fact! Anna introduced social security for all hotel employees, annually presented souvenirs for Christmas, and paid subordinates an annual vacation.

From the first working day, the Sacher Hotel was recognized as a reference in Vienna, and in the second half of the 20th century it entered the list of official suppliers of products to the imperial court. This privilege was retained by the wife Anna Maria after the death of her husband.

Good to know! A tradition has developed in Vienna that is still valid today – before visiting the State Opera, it is imperative to have dinner at the hotel.

Night Hotel Sacher

Interesting Facts:

  • representatives of the political elite, ambassadors, government officials often dined at the hotel, issues of international importance were resolved here, important negotiations were conducted;
  • in 1907, as a result of negotiations between the Prime Ministers of Austria and Hungary, a further program of relations between these countries was agreed;
  • Anna Sacher was the first in Vienna to use a refrigerator and organized a winter garden for restaurant guests, where fresh fruit was served even in the winter months;
  • serious financial problems began at the hotel and restaurants at the end of the First World War, but Anna Maria hid the fact of debts, the information became known only after her death;
  • at the beginning of the 20th century, the hotel was declared bankrupt.
Hotel Sacher Lobby

The hotel acquired its second life after two families bought the abandoned building – Hans Gürtler, his wife Poldi, as well as the wife of restaurateurs Josef and Anna Ziller. They repaired the building, equipped the heating system, provided water, changed the electricity.

They started selling the famous Sacher cake in the restaurant, as well as on the streets of Vienna. Very soon, the hotel regained fame and glory. A banquet was organized here in honor of the wedding of royal persons.

Sacher Cake

During the Second World War, the hotel was not destroyed. In peaceful years, the central areas of the city belonged to the British, only in the middle of the 20th century did the spouses Gürtler and Ziller return their hotel. During this time, the hotel was dilapidated, requiring repair and reconstruction. In 1962, the attraction passed into the full possession of the Gürtler spouses, and five years later received a state award, as well as the right to use the Austrian coat of arms.


Hotel room Sacher

In total, the hotel has 149 rooms, each standard and suite – equipped and equipped to the standards of an international luxury hotel. The apartments are decorated with antique furniture, paintings by famous masters, frescoes, and luxurious fabrics. Nevertheless, the hotel does not forget about modern comfort – the rooms have air conditioning, televisions, telephones, safes.

Vacationers are available:

  • hair dryer;
  • personal hygiene items;
  • bathrobes, slippers;
  • free internet access.
Where to stay
It looks like Superior
  1. Superior and Deluxe Room (from 30 to 40 m2). Tourists are available: bedroom and bathroom. Cost of living from $ 481.
  2. Top Deluxe Room (40 to 50 m2). The apartments are decorated in neutral colors. The room has a living room, bedroom, bathroom. Rest will cost from $ 666 per day.
  3. Junior Suite and Junior Deluxe Room (from 50 to 60 m2). An individual, exclusive interior is selected for each room. The room has a living room, bedroom, bathroom (underfloor heating, bathtub, shower).
  4. Executive Suite (from 50 to 70 m2). The room has a spacious living room, bedroom, terrace. The bathroom has underfloor heating, has a bathtub, shower. Cost of living from $ 833.
  5. One Bedroom Suite
  6. One Bedroom Suite (from 80 to 90 m2). The rooms are spacious, elegant, style and design – copyright. The apartments have a living room with a terrace, a bathroom, a bedroom.
  7. Two Bedroom Suite (from 90 to 110 m2). The apartments are available to guests: two bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, decorated with expensive tiles. Each bathroom has a bathtub, shower.
  8. President Suite Madame Butterfly. Elegant room of 120 m2. The apartments are decorated in five rooms – a hall, a spacious, bright living room, dining room (room for business meetings), a dressing room, a working room. The bathroom has underfloor heating, a shower is installed. There is a balcony.
  9. President Suite Zauberflote (165 m2). The apartment is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. It is here that political figures, pop stars and cinema live. Indoors: a living room, two bedrooms, three bathrooms.
Presidential Number

Accommodation in the Presidential room will cost from $ 1103.

Hotel Sacher infrastructure:

  • parking for the transport of vacationers – the cost of one space per day is $ 42;
  • currency exchange;
  • babysitting, laundry, dry cleaning services;
  • 8 banquet rooms.
SPA center at Sacher Hotel

Hotel Sacher offers a spa center. On an area of ​​more than 300 m2, guests are offered a variety of cosmetic and wellness treatments, massages, peels using cosmetics of the best brands. The famous chocolate procedures are in great demand. You can support your body in tone in the gym, and to restore strength and emotionally relax – in the relaxation room. Ayurvedic treatments and makeup services are available. You can visit the vitamin bar.

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Where to eat at the hotel

Hotel Sacher in Vienna has several restaurants:

Dinner at the Rote Bar Restaurant
Rote bar
  • A la carte “Anna Sacher” – serves national Austrian cuisine here, an excellent wine list is presented. It works every day (Monday off) from 18-00 to midnight.
  • “Rote Bar” – traditional Viennese cuisine is prepared here, the piano sounds, guests can sit on the terrace. It works every day from 18-00 to midnight.

Also, tourists can visit the cafe:

  • Sacher Eck – serves snacks, desserts, a wide selection of drinks, windows overlook Kärntnerstrasse. It works every day from 8-00 to midnight.
  • Blaue Bar – open from 10-00 to two in the morning. It serves Austrian dishes. You can sit on the terrace, from where the State Opera is perfectly visible. For guests live music – piano.

Cafe Sacher
Cafe Sacher

The most visited cafe in Vienna. It is here that you can try the popular Sacher cake, as well as Viennese coffee. The cafe has an open-air terrace with views of the Vienna Opera. Every one works from 8-00 to midnight.

The entrance to the cafe is difficult not to notice, because almost always there is a turn of tourists who want to visit the institution. It is better to come in the early morning when there is no influx of excursion groups. It is impossible to imagine Vienna without a coffee shop. In the cafe Sacher, about three dozen varieties of coffee are presented to a choice of visitors. You can order traditional black coffee or a drink with the addition of rum or cognac. Prefer coffee with milk, choose a drink Melange.

Interesting fact! Cafe Sacher serves a specialty drink – coffee with the addition of Sacher liquor.

And lastly, be sure to try apple strudel.

Hotel Sacher (Vienna) is an impeccable service and a classic, luxurious interior. Tradition is respected here and with great attention to each client.

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